In the darkness of the night, a handsome youth  was walking towards a shabby hut.The image  looked surreal.The  youth appeared to  look  like a broken angel, covered in darkness, with  tears rolling down the youth’s face. Such a  scenery,  would  melt even the most cold-hearted person. “Why me? What did i do to deserve such a fate? Parents that abandoned me, a clan that doesn’t accept me, and a friend that betrays me.”The youth was none other than Monent Chen.

While he  bickered about his pitiful life, unbeknownst to Monent Chen, he was  being followed by a shadow. The shadow appeared to have a  human-like shape. In addition, the shadow appeared  to be moving by itself, as if it had a life of it’s own. “So there he was. I never expected the kid to look so pitiful. Ahahaha,  kids these days get dispirited so fast. However, this kid  has no  idea what’s in store for him.” Snickered the shadow.

While Monent Chen  headed towards his shabby hut, the shadow continued to follow right behind him. However, when   Monent Chen began to enter his shabby hut,  the  shadow stopped.

The shadow stood outside and waited for Monent Chen to enter the shabby hut. Finally, when Monent Chen entered the shabby hut, the shadow  began to slowly rise upwards from the ground. It continued to rise  until  it formed a  strange apparition  . The  apparition  began  to  morph into human. By every passing second,  flesh began  to appear on the apparition. Until eventually,  a pale-skinned youth appeared. The youth looked no older than Monent Chen; However, he gave off a very ancient aura,  “ The kid looked pretty pitiful... I have an idea, to cheer him up.” Murmured  the pale-skinned youth.

The youth proceeded to knock on the shabby hut’s door.  Followed by the youth’s knocking, a confused Monent Chen answered  “ Who is it?”.

“ It’s me” snickered the pale-skinned  youth.

‘Who the bloody hell is at the door, at a time like this?’ Wondered Monent Chen.

“ Who is me?”

“Me is me” Snickered the pale-skinned youth.  

‘Goddam, which asshole has a  death-wish tonight?’  thought  Monent Chen, as he  furiously opened the door. However, to his dismay, he saw  no one there.

‘What the hell?’ Confused Monent Chen began to furiously  look  outside for the preparator, but couldn't find anyone. Giving up, Monent Chen returned back to his shabby hut. But when Monent Chen returned to his shabby hut he was met with a very  peculiar scene, inside the shabby hut stood a  pale-skinned youth. The youth had  pitch black hair and blood-red eyes.

Eyes that gleamed madness in them. The pale-skinned youth emitted a suffocating aura that made   it difficult for  Monent Chen to breath. The pale-skinned youth gave   an eerie smile “It’s me”. The eerie  scene and aura the youth gave off  made  Monent Chen scared witless.  Every cell  in Monent Chen body  was screaming to run away , but  for some strange reason he was unable to move. It  felt as if some invisible force  had pinned  him in place.


“ Who are you?” asked a frighten Monent Chen. The pale-skinned youth seemed confused when asked such a question, “Who am I? I can't even remember it now... Ah, what was it again, It's been eons since I used my real name. Now then, what was it again? Ah, now I remember it was Zeon Xiaro. That's my name.” smiled the pale-skinned youth.  Monent Chen was utterly  confused by the youths' words,'What the bloody hell is he talking about?'.


The youth continued to smile at the confused  Monent Chen.Giving up of trying to understand what the pale-skinned youth meant, Monent Chen began to ask another question,  "Why are you here?"

“Isn’t it obvious, to help you become powerful.” smiled Zeon “ Wasn’t that what you wished for? I remember you saying something along the line of  I want the power to change my destiny, to destroy my parents for abandoning me, and some other sh*t like that.” Monent Chen became utterly  terrified at the youths' words,  “Im-imposible those were the things I said to myself, during the Phoenix  gem ceremony. How do you know those things? No one should be able to know those things, not even Zi Jin”.


Zeon began to laugh maniacally, “Hahahaha, isn’t it obvious, because I’m the phoenix gem!” ‘How the hell is that shit obvious?’ thought  Monent Chen ” But, I thought the  phoenix gem was just a gem to evaluate the future potential of young cultivators?”.


“ Well, I don't mean I'm actually the gem. What I meant to say is I have been living in the gem, and I also created the gem.”  said Zeon, while puffing out his chest proudly.

“What the f***k” Monent Chen instantly became dumbstruck ,” How is that possible? “


 “ Well, it’s because I'm super powerful “ Zeon said proudly.

When Monent chen heard this he almost spat out blood. “ That's right, no need to be too excited child.After all, it’s like you see someone as powerful as me everyday”  Zion said proudly, after seeing Monent Chen reaction. Hearing Zeon remarks about himself, Monent Chen became frustrated at Zeon,he wanted to beat the crap out of  Zeon right there. However, when Monent Chen thought about how Zeon said, things that he never told anyone, not even Zi jin, it made sense. As Monent Chen thought over, the   possibility that Zeon told the truth got higher and higher. First, why would such a strong expert bother to come here? Second, it is impossible or very difficult for cultivators to read minds without forming a connection, as far as Monent Chen knows.  The only logical way to read minds would be to establish some sort of connection, but Monent chen did not make a connection with anyone, and when Monent thought these thoughts it was when hold the Phoenix gem. Who would dare descrate the Phoenix gem? As such there became a large possibilty that what Zeon said is the truth, he made the phoenix gem. If not, at the very least he is an  extremely powerful cultivator. But, when Monent Chen came to such a conclusion, he became puzzled  why would  such a powerful expert wanted to take on as  his discipline? Curious, Monent Chen asked the question, “Why do you want to make me super powerful?”

“If i tell you would you become my disciple?” Asked Zeon

“Sure” Replied Monent Chen.

A gleam of excitement appeared in Zeon eyes, “ It’s simple, your potential is very high. During, the Phoenix festival what you conjured was not the black flame,but instead the universe flame. A flame that is rarely seen, sometimes coming only once a millennium.” Hearing such wonderful news made  Monent Chen  elated . “ The Universe flame! If what he says is true i won’t have to leave the clan. And with the clans resources i could become unparallel under the heavens, I could destroy Zi jin for betraying and my parents for abandoning me.” Thought Monent Chen.


Looking  towards Zeon, Monent Chen asked  “ why should i accept you as my master if i could instead use the clans resources? Also if i have the universe flame as you say, i could get the Patriarch or Grand Elder to be my teacher. Then what would be the point of having a such a master with little or no resources?” Zeon became embarrassed  Monent Chen questions, but quickly resolved himself. “Well first no one knows you have the universe flame, they would think you are lying in order to seek attention. Second , if possibly they do listen to your pleas for political reasons you would eventually be assassinated, by the other candidates family connection . After All, you will mostly likely  show the potential of  being  the future patriarch of the clan. Third, the resources I can provide are a hundred, no a thousand times better. Fourth, your future would be limited to a trifling clan leader. And finally the most important reason,  I am more powerful than your patriarch and grand elder. To prove this, have I been detected yet by your patriarch and grand elder?.In addition, i have also lived longer than both your patriarch and Grand elder; thus, proving how powerful i am. ” Zeon spoke arrogantly, such a  tone made even  Monent Chen momentarily awestruck.  Zeon completely and utterly disregarded the great behemoth of Saries known as  the Phoenix clan. However, when Monent Chen thought over it what  Zeon said did make sense. Even if he was accepted by the clan because of the universe flame there is a high possibility that  he would be assassinated. Also, the fact that Zeon has survived since the birth of the  clan. Added on to the fact that he is undetectable by the Patriarch and Grand Elder,  shows how powerful Zeon is.“ okay , i accept... I will become your disciple” Responded Monent Chen.  “ Great, now get ready to pack your things and be ready to leave in a week” Replied Zeon.  “ Shouldn’t we leave right now in the dead of night? Asked monent chen. “ Well, normally that is a good idea but if we do we won’t get any of the free resources your clan is offering. So.. i was thinking it’s best  we wait for abit.” Monent chen instantly became dumbstruck hearing Zeons words, ‘ What the hell kind of  master is this?’


A week has passed since Zeon and Monent Chen have met.In front of a  tall building, stood a huge line of children , “ settled down children, now please come single file  to Elder Zuo  in order to give your final  decision” Shouted a law enforcer.  Single file, the children walked one by one towards an old scruffy looking man. Each child gave a different  decision than the one in front of them. “Now then, child what decision did you make? Edler zuo asked a chubby looking child. The  child timidly  looked up towards the elder, before responding “ I want to join the Alchemy division”. “That is an excellent decision child, your future will become bright.” responded elder Zuo.  The elder would give a short remark to every child, after they made their decision. In hopes of guiding these future seedlings to more promising future for them.


Finally, it was Monent Chen turn to give his decision, “ Have you made a decision child?” asked elder Zuo. “ I want to leave the clan” responded Monent Chen. The Elder's eyes contracted hearing Monent Chen decision, “Do you understand your decision? Have you thought carefully? Remember once you make this decision you cannot return to the clan, unless you can bring back some great merits.” said Elder Zuo  ” Yes, i understand my decision” Responded Monent Chen.Elder Zuo nodded towards the  youth's decision, not everyone can excel in the clan, sometimes it is better to leave a the clan than be ostracized in it. However, even so Elder Zuo still   felt some pity for the child, but the Elder knew he could do nothing for youth. “Here are some resources for your future” Said Elder Zuo as he handed  Monent Chen a bag.


After listening to the Elders advice on the outside world, Monent Chen began to head out. Presently, it was still sunny, when Monent Chen began to walk towards the main gate. However, while Monent Chen was headed towards the  main gates, he heard many scornful  comments about him, “What monent chen is leaving” “So that trash is finally leaving.” Sneered another youth. Although,  many youths were glad that  Monent Chen was  leaving , there were a few that weren't.


“Ahahaha, it seems like your poor romeo is leaving you  Yue’er’” shouted a beauty to an adorable looking girl. The girl instantly blushed, her face became beak red. Although,the girl's face  was beak red, there was an unnoticeable  tinge of  sadness in her eyes.


While, Monent Chen continued to walk  towards  the  gate, he noticed  a fairly young youth with red hair leaning  against the gate. The youth looked familiar, and  on closer inspection Monent Chen realized who the youth was, it was Zi Jin.


 “So you leave? Well, i guess it's the best decision you could have made.” Sneered Zi Jin, “ At the very least you could become a ruler of some small capital or something. I mean you were born in the Phoenix clan, even if you are just a bastard child.”


 Monent Chen  had a complicated expression when he looked at Zi jin. Instead of talking to Zi jin, he decided to ignore him and continue walking.  Monent Chen walked right past  Zi jin, both not uttering another word.

After, five or so kilometers of walking, Monent Chen finally arrived in some  hidden cave, near the clan. The cave leads to a teleportation portal that connects to almost anywhere in Saries. The teleportation portal is made by many complicated array formations. Also, the teleportation portal needs at least one spatial cultivator to  act as a guide, if not the teleportation portal would send people into random locations.


“Name and reason for leaving “ Asked burly guard, when Monent Chen arrived at the entrance of the cave. The guard  had an extremely high cultivation level, such a level that monent Chen could not even begin to understand.The guards aura alone almost made  Monent Chen suffocate. However, when compared to the aura to Zeon emitted , it felt like comparing egg shells to rocks.


“Ahahaha, just a trifling  mid-level Tyrant Realm cultivator and you are  already pissing your pants.Ahaha, i wonder what your reaction would be if those Elders in your clan actually showed their aura, you would faint. Laughed Zeon, as he continued to mock Monent Chen. ‘Quiet, you are going to get me killed’ Monent Chen  said in his mind. “Don’t worry no one will know, besides the people inside your clan are 10x more powerful and they can not even detect me. So, how could a trifling mid-level Tyrant Realm cultivator find out? “

‘That makes me wonder how powerful are you Zeon?’


“If i told you,looking at your reaction from the Tyrant Realm cultivator you’d probably be frightened to death. All you have to know is even in the realm of Gods i am considered an expert.”


‘Realm of Gods?What's the Realm of Gods’ asked Monent Chen


“It’s a higher plane than this one. Just think of it as a place super experts belong too. I’ll tell you about it later, as of now you are too weak to know” Said Zeon.


Hearing Zeon answer, Monent Chen turned his attention back to the burly guard.

“ I would wish to go to kingdom of veerus,to a small city known as Green Mulberry city. Also the  reason for leave is because of the Phoenix festival” The guard immediately understood what the youth meant by Phoenix festival. Because not everyone can have great talent, those people that failed to live up to the high standards placed upon them usually decide to leave. The guards has seen many youths who have left the clan because they couldn’t meet expectations. The clan cannot provide  resources for everyone, thus the clan tries to weave out trash  from the gem. The burly guard  nodded at the youth's decision, because the guard knows this the best decision for the youth. Even though some youths become very hateful towards the clan when they are forced to leave, eventually over time these youths become grateful, because they become power houses in these small cities or kingdoms. ”The Veerus kingdom is not bad decision for you kid, maybe  in the far future you might  become paragon in that  kingdom.”


Hearing the guards words Monent Chen gave a smile before stepping  into the teleportation gate.Shortly, after Monent Chen left a cloaked figure  arrived through a spatial crack inside the cave. “Where does he want to go?” asked the cloaked figure. “Green Mulberry City in the kingdom of Veerus, my lord.” shouted the guard. The cloaked figure nodded towards the guard and made some quick hand gestures toward the teleportation portal.


A few moments later Monent Chen   arrived  in some distant forest. “ Damn that was suffocating” said Zion, as he appeared out of pendant from Monent Chen. As soon as Zeon appeared the pendant disappeared.

“Where are we?”

“ We are in a kingdom called Veerus, near a city called Green Mulberry”

“Oh, okay. By the way,  why did that  guard  say you might become a paragon in this kingdom? “ Monent Chen smiled at Zeon question “The reason the guard says i might become a paragon in this kingdom is because the cultivators in Veerus very weak. The highest known cultivators in the kingdom of veerus are Emperor realm”.

“Oh well, that explains why I missed it, he was pretty much saying one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Well, in this case it’s more like one clan’s trash is another kingdom's treasure”

“You..” Shouted Monent Chen angrily, but he couldn’t say anything because what Zeon said is true.


“What,what, I’m just telling you the truth. Now, then forget that and let's go to Green Mulberry city, and join a sect”. Said Zion. “What? What do you mean by  and join a Sect? I thought you were going to teach me?” asked Monent Chen. Zeon pale face instantly had a bright pink shade “ Well the thing is...”

“ The thing is What?I left my clan because i thought you could teach me.” Monent Chen shouted nervously .

”First, let me speak. Well The thing is I have been living in that Goddam gem for so long that i want to experience some life. If you can get what I mean. “ Monent Chen looked at Zion dumbstruck, unsure of what to say.  


After a few awkward seconds of silence  Monent Chen  decided to speak  “ Okay, we will join a sect, but you are still going to teach me right?” asked Monent Chen. “Of course.Well, actually I was thinking maybe you could  do some things for me and I'll teach you.” said Zeon. “ Some things? What kind of things?” Monent Chen asked frantically. Zeon face flushed pink once again “Well the thing is I have been in that gem for so long and I have been feeling pretty lonely.I need some female company,  If you know what I mean. Also, with you being so handsome, it would be pretty easy for you. It’s not a bad deal for you. ”Smiled Zeon. Monet Chen became furious, he wanted to kill Zeon right there, where he was standing.

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