In the continent of Saries there is a famous mountain valley known as the cloudless valley. The mountain valley is home to the strongest clan in Saries, the Phoenix clan. A clan that is feared and awed by many clans and people. Its very existence is labeled as a legend.

However, this huge clan is made up of five smaller clans: The Dirk clan, The Vernon clan, The Claudius clan, The Necraus clan, and The Monent clan.Together these five clans are considered an absolutely terrifying monster in the continent of Saries.

But today, the members of the clan were celebrating its very own festival. A festival known as "the Phoenix festival". The reason people call it "the Phoenix festival" is because it's a celebration of rebirth for the youth. After this festival, the youth can finally start to cultivate, and become true members of the clan.

As the children and adults were having fun with the festival activities, there were two boys who were walking somewhere else.

These two boys were known by everyone as Monent Chen and Zi Jin, but everyone just called them the "mismatch friends" , because one is beautiful and the other is ugly. More over, the beautiful one has a bad background and the ugly one has a good background.These mixed up qualities and traits the friends have made people call them the "mismatch friends"

For example, Monent Chen has a dashing face, azure long hair, and crimson eyes. These qualities make him look like a child of a prestigious Elder in the Phoenix clan, but he is far from it. Instead, Monent Chen is son of some outsider. In the Phoenix clan it is forbidden for people to marry outside the clan without the permission of the elders. However, Monent Chens mother decided to marry someone without the permission of the elders. Than when Monent Chen was born she gave him up to the clan, so that she could run away with the outsider.

In contast, Zi Jin was born into a prestigous family as the fifth son of a powerful elder in the Clan. This made many people be respectful and nice around him. Strangely, Zi jin became friends with Monent Chen. Many people were perplexed by the idea of why someone like Zi Jin was being friends with Monent Chen. It wasn't apparent until people started whispering rumors that Zi Jin's most likely using Monent Chen to get closer to some girls.

Meanwhile, the two of them were heading towards a huge crowd of people.These people were split into five different groups, by the robes they were wearing.
The clan members of each clan wore a robe to symbolize what clan they are from: The Dirk clan wore red , the Vernon wore blue, the Claudius clan wore green , the Necraus clan wore black , and the Monent clan wore purple.

Presently the two youths were headed towards a huge line up of children that looked between the ages of 9-12.  The children in the lineup were all wearing five distinctive colors, each representing the clan they reside with: Claudius for Blue, dirk for Green, Necraus for Black, Purple for Monent, and Red for Vernon.

“hurry up Monet Chen, before the lineup gets any bigger." said a freckled skinned youth.


" Relax, Zi Jin, after today our destinies are going to change, so why rush it?" responded Monet


Zi Jin got startled, " yes, you're right, today our destinies are going to change. Hopefully, I can get good results... Did you know that those that get the shit flame are deemed crippled?  They are given the choice to either leave the clan, become spies, or choice to join the alchemy division."



" The phoenix festival is an extremely important festival, it can decide the fate of anyone in the clan!  The festival  gives  people an opportunity to rise as phoenix’s or fall as withered feathers. Although, everyone in the clan fears the festival, but they also anticipate for the festival because people know that their lives or their children's lives are going to change.” responded Monet Chen, as he coldly glared up at the morning sky.  


The Phoenix festival is a life changing festival for the younger generation. In the Phoenix festival, there is a ceremony called “The Phoenix”, which determines the potential of future cultivators. The ceremony is based on a blood-red gem, known as the phoenix gem. A person who touches the gem will be engulfed by non-burning colored-flame. Moreover, there is co-relation of the color of the flame and the youth’s future potential. The colors go from brown<black<purple<grey< white< rainbow. In short, the phoenix festival is an extremely important event in the Phoenix clan. 


Meanwhile, at the back of the huge line up were a group of youths that  looked as if they were waiting for someone. The youths were all wearing dark purple clothing, symbolize that they were from the Monent clan,” Do you think the bastard will show up? Asked a burly youth

 "Don't know, " replied another

 “I bet you he got scared?" sneered a youth named Monet Yuchi

"No, that does not sound like him... With all the years, we have been picking on him why would today be any different?" said a pale skinned youth.

 " Well, because today's the Phoenix festival and people are going to find out how much of trash he really is..."  laughed Monent Yuchi.

As the groups were talking, Monent Chen and Zi Jin Absent mindedly lining up behind the group  
"I can't believe I have to go to this Goddam phoenix festival, " said Monent Chen.

“Well, at least we haven’t met the ogre squad” replied Zi Jin

"Well look who showed up" sneered Monent Yuchi.

Monent Chen and Zi Jin faces turned extremely ugly, "to think of all the people we encounter, it had to be them" thought Monent Chen. As the youths turned around they all gave intimidating looks,” Trash, I can't believe you showed up and here I thought you had some brains to skip the festival, but it seems you don't.” Laughed a boy named Monent zing, “Now everyone's going to know your trash."  

"Well, at least we can finally get rid of garbage now, " said Monent Zing.  Monent Chen eyes turned red, but he could do nothing as today is the Phoenix festival.


As the youths mocked Monent Chen and Zi Jin, the line became smaller and smaller.


“Oh, it's Necraus Venon turn,” said a youth, when a pale colored youth approached the ground. Necraus Venon is a son of high elder of the Phoenix clan, who is prospered to ignite the rainbow flame. “So, it’s finally my turn...” Necraus smiled as he approached the middle of the ground. In the middle of ground there floated a crimson blooded gem, underneath the gem was a simple floating signature. Necraus Venon arrogantly began walking towards the gem and gripped the gem, like it belonged to him. The gem began to glow bright red... Suddenly a rainbow flame ignited from Necraus body. Gasps could be heard from the crowds, and the elders could not hide their excitement in their eyes. “Rainbow colored flame” screamed a few youths.  Necraus could not control the excitement inside himself, as he knew his life has changed forever. In the future Necraus will soar above his peers.

Monent Chen and many youths envied Necraus, “Just you wait when it's my turn... Another rainbow flame is going to show itself, “said a youth. The crowd started laughing at the youths' words,’ if it was that easy to get the rainbow flame, then everyone would have it’ said a youth with tears in his eyes. The youth began to blush.

‘Settle down children, anyone of you has the potential to generate the rainbow-colored flame’ said an Elder. The youths quickly settled down.
Next an extremely beautiful girl walked towards the gem,  
‘Oh, it's Claudius Chu’ said a few youths, all the children were intoxicated over the girl's beauty. Claudius Chu looked like a celestial fairy, a girl in the future who would make kingdoms fall for her. In addition to her beauty, Claudius Chu is favored to have a high-level flame due to her bloodline. To clarify, Claudius Chu is daughter of the Claudius clan patriarch Claudius Xiao. For this reason, there are many expectations that Claudius Chu would become a pillar for the clan.

The girl gently grabbed the gem, as if she was grabbing a fragile object, and after a few seconds a rainbow color flame began burning the girl.
‘Rainbow color flame!’  ‘What another Rainbow flame!’ ‘As expected of the patriarch daughter’ The crowd and elders were shocked.     
‘What's so shocking’ asked Monent Chen, ‘You don't know fool ‘said Monent Yu, ‘There’s been five people already with the rainbow flame’.

“Five people!” Shouted Zi Jin, “Incredible with that many people who could oppose the Phoenix clan”

“Fool, you should not underestimate the other clans, even with the gem the other great clans have not fallen that far behind. The other great clans have their own means of staying close to our clan, but still they cannot compare to the Phoenix clan by themselves. However, if the other great clans were to join they could destroy our clan. Although, our clan is extremely strong there are other Ancient clans outside of Saries that can compare to our Phoenix Clan” Said Monent Yu.


“There are clans that can compare to our clan?” asked a youth

Monent Yu glared at the youth. The youth quivered at Monent Yu glare, “Yes, I heard from an elder there is clan called the Dragon clan somewhere in Aries, where the clan members   can transform into dragons. In addition, to turning into dragons their power can increase by 2 levels... Also, I heard from the elder that their patriarch is in the divine realm

“What the legendary divine realm! I thought the sovereign realm was the peak realm in the profound world.” said Zi Jin

“It is... But there are special ways for people to enter the half step or the complete divine realm by using forbidden rituals or rare items. However, only a select few have ever entered the divine realm in history.” Said Monent Yu

“I once overheard an elder once say that there are fifteen living divine realm cultivators, five in the continent of Aries, five in the series, and six in Moonraker. Each of those divine realm cultivators owns a super clan except four, and out of those fifteen-divine realm cultivators our Phoenix clan has two.”   

“What our clan has two divine realm Cultivators!”  

The youths started laughing, “Are you stupid or something? How do you think the phoenix clan survived all these years as the number one super power in Saries? Of course, with the power of a divine realm cultivator and the phoenix gem support.”

“Then does that mean the other scared clans have the rest of divine realm cultivators?”

Yes... Replied a youth

“ Next... Next!” Screamed an elder. “Guess it’s finally my turn” said Monent Yu, as he began walking up towards the gem. Grabbing the gem, Monent Yu body began burning in white flames.

“What Monent Yu got the white flame, his future is going to be great, one day he will be an elder of the clan.” Monent Yu eyes gleamed with excitement.


As the festival continued, Monent Yu lackeys all got purple flames and Zi jin ignited the white.
Hahahaha... Did you see that Monent chen I got the white flame? In the future, I could become an elder for the clan, like my father...  Monent Chen it’s your turn hopefully you get a good flame”.  However, in Zi jin eyes there was hidden gleam of disgust.

“Oh, look its Monent chen turn; what flame do you think he’ll get?”

“Don’t know, probably the trash flame. Although, he is bastard child, his mother was still Phoenix clan member. Before, she began whoring herself around to every man, who knows what kind of filth his father was. “Laughed the youth. “The only good thing his parents gave him were his good looks.”


“Look, its Monent Chen!” a few female disciples began blushing.

It was finally Monent chen turn, an extremely handsome boy walked towards the center of the ground. Monent Chen grabbed ahold of the blood-red gem.    

“Power... I want the power to change my destiny, power to destroy the parents that abandon me, power to destroy those that scorn me”

Monent Chen body began burning with a black flame.  “Seems like I was right, he got a trash flame after all” sneered the youth.

Monent Yu and a few youths laughed. Consequently, the females were just blushing quickly became disgusted of Monent Chen. Power meant everything and without it people become slaves to the strong. Subsequently, Zi Jin smirked at Monent Chen moment of weakness.

But what the youths and elders didn’t know the black flame was different from a normal flame, the black flame had small white dots not visible to the naked eye, these white dots looked like they held countless universes in them.

‘Oh, how surprising the universe flame in this plane? How could such a plane produce such a child? No, it doesn’t seem his blood originated from this plane. Let see where this child's bloodline belongs to... Hahahahaha, who would've thought that such a being had interest in this lowly plane... Hahahaha” said a mysterious being.

Monent Chen had a complicated expression on his face ass the black flame withered away.” No, no, why did It have to be like this” as tears began to roll down Monent chen eyes.

“This is the end of the Phoenix festivals! Congratulation to everyone for completing the Phoenix festival. Remember, no what flame you scored you are forever considered a part of the Phoenix clan. The contribution of its members makes a clan, not a single person. As such everyone has a different part in the clan. Not, everyone can call out the rainbow flame, and those cannot be destined for different and greater things. Now, those that have are scored above the black flame please return to your respective clans, and those that scored the black flame or lower shall please report to me”
Said an elder

Monent Chen walked towards Zi Jin with a complicated expression, “‘I’m sorry Zi Jin for not being able to follow you’”
‘ it's okay Monent chen it wasn’t your fault you were born trash’ smirked Zi Jin
“You! I thought we were friends?” Glared Monent chen.  “Do you think trash like you and me were friends? I was just using you to get close to those female disciples who adored you, before they found out you were trash! Now that they know your trash, they could care less of your good looks” Laughing Zi jin walked away with a few friends.

“That bastard! I always thought of him as a brother “
Monet chen walked away with a few youths   towards Elder Li, ‘Although, you may have conjured a lowly flame, fret not. Vernon vigor was known as one of the greatest Alchemist in the clan history. Clan elders and other respective people came to begging Virk for his pills, but few knew that during the clan ceremony Virk conjured the black flame. In addition, to Virk there was another youth known Necraus hao who helped the clan destroy many enemy clans because of his extraordinary stealth. Necraus Hao could leak important information about the enemy clan’s strategies. Therefore, I want you to remember it is not the flame that decides the destiny, but you. Now, those of you that conjured the black flame or lower are given three choices, either you can leave the clan, only to return if an offspring or child of yours has flame higher than the black flame, become a spy, or join the Alchemy division... If, however, you decide to leave the clan, the clan shall provide you with a few cultivation resources before you set out. I will give a week's time to make your choice. After, that I would need an answer from you. Now, you are dismissed.”

After the festival was over the elders began to retrieve the blood red gem.  “This year’s batch was the best we’ve had in years. Five rainbow flames and fifteen white flames, in the future they will be the pillar of the clan” said an Elder

Yes, it's all thanks to the gem. In such a short amount of time the Phoenix clan has raised so quickly, but other clans are not that far behind.” said Elder Rio

“You are right Elder Rio. One day, the continent of Saries will be called the Phoenix continent” The elders began laughing.

Soon It became dark, and the phoenix festival ended. The children and adults returned to their homes after fun activities in the Phoenix festival closed. The elders brought the Phoenix gem back into the treasury vault of the clan, where all the priceless treasures of the clan are brought to.  When suddenly, the gem began to glow bright red, “Elder Rio, the gem is glowing”

“Oh, you didn’t know Elder law? Since the beginning when the Dirk clans first patriarch found the gem, whenever it turns dark outside the gem would glow.  To sum up, the reason the gem glows is because it's taking energy from the heaven and earth” said elder Rio.

Shortly, after the elders left, the gem began glowing brighter and brighter a. Until ‘Boom ‘sound was heard, and a figure appeared out of the gem. The figure was a tall, black haired, pale youth, who looked between the age of 10-12. “Hahahhahaha... Finally, after so many years of staying in that goddamn gem, I'm finally free. Hahahaha...Freedom has never tasted so good... Goddamn four consecutive breakthroughs, what was I thinking. Even the others wouldn’t have been as crazy as I was to stay inside that goddamn gem till four consecutive breakthroughs. Now I Know wonder they call me ‘The Mad God’. Hahahahaha.... The things I do for power.... Now then, where did that child go?  Who would have thought such a child would born in this plane? The universe flame is rare. That child's potential is unlimited, if he’s given the right guidance... He would become a force to reckon with, and who better to guide him than me? Hahahaha...

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