Hero's Ballad

Hero's Ballad

by fumiyu

2 years after his diagnosis of lung cancer, Kazu Tomoe still hasn't received any treatment. In the end of his last summer, his terminal illness took a turn for the worse. His body continuously degrading, everyone assumed the worst while hoping for the best. On the night when Kazu should have breathed his last, his life was shaken up in an entirely unexpected direction.

He woke up in a different world, much different from his own. Not having been able to say good bye to his friends and loved ones, he was left alone in this new world of Ilmaira. With a strange development, Kazu finds himelf in possesion of a unique skill, the only thing allowing him to continue fighting for survival. That day, his quest to return home begins.

Official Editor: SilentComfort

Book 1: The Sword (65k~ words)
Book 2: Strings of Fate (52k~ words)
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Good start, give it a chance

At chapter 3 I can say this FF has very good grammar and reads easily. Story and characters look nice, but there hasn't been enough development to give a final review.


Beware of: OP main. Psico-sidekick.


Not bad. have potential

i see potential, but i dont know how this might develop

you should give it a try



Interesting at first but become more mess up as the story goes

well im too lazy to put a review here cuz its almost morning here n rl things… so instead i will just put comment
hmm lesse for the few first is good n interesting but become more and more confusing as the story goes, its fine if author want to make story confusing like shrouded in mysteries or something but if u put too much it will boring or ruin the story n ppl(reader) just like want to leave at once before finish reading all of ch available.. hmm, its like if u put too much salt or pepper in ur food it will ruin the food no matter what high ingredient u used to make the food..

@Tasear wth!! hell no in what way d’u think this story similar to TNG? TNG is my most fav LN out there man.. TNG is like, MC killed the last boss n somehow send inside the game again or send to different world similar to the previous game he played before n his purpose is like.., he want to back home without rushing things; n this fiction tells about a hero who defeat Demon Lord n Demon God.., but i agreed with u about constant change of perspective will lose the audience n i think the author really need to repair that..

We  reader will wait for the development of this fiction in any way so good luck :3


thx XD


I read upto 25 chapters, and then i dropped it. It was interesting at first, but then i lost it with that school arc. The story got too slow, and your characters in that arc seriously need some thinking. Cause at one time you show Daniel hitting on MC’s girl, and then you say that Daniel likes the other girl(i don’t remember her name). One time they are at each others throat, and the next moment they are giggling like teenagers together.


I'll give you 5 stars for the first arc though.


 I want this to be a good story, the idea behind the story is interesting i hope it turns out well 


This is nice.


I suggest others give it a go and read the first 3 chapters.


Similar to New Gate

(Review after chapter 4)

Interesting concept, but the constant change of perspectives loses the audience.