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Third Arc Final Chapter: Distress and Disturbance in the Utopia.


“You have such beautiful eyes, Genesis. It really does resemble your father’s.” A woman said as she peered closer. Her eyes are shadowed behind her hair but her lips are smiling.

“Really, mother?” Genesis asked with a tilted countenance.

“Yes, it is. They are so beautiful and charming that it reminds of your father. The resemblance can be easily distinguished. It’s so beautiful that I want to crush it.” The woman said as both of her hand holds on Genesis’ cheeks and her thumb is just under her eyes.

“Mother…” Genesis lets out a surprised voice, however, it was faint.

“You have already received the blessing of Lord Eresti. You don’t need these lively beautiful eyes. It will better to see it dead. Yes, just…like…this…” The woman slowly spoke those words before pressing her thumbs on Genesis’ eyes.

“Arrggh…ahhh…it hurts! Mother…it hurts!! Stop! Please! Please stop!!” Genesis tried to struggle and grabs on her mother’s wrist, however, her resistance proved to be futile.

“If you are fortunate enough, you don’t need these eyes anymore. All you need to do is to devote yourself to Lord Eresti. One day, he will come back and will grant you a wish!” She said with ecstatic voice while pressing deeper on Genesis’ socket while blood started dripping.

“No! Please stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!”Genesis flails her body as the pain became an excruciating one.

“It will be better…if they are as dead as mine. Don’t you agree so, my daughter?” The cold voice came to her ear. A whisper so tragic and dreaded that one would feel dead on the inside.

Recover, destroy, recover, destroy, recover, destroy…

The mother keeps doing the process as if she is enthralled by the act itself. Even though her daughter’s face is now bathing in blood and her hand is stained with it, she didn’t mind. It didn’t take long enough until the daughter stopped resisting.

Now, she dons an eye that is emptied of emotions, as if her very essence of living was squeezed out of her. Her beautiful velvet irises lose its luster and only hollowed eyes are left intact together with her beautiful countenance.

But thanks to losing a huge part of her emotions, she didn’t lose her sanity within the span of two hundred years.

“So, what are we going to do with them now?” Reysha asked she wraps Genesis with a coat as her body is fully bare.

What a disgusting empty eyes…” She followed with a thought as Genesis is unmoving and unreactive with her eyes cast down, lifeless and deranged from any emotions.

Next to Genesis is Alef who also have a blanket covering her whole body. Her clothes were destroyed when she transformed into a dragon earlier.

Unlike Genesis, Alef’s eyes are burning with regret and resentment.

Meanwhile, Spoof finished tying the assassins around a tree. All of the assassins are robbed of their weapons and poisons. They are no longer a treat to them, at least, to Reysha’s group.

“For now, we can fetch some small change for turning these assassins to the city guards and let them handle it. The problem is, who will?” Falikh contemplated as he knit his brows.

“Oh, I can do that!” Yrsha raises a hand from Falikh’s suggestion.

“Miss Yrsha? Come to think of it…” Falikh sprouted a nervous smile as Yrsha volunteered. He was conflicted and at the same time, confused about why she is here.

“Don’t worry!~ I’m on with the ride!” Yrsha announces with a smile.

“Ok!~” Falikh replied lightheartedly.

“For that, I shall bring in these fellows and turn them in. Also, I’ll have this gentleman join me!” Yrsha said as she pulls on Spoof and hugs his arm.

“No problem!” Falikh gives a thumbs up.

“You easily accepted her…” Reysha hangs her shoulders, seemingly her effort to reject her earlier goes all down to the drain.

“Be that as it may, granny, what do you plan with the archbishop and the dragon girl?” Victoria asked as she walks closer to Falikh.

“…For now, let’s take them in. No, let’s take custody of them. Send them to Mika and explain everything, Victoria.” Falikh asked her with utmost sincerity.

“Yes! If she is granny’s mother, then could she be something like my great-grandmother?” Victoria tilts her head as she racked for an answer.

“I guess?” Falikh also tilted his head as he also started contemplating for the answer.

“Umm…” A voice suddenly called out to them that comes from the forest trees.

A brown haired man appeared while donning a perplexed countenance. He has bruises in some part of his body but nevertheless, none are fatal or something that would hinder his movements.

He walks towards everyone and bowed his head.

“My name is Derill and I’ve been following Lady Genesis ever since she saved my life. I’m going to be grateful if you take good care of both of Miss Alef and Lady Genesis.” Derill said with an embarrassed smile.

He is polite so Reysha could not ignore his words.

“Despite their cold interaction from other’s perspective, I believe that Miss Alef and Lady Genesis grew closer and started caring for each other. Please, take good care of them.” Derill bowed deeper.

“Of course, I am her son. I shall take good care of my own mother. Thank you for serving her well.” Falikh answered as he places a hand on Derill’s shoulder.

“Then, what are you going to do then?” Reysha asked the question as she noticed that the man called Derill worded his sentence as if he will get left behind.

“There’s something I’d like to get for them. Please don’t mind me.” Derill said as he stared at the lake.

“I see, we shall heed your words.” Reysha replied assuringly.

I never would have thought that…we will be taking in mother. We just planned on monitoring her movements but… I guess this is fine too…” Falikh inwardly thought as his sight move towards Oliver who is quietly leaning on a tree with a disinterested countenance.

They tried to wrap everything up.

However, the heaviness of the atmosphere didn’t feel like they resolve anything. Was it simply an accident, or was it fate that pulled them all together?

Meanwhile at the Kingdom of Mesola, the capital castle…

The current king of the kingdom, Lodh, explored the sanctuary where Genesis always stay. He has been doing everything by his power to get his hand on Genesis and everything that she has.

He was a man who, even with several wives, lust after Genesis. He thought of Genesis as the most beautiful existence and he believed staining her would make her his property.

Genesis’ sacred sanctuary was swarmed by knights and they are all over the place as they investigate every nook and cranny.

They discovered that the sanctuary has a lot of hidden doors. Those doors house a lot of documents and files that date back up to hundreds of years. There is also a room where Genesis used as another bedroom.

At that room, King Lodh saw a peculiar book.

“…What is this? The Apotheosis of Zosimos?” King Lodh spoke as he read the title of the book.

King Lodh immediately skim through the book and immediately got the idea of what is it for.

Theory of creation, conversion, equivalent exchange of materials to another composition, the apex of chemistry and it’s forerunner.

It was a book about alchemy, and not just an ordinary alchemy…

This is a book where one intends to create a life, to created what one would call a homunculus.

“The Archbishop…the one known as the Resplendent Holy Woman, was fiddling with this?” King Lodh told himself as he closes the book on his hand with knitted brows.

He then looks at the table and found a lot of documents pertaining to her research. He skimmed everything and his countenance slowly becomes pale.

“She…already succeeded…” King Lodh muttered.

For what reason Genesis wanted to learn about alchemy, a direct heresy to the religion she serves to? Alchemy, by etiquette, especially if its something about human research, is strictly frowned upon.

“Your Highness, we found…a passage!” A knight called out to King Lodh. He immediately heads out of the room as he tucked the book between his arm and pit.

He marches towards the center of the sanctuary and found that in the middle of it, there’s a staircase and the knights have gathered around the passage.

“Your Highness, should we go deeper?” The knight asked.

“Of course. We must press forward and see what kind of secrets the archbishop withheld.” King Lodh said as he leads the way by descending down the staircase.

The passage wasn’t so steep, it was just that the path was dark but thanks to magic, they illuminated their way.

But the next thing that they will witness will make their countenance as pale as snow.

“A…laboratory? Moreoever…it has a lot of…treacherous things…” King Lodh uttered as he saw how there are eyeballs, human parts, and even unknown specimen are encased in large glasses.

“Your Highness, it seems that this place…is old…The Archbishop must have just reused this place but it seems it is originally used by someone else from the past.” King Lodh’s adviser said so.

“Still, to mingle with abominations…ah…my pure angel…” King Lodh grimace.

“Your Highness, this place seems to have something deeper.” The adviser said so.

“I have to steel myself. Let’s go.” King Lodh marches on with the knights in front of him while the remaining squads walk behind him.

It is as the adviser said, there was something even deeper in the laboratory, however, instead of grimacing, as they opened the well-maintained steel door, they gasp in bewilderment.

“Oh…Ohh…! This is…” King Lodh can’t find a word described the beauty in front of him.

Encased in a glass tube filled with clear liquid, a woman is inside.

Her beautiful countenance is frozen into sleep and her bare body which plays in the boundary of late teens and early adulthood wears nothing. Her dazzling blond hair illuminated by the neon light behind her exposes her beauty in gradient light that no words escape from the people who gawks at her.

“She is like…a goddess…” The adviser muttered as his eyes widened in utter awe.

“Is this…is this…a homunculus?” King Lodh, with a very elated expression, walk towards the sleeping girl. His face is ecstatic as he outstretches his arms outward.

“How…heavenly…!” King Lodh as he took a step forward.

The girl then slowly opens her eye and directs her serene stare at King Lodh.

At this point, everyone stood still as they saw the color of the girl’s iris.

“…No way…” They all said as their whole body shook.

The girl bears beautiful velvet irises, as beautiful as what Genesis has.

No, all of them, in the corner of their mind, knows that the girl inside the water tank is like an exact replica of the Resplendent Holy woman herself, Genesis. The only difference is that this woman is like a grown-up version of Genesis.

“……” The girl mumbled wordlessly and in an instant



The water tank shattered and she, the girl, floated and descended slowly down. Not even anyone said any words and none dared to disturb her.

She lands on the ground and hangs her head.

“I see…mother…left me, huh? It seems he headed to where my brother is.” The girl said lifelessly, however, her eyes then redirected to King Lodh.

“Are you perhaps the king or something?” The girl asked as her countenance immediately bathed in confidence and the air around her changes to a prideful ambiance.

“Yeah…I am the King of the Mesola Kingdom, King Lodh.” King Lodh introduces himself but his face was still awestruck.

“Oh, have you started the world domination already?” The girl asks with a complete expectation of King Lodh.

“No…we are still watching the situation…” King Lodh answered.

“Boring. You should have at least started destroying one kingdom. Okay, I decided, you are an incompetent king and you should be rooted out.” The girl said as she sprouted a smile…

A smile that immediately made everyone profusely sweat because…

Her smile is twisted and filled with nothing but evil…

She started walking leisurely towards the exit of the room and as she passes by King Lodh, a slight gust shook the place.

“Really, just how incompetent you are.” The girl said as she brought her hand up and presented a heart to the adviser. The heart is still beating and bloodied.

“Wha--!?” The adviser pales and before he knew it, King Lodh falls down.

“Better burn that together with trash. You won’t be needing that thing anymore. I will be taking command so you better hurry up.” The girl boisterously said as she started parting the lines of knights.

They immediately knew how powerful the girl is, just how terrifying her skill is just by their instinct alone.

“Oh yeah, for whomever in-charge with the personnel, prepare for the ceremony of my coronation immediately.” The girl said as she turns her head towards the adviser.

“W-When…?” The adviser nervously asked.

“Hmm? Right now would be a good time.” The girl whimsically said.

“But it is still night time!” The adviser tried to reason.

“Oh, that’s not a problem.” The girl closes her eyes for a moment and mumbled to herself once more.

“Guidance.” The girl said.

The knights and the adviser are all brought down to their knees. Not only them, the spell rounded up to the whole kingdom and even as such still night, every single citizen, religious or not, are forced to do the same.

“See? They’ll know it immediately.” The girl smiled and left.

Devil…she is…a devil!!” The adviser shouted inside his mind as his legs are shaking in fear.

Without delay, the adviser, fearing for his life, immediately moved and started assembling the needed personnel and forced them to prepare for a coronation ceremony.

The staffs immediately do their work as they also felt how immense the Guidance was now.

From a fanfare to the banquet, everything was prepared in an hour and a half. There’s no time to mourn for King Lodh as he was killed like a stray dog.

Now, stands at the royal veranda that oversees the whole capital stands the girl, wearing a garment that designed after the king’s royal garb and meshed with a divine attire of an archbishop.

As what the girl said, all of the people gathered in front of the castle, praying and kneeling down on the ground.

Beckoned by fear, the adviser steps forward to start the ceremony, however…

“Stop with the long pleasantries.” The girl coldly said as she holds on the adviser's shoulder and flung him backward.


The adviser crashes to the knights behind and he was lucky to get away with few scratches.

The girl steps forward and reveals herself to the citizen with a fearless smile. She didn’t even have any nervousness her words naturally flowed out from her lips.

“Everyone, be grateful to witness bear of your new King and your new Archbishop! I, who has the power of the gods, descend into this world and will bring absolute damnation to all who will oppose us!” The girl, looking down at everyone, announces without missing a beat.

Upon her words, the people started revering her and at the same time, fearing her. Her Guidance is a literal Hellmind to all of the people as they never felt a splitting headache before.

“Without fail, we will declare war on every kingdom across this world and we will annihilate everything that comes across our path!” The girl glows in a blue light and an insignia made out of light appeared behind her.

“And thus, the name of your new ruler is…” The girl pauses in a slight moment.



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