The Eagle's Flight

by Quill

Original ONGOING Adventure Drama Fantasy Historical High Fantasy Multiple Lead Characters Ruling Class Strategy Supernatural War and Military

The king is dead; his heir is too young to assume the throne. Jarl Vale wants to become Lord Protector, spurred by his ambitious brother Konstans. Jarl Isarn likewise seeks this power; he is aided – or thwarted – by the return of his brother, the knight and war hero Athelstan, whose squire, Brand, hopes to restore his family’s fortunes, cost what it may. Through all of this, an enigmatic traveller makes plans with jarls, scribes, and priests for his own purpose. Abroad, powerful forces sense division in the realms of Adalmearc and make their own plans. It is only a matter of time before schemes clash, plots collide, and conflict erupts. War is on the horizon.

Story updates every Wednesday with a new chapter from the third book of the series. The first and second book can be downloaded as ebooks from my site, where a map of the world or of Middanhal can be viewed. The site also contains other background information such as history of the realms, pantheon and religion, calendar etc.

It is now also available in audio as a weekly podcast from webcereal.

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Chronicler of Adal

3rd Anniversary
Word Count (15)
Top List #50
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1. Journey's End ago
2. When Eagles Sleep ago
3. Young Man's Folly ago
4. Rats Will Reign ago
5. Midsummer Sun ago
6. The Voice of the Adalthing ago
7. A Highland Tale ago
8. Ælfwine ago
9. The Long Watch ago
10. The Bonds That Bind Us ago
11. Men May Ride ago
12. But the Raven Will Fly ago
13. Sigvard's Blood ago
14. Bated Breath ago
15. The Dragons of Wyrmpeak ago
16. A Breach of Sanctity ago
17. Night of the Knife ago
18. Ember and Ash ago
19. City of Circles ago
20. City of Daggers ago
21. Taverns and Palaces ago
22. In Salt and Wine ago
23. City of Lies ago
24. A Clash of Colours ago
25. The Last Calm ago
26. City of Divines ago
27. Secrets in the Night ago
28. Movements in Shadow and Light ago
29. A Lordly Gift ago
30. City under Siege ago
31. Days of the Raven ago
32. Subterfuge ago
33. Sacred ago
34. The Fruits of Treachery ago
35. The Small Leak ago
36. The Unbidden Guest ago
37. Relief ago
38. Tread Lightly ago
39. From Foe to Friend ago
40. The Seat of Power ago
41. The Will That Moves ago
42. The Dead of Night ago
43. Niðing ago
44. Knights and Jarls ago
45. Sharpen the Sword ago
46. A Masterful Play ago
47. Wolf and Lion ago
48. The Velvet Glove ago
49. The Greater Foe ago
50. The Right Dagger ago
51. From Friend to Foe ago
52. The Spoils of Peace ago
53. Atheling ago
54. Dreams ago
55. Flesh and Spirit ago
56. Salt and Swords ago
57. Winter Play ago
58. The Words of a King ago
59. Walking in Shadows ago
60. Walking in Flames ago
61. Final Prayer ago
62. From Copper to Crown ago
63. The Weapons of War ago
64. Pawns ago
65. Shadow War ago
66. Changing Guard ago
67. To the Spear Be Bold ago
68. Solstice Gifts ago
69. We Pray ago
70. Sins of a Father ago
71. Where Songs Are Made ago
72. Falling Sands ago
73. Beyond the Price of Gold ago
74. Cold Quarter ago
75. Ill Fate ago
76. The Heart of a Hero ago
77. The Long Path ago
78. Quenching the Thirst ago
79. Cards on the Table ago
80. Seal and Sign ago
81. A Bloody Welcome ago
82. Slow March ago
83. Playing Blind ago
84. Joining the Play ago
85. Snake Pit ago
86. Brothers Three ago
87. Who We Are ago
88. When the Raven Calls ago
89. No Greater Honour ago
90. Descent ago
91. Master and Thane ago
92. Flour and Turnip ago
93. The Solace of Spring ago
94. Knives at Night ago
95. The Wolves of Isarn ago
96. A Bloody Mark ago
97. Blighting the Song ago
98. The Last Prince ago
99. The Raven's Shadow Falls ago
100. The Justiciar ago
101. The Heretic ago
102. Court, Keep, and Castle ago
103. Veiled Chains ago
104. The Brevity of Fate ago
105. Blood, Water, and Wine ago
106. Hraban ago
107. Adeline ago
108. The Price of Bread ago
109. Highland Hospitality ago
110. Arn Alone Sword Hilt Held ago
111. Hand, Head, and Heart ago
112. Two Reasons ago
113. People of the Stone ago
114. Northern Men, Northern Steel ago
115. Broken Quills ago
116. Negotiations at Night ago
117. Promises ago
118. Allies ago
119. Home ago
120. Kingmaker ago
121. What the Future Holds ago
122. City of Coin ago
123. The Prince of Cats ago
124. Jawad ago
125. Hospitality ago
126. Doves and Falcons ago
127. Sage Advice ago
128. Building Ships ago
129. Evenday ago
130. Negotiations ago
131. Disorder ago
132. Beyond the Wall ago
133. The Potter's Brother ago
134. In Crimson Colours ago
135. Storm ago
136. Rain and River ago
137. A Light in the Dark ago
138. Rage ago
139. What is Written ago
140. Seal and Seat ago
141. Niðheim ago

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Jacksonion Democracy
  • Overall Score
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A Book that is touching perfection

Dude, this novel is an actual book. Each chapter is very long, after reading 80+ chapters I still have not found a plot hole or any mistake. My only real advice is that the beginning is a bit rough (you see so much text and so many terms, it can be quite daunting to new readers). For readers, trust me, I have read thousands of books (online and physically), and this is one of my favorites, it is comparable to books like Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings.

  • Overall Score

Professional, reliable and addictive

I can say little that has not already been spoken, but it deserves 5 stars more than most, and makes most stories seem a little worse by comparison and points must be made

1. IT IS PLANNED!!!!, things in one chapter can lose all relevance only to come back 20 chapters later as a critical plot point, with few telegraphed plot devices to get the writer out of a corner he wrote himself into (no maguffins introduced 1 chapter prior that just so happen to save the day, looking at you chinese webnovels)

2. It is well edited and near grammatically perfect, his English teachers should be very proud.

3. It feels legitimately original but with obvious inspirations from classics like Game of Thrones.

4. I would actually buy it, and I NEVER say that about webnovels.

5. It has a map and actual lore, something far too few bother with.

In summation: READ THIS NOVEL

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Do consider my other reviews to have some inkling as to how I like to weigh my stars. That said, this novel is fantastic! The story woven bewitchingly. You can root not just one, or two, characters, but you got the whole score of them. When they found triumph, you cheer. When they suffer a set back, you weep with them. So when I found two of them must face one another in the field of battle, I simply scared for their life. They have precious thing going on the background. Those thing will end when they died. And I will not be surprised if I'll weep again.


I finished the first third of the novel and in total I found 3 grammar mistakes. How about that. It's near perfect! Then the characters, oh they're all charming. They are responsible and have wit about them. And when romance blossoms between some them, my hopes are filled to the brim. When they have to part, sadness follows. And this novel is not even about romance, it's about politics. I'll say it again, how about that, this is fantastic!

The story flow flawlessly. When I finished the first arc, I plan to wait a week at least so that I prepare to face the hard work of getting used to the new beginning. I start the next day however, and lo, no such reservation needed. The story grips me from the very start. No chance to stop and try to comprehend what new rules are at play. They all come with such an ease. If you have reservation in starting a new read, you can do away with it with this novel!

A note for the author. I don't feel the strong foundation for Langstan. Sure, there are enemies to the south east, just like our ancient China has enemies to their north. But unlike China with its Great Wall, Adalmearc does not have great economy to have it financed. Thousands miles of wall should have great population and economy backing them. Royalties, should first be overflowing with gold. So far, I feel your world situation is close to the world of Westeros of ASOIAF, in sense that not many coins change hands nor that many peasants mobilised. I hope you stress them more in the coming opportunities. (Or if you have, please do forgive me, I haven't finished everything here).

Diodato Adinolfi
  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

This isn't actually a novel, it's a masterpiece on this site. Starting from the start, I have to say that at the beginning it's a little difficult to read, so I had to resolve myself and continue, and thank god that I did, because this novel it's so great, and if you're reading, just go on the first chapter and you'll go on until the end. (A tip for the author, in my humble opinion, for a book it's great but on a site of webnovel where usually the reads are light, maybe the first chapter has to have less informations at the start, also if with hindsight are all needed, maybe thin down along the chapters. Be careful, I think this novel is perfect, at the level to be exposed on shelves of library with the bestsellers! My advice it's strictly applied on RoyalRoad where you don't aspect a story so well written) As the story continue we have multiple pov, and it's great because we can see how all our charachters see acutually the world around them, and it's done in a way there are no reps. We'll not have good or bad charachters but real people that do things with a reason and behave like the time (medieaval age) they are in. 

The style of the story reminds me of GoT, with plots and mind blow so it always happens something, there is no danger of getting bored.

For the charachters, they are all well depicted and if I have to say wich one is my favourite is Brand that looks like Rob stark (I see death flag always, hopefully I'm wrong), and how I said before there isn't a charachter who is perfect (real human for once), like brand who is proud and give him spoiler that I'll not say.

There are no typing errors. We can also see how the author knows how was medieval society, and finally there is a little of fantasy (just a bit) that gives a veil of mystery.

In the end if I have to say a word to describe this work I can say without a doubt: Amazing.


(joke, thank you author, I'll buy surely the book as soon you'll release it, online or not, and if I can I'll support you with patreon)

  • Overall Score

I don't understand why this isn't rated higher

 I mean, the style is slow and outdated, but come on. This is a professional level novel that, although isn't for everyone (read: young adults and their desire for instant gratification) is well worth picking up if you like epic fantasy.

  • Overall Score

I absolutely love your story and the only reason why it isn't at the top yet is probably because it picks up a bit slower than most stories on this site. Once it does pick up you're in for an awesome read though. I hope you'll continue writing and I for one can't wait to read the next chapter. Good luck with writing and please continue producing such quality work.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Was Not Expecting This Quality!

Reviewed at: 54. Dreams

All I have to say is the chapters are long, the characters are great and feel REAL, and the quality of this story is top notch. If I’m going to be honest the grammar and style is probably better than 2/3 of the stories I have ever read in my life. It is pretty crazy when I think about it. 

MOUSE THE DOG’s review sums up everthing I would have said if I could right a review as well as him.

I highly recommend everybody to read this story. :)

Mikhail Arkash
  • Overall Score

Top notch professional level of writting

Reviewed at: 7. A Highland Tale

It is refreshing to read such a good piece of literature. The building is so good, characters, world, politics, ambitions, really nice. I'm still yearning for a little more emotion, but I'm only 6 chapters in the read. I should have wrote this later, but the overall impression is so good that I couln't abstain myself.


  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

This is the best crafted and most sophisticated piece of writting on this site.  Period.  Just cause I say this is the best doesn't mean that other stories are bad or lacking something.  It just means this is in it's own catagory.  It is a novel on a site that has various degrees of quality serial writting. 

This even stacks up well with some of the best fantasy novels of the past few years and deserves to be in the conversation with them.  It's literally on that level.  If you're a fantasy fan looking for a real book then read this and tell your friends about it.

Julian the Apostate
  • Overall Score

I can't believe it. An actual high quality story. I did not expect this.