Axe from North

by Wartech

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Harem
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content

It's a rebirth story. Markus Ryley is an average 16 year old boy. Who is leading a pretty simple life. That is until the fateful school trip. Where he and most of his classmates died. But the circle of life doesn't stand still. So now the new world awaits them with magic running wild and dragons soaring in the sky. Follow MC through his journey, where he will meet his new enemies and old rivals.

P.S. : This is my first novel also English isn't my first language so please don't be harsh.

P.P.S: About mature context… There might be a bit of gore (if there is a battle so there got to be at least some blood) and I won't deny some adult material.


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1. The day when I died. ago
Chapter 2. Is this heaven? ago
Chapter 3. My new family. ago
Chapter 4. My diary. ago
Chapter 5. Look mommy, I am already 1 year old. ago
Map ago
Chapter 6. Asger, you are still too young! ago
Chapter 7. My mother’s tale. ago
Chapter 8. The teacher. ago
Chapter 9. My stats. ago
Chapter 10. Summer festival. ago
Chapter 11. Rats... ago
Chapter 12. The cave. ago
Chapter 13. Test. ago
Chapter 14. It’s Elise! ago
Chapter 15. A bug. ago
Chapter 16. Wolves! ago
Chapter 17. The horde is coming. ago
Chapter 18. The attack on Landamot. ago
Chapter 19. I am back. ago
Chapter 20. Chief. ago
Chapter 21. The world of tastes. ago
Chapter 22. Skills. Part 1. ago
Chapter 23. Skills. Part 2. ago
Chapter 24. Preparations. ago
Chapter 25. The black rock. ago
Chapter 26.The day of the test. ago
Chapter 27. Attention. ago
Chapter 28. Goodbye. ago
Chapter 29. Correcting my mistakes. ago
Chapter 30. As time goes by. Part 1. ago
Chapter 31. As time goes by. Part 2. ago
Chapter 32. As time goes by. Part 3. ago
Chapter 33. As time goes by. Part 4. ago
Chapter 34. As time goes by. Part 5. ago
Chapter 35. Life and death. Part 1. ago
Chapter 36. Life and death. Part 2. ago
Chapter 37. Life and death. Part 3. ago

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  • Overall Score

I love this. This is like my three favorite things at once. 1. Reincarnation 2. Summoning to be a hero 3. Different POV's . I recommend this. It's awesome. I don't really know about the posting times because they were all posted the same day. Still this is great.

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hope author didn't drop this had this saved and finally bing read it and now i need more.

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MC reaction versus His parents point of view is just priceless XD. Still a bit  lacking in the reasons why the north is so dangerous but still good. Im interested in what weapons the northmen favor and what weapon the mc will use himself. I personally would want him to use 2-hand axe for the barbarian feel or either glaive,spear for agi build. Also interested in what is beyond the frontier. What can I say, the mc is interesting and a bit out of touch with reality atleast at the start. The rest of the characters are also interesting but still lacking in info about them. Overall the info on the world is lacking. But the mc’s antics provide a lot of comic relief XD


Also im interested in his allignment, will he be chaotic neutral like most barbarians or go other routes? It be awesome if he leaned more to darkness and was a bit more selfish.


Keep on the good work, and althrough a  bit selfish but please more and faster. Also picture of the mc, other people and a cover picture would be awesome.

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Loved reading it, especially the humor. I am glad he reincarnated into something other than a human, and the way he plans on raising his stats I imagine him being a variant of his race . Hardly any grammatical or spelling errors, So, keep up the good work.

  • Overall Score

i love your story and the mc is hilarious. thank you and please keep it up. by the way, your map is really good.

  • Overall Score

i just realised i never gave this fanfic a rating while it's one of my favourite.

I love how youdidn't go with the usual system of leveling up and gaining xp and rather devised your own to fit your own taste. This way you can make the horrible classmates strong while never having to work as hard as him for example.

I love your writing style and your characters, the only thing i can really complain about is the irregular uploading and the length (i've yet to see a fanfic that i didn't think: this should be longer...except perhaps monster without magic, but that updates really slow)

so overall i'm going yo give you a 4.5/5

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 The first few chapters were pretty hard to read, grammar nazi’s would have a hay day. As you progress though, I can definitely see some improvement, sentences are more structured and words are used properly. there are still some issues with grammar but I think you should be praised for your overwhelming improvements. 


The main character is not hugely over powered, but he is rather powerful, giving him a realistic feel. At times he can be a bit dense (muscle head? lol) but I like his attitude overall. As he grows up though, I hope he grows a bit wiser lol.


The pace is good, not too slow, not too fast. I was worried for a bit that you would have him doing pushups and practicing magic at the age of 3 or something but you started that at a good age. Keep taking it one step at a time, no need to rush things too much, plenty can happen when your young.

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This is a seriously good story. The MC is purfect! and the different viewpoints (Yes there is different viewpoints.) really do give it a funny feel to it. What one finds to be gold, another find to be the remnants of a tooth.

now. Read. And... Enjoy!



All Hail the Penguin Empire!

  • Overall Score

I like the story very much. I love how the MC trys so much to not be a huge muscle head like everyone. Hope u will continue the story of a long time to come. 

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More than worth a read.

Vey nice fiction.Thank you.I highly recommend this fiction.Very good grammer, excellent story and  planned out characters so i give it  five out five keep up the good work and again thank you for this fiction hope you will  make more longer chapters.