Chapter 7

Lights turned on in the streets and also in the buildings around. The rowdy stock market-like place didn’t have much people anymore making the dim lighting of the place give it a gloomy atmosphere. Constant chatter between clerks were now audible; trivial things such as clothes, food, celebrities. By celebrities, they mean the high rankers of the guild.

Kazu comes in through the door with his torn pants just by his thigh and ragged clothes. It attracted the attention of the dozens of adventurers left in the guild at this hour. He walked up to the counter of the clerk he was most familiar with.

“Welcome back Mr. Kazu.” She smiles.

Kazu’s face lights up, “You remember me?”

“Of course I would Mr. Kazu.” Her head tilts. “Why wouldn’t I remember such an out of place person?”

“Haa…” Kazu’s face droops down. “I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.”

“Is there anything I can do for you at this hour?” She said.

“Ah.” Kazu reaches for his pocket and takes out the 10 hardened slime shards along with the request. “I want to submit this in.”

“Alright.” She pulled out the cupboard, taking from it a coin pouch, then puts down the pouch on the counter. “Here is a coin pouch. It contains 14 silver. 1 silver each for pink slime shards and 5 silver for the blue shard.”

“Eh? 5 silver?” Kazu asks.

“Yes…” She crossed her arms. “Slime shards are commonly used in alchemy. No ones been getting them so their price is rising.”

Completed Slime Subjugation task.
Gained 500 xp

Level up!
3 xp left till next level.

I even leveled up, this is great. Kazu’s lips turns into a sly smile. He was gradually getting used to the world, it wasn’t long until his true nature comes out. “I’ll keep note on that! Thanks!”

“That’s right Mr. Kazu, have you heard?” The clerk asked.

“Heard what?” Kazu gave off a clueless tone in response.

“They’re saying the Water Goddess of the pond just outside of East gate visited someone in the meadows!” The aura around turned into flowers while she held her hands together like she was dreaming of a prince. “You were there weren’t you? I bet the Water Goddess of the pond met with a really handsome prince! Hii!” The fangirly scream shrieked across the room.

“They say because of that hero prince, all the slimes went back to the pond.” Her eyes sparkled as she dreamed of the imaginary character, who was actually Kazu. “Ah, that face. You don’t believe me don’t you?”

Kazu’s eyes lowered at how normal she is—rotten girl. “N-no. I believe you!” Kazu tried his best to put on a smile.

“Anyways, thanks to him, the slimes aren’t ruining the vegetation anymore.” She sighed in relief. “If that would have been posted as a quest on the board, I’d say it would be around A rank.”

“Are you serious?!” Kazu cringed his teeth at the loss of opportunity.

“Mhmm.” She rested her elbows on the counter and then rested her head on her hand still looking up in a dreamy state.

Completed Hidden Task, Unseal the Water Goddess. 2000 xp Gained.

Level up! (3 -> 7)
320 xp till next level.

Assassinate Leveled up.

Scan Leveled up.

Observe Level up.

5 levels! I didn’t expect that to happen… Also my other skills. Kazu’s sly smile grew larger. He turned his head back to the clerk and then said, “I should head back Ms. Clerk.”

“Call me Mizz.” She smiled, yet some irritation showed around the corner of her lips. “I have a feeling I’m going to see you again soon.”

“A-alright. Ms Mizz.”

“Be careful at night Mr. Kazu. Good night.” She bows.

“Good night!” Kazu walked along the floor of the guild with a sly smile on his face. He opens up his inventory and deposits his money. He now has 5 gold and 14 silver. While walking, he admired the number displayed on the currency dialogue of the inventory. He closed the dialogue after drooling over the money and opened the stats window.

NameKazu Tomoe
Phys. R126Mag. R.154

Unique Traits:

  • Hero Stats

  • Artifact "Exended Status" [Inactive]

Skill list:

  • Hide (2)

    • Sneak

    • Assassinate (3)

  • Observe (3)

    • Identify

    • Scan (3)

“Ooff!” Not looking in front of him, he bumped head first with the man in white armour. He fell on his butt causing a loud thud in the adventurer’s guild to echo.

The man looked down at him without turning his head down. His armour had an exquisite design that looked like it was made for ease of movement while protecting its user as much as possible. He had an insignia in the middle of his chest plate symbolizing a snake.

He stood at 180 cm with half of his light violet hair held into a tidy bun; the rest flowed along his cheeks carefully canvassing his youthful face. He had a mole just under his left eye that emphasizes his beauty even more. Kazu even asked himself if this was a man or woman.

“Are you not going to move boy?” The man sounded out a toneless voice.

“U-unn. Sorry.” Before Kazu could get up, the man’s legs moved. His legs clamped onto Kazu’s side, then dragging him out of the way.

What the hell is with this guy? So rude. Kazu, dumbfounded, stared at the man walking away towards the help desk. Fast foot steps soon followed. The clerk from the counter came running to Kazu.

“Are you ok Mr. Kazu?” She said.

“Its fine.” Kazu got up, dusting off his backside. “That guy has mental issues.”

“Sshhh!” She put a finger on her mouth as a gesture to silence Kazu. “Don’t say that outloud, he might hear it. It’s best not to offend people like that… he’s A rank you know…!”

“Ah.” Kazu lowered his head in a shy motion. “Sorry, it just came out of my mouth.”

“Its fine, Its fine.” She pinched Kazu’s cheeks. “You’re still new at this. Hurry and head home. I’ll see you tomorrow.” She winked.

While walking out, Kazu waved in a forced smile. Will I see her tomorrow? Ha…


“My…” Sene holds her hands over mouth. “Are you planning on staying for a while Kazu?”

“Unn…” Kazu closed the door behind him. “I’m sorry for freeloading Ms. Sene…” Kazu bows.

“Haha, brother is bowing again.” Ene laughs and Sene chuckles along with her.

“Its fine.” She tilts her head while looking up at the ceiling. “It would’ve been good if Brett told me sooner. Otherwise, I would’ve bought more ingredients for tomorrow’s breakfast…”

“If its money I can give some of my earnings to you or Brett.” Kazu’s eyes droops down as if he didn’t want to part with his loved one—money. “This way, I wouldn’t be freeloading and such.”

“No no. That’s what you earned.” Sene goes back to the stove tasting her stew. “Besides, we’re already well off.”

She flashes the purple herb she has in the pocket of her apron. It was the Alma Matter herb Kazu mistook for a Heb herb. Kazu’s shoulder drops thinking that the moment a request is out for those herbs, she’s already taken them. The bountiful amount of money for those request will never be earned by him.

“My husband, Brett, is also wealthy on his own.” Sene sighs. “He’s just drafted in as a guard. He doesn’t really have to work…”

Kazu imagines the rough look of Brett. Him wealthy? Kazu shook his head off the possibility, but since Sene was the one that said it, Kazu rethinks his logic while scratching his head. A sly smile appears on Kazu’s face if he did land such a good friend.

“Aah, brother is making a weird face.” Ene, on the dining table’s chair, said with her eyelids half way closed. Suddenly, Ene gets off the chair, rushing towards the window. “Papa!!”

Kazu covered his ears at the sudden scream that could almost break a glass.

“I’m sorry about that Kazu.” Sene had her palm on her face. “That’s what she always does when she feels that Brett is near.”


The door slams open. Brett walks through the door like it was an everyday occurrence. He shouts, “I’m home!”

“Papa!” Ene comes running at him as he crouches down to receive her. He lifts Ene up and spins her around like a father giving his child a roller coaster ride. He puts her down, patting her on the head, and turns his head to Sene as she was already on her way over to him.

“Welcome home.” Sene gives him a kiss. “Dinner will be ready soon.”

“Alright!” Still with his wide smile on his face.

“Papa, Kazu doesn’t like the yelling. Quiet down voice.” Ene broken language was fit for a child her age.

“W-whats this?! Ene’s giving me a command! Nooo!” His knees collapse to the ground, and his shoulder comes to eye level with Ene.

“No shouting papa.” She holds up her hands to Brett’s cheeks, distorting it to make weird faces out of Brett’s face.

“Hm?” Sene looks at Kazu wide eyed. “What’s wrong Kazu?”

Kazu had a tear running down his cheek. He stumbles with his hands, and then finally getting a grip on it, he wipes the tears off with his ragged sleeves. “N-no…its nothing. Its just nice to have such a warm family.”

“Kazu, you perhaps… remember something?” Sene asks.

“Huh? What does he have to remember?” Brett interjects, but Sene gave him a look to quiet him down.

“Yes. I remember the cold and the emptiness of the house everday. They were never around the house. My mom always worked only coming home every night after I was asleep and my father only came home once a week.” Kazu looks down. “Seeing everyone like this… it’s a first for me—to be around such warm people.”

Sene’s eyes were watery, and soon tears fell on her face as Kazu ended his brief memory. She walks to up Kazu, embracing him. It calmed Kazu’s heart. All of the thing he said of that time was true. His familial situation forced him to be more independent; and since that is so, he was forced to figure out how to do things with efficiency that yields the most profit—which can be things other than currency.

After all, when he was walking back home to Brett’s house, he was already trying to figure out how to exploit the adventurer’s guild.

“Kazu, we’ll be family from now on. You’ll be our son from now on.” Sene tells him after parting her embrace.

Brett walks up to him along with Ene and slams both his hands on Kazu’s shoulder. “That’s right! We’ll now be family!”

“Brother!” Ene yells.

“That’s all good… but.” Kazu’s face twists in an awkward smile. “Aren’t you and Sene too young to be my parents?”

“Hm?” Brett gave a questioning look. “How old are you Kazu?”

“I’m 17…”

“What!” This time, it was Sene’s turn to yell out loud. “But how do you look so young?!”

“Are you jealous of the boy’s youth or something dear?” Brett jokes. In response, he received an elbow to the side while she pouted at him.

“Well… Brett’s 29. My age would be around there too. You can call me Sene or…” Sene put on a sly face, the first time Kazu sees her do that. “Or you can call me Mom.”

“Pfft, she’s 25- Oww!” Sene continuously kicked brett for saying her age. Ene joins in by climbing on Brett and covering his eyes while laughing.

“I’ll just call you S-sene I guess.” Kazu stuttered at her name, still not used to not addressing her with a Ms. Even though she was 25, she gave an alluring image of a mature woman. Maybe its her motherly nature…

Sene takes Kazu by his hand leading him to the dinner table. She sat him across where Ene sat yesterday, then sits down at his right side.

“This is where you’ll sit from now on. Oh how I always wanted a son.” Her last sentence was said in a whisper so Kazu didn’t hear it. The rest of the family followed. Brett sat to the left of Kazu and Ene sat straight across the table from him.

Brett clears his throat and Sene jumps off her seat like she forgot something. She did forget something, she forgot to put the food on the table. On the other hand, Ene gets off her seat too and helped with setting the plates and forks in order.

“Thank you Ene.” Kazu says. Brett gives her a pat on the head when she gives him his plates and fork.

The family together starts their dinner. It was a type of roast beef with spices. The homemade feeling put a knot in Kazu’s throat. He ate it, cherishing each bite.

“So Kazu. How’d the quests go?”

“Oh.” Kazu looks down at his food. “Brett, I’m sorry I couldn’t do a third one. I only managed to finish 2.”

“Hm?” Brett turns his head to Kazu. “There’s no need to say sorry. I was joking about the 3 quests you had to do-.”

Sene looks at Brett with eyes that could pierce a wall. “Err-... what did you do for that 3rd one..?” Sene’s eyes calmed down then turns her attention to Ene who made a mess around her mouth by biting off more than she could chew. She wiped off Ene’s face with the napkin beside her already prepared.

“It was a goblin subjugation quest…” Kazu whispered.

“Oh? HAHAHAHA!” Brett laughed out loud and the table shook along with his laugh. “I didn’t expect you to get that one. That one can be given as a promotion quest to C. I was expecting you to do labour quests like herb gathering, wood cutting, weed rooting to build you up in strength and familiarize yourself with Austere.”

“You could’ve told me that in the first place!” Kazu retorted. I almost died because of this man! I guess the fact that the goblins group up and crowd you would make it hard—too difficult for me anyways.

“Anyway, after dinner, I have something to show you. Maybe ...s..Sene would know what it is.” Kazu commented.

“Alright. Let’s finish eating first.” Sene replied while wiping off Ene’s face.


The dim light that the magic stones produced in the house lit up the place well, but it wasn’t enough to drown out the moonlight coming in from the window. A blue gem sat on the table just behind the window sparkling with glee as the vortex inside it reflected the moonlight causing it to twinkle like a star.

“What’s this?” Brett asked with a face that could only be called clueless.

“A water spirit gave it to me earlier…” Kazu answered with eyes also curious as to what it was. “Appa-”

“-Wait. Don’t tell me you’re the one the water goddess visited on the pond?” Brett closed in his face to Kazu. “The guards stationed in the East Gate all talked about it. I didn’t think it would be you.”

“My. Isn’t that great.” Sene interrupts. “Yes, I know what this is. This is a water spirit egg, but the one I know never ever hatched…”

“Mama! Its an egg?! Can we eat it?” Ene tried to get her hands on the gem, but her hands were put away by Sene.

“No, this is an egg you can’t eat.” Sene scolded.


“Let me try something” Kazu declared. “Scan.”

NameWater Spirit EggTypeWater
Attack Rating0-0AttackNone
Description: A water spirit egg that will hatch into a water spirit.


  • Carefully place in a bowl of water.

  • Place bowl in a place with lots of moonlight.

  • Just incase, do not let it sit on the sun. The egg will overheat killing the egg.

  • Wait 7 days to see your surprise!

What the- I didn’t expect the instructions… It must get more detailed the higher scan levels up! Kazu squinted his eyes in surprise at the dialogue.

“Is that your magic Kazu?” Sene asked.

“Yes... Do you have a bowl and can you please fill it with water?” Kazu looked at Sene with a pleading look.

“Brett… our son’s growing up. *Sob* He’s already using magic!” Sene walks away while wiping her imaginary tears off her face.

They’re not even going to ask me about it? This magic excuse is really convenient for people living in this world. Well with this, I now know I can scan items too, and it gives more detail as it levels up.-*-*-

“So dramatic.. wait, you’re already calling him son?!” Brett sighed. He got up and slaps Kazu in the back then said, “Alright, I’ll leave this to Sene. Oh and we need to get up early tomorrow. We’re all going down to the adventurer’s guild… and we kind of need to get you clothes and armour. hehe.”

“Yay shopping!” Ene jumped in joy.

“Ene, come here, its bed time.” Brett picked her up, putting her on his shoulder.

Kazu looked down his clothes. His pants were torn, his sleeve was about to fall apart and overall, his whole outfit was dragged in dirt, mud, litter making it smell. I haven’t even gotten a bath yet…

Sene comes back with a bowl full of water. She handed it over to Kazu with a curious look on her face. Kazu took the blue gem egg and then carefully puts it in the bowl.

“There!” Smiling with accomplishment, Kazu puts the bowl right at the edge of the window and let it bathe with the sunlight.

“The requirements is water and moonlight?” Sene asked.

“Yes, that’s what my ‘magic’ told me.” Kazu avoided Sene’s eye contact. “It also told me to not let it sit out in the sun too long so I’ll have to place it away in a table where theres no sunlight.”

“My... that’s fine. We can place it on the Brett’s study room…” Sene turns her head towards the stairs with a worrying look. “He never uses it. I don’t know why he even built that room. Maybe we can renovate it to give you a room. Sorry about letting you sleep on the couch Kazu…”

“Its alright.” Kazu shook his head to deny her worry.

“Oh, and if you want you can use the bath. Its in the basement so just take that door over there.” She pointed out the door that looked heavier than the other doors in the house.

“Alright. Then I won’t keep you up. Good night Sene.”

“Good night Kazu.” She climbed up stairs.

Guess I’ll have to even with these dirty clothes… At that thought, he heard someone climbing downstairs. It was Sene again with a pair of clothes.

“I almost forgot. You can use this after you take a bath. Good night again.” She smiled while handing the clothes over to Kazu.”

“Unn. Good night again.”

This looks like something Brett would wear…


The next day at the shopping district just north bound of the South Gate by train, a lively amount of people walked in and out of the shops on the streets. Besides Kazu, a tall man with blond hair, rough face, and a child on his shoulder walked along him in the streets. It was Brett carrying Ene on his shoulders. Besides Brett, a blonde woman that gave off a motherly nature and purity—she was Sene.

“Come on Kazu!” Brett shout garnered the attention of the vendors and even the shopkeepers inside their shops. “Men don’t need much time to decide on the clothes they wear! Be a man Kazuuuu!!”

“Brett, be quiet.” A large ‘#’ sign on appeared just on the motherly woman. Her 3 words sealed Brett’s mouth almost instantly. “Come now Kazu. Enter this store.”

They entered the store and Sene goes off into the aisles with quick steps. She took off some clothes from the racks, carrying it with her free hand while her other hand searched through the clothes for viable clothes.

She waved to Kazu saying “Come here.” Like a doting mother, she held up the clothes to his body to see whether they fitted. If they didn’t fit, she threw the clothes to the attendant of the shop. Her awkward smile gave the impression of someone trying her best to keep up her appearance.

After she’s gone through the clothes in her hands, she hands over the clothes that caught her attention. “Here. Come, try this on.” She dragged Kazu by his hands, throwing him into the dressing room.

“Our son is so cute. I’ve always wanted a son.” Her eyes sparkled while she looked on the empty corridor of the dressing room waiting for Kazu to come back out with his new clothes. “Ene, you too. I picked up some clothes for you to try. Go try them on!”

“Muuu. I want to stay in Papa’s shoulder.” Ene pouts her head down looking at Sene with puppy dog eyes.

After a while, the family finally paid for the clothes. Kazu already wore one of the outfits to replace the rough looking hand me down from Brett. It was a red tunic paired with loose black cloth pants, not loose enough to lose its complexion—it was just the right size. The outfit was paired with boots that reached up to the ankles. It was light and even though it had a high reaching point, it didn’t obstruct the user’s movements which marked its great craftsmanship.

Ene’s clothes also changed into a layered one piece. The outer layer was blue and the inner layer was white. It contrasted her blue eyes and blond hair portraying her like an angel. And she did have wings, small little wings flapping about in excitement.

“Oh, this is the first outfit that let her have her wings out. This is great!” Brett shouts. “On the other hand, for Kazu’s armour… I think we’ll need some custom made ones. We’ll get to that later.”

But who’s the one with the wings, Brett or Sene? Kazu’s smile turned to curiosity as his eyes gazed on to the three in front of him.

“What’s wrong Kazu?” Sene asked.

“N-nothing.” Kazu shook his head. “Let’s hurry to the guild.”

They arrived in front of the adventurer’s guild. Brett, carrying Ene, didn’t go inside. Along with Sene, he sat in one of the picnic-like tables just outside the adventurer’s guild. Since they brought Ene who was still a child, the adventurers roaming around the vicinity stole a few glances at the group sitting down in the table.

In a place where there were muscle for brains, swords or magic as answers, and where the reward is all that matters, a child in such a place was rare.

“Then, let’s start eating for now.” Sene put the basket on the table, opening it, then handing each one of us a sandwich. Ene, with a bright face, anticipated getting the one with no vegetables.

“Who are we waiting for?” Kazu asked.

“We’re waiting for my party of course.” Brett replied with a full mouth.

“A new party?” Kazu continued.

“Not really.” Brett finished chewing before answering again. “They’re people I’ve known for a good while… Well, I met them through Sene. Look, here they come now.”

On the furthest left, a man with rough build who Kazu met the first time he came to the adventurer’s guild walked in. He was Krey, the thick accented man, red hair, scars on his face making him look like a seasoned adventurer.

Beside him were two women. The purple eyed violet hair woman with a baby face looked nothing like herself when she was behind the counter. She had light armour on one of her arms and covered herself with leather armour on key parts of the body. Her armour hugged her body as if to show off her hourglass shaped curves. She was the clerk Kazu was familiar with who wore a loose uniform preventing any kind of sexiness to appear outside.

The other woman was Raym whom Kazu still had a vivid memory of. Her signature jester double daggers on her waist proved to be terrifying to fight against. Her body was more akin to a slender young woman in contrast to Mizz beside her.

“Oh! Sene’s great sandwichs.” Raym took the sandwich Sene had in her hand ready to be given out to her. “Thank youuu.”

“Aye, Tis all but sandwiches and no man food?” Krey’s eyes drooped down in disappointment.

“Ene is soo cute.” Her eyes turned downwards, then her expression turned into disappointment. “It’s too bad her cuteness is wasted if this guy is the father. Sigh.”

“Missy, did you try to put on those clothes to try to impress someone?” Brett mocked witha grin as retaliation.

“W-w-what?!” Her face became flushed red as her eyes jumped around trying to avoid any eye contact with anyone. “Don’t get ahead of yourself Brett! Its not like I wanted t-t-to-”

“-Now that everyone’s here, heading to the dungeon would be a great idea.” Her words had fire in them. However, no one knew exactly where it was directed at.

“That’s right. We should start heading out.” Brett put down Ene from his shoulders down on the table top while she finished her sandwich. “Are you mad at something?” He covered his mouth while whispering on Sene’s ears.

“No, how could I possibly be mad at something.” Sene spoke out loud., instead of whispering back to Brett.

The four waved good bye with forced smiles to Sene, Ene, and Kazu. They headed for the worm train placed below the adventurers guild.

“What was that about?” Raym asked carrying the basket Sene gave her.

Both Brett and Mizz shrugged, looking at each other with clueless faces.

As they were coming up to the stairs leading to the worm train, they saw a crowd just on the A rank boards which was right beside the stairs leading to the train. They hear a loud thud crashing on the floor signaling the end of the fight.

“Ignore it. This happens almost everyday.” Brett sighed.

“Older brother, that’s her!” From the crowd, a bright violet haired man pointed at Raym causing the group to stop.

“Lad, let us pass peacefully and we won’t bother ye’r fight aye.” Krey said with a low voice.

“Oh. Weren’t these guys with the black haired brat outside?” The man beside the violet haired man started speaking. “The name’s Adraine Kies. I assume you already met my brother Nedraine.” Adraine smirked as if he looked down on the group of four.

He started walking down the floor heading straight towards Brett’s group. His stare only gazed at Raym with disdain on his face. “I hope you’re ready, clipper. Whenever you’re off guard, I’m going to catch you and clip those wings off myself.”

Raym gripped her dagger, but was stopped by Brett shaking his head to say “no.”

Raym’s lips parted then said, “A rankers like you should just lay your head down like the weaklings you are. Crap like you doesn’t deserve to be stepped on by my own feet.” she smirked, yet there were still anger in her eyes.

“Ha… haha… HAHAHAHA!” Adraine laughed. “That black haired kid who was with you. He dirtied my armour. You should watch his back too. For you guys, I only need a bit of luck to find you outside. But both of you need as much luck as you have to avoid me out there.”

He continued his laugh all the way down to the doors of the guild. Nedraine looked back still with anger in his expression.

“Whew, what the hell did you do to that guy Raym?” Brett joked.

“Kazu didn’t tell you? Hehee... don’t worry. It’s nothing.” Raym skipped down the stairs. “Come on, let’s hurry.”

“Aye, that evil lad is rank A.” Krey scratched his head. “Does the missy know why hes not in the war?”

“It’s Mizz, not missy!” Mizz shouted. “If I recall correctly, his family paid off the generals to keep him here. They gave him the position as one of the Queen’s royal guards.”

The worm train arrived. Raym greeted the familiar officer who let the people in the train with a quiet salute. Each of them took a free seat and sat beside each other.

“Where are we headed to?” Raym asked.

“We should be heading to the north gates.” Brett answered.

“Ohh, the Comine Dungeon?” Raym’s eyes widen. “That’s rare. Normally people avoid that because of the unorthodox monsters.”

“Yeah, but its the monsters have the highest chance of having a monster core.” Brett sighed. “I wanted to get one to give Kazu an armour infused with one.”

“Don’t tell me.” Raym expression turned into a sly smile while Mizz and Krey sighed like they were expecting a tease from Raym. “You’re doting on him? Aww that’s so cute. Ene needs to be careful not to lose you. Ene fighting!”

Brett blushes a pink red. “Well… we kind of taken Kazu as our son. Sene and I, I mean. But yeah, that’s what Sene says.”

“Guuuh.” Mizz interrupts. “Brett is actually blushing?! Krey, the world might end.”

“Aye. Men like Brett shouldn’t blush.” Krey chuckled. “Don’t spread it to me mate.”


“Oh, that’s right. Have you guys heard of the rumors in Ephermal’s Labyrinth Dungeon in the east gate?” Raym whispered. “They say, a ghost roams around the walls of its maze.”

“A g-g-ghost?” Cool feet took over Brett’s nerves. “Something like that don’t exist!”

“Sigh, I can’t believe such a tall man like you is afraid of them ghosts.” Krey jabbed Brett’s side with his elbow.

The train stops, they then leave the station. Walls 20 stories high surrounded their view. The walls were 5 times bigger and higher than the walls in the East gate, and 10 times the size of the walls in the south gate.


The storage room was dusty, and it made beautiful trails of light as the light showers in from the window. Kazu examined the wooden boxes, all of them were unlabeled so he didn’t know what he was looking for.

“Sene, what are we looking for?” Kazu asked.

“Ah!” Sene shouted just around the corner of where Kazu searching around in. “I found it. Come here Kazu, quickly.”

“Oh, its a training dummy…?” Kazu said.

“Yes, it is.” She smiled with anticipating excitement. “This is the training dummy Brett used. Now, its your turn to use it. Carry it to the backyard.” Her blush and smile didn’t waver a flinch knowing full well of how heavy the dummy was.

“Moom, stop blushing again.” Ene pouted.

Kazu, with a red face, carried it all the way over the backyard. It landed with a thud on the grass, then Kazu collapsed on the grass. Luckily, I leveled up yesterday. I don’t think I would’ve been able to carry this if I didn’t. Kazu sighed in relief.

His face then changed into a smirked, Wouldn’t this be a great chance to do some of those over the top moves from games?

He readied his sword, resting it on the ground. Lowering his posture, he rhythmed his breathing. Then in an instant, he dashed towards the dummy in a low altitude. As soon as he was within target, he jumps up with his right leg and then swung the sword upwards.


The wooden dummy made a large sound and the ground made skid marks as it was knocked back a bit.

Thousand Winds Style Skill Tree Unlocked.

Rising Wind Blade now available.

Rising Wind Blade (active) Lv. 1 (0%)
Description: During low altitude dash, single target enemy to deal a single slash causing a knockback and violent slash damage.
Direct hit applies 1.65x Attack damage and near misses will cause 0.9x attack damage.

Sword Mastery Level up to 2

Sword Mastery (passive) Lv. 2 (0%)
Description: Increases damage by 5% when using a sword.

Sword Proficiency Level up to 2

Sword Proficiency (passive) Lv. 2 (35%)
Description: Increases fluidity of movements when using a sword.

The dust settled soon while Kazu observed the numerous pop up dialogues he was bombarded with. Kazu’s eyes closed half way in disbelief. So… it worked? ha… haha.

Sene and Ene watched Kazu with forced smiles, afraid to disturb his creepy laugh.

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