The Eagle's Flight

by Quill

Original ONGOING Adventure Drama Fantasy Historical High Fantasy Multiple Lead Characters Ruling Class Strategy Supernatural War and Military

The king is dead; his heir is too young to assume the throne. Jarl Vale wants to become Lord Protector, spurred by his ambitious brother Konstans. Jarl Isarn likewise seeks this power; he is aided – or thwarted – by the return of his brother, the knight and war hero Athelstan, whose squire, Brand, hopes to restore his family’s fortunes, cost what it may. Through all of this, an enigmatic traveller makes plans with jarls, scribes, and priests for his own purpose. Abroad, powerful forces sense division in the realms of Adalmearc and make their own plans. It is only a matter of time before schemes clash, plots collide, and conflict erupts. War is on the horizon.

Story updates every second Wednesday with a new chapter from the second book of the series. The first book can be downloaded as an ebook from my site, where a map of the world or of Middanhal can be viewed. The site also contains other background information such as history of the realms, pantheon and religion, calendar etc.

It is now also available in audio as a weekly podcast from webcereal.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1. Journey's End ago
2. When Eagles Sleep ago
3. Young Man's Folly ago
4. Rats Will Reign ago
5. Midsummer Sun ago
6. The Voice of the Adalthing ago
7. A Highland Tale ago
8. Ælfwine ago
9. The Long Watch ago
10. The Bonds That Bind Us ago
11. Men May Ride ago
12. But the Raven Will Fly ago
13. Sigvard's Blood ago
14. Bated Breath ago
15. The Dragons of Wyrmpeak ago
16. A Breach of Sanctity ago
17. Night of the Knife ago
18. Ember and Ash ago
19. City of Circles ago
20. City of Daggers ago
21. Taverns and Palaces ago
22. In Salt and Wine ago
23. City of Lies ago
24. A Clash of Colours ago
25. The Last Calm ago
26. City of Divines ago
27. Secrets in the Night ago
28. Movements in Shadow and Light ago
29. A Lordly Gift ago
30. City under Siege ago
31. Days of the Raven ago
32. Subterfuge ago
33. Sacred ago
34. The Fruits of Treachery ago
35. The Small Leak ago
36. The Unbidden Guest ago
37. Relief ago
38. Tread Lightly ago
39. From Foe to Friend ago
40. The Seat of Power ago
41. The Will That Moves ago
42. The Dead of Night ago
43. Niðing ago
44. Knights and Jarls ago
45. Sharpen the Sword ago
46. A Masterful Play ago
47. Wolf and Lion ago
48. The Velvet Glove ago
49. The Greater Foe ago
50. The Right Dagger ago
51. From Friend to Foe ago
52. The Spoils of Peace ago
53. Atheling ago
54. Dreams ago
55. Flesh and Spirit ago
56. Salt and Swords ago
57. Winter Play ago
58. The Words of a King ago
59. Walking in Shadows ago
60. Walking in Flames ago
61. Final Prayer ago
62. From Copper to Crown ago
63. The Weapons of War ago
64. Pawns ago
65. Shadow War ago
66. Changing Guard ago
67. To the Spear Be Bold ago
68. Solstice Gifts ago
69. We Pray ago
70. Sins of a Father ago
71. Where Songs Are Made ago
72. Falling Sands ago
73. Beyond the Price of Gold ago
74. Cold Quarter ago
75. Ill Fate ago
76. The Heart of a Hero ago
77. The Long Path ago
78. Quenching the Thirst ago
79. Cards on the Table ago
80. Seal and Sign ago
81. A Bloody Welcome ago
82. Slow March ago
83. Playing Blind ago
84. Joining the Play ago
85. Snake Pit ago
86. Brothers Three ago
87. Who We Are ago
88. When the Raven Calls ago
89. No Greater Honour ago
90. Descent ago
91. Master and Thane ago
92. Flour and Turnip ago
93. The Solace of Spring ago
94. Knives at Night ago
95. The Wolves of Isarn ago
96. A Bloody Mark ago
97. Blighting the Song ago
98. The Last Prince ago
99. The Raven's Shadow Falls ago
100. The Justiciar ago
101. The Heretic ago
102. Court, Keep, and Castle ago

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Epic, Professional Quality Story!

Don't be misled by the low chapter count. Each chapter is close to 10k or more words.

This is my initial review:

Character development 5/5

This is real fantasy writing. The world is developed and interactive. This story does not seem to rely on an overpowered MC and instead is introducing each pawn and piece as a connected puzzle. Well done and I am enjoying the character interactions in-spite of a slower opening than some might choose.

Grammar 5/5

Can I score this 10/5? Found 1 error in 20k words. This is professionally edited level of work.

Story 5/5

I thought about knocking it for a slow start but then realized that I was still sucked in. All the exciting elements are developing (War, Politics, Greed) and by the end of even the first chapter it begins to come together in a rather fun way.

Style 5/5

Some will dock this part becuase of pacing. I find I do not mind its slower start and epic level story telling. Give it a shot, it might surprise you. (I am, however, a fast reader.)


Good luck to the author! Keep the posts coming.



It might help to seperate point of view shifts into their own smaller chapters to break up the flow. I found my attention drifting for a monent at each transition because I didn't always catch the POV shift. (Totally common for nearly every story.)

Sp? X1 (Practice not practise).

Beautiful descriptions. Sometimes the tone can be majority-passive so be careful with that.

Practice fight scene showed good promise with fight scripting. Looking forward to see how you handle skirmishes and wars.

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The Eagle's Flight soars above the norm of this site

What can I say? This is a professional-level work done by someone who clearly put his mind and soul into building it. But, just to sate the average reader's curiosity...

Grammar: easily a 5. If I have encountered a grammar error, it would probably be one every ten thousand words if that.

Style: Quill's writing is descriptive where it needs to be, yet concise and upfront when the situation calls for it. Every chapter brings its own charm and every landscape is described well. There is some minute inkling of purple prose, but they are weaved perfectly to not stand out.

Story: Even in the first few chapters, it is evident that the world of Adalmearc has been thought through. The intrigue and political play that happens, in the beginning, is designed in a believable way, yet is easy to grasp to those that do not hold much knowledge in it. I, for example, scrolled through the chapters in anticipation of what would happen.

Character: The characters are believable. Three-dimensional. Not clichés. A welcome sight after the Dungeon stories, litRPG, and OP that RRL is usually known for.

The Eagle's Flight is a high-fantasy novel, one of the few on RRL, and furthers RRL's ambition into branching out for serious work. As such, I can only urge people to check this novel out. Even if it isn't for everyone's liking, much can be learnt if you're looking to broaden your writing abilities.

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Perfect grammar and worldbuilding.

Pros: Super long chaps. Great worldbuilding and - get this - legit perfect grammar. I mean, not the "oh it's great by this site's standards" kinda grammar but legit, professional quality grammar. The style flows well, if a little purple-y. The story is interesting, though it relies more on the amazing world building than on character development.

Cons: Kinda slow but worth it for the immersion. Author needs to add more tags. Characters could use some more depth and distinguising features.

Will change this to a longer advanced review once more chapters are out (even though it's already 200 pages long lol. It's slow k?) Good luck to the author! WC Approved ^-^

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Pretty much as Flawless as it'll get

Not very good at writing reviews, but I think this story definetly deserves one so I'll leave my first review here I think. 



So far in the 5 chapters ive read I have encountered no real mistakes at all as far as I have noticed, the only ones that I have noticed being ones like forgetting a quotation mark at the start or end of a sentence and even that is 3 or maybe 4 that I have noticed in 5 very long chapters. I might also have seen 1 letter being forgotten in some word somewhere in there but I couldn't find that anymore after rechecking so IDK really. 



The style of writing is very descriptive of mostly the enviroment aswell as what the characters are doing but less so of character appearances and their thoughts that they keep to themselves. Which I personally find quite enjoyable, atleast for this kind of story with a lot of different characters who we follow and no real MC. Which leads me to the next point...



In this story we follow quite a few characters, persepctives and "sub-stories". Off the top of my head I think I can count atleast 8 different main perspectives and characters/character groups we have followed so far. And all of the characters feel like real people with real motivations, with most of those for the benefit of themselves or their families but some also working for more selfless purposes. So far I like all the characters we have encountered both in their personalities and how well they are written. I imagine as I read further I will probably start to favor certain characters more and hope for their success while hoping others fail, but I think I will always enjoy all them as characters even if I would never agree with them as people. 



I cant yet say much about the story, seeing as so far it has been just getting familiar with the characters and understanding their motives and some of the world they live in. But from what I have understood so far the story should be quite intriguing and fluid with war looming and many different factions wishing to gain the ultimate power in the realm while the heir to the throne is too young to rule. 

Also while I said we have quite a few sub-stories I think that might be a bit misleading actualy, seeing as they will probably still be quite fleshed out and intriguing, just that they might not affect the world or realm as a whole really. 

Pesky elven shapeshifters aswell, fierce and dangerous creatures. 


One small thing might be that sometimes it seems that the perspective changes from one character to another after they interact with eachother, without the little line skip to signify that. Sometimes that is a bit confusing but usualy it only seems to be for maybe 1 or 2 sentences before it becomes quite clear that there has been a change. I might also just be misunderstanding something too, but it somewhat feels like this happens a few times atleast.


Also while others have pointed out that the story might be slower than others, I honestly feel like that isnt the case. While there isn't much action or anything like that and the chapters are very long, I still feel like much more happens and we learn much more in a lot fewer words than in other stories. Even if those other stories might have a lot of action in those words instead. 


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chapters are long but not tiring the grammar is perfect as far as i can see the story is slow but still keeps you engaged and i couldent stop myself from reading characters just look at bookworm84 review he described it perfectly and the story is already finished and available on the author site so no need to worry about the story being dropped 

this story feels like a real novel written by a professional rather than the normal amature storys on RRL defenetly should give it a try!

  • Overall Score
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Top Class Fiction!!!

Style; 5/5

The story is very well written and the plots are very well build, richly thick with a fluid flow. The storytelling style is superb, I dare say it is the best in RRL, something you can expect from someone with a literature degree. He had his freaking ways with words, you will unconsciously immerse yourself and drawn into the story. Unlike reading an amateur work, instead it felt like reading a professional work, freaking excellent! And you missed this fic for a subpar crap fictions?! Then you're a total retard!


Story; 5/5

The story are about political struggles, intrics, wars, love, live and much more. It has a vibe like Game of Throne but more conservative. It also has surprising accuracy about medieval times, something I have never seen before in RRL or in other. Even lord of the ring had miniscule accuracy, the wars and the fights felt like a joke, just a pure fantasy. A proof that the author had give times for research and had advance knowledge about history. Something that I highly appreciated!

The Eagle's Flight have the most brilliant plots building compared to any in RRL, one of the best I've ever read. Its so rich, thick, and perfectly crafted. I've tried to nitpick it and I can't even find any fault. Its definitely the work of professional, not an amateur! You won't find any bullshit here, just a pure excellent literacy.


Grammar; 5/5

Perfect, nuff said. I'm not even a native English speaker, duh. 


Character; 5/5

They are alive, each one of them are unique and very well built. The psychological touch is superb, another point that I highly appreciated. When you immerse yourself with them you can feels their emotions, their struggles, their life, its so damn amazing. They all felt so real. In term of character building, only The Wandering Inn may came close to it.


Conclusion; 5/5

This is the highest quality story in RRL, none can compare. It has the best historical accuracy and superb psychological touch. This story makes most of the fics on the charts looks like thrash.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

A well written, compelling, high fantasy story.

Not much to add to what BookWorm84 has written.

STYLE: 5/5

This is a professionally written, high quality novel. Not a web novel, mind you, an actual novel, the likes of "A Song of Ice and Fire" ("Game of Thrones", for those more familiar with the TV series), where the style is smooth and the way it is written makes you want to keep reading without pause.


STORY: 5/5

I have not mentioned George Martin's masterpiece by chance.The Eagles's Flight is of the same kind: a high fantasy setting where magic and magical beings are perhaps presents, but secondary to the narrative, which, instead, focuses on war, intrigue, greed, lust, desire for power. A narrative full of betrayals, schemes, war tactics, different characters and the rare chivalric love.

The story is told from the POV of various characters, which interact, some more, some less, with each other, creating a world where each narrator is a small part of a bigger picture.

Personal preferences may have people like this story a bit more or a bit less, but if you enjoyed A Song of Ice and Fire, you will not be disappointed in this one.



Flawless. Perhaps a single typo in 50 chapters. Not only is the grammar correct per se, the syntax is enthralling, the dialogues flow without a hitch, and the whole construction feels realistic and compelling.



Deep, three dimensional characters, with their own motivations, agendas, goals, strenghts, weaknesses, and, most important, flaws.

Every character is realistic, has some kind of background (which is usually revealed step by step, in a natural way, without infodump), and "evolves" during the narration. There is actual character development, and where there isn't or it's neglegible, it is us, the readers, who discover more about a character, getting a better picture of who he/she is and what he/she wants.



A great novel, a compelling story that clearly feels like it belongs more to a bookstore (and it can be found in some scandinavian countries, if I'm not mistaken) than to a free webnovel site.

If you like the genre and if you like the novels written by J. R.R. Tolkien, George R.R. Martin and Robin Hobb, you will like The Eagle's Flight.

Read it! You won't regret it.

Lastly, congratulation to the author, whose website you should seriously check out to know more about his work and that of his peers (and to support him, if you wish).

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Pure Excellence, Worthy of being published

For quite some time, i have wondered, about The Eagle's Flight, and why exactly it was so high ranked in best rated, with so few followers, but did not think further, to find out the exact reason by reading this story, until now. And now i regret not ever reading this story earlier, for it has exceeded my expecations and risen to be one of my topfavorites, even the reviews for this story do not do it fully justice, and i doubt this one will. This story is simply said, greatness, it is hard to find a story on this site that could be a equal for this one, simply in how well written it is, it deserves only 5 stars across the board. So lets get truly started with the review.

This story starts off quite strong, if a bit slow paced, showing instantly that it's writing vastly surpasses most stories on royalroad. This story is still slow in the first Chronicles, and takes time to truly set off, but when it does, it really does do that, and barely slows down, the story throws new events at the reader, making one truly want to see what happens next, just what is the fate of those characters that they have grown to love during reading this story.

There is simply so much ongoing plot wise, characters growing, triumphing, mourning, dying... There are battles of all kinds fought, from small ones involving only a couple of men, to entire armies fighting eachother and cities being besieged. There are political machinations set in place by the nobility, so one can gain more power, at the expense of many others, and succeeding in those, is not always certain.

The characterization in this story is so well done, there is a multitude of characters in this story, with their own motivations, backstories. They grow, change while the story progresses, a reader simply cant help but to root for some specific characters, to simply love how they are written. And on the other side, even if it is quite rare for that to happen in this story, to hate them, for what they have done, for their stupid decisions. Yet this story goes even further than that, for some characters are even redeemed after some time, and others one can only hate more and more, hoping for them to finally get a terrible fate.


The author seriously put a lot of thought about the world this story takes place in, there is simply so much thats well written. There are the realms of Adalmearc, each of the realms being uniquely distinct from eachother, yet also sharing a lot in terms of their culture, and the people. Im loving the influences from Viking culture that the realms of Adalmearc have, they have been weaven very well into the overall story, making them not look out of place at all or even threaten to overwhelm other elements of this story. The author went even further than that, making a grander world, even if just few has been revealed so far, due to the very nature of this story only taking place in Adalmearc. There is care put in this story, making it accurate with medieval history as much as required. One can see at times, just how much work and research went in this story, to make even the small details be accurate, this is not always perfect, the story slips up at times, but those slips are of barely any consequence to the quality. This story deserves to be compared to published Fantasy books, in terms of how the story world is done, it would not look out of place at all in such stories.


Utterly flawless grammar, i personally have not spotted a single mistake in this story, there may have been times where i was in doubt, but that was the author going for a stylistic choice, to make it flow better. The author is a perfectionist in this aspect, and makes sure that typo's and grammar errors get spotted and corrected before the chapters even are posted on this site, only with the newest chapter may errors be spotted, but those never do matter and are just a simple oversight, that gets corrected quickly. To compare, i cant exactly pick a story on this site, rather the best comparision in terms of grammar would be the professionally edited published books, simply said, the author has done a perfect job in this aspect of his writing.


The author has a great writing style, and that does show throughout the story, it is simply distinct, and quite unique, atleast when compared to stories on royalroad or other sites like it, no once again, the best comparision for how well written this story is, would be published books, it would not surprise me at all, if the author has took a degree in writing, just to be able to write this story on the level that he always wanted to do. The writing overall, is quite descriptive of what happens at the moment, and the landscapes are also done with detail, yet this is not excessive at all, the descriptions flow well with the rest of the writing. Great pacing overall throughout this story, set as the story does require at the moment. The chapters do vary a lot in terms of size, from short-ish 2K words chapters, to the usual 5-10K words ones. Sadly a drawback of this quality, means that this story releases quite slow for a webnovel, every 2 weeks, but ill gladly take that sacrifice, if it means a story of this quality.

As said before, this story does feature a large amount of characters, and switches between them many times, in this story a chapter featuring only one character is rather rare. There are multiple groups of viewpoints, the author went for the decision to group up this story in multiple arcs, named Chronicles in the story, each Chronicle features one of the realms of Adalmearc, following the characters in that region, and the chapters are also done in such a manner, taking place in a region, city or on the move, and only featuring characters in those locations when the story requires their viewpoints. This is simply a part of how the story is written, making it a Epic one, some readers will not like a story featuring so many characters, but i still recommend for those to delve outside of their comfort zone, to give this story a read.


So said, this story is not a story for the average webnovel reader, through they are still welcome to give it a try and maybe even love it. It is rather aimed for those readers who are familiar with published fiction, and that would prefer reading something on that quality level.

Please do not make the same mistake i did, by putting off reading this story, it is legit good, and seriously needs more attention, so more readers can enjoy reading this gem of a story, one such as can be rarely found on a site like royalroad.


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Your novel so far just wow !! just wow !! I must say I feel like being a kid again, I use to play with sticks imagining a tactical medieval warfare. How did I do that ? I dont know anymore. It feels like your novel has that kind of feeling. You characters and are much more alive than people I see in the streets every single day. 

I am a galactic Explorer, a visionarist and a gentleman.  Sleep -> Eat -> Work -> be happy <-- Repeat our everyday life.

Florean Fortescue
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Happy 100th Chapter to The Eagle's Flight.

Not Much more to say, everyone that knows this story can say without the shadow of a doubt, that this is by far the best written story here.

Thanks for the chapter :>