The Eagle's Flight

The Eagle's Flight

by Quill

The king is dead; his heir is too young to assume the throne. Jarl Vale wants to become Lord Protector, spurred by his ambitious brother Konstans. Jarl Isarn likewise seeks this power; he is aided – or thwarted – by the return of his brother, the knight and war hero Athelstan, whose squire, Brand, hopes to restore his family’s fortunes, cost what it may. Through all of this, an enigmatic traveller makes plans with jarls, scribes, and priests for his own purpose. Abroad, powerful forces sense division in the realms of Adalmearc and make their own plans. It is only a matter of time before schemes clash, plots collide, and conflict erupts. War is on the horizon.

Story updates every Wednesday. The first, second and third book can be downloaded as ebooks from my site, where a map of the world or of Middanhal can be viewed. The site also contains other background information such as history of the realms, pantheon and religion, calendar etc.

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Top List #50
Word Count (17)
5th Anniversary
Table of Contents
245 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
1. Journey's End ago
2. When Eagles Sleep ago
3. Young Man's Folly ago
4. Rats Will Reign ago
5. Midsummer Sun ago
6. The Voice of the Adalthing ago
7. A Highland Tale ago
8. Ælfwine ago
9. The Long Watch ago
10. The Bonds That Bind Us ago
11. Men May Ride ago
12. But the Raven Will Fly ago
13. Sigvard's Blood ago
14. Bated Breath ago
15. The Dragons of Wyrmpeak ago
16. A Breach of Sanctity ago
17. Night of the Knife ago
18. Ember and Ash ago
19. City of Circles ago
20. City of Daggers ago
21. Taverns and Palaces ago
22. In Salt and Wine ago
23. City of Lies ago
24. A Clash of Colours ago
25. The Last Calm ago
26. City of Divines ago
27. Secrets in the Night ago
28. Movements in Shadow and Light ago
29. A Lordly Gift ago
30. City under Siege ago
31. Days of the Raven ago
32. Subterfuge ago
33. Sacred ago
34. The Fruits of Treachery ago
35. The Small Leak ago
36. The Unbidden Guest ago
37. Relief ago
38. Tread Lightly ago
39. From Foe to Friend ago
40. The Seat of Power ago
41. The Will That Moves ago
42. The Dead of Night ago
43. Niðing ago
44. Knights and Jarls ago
45. Sharpen the Sword ago
46. A Masterful Play ago
47. Wolf and Lion ago
48. The Velvet Glove ago
49. The Greater Foe ago
50. The Right Dagger ago
51. From Friend to Foe ago
52. The Spoils of Peace ago
53. Atheling ago
54. Dreams ago
55. Flesh and Spirit ago
56. Salt and Swords ago
57. Winter Play ago
58. The Words of a King ago
59. Walking in Shadows ago
60. Walking in Flames ago
61. Final Prayer ago
62. From Copper to Crown ago
63. The Weapons of War ago
64. Pawns ago
65. Shadow War ago
66. Changing Guard ago
67. To the Spear Be Bold ago
68. Solstice Gifts ago
69. We Pray ago
70. Sins of a Father ago
71. Where Songs Are Made ago
72. Falling Sands ago
73. Beyond the Price of Gold ago
74. Cold Quarter ago
75. Ill Fate ago
76. The Heart of a Hero ago
77. The Long Path ago
78. Quenching the Thirst ago
79. Cards on the Table ago
80. Seal and Sign ago
81. A Bloody Welcome ago
82. Slow March ago
83. Playing Blind ago
84. Joining the Play ago
85. Snake Pit ago
86. Brothers Three ago
87. Who We Are ago
88. When the Raven Calls ago
89. No Greater Honour ago
90. Descent ago
91. Master and Thane ago
92. Flour and Turnip ago
93. The Solace of Spring ago
94. Knives at Night ago
95. The Wolves of Isarn ago
96. A Bloody Mark ago
97. Blighting the Song ago
98. The Last Prince ago
99. The Raven's Shadow Falls ago
100. The Justiciar ago
101. The Heretic ago
102. Court, Keep, and Castle ago
103. Veiled Chains ago
104. The Brevity of Fate ago
105. Blood, Water, and Wine ago
106. Hraban ago
107. Adeline ago
108. The Price of Bread ago
109. Highland Hospitality ago
110. Arn Alone Sword Hilt Held ago
111. Hand, Head, and Heart ago
112. Two Reasons ago
113. People of the Stone ago
114. Northern Men, Northern Steel ago
115. Broken Quills ago
116. Negotiations at Night ago
117. Promises ago
118. Allies ago
119. Home ago
120. Kingmaker ago
121. What the Future Holds ago
122. City of Coin ago
123. The Prince of Cats ago
124. Jawad ago
125. Hospitality ago
126. Doves and Falcons ago
127. Sage Advice ago
128. Building Ships ago
129. Evenday ago
130. Negotiations ago
131. Disorder ago
132. Beyond the Wall ago
133. The Potter's Brother ago
134. In Crimson Colours ago
135. Storm ago
136. Rain and River ago
137. A Light in the Dark ago
138. Rage ago
139. What is Written ago
140. Seal and Seat ago
141. Niðheim ago
142. Broken Swords ago
143. Under the Hill ago
144. Rotten Berries ago
145. The Tale of Sir Damien ago
146. Root and Sword ago
147. Restoration ago
148. Where Power Presides ago
149. A Prince and his Quill ago
150. A Beacon in the Dark ago
151. The Crossing ago
152. The Might of Wyrmpeak ago
153. Bargains Made ago
154. Bargains Broken ago
155. The Prince and the Atheling ago
156. Night Labour ago
157. Fires in the Night ago
158. The Tower of Justice ago
159. Prisoner ago
160. A Measure of Mercy ago
161. A Worthy Spectacle ago
162. Strings ago
163. An Even Table ago
164. When Hel Approaches ago
165. An Orchard Meeting ago
166. Honey and Oil ago
167. Wellspring ago
168. Dust ago
169. Badawin ago
170. By the Grace of Disfara ago
171. Arnarson ago
172. The Carven City ago
173. Cold Winds ago
174. Fading Twilight ago
175. Prayers Unanswered ago
176. Twain ago
177. Eirik's Dance ago
178. Council in Winter ago
179. Council in Blood ago
180. Council in War ago
181. A Ration of Hope ago
182. Collapse ago
183. Days in Darkness ago
184. The Path to Tread ago
185. Old Friendships and New Hostilities ago
186. The Baron of Montmer ago
187. Fortress and Forest ago
188. Last Shelter ago
189. The Breaking of Teeth ago
190. Cold Cuts ago
191. Taking Measures ago
192. Before the Storm ago
193. The Engineer ago
194. Black Blades and White Walls ago
195. Written in Ink ago
196. Written in Blood ago
197. Within the Law ago
198. Pieces in Place ago
199. Till Dragon's Rise ago
200. The Dragonheart Returns ago
201. Swift Negotiations ago
202. Law and Landfrid ago
203. The Dragon's Rise ago
204. Beyond and Within ago
205. First and Final Audience ago
206. Only Allies ago
207. A King and his Knight ago
208. The End of the Beginning ago
209. The Road to War ago
210. No Other Place to Be ago
211. He Died a Knight ago
212. We Were All ago
213. A Man of Trade ago
214. The Turn of the Millstone ago
215. A King Has no Friends ago
216. Let Them Come ago
217. Seeking the Morrow ago
218. For Another Day ago
219. Breathless ago
220. Desperate Act ago
221. Early Dawn ago
222. War and Peace ago
223. The Path Not Taken ago
224. The Brothers Swordsmen ago
225. Death upon the Land ago
226. The Lands of Men ago
227. Cold Comfort ago
228. Once More to Part ago
229. Dragon Wing ago
230. The Road East ago
231. Changing Sides ago
232. Desecration ago
233. The Seed of Conflict ago
234. Sigvard's Might ago
235. Sea and Stone ago
236. Another Storm ago
237. Ships on the Horizon ago
238. The Payment for Time ago
239. No Shelter ago
240. Between the Trees ago
241. The Prized City ago
242. Coming to Terms ago
243. Home ago
244. A Council of Kings ago
245. Journey's Beginning ago

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Perfect score across the board.

There are plenty of good fictions in this site, but few can compare to the quality brought forth by "The Eagle´s Flight". This can go to the print stright as is. 

There is not a MC, but a rich and complex story that tells is the story af a kingdom through its main actors



Top Class Fiction!!!

Style; 5/5

The story is very well written and the plots are very well build, richly thick with a fluid flow. The storytelling style is superb, I dare say it is the best in RRL, something you can expect from someone with a literature degree. He had his freaking ways with words, you will unconsciously immerse yourself and drawn into the story. Unlike reading an amateur work, instead it felt like reading a professional work, freaking excellent! And you missed this fic for a subpar crap fictions?! Then you're a total retard!


Story; 5/5

The story are about political struggles, intrics, wars, love, live and much more. It has a vibe like Game of Throne but more conservative. It also has surprising accuracy about medieval times, something I have never seen before in RRL or in other. Even lord of the ring had miniscule accuracy, the wars and the fights felt like a joke, just a pure fantasy. A proof that the author had give times for research and had advance knowledge about history. Something that I highly appreciated!

The Eagle's Flight have the most brilliant plots building compared to any in RRL, one of the best I've ever read. Its so rich, thick, and perfectly crafted. I've tried to nitpick it and I can't even find any fault. Its definitely the work of professional, not an amateur! You won't find any bullshit here, just a pure excellent literacy.


Grammar; 5/5

Perfect, nuff said. I'm not even a native English speaker, duh. 


Character; 5/5

They are alive, each one of them are unique and very well built. The psychological touch is superb, another point that I highly appreciated. When you immerse yourself with them you can feels their emotions, their struggles, their life, its so damn amazing. They all felt so real. In term of character building, only The Wandering Inn may came close to it.


Conclusion; 5/5

This is the highest quality story in RRL, none can compare. It has the best historical accuracy and superb psychological touch. This story makes most of the fics on the charts looks like thrash.


A well written, compelling, high fantasy story.

Not much to add to what BookWorm84 has written.

STYLE: 5/5

This is a professionally written, high quality novel. Not a web novel, mind you, an actual novel, the likes of "A Song of Ice and Fire" ("Game of Thrones", for those more familiar with the TV series), where the style is smooth and the way it is written makes you want to keep reading without pause.


STORY: 5/5

I have not mentioned George Martin's masterpiece by chance.The Eagles's Flight is of the same kind: a high fantasy setting where magic and magical beings are perhaps presents, but secondary to the narrative, which, instead, focuses on war, intrigue, greed, lust, desire for power. A narrative full of betrayals, schemes, war tactics, different characters and the rare chivalric love.

The story is told from the POV of various characters, which interact, some more, some less, with each other, creating a world where each narrator is a small part of a bigger picture.

Personal preferences may have people like this story a bit more or a bit less, but if you enjoyed A Song of Ice and Fire, you will not be disappointed in this one.



Flawless. Perhaps a single typo in 50 chapters. Not only is the grammar correct per se, the syntax is enthralling, the dialogues flow without a hitch, and the whole construction feels realistic and compelling.



Deep, three dimensional characters, with their own motivations, agendas, goals, strenghts, weaknesses, and, most important, flaws.

Every character is realistic, has some kind of background (which is usually revealed step by step, in a natural way, without infodump), and "evolves" during the narration. There is actual character development, and where there isn't or it's neglegible, it is us, the readers, who discover more about a character, getting a better picture of who he/she is and what he/she wants.



A great novel, a compelling story that clearly feels like it belongs more to a bookstore (and it can be found in some scandinavian countries, if I'm not mistaken) than to a free webnovel site.

If you like the genre and if you like the novels written by J. R.R. Tolkien, George R.R. Martin and Robin Hobb, you will like The Eagle's Flight.

Read it! You won't regret it.

Lastly, congratulation to the author, whose website you should seriously check out to know more about his work and that of his peers (and to support him, if you wish).


I absolutely love your story and the only reason why it isn't at the top yet is probably because it picks up a bit slower than most stories on this site. Once it does pick up you're in for an awesome read though. I hope you'll continue writing and I for one can't wait to read the next chapter. Good luck with writing and please continue producing such quality work.

Julian the Apostate

I can't believe it. An actual high quality story. I did not expect this.


Games of Throne, minus too much sex and slow updat

Reviewed at: 19. City of Circles

Probably the closest reference most people will recognise, with a focus on political intriques.

That focus is both the best and the worst part of the novel in my honest opinion, for it is a major draw to those that like it, but will likely drive away people who prefer more straightforward action stories.

Honestly? This would not be out of place as a published novel, and definitely well above what most people expect to find in Royal Road.


Mouse the Dog

A Riveting Tale of Unmatched Quality

A story of twisted politics fueled by a convoluted and intricate motives, the author brilliantly develops an incredible and thoroughly developed world. A clear cut above everything else on this platform, "The Eagle's Flight" is the closest thing to perfection in every category. While this story begins with a heavy focus on politics, the story is told on a very personal level, close to the characters, creating a riveting dynamic between disloyalties and motives. I am hopeful that as the political strife begins to be sorted out, an even greater plane of war and struggle will continue - equally maintaining the brilliant storytelling and quality it has delivered so far.

The style is well thought out. At times slightly archaic, other times humorous or even blunt and to the point, the author delivers his story through a perfect blend of individuality and familiarity.

The story as miles ahead of the rest - even better than many professional fantasy novel. The reader must pay attention; the chapters are very long, and every part affects the rest of the story. The story is told through a third person personal narrator that seperately follows the "players" within the story, slowly setting the stage and completing the picture for the reader. Watching the story come together is a masterpiece, and the depth is astounding - unmatched, even. 

The author provides extensive background information on his world on his website to further complete the world he has built. For all those readers out there that love to pay attention to detail, this is the perfect story for you.

I will not say much about the grammar, other than it is almost impeccable. I have not found any mistakes, although I am sure there may be a few lurking about. This is of very little importance, however - as I have said, I have not found any.

The characters are brilliant. Varied and each with their own story, they all play a role within the world. And that is the most important thing: they are not just vital to the story, but they are all vital to the world they are in. Every single character feels like they have the power to change something, to be active within this world. They are not passive actors, they are not supplementary characters to a main character; they are their own person. This dynamic is simply amazing, especially considering the fact that there are so many - which makes the style and story simply that much more impressive.

All in all, I must say that even if you may not find this the most enjoyable fantasy novel because of the attention to detail that it requires, it will most definitely be the story of highest quality, of the most delicate balance and brilliant delivery on this site.


This is the best story on Royal Road.

Reviewed at: 173. Cold Winds

I am subscribed to the author's Patreon. I believe in this story and am grateful that I'm able to read it.

I could say I don't understand why this story is not more popular on Royal Road, but I think I do understand. I think it simply goes over too many readers' heads.

There is enough mysticism to keep the story in the realm of fantasy, but everything is so detailed it often reads like historical fiction. The layering of character interactions, plot arcs, and points of view is dexterous and well-paced.

The world building is phenomenally complex yet never loses the felling of intent. Things seem outlined and not a rushed, pay-by-the-chapter cash grab like many, many of the popular trending stories on this site.

The Eagle's Flight is unlike most other fantasy novels I have read, and the quality is better than David Eddings, Raymond Feist, Brandon Sanderson, or Robin Hobb. I would put it on par with Joe Abercrombie, Jim Butcher, or Stephen Erickson. I have not enjoyed a story this much since Joel Rosenberg's Guardians of the Flame series, which I read when I was 11.

I heartily encourage everyone to read this. I wish I could experience it again for the first time.

Jacksonion Democracy

A Book that is touching perfection

Dude, this novel is an actual book. Each chapter is very long, after reading 80+ chapters I still have not found a plot hole or any mistake. My only real advice is that the beginning is a bit rough (you see so much text and so many terms, it can be quite daunting to new readers). For readers, trust me, I have read thousands of books (online and physically), and this is one of my favorites, it is comparable to books like Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings.


So good it’s criminal that it’s free....

Reviewed at: 175. Prayers Unanswered

One of the best novels I've ever read on this site period. I'm actually grateful Quill has written this and I hope he may have the good fortune of publishing it after all chapters are released. Brand is one of the best MCs I've ever seen and Jana is an amazing complementary FL. The rest of the characters are real and have depth and that's what keeps me drawn to this novel...the depth, the world building and finally the POLITICS. If you still have doubts trust me and just read the book ur doubts will immediately be dispelled. Godfrey is the definition of mystery and the grammar is frankly impeccable. The style is simple yet effective. It's not the most complex linguistically but it communicates a whole variety of ideas in its simplicity appealing to a wide range of audience and is otherwise unique from the rest of the anime-esque writing on this site. The book comes as a breath of fresh air and stands out from the rest of the novels on this site by setting a standard of writing comparable to GoT and other fantasy novels on goodreads while being completely free. Personally, everything in this book is worth five stars and as the title says it's so good it's criminal that it's free and is therefore definitely worth a read!