Bandit Host Club

by zedeine99



What comes to mind when the word bandit is spoke of?

It is a person who steals and kills for their needs or even pleasure. They are barbarians who ambushes weary travelers or they are those thugs who loot and plunders passing caravans.

Also, in terms of appearance, we perceive them as burly and hairy fellows with no proper hygienic code. Their mannerisms that tend to act high and might because they think that having more people means better.

But let’s say in the band of the bandits, one of them has appearance and charisma comparable to a prince.

Well, there’s nothing odd about that.

But what if this handsome and charismatic individual is also accompanied by more handsome people which their charm to lure in women is extremely high too?

That’s a bit odd and worrying.

And more so, this band of bandit starts with absurdities such as building their own large mansion, making a city inside a forest and in the future, protecting the world.

Join Reysha Einhart, a sixteen years old noble girl and as a reincarnator, is previously a man as she meets this bands of bandit with unique behaviors that deviate from the norms

Watch her as she struggles to understand or even comprehend the absurdities of these fellows and endure the headache they will give to her.


Note: Slow Romance, Dumb Down Politics, and Tons of Cringy Actions. 

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Cringe Fest 1 ago
Chapter 2: Cringe Fest 2 ago
Chapter 3: Cringe Fest 3 ago
Chapter 4: Cringe Fest 4 ago
Chapter 5: Gambling under the Moonlight with Falikh 1 ago
Chapter 6: Gambling under the Moonlight with Falikh 2 ago
Chapter 7: Gambling under the Moonlight with Falikh 3 ago
Chapter 8: Give me a Break! 1 ago
Chapter 9: Give me a Break! 2 ago
Chapter 10: Give me a Break! 3 ago
Chapter 11: Give me a Break! 4 ago
Chapter 12: Give me a Break! 5 ago
Chapter 13: Give me a Break! 6 ago
Chapter 14: The Onset of War 1 ago
Chapter 15: The Onset of War 2 ago
Chapter 16: The Onset of War 3 ago
Chapter 17: Last Minute Solution 1 ago
Chapter 18: Last Minute Solution 2 ago
Chapter 19: Last Minute Solution 3 ago
Chapter 20: Last Minute Solution 4 ago
Chapter 21: Last Minute Solution 5 ago
Chapter 22: Last Minute Solution 6 ago
Chapter 23: Castle Shenanigans 1 ago
Chapter 24: Castle Shenanigans 2 ago
Chapter 25: Castle Shenanigans 3 ago
Chapter 26: Castle Shenanigans 4 ago
Chapter 27: Castle Shenanigans 5 ago
Chapter 28: The Prideful Princess of the Breille Kingdom 1 ago
Chapter 29: The Prideful Princess of the Breille Kingdom 2 ago
Chapter 30: The Prideful Princess of the Breille Kingdom 3 ago
First Arc Final Chapter: The War Conclusion ago
Chapter 31: The Mountain Bandits 1 ago
Chapter 32: The Mountain Bandits 2 ago
Chapter 33: The Mountain Bandits 3 ago
Chapter 34: The Mountain Bandits 4 ago
Chapter 35: The Snowy Talk 1 ago
Chapter 36: The Snowy Talk 2 ago
Chapter 37: The Snowy Talk 3 ago
Chapter 38: The Snowy Talk 4 ago
Chapter 39: It is I, Ivy! 1 ago
Chapter 40: It is I, Ivy! 2 ago
Chapter 41: It is I, Ivy! 3 ago
Chapter 42: It is I, Ivy! 4 ago
Chapter 43: It is I, Ivy! 5 ago
Chapter 44: The Cult of Thenea 1 ago
Chapter 45: The Cult of Thenea 2 ago
Chapter 46: The Cult of Thenea 3 ago
Chapter 47: The Cult of Thenea 4 ago
Chapter 48: The Cult of Thenea 5 ago
Chapter 49: Hellmind 1 ago
Chapter 50: Hellmind 2 ago
Chapter 51: Hellmind 3 ago
Chapter 52: Hellmind 4 ago
Chapter 53: Hellmind 5 ago
Chapter 54: The Blessed Ones 1 ago
Chapter 55: The Blessed Ones 2 ago
Chapter 56: The Blessed Ones 3 ago
Chapter 57: The Blessed Ones 4 ago
Chapter 58: The Blessed Ones 5 ago
Chapter 59: The Blessed Ones 6 ago
Chapter 60: The Blessed Ones 7 ago
Chapter 61: The Blessed Ones 8 ago
Chapter 62: Creating Miracle the Bandit’s Way 1 ago
Chapter 63: Creating Miracle the Bandit’s Way 2 ago
Chapter 64: Creating Miracle the Bandit’s Way 3 ago
Chapter 65: Creating Miracle the Bandit’s Way 4 ago
Second Arc Final Chapter: The Holy Land Conclusion ago
Side Chapter: The Einharts Outing ago
Chapter 66: Super Duper Double Trouble 1 ago
Chapter 67: Super Duper Double Trouble 2 ago
Chapter 68: Super Duper Double Trouble 3 ago
Chapter 69: Super Duper Double Trouble 4 ago
Chapter 70: Super Duper Double Trouble 5 ago
Chapter 71: Super Duper Double Trouble 6 ago
Chapter 72: The Resplendent Holy Woman 1 ago
Chapter 73: The Resplendent Holy Woman 2 ago
Chapter 74: The Resplendent Holy Woman 3 ago
Chapter 75: The Resplendent Holy Woman 4 ago
Chapter 76: The Resplendent Holy Woman 5 ago
Chapter 77: New Season and New Business 1 ago
Chapter 78: New Season and New Business 2 ago
Chapter 79: New Season and New Business 3 ago
Chapter 80: New Season and New Business 4 ago
Chapter 81: With this Wealth, What the Hell are you Going to do? 1 ago
Chapter 82: With this Wealth, What the Hell are you Going to do? 2 ago
Chapter 83: With this Wealth, What the Hell are you Going to do? 3 ago
Chapter 84: Host Mode 1 ago
Chapter 85: Host Mode 2 ago
Chapter 86: Host Mode 3 ago
Chapter 87: Host Mode 4 ago
Chapter 88: Sealing the Gap 1 ago
Chapter 89: Sealing the Gap 2 ago
Chapter 90: Sealing the Gap 3 ago
Chapter 91: Sealing the Gap 4 ago
Chapter 92: Sealing the Gap 4 ago
Chapter 93: Sealing the Gap 5 ago
Chapter 94: Onwards to the Kerias Kingdom 1 ago
Chatper 95: Onwards to the Kerias Kingdom 2 ago
Chapter 96: Onwards to the Kerias Kingdom 3 ago
Chapter 97: Onwards to the Kerias Kingdom 4 ago
Chapter 98: The Einhart Household 1 ago
Chapter 99: The Einhart Household 2 ago
Chapter 100: The Einhart Household 3 ago
Chapter 101: The Einhart Household 4 ago
Chapter 102: The Einhart Household 5 ago
Chapter 103: The Einhart Household 6 ago
 Chapter 104: The Einhart Household 7 ago
Chapter 105: Rough Preparations 1 ago
Chapter 106: Rough Preparations 2 ago
Chapter 107: Rough Preparations 3 ago
Chapter 108: Rough Preparations 4 ago
Chapter 109: Does it Make You Happy? 1 ago
Chapter 110: Does it Make You Happy? 2 ago
Chapter 111: Does it Make You Happy? 3 ago
Chapter 112: Does it Make You Happy? 4 ago
Chapter 113: Does it Make You Happy? 5 ago
Chapter 114: Does it Make You Happy? 6 ago
Third Arc Final Chapter: Distress and Disturbance in the Utopia. ago
Chapter 115: The Night of the Spark 1 ago
Chapter 116: The Night of the Spark 2 ago
Chapter 117: The Night of the Spark 3 ago
Chapter 118: The Night of the Spark 4 ago
Chapter 119: The Night of the Spark 5 ago
Chapter 120: The Night of the Spark 6 ago
Chapter 121: Inland Skirmish 1 ago
Chapter 122: Inland Skirmish 2 ago
Chapter 123: Inland Skirmish 3 ago
Chapter 124: Inland Skirmish 4 ago
Chapter 125: Inland Skirmish 5 ago
Chapter 126: Inland Skirmish 6 ago
Chapter 127: Inland Skirmish 7 ago
Chapter 128: Inland Skirmish 8 ago
Chapter 129: Identities 1 ago
Chapter 130: Identities 2 ago
Chapter 131: Identities 3 ago
Chapter 132: Identities 4 ago
Chapter 133: Decisive Measures 1 ago
Chapter 134: Decisive Measures 2 ago
Chapter 135: Decisive Measures 3 ago
Chapter 136: Decisive Measures 4 ago
Chapter 137: The Road to the Demon Capital Sirius 1 ago
Chapter 138: The Road to the Demon Capital Sirius 2 ago

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Give it a try you will laugh

I like this story, you skipped all the baby and learning phase of reincarnated stories and go directly into action.
Cringy and funnny it's a good way to start and if you find a good balance between serious plot and gags i think we got a new gem here.
I hope you continue you've got a new follower here.


If you are looking for grammar ... keep going.

Well ... it's ... barely readable. There is mistake +- every 3 sentences. And mistakes are not only of the most common type like use of english but there are others as well.

If I stop my eyebleed and find some willpower to plough through I will update about plot to be found there ...

But hey heads up, I have seen worse (but it does not mean it's readable ...).

Please learn english, then write not the other way round ... PLEASE.


Only based on the first chapter

 Ok dude since you asked before to review based on your application of the narrative technnique and not the at least a far as I have reached nonexistent story I will not respond on that.

You chose to use the narrative style for a reincarnation story, interesting although filled with many difficulties as the great problem many RE: stories face is how to give relevance to the characters pre-reincarnation lifestory other than as a way to give them overpowered abilities.One way they try to go around this is to use first person in order to show the characters emotions on this new world he is in and to describe the setting as biasly and schewed to the characters emotions swiftly introducing us to the characters philosphy. This inevitably leads to slower works as world building is difficult.You decided to skip into the adult phase of life for the MC which while not a problem denies alot of room for experiencing the evolving views of the reincarnater as he/she adjusts to this new world.

The use of narrative style itself also has the trap of having event turn into a list of things thrown at us which is not helped by your attempt to cram information swiftly. Reincarnator,noble i guess, strong with magic, secret to everyone, parents alive, stike of on your own,formerely a scientist, not going to explain how magic works or relates to our world's science but it makes me op, formerely a man. You pretty much listed out a bunch of information in a rush to get to the first point of their are atttractive bandits. I don't know the character nor the world leading to this jarring feeling when you inject what i guess is humour at the end.

Th first reviewer enjoys that you jumped into action and that is somewhat funny but from a technical standpoint this was a mess.If you are writing this to train narrative writing perhaps choose a simpler genre than the RE: as narrative turns the simple cliche archetype into a true struggle to remain coherant.

The strength of narrative is the ability to control pacing exceptionally well as you do not need to stick to one character(the lead) and you can create connection by revealing the narrators emotions in how she describes/feels certain events. One should likely try to create a reason for the narration as well perhaps she is telling a story maybe she is writing. It may be a good idea for you to read Adventures of Sherlock Holmes as it is a textbook use of the narrative style.