The Eagle's Flight

The Eagle's Flight

by Quill

The king is dead; his heir is too young to assume the throne. Jarl Vale wants to become Lord Protector, spurred by his ambitious brother Konstans. Jarl Isarn likewise seeks this power; he is aided – or thwarted – by the return of his brother, the knight and war hero Athelstan, whose squire, Brand, hopes to restore his family’s fortunes, cost what it may. Through all of this, an enigmatic traveller makes plans with jarls, scribes, and priests for his own purpose. Abroad, powerful forces sense division in the realms of Adalmearc and make their own plans. It is only a matter of time before schemes clash, plots collide, and conflict erupts. War is on the horizon.

Story updates every Wednesday with a new chapter from the third book of the series. The first and second book can be downloaded as ebooks from my site, where a map of the world or of Middanhal can be viewed. The site also contains other background information such as history of the realms, pantheon and religion, calendar etc.

It is now also available in audio as a weekly podcast from webcereal.

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Chronicler of Adal

Top List #50
Word Count (16)
4th Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1. Journey's End ago
2. When Eagles Sleep ago
3. Young Man's Folly ago
4. Rats Will Reign ago
5. Midsummer Sun ago
6. The Voice of the Adalthing ago
7. A Highland Tale ago
8. Ælfwine ago
9. The Long Watch ago
10. The Bonds That Bind Us ago
11. Men May Ride ago
12. But the Raven Will Fly ago
13. Sigvard's Blood ago
14. Bated Breath ago
15. The Dragons of Wyrmpeak ago
16. A Breach of Sanctity ago
17. Night of the Knife ago
18. Ember and Ash ago
19. City of Circles ago
20. City of Daggers ago
21. Taverns and Palaces ago
22. In Salt and Wine ago
23. City of Lies ago
24. A Clash of Colours ago
25. The Last Calm ago
26. City of Divines ago
27. Secrets in the Night ago
28. Movements in Shadow and Light ago
29. A Lordly Gift ago
30. City under Siege ago
31. Days of the Raven ago
32. Subterfuge ago
33. Sacred ago
34. The Fruits of Treachery ago
35. The Small Leak ago
36. The Unbidden Guest ago
37. Relief ago
38. Tread Lightly ago
39. From Foe to Friend ago
40. The Seat of Power ago
41. The Will That Moves ago
42. The Dead of Night ago
43. Niðing ago
44. Knights and Jarls ago
45. Sharpen the Sword ago
46. A Masterful Play ago
47. Wolf and Lion ago
48. The Velvet Glove ago
49. The Greater Foe ago
50. The Right Dagger ago
51. From Friend to Foe ago
52. The Spoils of Peace ago
53. Atheling ago
54. Dreams ago
55. Flesh and Spirit ago
56. Salt and Swords ago
57. Winter Play ago
58. The Words of a King ago
59. Walking in Shadows ago
60. Walking in Flames ago
61. Final Prayer ago
62. From Copper to Crown ago
63. The Weapons of War ago
64. Pawns ago
65. Shadow War ago
66. Changing Guard ago
67. To the Spear Be Bold ago
68. Solstice Gifts ago
69. We Pray ago
70. Sins of a Father ago
71. Where Songs Are Made ago
72. Falling Sands ago
73. Beyond the Price of Gold ago
74. Cold Quarter ago
75. Ill Fate ago
76. The Heart of a Hero ago
77. The Long Path ago
78. Quenching the Thirst ago
79. Cards on the Table ago
80. Seal and Sign ago
81. A Bloody Welcome ago
82. Slow March ago
83. Playing Blind ago
84. Joining the Play ago
85. Snake Pit ago
86. Brothers Three ago
87. Who We Are ago
88. When the Raven Calls ago
89. No Greater Honour ago
90. Descent ago
91. Master and Thane ago
92. Flour and Turnip ago
93. The Solace of Spring ago
94. Knives at Night ago
95. The Wolves of Isarn ago
96. A Bloody Mark ago
97. Blighting the Song ago
98. The Last Prince ago
99. The Raven's Shadow Falls ago
100. The Justiciar ago
101. The Heretic ago
102. Court, Keep, and Castle ago
103. Veiled Chains ago
104. The Brevity of Fate ago
105. Blood, Water, and Wine ago
106. Hraban ago
107. Adeline ago
108. The Price of Bread ago
109. Highland Hospitality ago
110. Arn Alone Sword Hilt Held ago
111. Hand, Head, and Heart ago
112. Two Reasons ago
113. People of the Stone ago
114. Northern Men, Northern Steel ago
115. Broken Quills ago
116. Negotiations at Night ago
117. Promises ago
118. Allies ago
119. Home ago
120. Kingmaker ago
121. What the Future Holds ago
122. City of Coin ago
123. The Prince of Cats ago
124. Jawad ago
125. Hospitality ago
126. Doves and Falcons ago
127. Sage Advice ago
128. Building Ships ago
129. Evenday ago
130. Negotiations ago
131. Disorder ago
132. Beyond the Wall ago
133. The Potter's Brother ago
134. In Crimson Colours ago
135. Storm ago
136. Rain and River ago
137. A Light in the Dark ago
138. Rage ago
139. What is Written ago
140. Seal and Seat ago
141. Niðheim ago
142. Broken Swords ago
143. Under the Hill ago
144. Rotten Berries ago
145. The Tale of Sir Damien ago
146. Root and Sword ago
147. Restoration ago
148. Where Power Presides ago
149. A Prince and his Quill ago
150. A Beacon in the Dark ago
151. The Crossing ago
152. The Might of Wyrmpeak ago
153. Bargains Made ago
154. Bargains Broken ago
155. The Prince and the Atheling ago
156. Night Labour ago
157. Fires in the Night ago
158. The Tower of Justice ago
159. Prisoner ago
160. A Measure of Mercy ago
161. A Worthy Spectacle ago
162. Strings ago
163. An Even Table ago
164. When Hel Approaches ago
165. An Orchard Meeting ago
166. Honey and Oil ago
167. Wellspring ago
168. Dust ago
169. Badawin ago
170. By the Grace of Disfara ago
171. Arnarson ago
172. The Carven City ago
173. Cold Winds ago
174. Fading Twilight ago
175. Prayers Unanswered ago
176. Twain ago
177. EIrik's Dance ago
178. Council in Winter ago
179. Council in Blood ago
180. Council in War ago
181. A Ration of Hope ago
182. Collapse ago
183. Days in Darkness ago
184. The Path to Tread ago
185. Old Friendships and New Hostilities ago
186. The Baron of Montmer ago
187. Fortress and Forest ago
188. Last Shelter ago
189. The Breaking of Teeth ago
190. Cold Cuts ago
191. Taking Measures ago
192. Before the Storm ago
193. The Engineer ago
194. Black Blades and White Walls ago
195. Written in Ink ago
196. Written in Blood ago
197. Within the Law ago
198. Pieces in Place ago
199. Till Dragon's Rise ago
200. The Dragonheart Returns ago
201. Swift Negotiations ago
202. Law and Landfrid ago
203. The Dragon's Rise ago
204. Beyond and Within ago
205. First and Final Audience ago
206. Only Allies ago
207. A King and his Knight ago
208. The End of the Beginning ago
209. The Road to War ago
210. No Other Place to Be ago
211. He Died a Knight ago
212. We Were All ago

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Your novel so far just wow !! just wow !! I must say I feel like being a kid again, I use to play with sticks imagining a tactical medieval warfare. How did I do that ? I dont know anymore. It feels like your novel has that kind of feeling. You characters and are much more alive than people I see in the streets every single day. 

I am a galactic Explorer, a visionarist and a gentleman.  Sleep -> Eat -> Work -> be happy <-- Repeat our everyday life.


Let me just start by saying this is the best story on this site it's not even close for me and believe me I have looked. I have been a royalroad reader for years and this story kept coming up but I avoided reading it because I wasn't that impressed by the summary but in this pandemic I started reading and just wow it is amazing. The story is great and the world of Adalmearc is expansive. I easily read 161chapters in a couple of days and haven't noticed a single grammatical error. Even the fact that you need to remember a lot of characters didn't bother me at all. I would recommend this story to everyone reading this review, especially if you like political intrigue, because the story is just that great. It is better so far than most books I have read in my life and that is high number cause I love reading.



“All roads eventually led to Middanhal.”

Man, this review was a long time coming. It was my fault honestly: work and other duties kept getting in my way. You see, The Eagle’s Flight is a story you need to dedicate a lot of time to. It deserves to have your full attention at all times. It has a living, breathing world that you need to immerse yourself into to get the most out of it. Like A Song of Ice and Fire, it tells of a realm that is as complex as our own. I wanted to experience it without distractions, because, just like ASOIAF, it is full of plotlines, characters, worldbuilding, lore, and other things you need to pay attention to. So, without further ado, let me pick up my rucksack, slap my trusty mare Pixie on the rump, follow this dusty road to Middanhal, and give you all a tour of this great, great land!

First things first, this book is massive. Nearly 1000 pages in eBook format. It comes with a map, family lineages, and appendices. And you’ll need them all. This world is huge, complex, and sophisticated. Its complexities are on the same level as ASOIAF (I hate to keep mentioning Game of Thrones, but it is true!). Houses, clans, families, alliances, etc. Those are all things you need to pay attention to to understand these chronicles. Take notes if possible! I know I did. As a commoner of Middanhal’s slums, I’m not the smartest man. But I can read and write. And so I understood the annals! Heed my advice, brethren! Tread carefully! It’s dangerous to go alone! Bring quill and parchment!

I struggled for a long time with the three chronicles within this book, truth be told. As a loyal servant of the Dragonlord, I always keep his secrets. As such, I won’t spoil any of the chronicles. I will, however, say that the story is gripping, unpredictable, immersive, and incredible. If you can get past the steep learning curve of the world, then the journey itself is far worth the hassle. Athelstan was by far my favorite character. I loved all the lore details, the politics, the character motivations, all the betrayals and back-stabbing, and the idea of a country being torn apart from within. It really makes the entire world seem alive and real. Although some characters were obviously created to serve as heroes and villains, others are much more complex and sophisticated. The various titles, houses, terms, and even the names will be confusing at times, but bear through it all. The battles, oh by the Alfather, the battles! They are so detailed! So tactical! So incredibly well thought-out that the author deserves the highest praise for not using the standard Fantasy tactic of “summon all our forces and just charge head-on with the enemy across a field and hope for the best.” Also, the world itself seems heavily inspired by Germanic, Norse, and Icelandic mythology, to the point where I wondered if the author himself had some heritage in these ancient cultures. It truly was a treat for me to see all the love and care he put into this world and story. The book is oozing with such compassion and admiration for Fantasy that it has to be commended.

I’ve made it to my destination. Bear with me. I must kneel. Here is my offering, oh holiest of holies. I pray that you will take this offering graciously and grant me a single wish. The Eagle’s Flight is a captivating, immersive read; one that I am so glad I dived into. My only wish is that more fellow Fantasy lovers like myself will give it a chance as well. It is far worth the time and effort needed to see it through to the end. And now that my offering is complete, I seek safe passage back to my brother’s home in Coldharbour. Together we will fish, break bread, and reminisce of things to come.

Mikhail Arkash

Top notch professional level of writting

Reviewed at: 7. A Highland Tale

It is refreshing to read such a good piece of literature. The building is so good, characters, world, politics, ambitions, really nice. I'm still yearning for a little more emotion, but I'm only 6 chapters in the read. I should have wrote this later, but the overall impression is so good that I couln't abstain myself.



I absolutely love your story and the only reason why it isn't at the top yet is probably because it picks up a bit slower than most stories on this site. Once it does pick up you're in for an awesome read though. I hope you'll continue writing and I for one can't wait to read the next chapter. Good luck with writing and please continue producing such quality work.


Fantastic fantasy story with high quality writing

Reviewed at: 174. Fading Twilight

The Eagle's flight will present you a great, well planned fantasy story in a detailed and consistently set up fantasy world. You will find a, in my opinion, good mix of character interaction, politics, intrigue, and action.

Compared to the average story on RR there is less focus on 'action' but I think the average story focuses on action too much anyway; I put this here because it might be relevant for somebody reading this review. All characters feel believeable and many different characters are continuisly developed which is one of the greatest strengths of the story.

Overall I have nothing to complain about - the only minor point is that I am unsure about the authors decision to focus each book on one location and the currently present characters. I don't think switching perspectives often would have been better. It is just a natural issue that happens to stories with many characters and locations - you cannot be everywhere at the same time even if you'd like to.

And as last point I will highlight what makes the story for me 5* worthy (instead of 4-4.5* which I'd usually give for a great story with great cast): There are [believeable] successes, setbacks and revoceries in this story - The struggles the charachters in this story fall into are authentic and not just for the sake of 'making this more difficult'. This leads to an excellent [and here on RR basically never seen] balance of the story developing the cast while at the same time the cast drives the story.


This story has a heavy focus on political intrigue with ony the occasional action scene. It also features many characters and POVs, so for people who don't like these things it might not be for you. However, for everyone else this is easily the most sophisticated story on the site. The characters, world building, writing, and plotting are all multiple levels above the typical story you will find here.


Amazing story with great world building

Reviewed at: 170. By the Grace of Disfara

This story is one of the most polished on the site. The writing and grammer is great and very polished. The story itself is vast and intriguing, spanning a large world that is masterfully built. Quill spends a lot of time setting up the world and introducing the characters. The characters are rich in growth and have amazing depth. Overall the story is well written with everything tying together to create a large plot that one will get invested into.


Was Not Expecting This Quality!

Reviewed at: 54. Dreams

All I have to say is the chapters are long, the characters are great and feel REAL, and the quality of this story is top notch. If I’m going to be honest the grammar and style is probably better than 2/3 of the stories I have ever read in my life. It is pretty crazy when I think about it. 

MOUSE THE DOG’s review sums up everthing I would have said if I could right a review as well as him.

I highly recommend everybody to read this story. :)


This is the best crafted and most sophisticated piece of writting on this site.  Period.  Just cause I say this is the best doesn't mean that other stories are bad or lacking something.  It just means this is in it's own catagory.  It is a novel on a site that has various degrees of quality serial writting. 

This even stacks up well with some of the best fantasy novels of the past few years and deserves to be in the conversation with them.  It's literally on that level.  If you're a fantasy fan looking for a real book then read this and tell your friends about it.