What if world is in TACTIC RPG mode (Tactical RPG World)

by Overlord1

Original HIATUS Comedy Fantasy Short Story Harem LitRPG Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Reader interactive Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

One fine day, lordol have a dream on preregistered of the certain event, on the next day, he suddenly noticed that his world took a drastic change.

From its earlier peacefulness, he found himself in a world that seemed a dungeon with no escape, where everyone seeks for a safe zone, either by paying, stealing, or building one by using hunt materials earned through their fight for survival.


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Da Yi Pov ago
Side story on random people part1 ago
Side story on random people part2 ago
Side story on random people part3(sexual content) ago
Side story on random people part4(Edited) ago
Side story on situation part 5 ago
Most rewrite of pre chapters Prologue ago
Chapter 1 (To me it is just a hoax?) ago
Prologue (World building) ago
Chapter 2 (Zombies Apocalypse shows begin) ago
Chapter 3 (Tutorial) ago
Side story on situation of the world ago
Chapter 4(Update aftermath and some side story) ago
Chapter 5(Clearing the walkway) ago
Chapter 6(Owning the floor) ago
Chapter 7(Retailing Shop) ago
Chapter 8(Mass clearing part 1 and side story) ago
Not a chapter ago
Chapter 9(Mass clearing part 2) ago
Zombies Lore ago
Poll on Words ago
Chapter 11(Mass clearing part 4) ago
Ava pov (A little gore and R18+) ago
Chapter 12(Resting and restocking part 1) ago
Chapter 13(Resting and restocking part 2)(R18+ warning) ago
Chapter 14(Resting and restocking part 3) (bad words and 18+) ago
Current list of status ago
Chapter 15 (The uprising of the heroes part 1) ago
Chapter 16 (The upraising of the heroes part 2)(R18+) ago
Chapter 17 (Let explore the inn part1) ago
Chapter 18 (Let explore the inn part2)(Sexual content) ago
Chapter 19 (The Recycled Survivors) ago
Chapter 20-25 (Multiple fronts offense) ago
Chapter 26: Prologue to next update (18+) ago
Ava 2 ago
Chapter 26 (New update)(18+) ago
Chapter 27(happy day) ago
Chapter 28 (Training days) ago
Chapter 29 (milk?) ago
Chapter 30 (Continue the training) ago
Chapter 31 (Clearup the floors) ago
Chapter 32 (Final building clearance) ago
Chapter 33 and 34 (New foreseen threats) ago
Chapter 35 and 36 (Back to safe zone/pestoid pov) (18+) ago
Chapter 37 (Ambushing enemies construction?) ago

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Possibilities are there, Keep Chasing Them


I think your story idea is great, possibilities everywhere. What you really need to work on is coherence. Broken speech and events don't allow us to read the story smoothly. This makes it almost impossible to immerse within the story and picture events going on because I am constantly being interrupted with change in events. While i did read everything I could not help but cringe during the battle scene. -5, -6, -7, My Turn, -3, -4, My Turn. What Happened? It’s like reading about a clicker game, not a battle. Please add more events. Ex:[ Surprised by the appearance of zombies he panics. In an attempt to get away he turns. Hopelessly sighting more zombies behind him he realizes "Oh crap, I'm going to die. Do I have to fight, what do I do?" ] Please, oh please get away from statically reporting just the damage and "My Turn" over and over again.

On the bright side I really do want to be able to immerse in your story, It sounds interesting and if you can keep getting better I'll be back to read more. Hope my Opinion gives at least a slight direction in improving the quality of your stories


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The way this is written makes it totally unreadable even allowing for the normal lower quality of unedited amateur fiction. Grammar and syntax are total shit and have been explained as the MC being lazy in an attempt by the author to cover up his defecenties. This story should be pulled from RRL fixed and re uploaded after the author passes a highschool English class.   

  • Overall Score

Even the rewrite is bad

 Checked the first rewrote chapter and it's nonsense, sometime there even random word popping in.

If you cannot translate your novel well enough I recommend you find someone good enough to do it for you, for now I cannot even fully read chapter 1