Our Chaoz; Our Reality (Completed)

Our Chaoz; Our Reality (Completed)

by SlyOkami

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Everyone has their own reasons, be it past events, personality or simply company.

But most at some point divulge themselves into videogaming, be it for entertainment or more compettitive reasons.

In this year and age there are many genres of gaming, one specific genre though still holds on tight to the ledge it was pushed to trying to pull itself back up. MMORPGs were once the top of everybody's list, adventure, combat, storytelling and endless grind in one single game. It was a different life for most, as if a parallel world to our own.

You could be a knight indulging yourself in combat, a mage expertly crafting spells of mass destruction or creation. A ranger exploring the land and hunting down prey, an assassin completing contracts and hording the spoils. A troll scamming children out of their hard earned 10 gold and making more hardcore players rage quit for the day.

Or something else.

Kyle was a simple player, he always picked the strangest classes or jobs and his characters almost looked the same. He played for the combat, he played for the grind and he played for his guild but above all he played for the story.

Kyle is a roleplayer, one who enjoys the simple parts of this virtual life. Whether his guild was starting a war or ending one he'd always have his drammatic entrence or exit, his decleration of annihalition or demand of surrender.

After all that? He divulged himself in the game's story, the interaction with NPCS (Non Player Characters) and their advanced AI.

He went through many questlines, many tales of heroics and many more adventurers of legend but one thing always remained true with his character.

Kyle absolutely loved to the play the villain.

But when game turns reality, what will he and his guild of twisted personalities do?

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Prologue ago
Ch 2 - Character creation ago
Ch 3 - Descents ago
Ch 4 - Bargaining a heist ago
Ch 5 - Armed Robbery ago
Ch 6 - Escape ago
Ch 7 - Warrior ago
CH 8 - Jior's services ago
Ch 9 - Companions ago
Ch 10 - The General Store ago
Ch 11 - The unexpected ago
Ch 12 - The unknown ago
Ch 13 - Everything goes to shit ago
Ch 14 - Lord of? ago
Ch 15 - Dealing with the fallout ago
Ch 16 - Heroes new and old ago
Characters ago
Ch 17 - Helix ago
Ch 18 - The Giant Attacks ago
Ch 19 - Control ago
Ch 20 - Time to leave pt 1 ago
Ch 20 - Time to leave pt 2 ago
Ch 21 - To break the chains ago
Ch 22 - Magic ago
Ch 23 - Losses ago
Ch 24 - Blade ago
Ch 25 - Stress ago
Ch 26 - Ever hungry spawn of nightmares ago
Lore (Races): Ch 1 : Dwarves ago
Ch 27 - Road's end ago
Ch 28 - New Ruk ago
Ch 29 - Deceit ago
Ch 30 - Dungeon Crawl ago
Ch 31 - Size matters ago
Ch 32 - Counter Deceit ago
Ch 33 - Reinforcements ago
Ch 34 - Before the storm ago
Ch 35 - Guild Raid ago
Ch 36 - Memories ago
Ch 37 - The beast inside ago
Ch 38 - Family ago
Ch 39 - DDOS and A holy smiting ago
Ch 40 - Interlude in the spirit realm! ago
Ch 41 - The sky is falling! ago
Ch 42 - Let's save the city! ago
Ch 43 - Illusions and Trickery ago
Ch 44 - A Devil's deal ago
Ch 45 - Breaking ties ago
Ch 46 - Moving forward ago
Ch 47 - Allegiances ago
Lore(Races): Ch 2 : Fae ago
Ch 48 - Power ago
Ch 49 - The flip side ago
Ch 50 Part 1 - Heroes and Villains ago
Ch 50 Part 2 - Heroes and Villains ago
Characters V.2 ago
Ch 51 - Sudden ago
Ch 52 - True History ago
Ch 53 - Beware what the fox says. ago
Ch 54 - Introductions are key. ago
Ch 55 - What's at stake. ago
Ch 56 - Dealing with weeds. ago
Ch 57 - Progress ago
Ch 58 - Farming and Decorating. ago
Ch 59 - Course to collision ago
Ch 60 - Preparation and Arrival ago
Ch 61 - Revelations. ago
Ch 62 - The Pecking Order. ago
Ch 63 - The Aftermath ago
Ch 64 - Past and present ago
Ch 65 - Ascension ago
Ch 66 - Cause and effect. ago
Ch 67 - Whispers ago
Ch 68 Part 1 - Paths Collide ago
Ch 68 Part 2 - Paths Collide ago
Ch 69 - Reasons ago
Ch 70 - To the Capital! ago
Ch 71 - Peace? ago
Ch 72 - Maximum Awkwardness. ago
Ch 73 - Legacies ago
Ch 74 - The Ancients ago
Ch 75 - The second trial. ago
Ch 76 - This isn't goodbye. ago
Ch 77 - Sub-Class ago
Ch 78 - Choices ago
Ch 79 - Back to reality. ago
Ch 80 - Voyage to 13. ago
Ch 81 - Reform ago
Ch 82 - The path ahead. ago
Ch 83 - Catching a ride ago
Ch 84 - Bad plans ago
Ch 85 - Decisions ago
Ch 86 - Arrival at 30. ago
Ch 87 - Unleashed [Part 1] ago
Ch 88 - Unleashed [Part 2] ago
Ch 89 - Unleashed [Part 3] Scythe ago
Ch 90 - What creeps within ago
Ch 91 - Consequentiality ago
Ch 92 - Determination. ago
Ch 93 - Spirit Beast [Part 1] ago
Ch 94 - Hunters ago
Ch 95 - Spirit Beast [Part 2] ago
Ch 96 - Assassin ago
Ch 97 - Spirit Beast [Part 3] ago
Ch 98 - Dread ago
Ch 99 - Demi ago
Ch 100 - Devourer and the devoured ago
Ch 101 - Falling apart. ago
Ch 102 - Not the Hero...The Villain ago
Ch 103 - The hollowness you leave. ago
Ch 104 - Advancement and progression. ago
Ch 105 - Forcing my hand. ago
Ch 106 - Planning ago
Ch 107 - Debate Infiltration ago
Ch 108 - Negotiation ago
Ch 109 - Beneath the mask it smiles. ago
Ch 110 - How they are made. ago
Ch 111 - Moss Village ago
Ch 112 - Strings of evil ago
Ch 113 - Odin's Ber serkrs ago
Ch 114 - Burn it black. ago
Ch 115 - Forgotten and hidden history ago
Ch 116 - States of fear~ ago
Ch 117 - Devious ago
Ch 118 - Masks and bones. ago
Ch 119 - Behemoth ago
Ch 120 - Sudden Failure ago
Ch 121 - Enough's enough ago
Ch 122 - Nogitsune ago
Ch 123 - The BloodPack ago
Ch 124 - Relief ago
Ch 125 - The Ascendling ago
Ch 126 - Unity ago
Ch 127 - I am the Wolf. ago
Ch 128 - Sacrifice ago
Ch 129 - We fall together. ago
When all fails...try what succeeded before... ago
WriTEathon~ ago
{TDW Update + Announcement} ago
Project; Reveal ago
Project; Expedition ago
Project; Scythe ago
Project; Transposable ago
Project; Arch-Angel ago
Project; Reality ago
Project; Timeline ago
Project; R.E.S.T.A.R.T ago
I've thought long and hard ago
OC ; OR [New Breath] ago

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Interesting characters, okay style, slightly flawed grammar and cliche story.

Style: Doesn't add or subtract anything to the story. Could be better, but there's nothing wrong with it.

Grammar: A few mistakes that seem to be caused by laziness rather than a lack of understanding. Typos/mispelled words, over use of '...' and unnecessary parenthesis.

Character: The strongest part of this story are the characters. There are quite a few unique, interesting and crazy characters. On top of that, many of them contribute to the guild's goal. This is way more interesting to read than a one man army where the MC does everything. However, sometimes they act like an anime trope character, which is why I removed one star.

Story: At first, the author did a great spin on the overused stuck in a game plot and I hoped that the rest of the story would be just as creative. Everything goes downhill from there and turns into a cliche anime plot. The story reminds me of one of those really lame animes where everyone randomly receives free power-ups and the main character uses his emotions to overcome his enemies. This makes the story very unbelievable.

Saving the world plots are very difficult to write well. Most of the time they end up being boring, cliche or both. I don't understand why people seem to think that if their characters aren't saving the world, they aren't interesting to read about. I would have found the story a lot more enjoyable if the author didn't reveal everything all at once. 


Conclusion: Would have been better if the pace were slowed down. Let the MC explore the world and learn about what's going on, then have him work towards saving the day or whatever else. It's like playing a game of cards with someone and they decide to show you their entire hand. There is no tension or mystery. There is nothing to discover or look forward to because too much was revealed at once. I think many of the problems are caused by the authors pace in writing so many chapters and lack of planning.


Plots.. and more plots...

 Don't normally leave reviews but this is so worth It! The characters have depth, Good and evil mean little everything slightly grey! And best part nothing is predictable!


I found that the start of this story is confusing and it takes a while to get good but the story and plot get better as it goes on. There are some confusing areas and some odd leaps in the story but this is one of the better ones on this site.

The characters are more what would be expected if this was just a game and not an actual world. They have no quarms about killing in any way despite knowing its real, but from the hints of the groups backstories it isn't too far out of imagining.


my opinion means nothing but I enjoy it.

This is just me saying I enjoy it not even really a review sorry.


[Devour], plot armor is fine but not this kind.


*From Chapter 52*
Fluent English, seemingly rare on rrl, crafing a second world within a huge universe, with characters who have their own, conflicting, aligning personalities, goals, wants, and beliefs. This story feels like trying to view the world through a camera on wheels, showing only the view of a single, tiny guild within what seems to be an entirely thought-out and well-designed multiverse.
Characters mentioned in previous chapters will reappear, reasonably stronger, but neither unreasonably weak. They come with all the developments you would expect from the main characters, even though we only see them briefly.
I am not a smart man, and my brain has fried trying to analyse the story to help promote it into the glory it should hold. This story is on par with the best of RRL.


It started great and promising but soon lost the same drive as the start, the storyline plateaued and stalled. The characters and their dialogue only continued to get worse, this was a promising story that was terribly, terribly executed.


What everyone should consider putting in there list of books

This fiction is by far a amazing story with captivating characters, story, and above all else creativity. 

The characters are what you would expect if you were talking to someone you knew. That's how alive these characters are and how great of a job the author has done in creating them.

The story in this has a great deal of thought put into it, as it should. It's just jaw-dropping how good of a story this is, the plot is quite intriguing AT THE LEAST. 

The fight/action scenes are very well put together and actually make you feel like a bystander on the side.

The author has done an amazing job with this fiction and I hope he continues this with all his effort.



Read all I love this novel

Author is a total d I c k he's the worst type

He make an immersive asf story one we're u want to binge read then when u get caught up u have to wait for a new Chapter when u want it now :) 

But seriously great novel 10 outta 10 write faster author I wants more 😁🤤😀


you had 1000 years to come up with a new genre

and you are using the mmorpg genre still. I know theres some games that go "back to their roots" but this kind of takes that a bit too far.