The Brotherhood Archive: Hy'Ruh-Ha(Revised)

The Brotherhood Archive: Hy'Ruh-Ha(Revised)

by LJ McEachern

All people great or small have a story - Patriarch Lord Theris'Heron

Soletus, a young elf monk on the verge of becoming a warden in the Dias Brotherhood until his father holds him back and is kept from proving his skill. Instead, he is given an assignment that test doesn’t test his physical strength, but his strength of character. He is paired up with a shy and traumatized boy name Mien. Between Mien’s anxious behavior and the crime he committed, Soletus doesn’t know what to do or what to think. He wasn’t trained for the duty he is performing and has no idea if he is doing the right thing. However, when Soletus’s resolve to help starts to waiver, Mien does something unexpected and Soletus decides that the boy deserves a second chance not as an act of duty but as a friend.

Hy'Ruh-Ha is a what I consider a chronicle fantasy. It is fantasy drama coming of age story inspired by slice-of-life stories I've read and watched. This particular story is romance free.(1 out of 4 to be re-uploaded under this title) And if you are someone who cares, the main character is asexual.

I'm going for a Tues and Thurs day schedule for the re-upload. I may or may not stick in extra days.

If you are familiar with the previous version of this story, Wolf, Mask, and Unmasked will be re-uploaded as well.

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A really lovely story all around. Focused heavily on the characters and having a very slice of life quality to it while still maintaining a strong narrative drive.

The writing is strong and clear.

The story itself is heartwarming and real. It's laid out and plotted out nicely and the intermission really finish off the story to a satisfying conclusion while still leaving you wanting to read more.

The grammar is above average and is very easy to read and follow. There are very few places where bad grammar or awkward phrasing knock the reader off balance. Still it's not perfect, with a average of a couple of mistakes a chapter.

The characters are the real foundation and structure of this story. They are well developed and each one continues to grow and be fleshed out through the whole story. They are all distinct and have their own voice and motivations and personalities while still being very real and alive with all the flaws and strengths that anyone has .

The author handles the topics of abuse and recovery really really well, there's no magic fix and the characters have to put a lot of effort into healing. They have a lot of social support and you'll soon grow to live Brother Hickory for his excellent counseling and attitude so warm you can feel it radiating from the screen.

If I had one gripe about the story it would be the very few female characters, it gets much better in the intermission though.

All around it's an excellent story and definitely worth a read if you at all enjoy character driven stories!


It's good. You should read it

There are many stories on Royal road, but this is the first one I found that is written like a true novel and not a light novel. It's whole. The dialogue is meaningful. The characters are fully fleshed out. Mien in particular is fantasticly written. It's definitely worth reading.




Instantly became one of my favourite novels on the website for a number of reasons. The first reason is the grammer is close to perfect; allowing for the reader to maintain emersion. The next is the novel is fully fleshed out, each chapter has a goal to achieve. The author is able to do this through a well thought out world and wonderfully created characters. Which leads me to the final reason why I loved this novel, the young tods, the lovable teenage elves play off of each other perfectly. Hy'Ruh-Ha is most definitely a must-read on Royal Road! 


Great slice of life novel.

Reviewed at: Chapter 4

It's a breath of fresh air, I love novels that are more focused on characters and slice of life stuff, as opposed to most novels out there that are so focused on levels and progress and conflict.

Very relaxing, very interesting, very nice! High five! 

Anyway, thanks a lot author, loved the story.