The ammo making room is enabled to produce 75 shotgun shells total, so I loaded them into my gun. Junias hurry me on the loading of my shells to my gun. I reply to her to wait to I load my shells, after that I need to visit the revive area to hire some allies, at the meanwhile, Junias pray for a safe trip on hunting the zombies. She argues that we should make full use of the stat boost since we already almost wasted half the duration. I argue back that it is important to pray and be thankful for the status boost, and it is also important to have more people in the team, I am trying to get people from there, at least a few of them will increase the chance of distributing the damage done by zombies.

I check the safe zone population, it displays that there are 36 people, 21 of them are have respawned and on currently on basic training, 0 have entered into the safe zone.

I go to the revived area to check the list of dead. There are 27 people for reviving. Seriously why-why @[email protected]#$#%@$, why am I getting those people who are the masterminds of the betray, as I look again at the list of dead people to revive. This is the list that is top of the list for potential people to revive.

Rapist(Maron), female dog in heat(Wanda), the thief (Chung Tai), the robber (Ava), looters(Mary), a witch (Alice), a liar (John), fake priest(tiera), greed bastard(Sam) some more...

I really can't take it as the list is a joke itself. The list is full of dead people who get shot to death by me except for Maron the rapist, this time I reread the list three times in a row to ensure that it is real, that the reviving list are truckload with bad guys and evil-minded people.


(Continue from chapter 15)

I find myself have already picked the choice for victory.

*(To be my toys for your lives and more)*

After that everyone looks angrier than ever, anyway I am going to die soon. So hurry up and start so I can kill you all to you all smile and laugh to you all drop. I smiled at them

Notice Fight to the death

Notice mission survived for 3 turns for your reinforcement to arrive

Notice extra mission kill Lordol and his team and end the deathmatch within 3 turns so reinforcement will not be able to arrive.

Flashback ended

System, hello, hello, need help here.

Notice system is always here and there, it is anywhere, everywhere, it can have a form, it can be formless

System what is the victory for the previous deathmatch.

Notice the rewards are given to everyone

System you have not answer my question

Notice *(To be my toys for your lives and more)* replay

......i get toys for rewards, ok system please treat me like a baby

Notice System have already given 27 toys to lordol already

What are effects of those toys

Notice toys are toys and nothing more or less

what do it actually do, will the toys betray me, or trying to kill me, or it can free itself

Notice nothing but on your orders but it does have its own thinking and behaviours. 20% rewards and loots from toys are hidden transfer to the owner of the toys. You do not have to worry about betray again.

Ok....okay.. revive all the toys

Notice Toys are cost twice the price to flip the switch on, thus total cost is 162 coins

PAID ...

Notice the system are doing its adjustment, just stand there and relax. Also look at the new loading screen


The new update on equipment and skills are changed into by grades, every grade has 3 different levels which is lower, middle, upper, following up by grade level. Common, Uncommon, Rare, Ultra rare, unique, ancient, legendary,


All attack that @[email protected][email protected]# er ......

Sudden Thunder strikes at the 27 toys

Notice Charging their batteries to full, please wait for a moment for the recharging.

All toys start to talk at the same time, "what do you want us to do"

Let go hunt some zombies as I order them to move on.

I go to the Mixed temple have a fast prayer, and pick up Junias.

I told you that I hired those people who can distribute damages.

"All heed to headmistress" the level one toys kneel and greets Junias.

Are you joking Lordol? ask Junias in shock.

Well, let go hunt some zombies. I reply firmly

Notice to all 6th floor have 2/3 part expanded, rewards are given when 6th floor are fully expanded.

Sam and team and trio, plus Alice will be heading to 6th to assist the clearing of the floors, at meanwhile the rest of us will go to the upper floors to clear the upper floors, I ordered

"Yes, as you order, my master" 27 Level one toys answer together as one.


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