In the middle of  an unknown forest, two youths were toppled on top of each other. On  the ground laid a pale skinned youth and on top of him was another youth.The two youths were none other than Monent Chen and  Zeon. Currently, Monent Chen was trying to strangle Zeon.


“ Who the  bloody hell do you think I am?”


“Relax man, I can’t breath... Now then, allow me to explain to you why is such a good deal for you... “


“What, I don’t care how well the deal is i'm not going to being your wingman.”


“You son of a b****. An expert like me is being your teacher  for such a small price and you're still bickering. I guarantee you if anyone else had this opportunity they wouldn’t hesitate even  if i told them to do something 100x worse than this.”


The two continued to bicker until eventually Monent Chen  gave up.


“All i’m asking you is to help me have a fun time, because i have been trapped inside that gem for eons. “


“Fine,fine, Whatever you win, but you better remember that  if you lie to me I'll  make sure you regret it.”


“Ahahaha, what can you do? Don’t you remember only a few minutes ago you were pissing your pants in front of that mid-level tyrant.”


“You son of a B***h”


Monent Chen wanted to retaliate  Zeons words but he could not.After all, what Zeon said was true, he was afraid  of the  immeasurable power that the guard held, such power could kill him like an ant.


“Alright, alright, jokes aside, let’s talk about cultivation. What’s your cultivation realm ?”


“Zero, i haven’t cultivated yet.”


“Pfffft ,ahaha, you are so pitiful” laughed Zeon.


“What do you mean i’m so pitiful? The clan doesn’t allow us to cultivate until after the Phoenix festival. That way they could minimize the amount of resources they spend.”


Yeah,yeah, don’t tell me stuff i already know. Besides I already knew your cultivation level,I was just messing around with” Said Zeon


“you...” Monent Chen wanted to cry but no tears would come.


Now, then let’s start your cultivation training” said Zeon, as he created a fist . A few seconds Zeon opened his fist to reveal a glowing vial. The vial had to colors intertwined together royal blue and a gray color. Curious Monent Chen asked ‘What’s that?”


Zeon smiled at Monent Chen's questions “ And here you thought I wouldn't be able to give you any resources; This  little thing is called titan blood. It’s an extremely precious treasure that can transform your body. Even in the Gods Realm it is considered a mythical treasure. Not because the blood is scarce, but because the  titans are an extremely powerful race, and very few people can take titan blood without it disappearing. In short,  this blood is extremely coveted, people in the God's realm sometimes call it the blood of nature. Also, to show you how coveted this blood is there have been multiple  true gods who have tried to mimic the properties in the titan blood or body, in order to allow them or others to be  as powerful as  titans. However, these  techniques or methods are miles and i mean miles apart from the real thing.”


Hearing Zeon describe the titan race Monent Chen was suspicious at the possibility of Zeon  being able to get hold of such precious blood.


“Here take it” said Zeon as he tossed the vial.


Monent Chen clumsily caught the vial. Looking at the vial Monent Chen could see fire, snow,  and different types of natural weather conditions and disasters. Such as volcanic eruptions and hurricanes. Seeing these things cold sweat poured down Monent Chen back.


“So what happens once i drink this ?”Asked Monent Chen


“Once you drink this your entire body structure would change”


Hearing this Monent Chen gulped and was about  quickly drink the vial, but stopped when Zeon interrupted.

“Careful, once you drink the vial there's a high chance you could die”


“What? I could die?”


“Pffts... What do you expect? You can't expect to be powerful without taking risks. Besides, this is a rare resource that is highly potent in energy. This blood is going to continuously temper your body, thus there is a high possibly of death because your body and cultivation is weak, but don’t worry i help you so you won’t die. However, you must not give up. No matter how much pain you endure whether physical or mental you must continue to endure, because the second you don't you will die.”


“Mental Pain? What do you mean by mental pain?”


“It’s complicated to explain but you'll see images that will try to destroy you mentality”


Hearing all this Monent Chen became terrified, but he knew that in order to change his destiny he needs to take risks. If not he will just be tormented by the strong and the  thought of Zi jin and people in the clan  that bullied him, angered Monent Chen.

Anger over took fear , taking a deep breath Monent Chen quickly drank  the vial in one go. Shortly after Monent Chen began to feel a burning sensation in his body .The burning sensation quickly began to intensify. Very soon Monent Chen felt as if his whole was underneath magma. Monent Chen whipped his head back and began to scream.  Suddenly, crack began to  form on Monent Chen body. Then Monent bones began to crack and reform quickly. The  snapping of twigs can be heard over and over.  Strangely , when Monent Chen bones reformed the slowly became more and more dangerous. As Monent Chen  screams became less and less human. Unexpectedly, while Monent Chen was being tormented  Zeon surprisingly sat in the guidelines laughing.


As the pain continued to grow , strangely time felt as if it slowed  down significantly. Zeon laugh didn't sound human anymore, it sounded as if Zeon laugh slowed down significantly and it felt as if it could last for an  eternity.  Every passing second felt excruciating long and strangely enough the  pain Monent Chen  felt subsided. Although the pain subsided Monent body was shaking uncontrollably. Then  something else happened to Monent Chen.Everything turned dark for Monent, then light beamed into his eyes but before he could understand what it was he was pushed to the ground. Monent Chen began furiously cough up the dirt he swallowed.


“ Trash i told you youre not allowed here” it boy who looked around eight years old with a haughty face, it was Monent Yu . Shortly after Monent Chen to another scene. Monent Chen continued watch  one  nightmarish scene after another  of his life in the Phoenix clan. The isolation and disgust from people of his clan continued to grow on Monent Chen and change him. While there were plenty scenes that happened there were also scenes that Monent Chen didn't witness occur such as his mother and father abandoning him, Zi jin mocking him behind his back, and more. As the insults continued, there would be relapse of that burning pain. Slowly, slowly, Monent Chen felt as if he was about to lose his own insanity,but he kept clinging onto the hope that Zeon gave him.


“He can make me powerful...With him I can kill them all, I'll have my revenge...”


After, what felt like an entirely everything went dark for again. As the darkness covered Monent Chens eyes a cruel smile formed on his. However that smile only lasted for a few seconds because the pain came back. But this time pain felt like an extreme itching sensation, unable to control himself Monent Chen began to itch frantically. While, he was itching his entire body he kept hearing a tearing sounds  and warm liquid lathered around his hands.But because everything was dark Monent Chen  could not tell what was happening. Therfore he continued itch and ad  those ripping noise continued to grow  louder each time they would be accompanied by  a cold soothing sensation for Monent Chen. As he continued to itch Monent Chen began to see light. Frantically, Monent Chen began itch even faster and faster .Thus the light became brighter and brighter, until Monent Chen entire being came out into the bright warm sunlight . Monent Chen whipped his head back tried to scream however he what was an intense pain in his throat accompanied by a mouthful of blood. Stopping in his track Monent Chen allowed himself to  breathe again and look around, but he look around the sight that accompanied  him would forever scar him for life. On the thick lush  grass blood was splattered all around Monent Chen. Beneath him laid mangled  chunks of flesh everywhere and right in front of Monent Chen was  ripped up pieces of his face. Seeing such a sight made Monent Chen vomit, however because of pain in his throat he ended up vomiting a mixture of bile and blood. As Monent Chen was vomiting, Zeon still continued to laugh.


Intense fear welled up inside Monent Chen mind  thinking about how Zeon could stand there and laugh at his torment. ‘No wonder he calls himself the mad god.’


“Ahahaha, boy was that good a good show, you screamed  like a girl .” Said Zeon as tears rolled down his eyes


Standing in a pile of his own flesh stood a savage looking youth, covered in blood and completely naked. Monent Chen looked at Zeon and  began to laugh. It was a shrill laugh, as if the happiness in Monent Chen life  got torn apart, in the eyes there's was gleam of madness similar to Zeon. Not saying anything Monent Chen  began to walk towards Zeon. But after a few steps Monent Chen body was unstable.


“Ah? Why is my body so weak?”




“What's so funny! “


“Why don’t you look at yourself”


huh confused Monent Chen looked down and didn’t notice anything immediately. But after a few seconds he realized his feet had grown bigger.  astonished Monent Chen looked at his hands and noticed they got bigger as well . Then Monent Chen looked back at Zeon only to notice the latter looked the same height as hi.


“Congratulations kid you just hit puberty”


“What!” What do you mean? Explain..


Well, the thing is the titan blood has  accelerated your growth. Basically, you're fifthteen right now. You have aged about 3-4 years.


What! You never told me anything about growing taller!


Calm down and relax it's a small price compared to what happened to your body.


“My body?”


Hearing Zeons words , Monent Chen began to inspect his body again. However, to Monent Chen surprise he didn’t notice anything particular.

“What’s wrong with my body?


“Nothing... Since, your body is so weak right now you won’t notice the effects immediately. But, in a few days your  body will be  stronger than  a divine realm cultivator. “


“What! Stronger than a  divine realm cultivator?”


“Yeah... But i already put a seal on your body to make it one realm stronger than your cultivation base. If i don’t do that than one step of yours would destroy this planet.”


Monent was extremely shocked hearing this ...

“Now then let's talk about martial arts and cultivations manuals... Cultivation manuals are there to guide energy and destroy debris. A high cultivation requires high talent and low debris. The cultivation manual for the  phoenix clan was made by me. That's one of the reasons why  your clan is called the phoenix clan, it's because the manual  engulfs a cultivators body with a colored  flame, the color indicates the cultivation realm in which the flame is destrpying the impurities. However, the Cultivations manual i’m giving you is called the withering sun, I made it,  it helps you to  take other people's energy, souls,  lives, and it burns any impurities. Hence the name withering sun. However, because of your body structure you're going to need a lot  more of everything in order to reach the same level as someone else, but the upside you have 10x or  more energy than someone of the same level.Only downside is you have to kill multiple people  opponents of the same level or higher in  order to advance.


“Martial arts are ways for cultivators to release that energy in some form. The martial I have for you is called mad chaos,  it’s complicated to explain but just think of it as bringing chaos into your life” laughed Zeon.

Monent Chen shuddered hearing Zeon laugh. Now, every time Zeon laughs Monent Chen instantly associates it with something not good.

After, the two finished discussing about cultivation manuals and arts. Two rogue cultivators spotted Zeon and Monent Chen.


“Lookie, lookie , who we have here”

“The kid looks pretty, he’ll be a great slave for a royal princess or some rich merchants, he’ll be able to take care of any of their needs” Laughed a burly man


‘Slave traders’ Sneered Monent Chen

“But, the pale kid doesn’t seem much only the first of elementary realm. What do you wanna do with him?”

“Capture the kid as well, he could still well for his age”


‘Wait first of elementary realm?’ Thought Monent Chen, hearing this he turned to see  Zeon not being able to sense his intense aura from before.

Zeon smiled “ i lowered my cultivation realm. “

“What! Such a thing is possible?!



The two slave traders rushed towards  Monent Chen and Zeon.


“Kids uncle is going to keep you just come to me” laughed the guard. Zeon quickly pushed Monent Chen in front of man

What f--k  

Instantly, the guard punched Monent Chen in the solar plexus, trying to knock him out . But, to the guards shock Monent Chen stood standing

“ What the f--k that didn’t knock him out...

Don’t worry as of now your body is as strong as .....

Monent Chen gulped in fright hearing how powerful he was, then a few seconds later a smile surfaced on his face.

What the kid didn’t fell down

How, pathetic you can’t even take down two kids at the first realm of mortals.

Angry the guard began to attack but before he could ‘ boom’

The guard was knocked out. The other guard  became dumbstruck

Looking at the guards expression Zeon began to Laugh

Ahahaha, Look at his  faces

In a few minutes both guards were bloody everywhere.

Now then i want you to do try the withering sun cultivation

Hearing Zeons words, Monent Chen hesitated,.

“Why are you hesitating?

“It’s because i never killed anyone!”

“You never killed anyone? Ahahaha...”

“It’s not funny “

“Don’t worry just do the skill. You’ll need to kill eventually , cultivators need a hardened heart. Eventually, sooner or later you would have had to kill , even if you did not meet me.”


Hardened his mind  Monent placed his hands on both the guards and a eerie suction force emitted from his hands. A darkish gray  vortex formed in the  inside  and outside of his palms.

The guards began to scream in horror , there screams eventually didn’t even sound human any longer. Hearing their screams and their bodies slowly  withering, Monent Chen body shuddered and the  became terrified, but he continued. After, a few minutes the guards became a pile of bones.

Monent Chen vomited after he was finished

“ There, it wasn’t so bad.” Smiled Zeon.

Monent Chen looked back at Zeon and wanted to say something but decided to  remain silent. After a few seconds Monent Chen became shocked at the energy he sensed. An  intense amount of energy fluctuated  in his body

“What i’m at the 2 nd level of the nascent  realm.”  

Well, what else would you expect from skill?

Am-amazing, i'm already at the nascent realm”

“Now,now enough chit-chat and let’s go to the city.I have already waited one week for you!”

“What! One week!”

“Don’t you get tired of these surprises? I mean almost every five seconds you're surprised. And yes to answer your question we have been in this forest for at least a week, I had to supply your body with energy so you wouldn’t die.”


Listening to Zeon words Monent Chen wanted to refute but he decided to leave it. Shortly after,  the youths quickly looted any valuables from the slave merchants  and began to head out towards the city.


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