After having one of their limbs devoured by Typhon, Miko and Joesph both retreated and used their own methods to restore their lost limbs. The moment they did, Nero and rouge shot past them both wielding swords.

They both rushed towards Typhon swung their swords from two different directions.


Typhon lifted both arms to block them.


But at that moment, a bullet past the two and hit in the center of his chest. A huge hole opened up before stitching itself back together. However, the moment it stitched together, it exploded again.

This time this attack came from inside.


This gave Nero and Rouge the chance to swing their swords again.


The swords cut into his body from two different directions and past each other before coming out from the other side. Typhon upper body was separated from his lower body when that happened.

The two leaped back after seeing that their attacks were successful, however they weren’t able to get far before being dragged back by Typhon who made his arms stretch and wrap around them like snakes.


His arms were immediately cut by a gigantic sword, which allowed them to escape.

Typhon didn’t seem to mind, and his body quickly stitched itself back up. He touched his chest.

“Looks like that bullet earlier left some foreign objects in my body.”

He said.

He didn’t need to look around to know that he was being sniped from a far.

“The first sniper shot the bullet, while the second one shot a sword. The one who shot the bullet must be the brat who love playing with guns, while the one who shot the sword must be the brat who plays with alchemy.”

He quickly figure out who was attacking him.

“They’re moving around while trying to mask their presence.”

He touched his chest again.

“what ever was placed in my body must be something harmful to dragons because it’s burning inside me. Their tactic must be to place a lot of these substance inside me to weaken me.”

He smiled.

“How cute. They actually think something like this could affect me.”

That smile immediately dropped from his face.

“This is also insulting.”

He stomped the ground and caused it crack open and revealed Echo hiding underneath.

“You brats are underestimating me too much.”

He looked down on Echo and said.

“No matter what cheap tactics you use it’s pointless.”

A cold light flashed in his eyes.

“That’s because in front of overwhelming power all schemes are useless!”

He threw a punch in front of him.


Everyone saw cracks appear in front of him like he had punch a mirror.


Miko quickly ordered.


A godly force swept everything away that was in front of Typhon like leaves in a hurricane.

The ground lifted and shattered while everything else was forcibly distorted before being destroyed as well.

When everything settled down, everyone saw something unbelievable.

“The continent….It broke into two?”

A spectator who was watching from afar said with cold sweat covering their bodies.

That’s right. The Silver Continent had been split down the middle by Typhon’s first. At the moment, there was a huge canyon with a river of lava that separated the two parts.

“Let me say it again.”

Typhon spoke with a frown.

“I hate schemes. I prefer a simple brawl with no hidden tactics behind it. So stop playing around and fight like warriors not cowards.”

He declared boldly.

Miko and the others looked at that canyon that stretched for endless miles with shock. One punch split the continent, that was completely unheard of.

Miko looked down on Echo who he held by the collar. He had rushed to save her from Typhon’s attack, otherwise she would’ve definitely died.

It was at that moment that Miko made his decision.

‘Its time to die.’

The moment he thought that, it was as if he threw all caution to the wind as mad look appeared in his eyes.

“Listen, all of you.”

He drew the attention of everything around him.

“I won’t allow any of you to die, so attack him freely and without concern for your wellbeing.”

Everyone was confused by what he said.

“No matter how desperate and reckless the attack is, if you think it will bring us closer to victory, do it.”

He stepped forward.

“Don’t worry about the consequences. I’ll take them all on!”

At that moment, all the spiritual aura surrounding Miko completely disappeared revealing only his blood soaked body. Immediately after his body lit up and ancient runes appeared and scattered around him. It was as if something was being unsealed.

His body stopped glowing and the runes disappeared leaving Miko with an ordinary appearance. However, he gave off an overwhelming pressure just from existing.


Typhon noticed the change in Miko and smiled.

“I wondered what kind of power you were using, so it was the power of one of the 7 eternal wills.”

He said as he saw Miko’s eyes turned silver.

“You even allowed a full possession.”

He pointed at Miko.

“You, you’re going to die. Even if you don’t die now, you won’t live to see another decade.”

“You’re a lot more talkative than I remember, Snake Legs.”

Miko responded with a smile.

“Could it be that all those years in the dark pits of hell made you lonely?”


Typhon smirked and shot forward, Miko replied with a charge of his own.

Miko jumped in the air and aimed a flying kick, while Typhon thrust out his fist.


The collision between the two caused the earth to crumble and they fell down to the river of lava below.

Even while falling the two engaged in a melee.


Miko swung his leg and slammed it across Typhon’s 100 heads and destroyed at least 10 of them. Typhon grabbed him by the leg and slammed him on the side of the canyon as they fell, causing a landslide of boulders to fall with them.

Miko used his free leg to hit Typhon in the chest and distance himself from him, before twisting his body and kicking off a boulder falling behind him and headbutt Typhon in the chest.


Typhon crashed on the other side of the canyon and caused cracks that stretch for miles to form not only on the side but on the ground above. The ground caved in and the canyon suddenly grew wider as a bigger landslide fell with them.

Typhon flapped his wings and accelerated towards Miko, stomping him in the chest at the same time. Miko was forced into the side of the canyon, before being stomped further in by Typhon.


Huge cracks stretched for miles and earth burst open as Typhon continued to force Miko through the canyon sides and deep underground. Cracks on the earth showed the path the two were going even from above.


The ground suddenly exploded like an erupting volcano and Typhon was seen flying into the air. No, he was being forced into the sky by Miko who uppercut him out of the ground.

While in the sky Miko continued to hit him with uppercut after uppercut, as if he wanted to send him straight into the sun.


Typhon laughed and slammed his snake leg on the top of Miko head to prevent him from hitting him with another uppercut.

Miko was sent crashing down like a meteor.


When he hit the ground, the earth lifted up like water in the ocean when something fell in it.

Typhon was seen flying down from the sky with the intention of stomping Miko deep underground.


However, he was sucker-punched from the side which caused one of his head to fly off and his body to be blown to the side. He forced himself to stop and looked at the ambusher.

There he saw Echo already in the middle of throwing a punch with all her strength. He smirked and threw a punch faster than hers which collided with her fist.


Echo’s hand up to her elbow was blown to pieces after clashing with Typhon’s fist.

“You’re still not at my level.”

Typhon said with a smile while throwing another punch to crush her head.

“Then I’ll just keep trying until I get there!”

Echo immediately used her aura to connect with her destroyed arm to form a complete limb, and threw another punch. However, this punch was lacking the speed to match up with Typhon’s fist. If this continues, her head will be squished before she could fully extend her arm.


At that moment, a bullet hit Typhon and blew off his arm that he was going to use to kill Echo.

“Thanks, Andreas!”

Echo took a stepped forward and threw a punch with all of her weight and power behind it.


“I love ya!”

Her fist hit Typhon and destroyed several of his heads while taking a piece of his shoulder as well.

‘Her punch got stronger?’

He thought to himself after noticing how much power was behind Echo’s fist.

He smiled.


He then slammed his leg on her torso and sent her flying back. He then disappeared from where he was and appeared in front of Andreas who was aiming a rifle at the spot Typhon was before.

Andreas reaction was quick. He leaped back and two shotgun appeared in his hands.


He fired them at once, which resulted in everything for countless miles to be blown away. Everything except Typhon who immediately regenerated and stretched his hand out towards him.

Typhon grabbed him by one of his leg and pulled him closer. Andreas quickly severed his own leg with his hand to escape Typhon’s grasp.

Typhon then saw something emerged from Andreas leg wound. It was a canon.


The canon fired and caused a huge explosion which left behind an incredibly deep crater.

“To actually severe a limb without no hesitation at all….I’m impressed by your aptitude for battle.”


Andreas was shocked to see Typhon appear behind him. He tried to turn around, but it was too late. Typhon swung his claws and ripped Andreas body in two.


However, he saw Andreas body fade away like a ghost.

“An illusion created by Chaotic Qi huh?”


Above him Nova was swung down a gigantic hammer, while Maria was attacking him from the back with her claws.


Typhon smiled and caught Nova’s hammer from above and blocked Maria’s claw with one of his wings.

“Too light.”


At that moment, Darwin burst out from underground thrusting his fist towards Typhon’s throat.


However, Typhon simply countered by lifting his foot and stepping down on him forcing him back underground.

“Like I said, too light.”

He said.

“Is that so?”

Nova said with a smile. Immediately after the space distorted and Nero appeared in his place.

Nero thrust down his sword and stabbed Typhon right through his head and down his throat.

“Is this too light?”

Nero said with a smile.



Typhon upper body suddenly exploded and flames burst out of his body like a river bursting through a dam. Maria quickly flew back and watched as the flames devoured everything for countless miles.


At that moment, a roar was heard and Nero was seen in the mouth of a gigantic serpent.

“The Fuck?!”

Nero shouted as the serpent tried to devour him whole, but not before piercing its long fangs through him.


The serpent was suddenly cut in two by Miko who was holding both Regis and Ishma, allowing Nero to escape.

He looked down and saw that the serpent was coming out of Typhon’s midsection after his torso was blown apart.

Countless serpents came out of the flesh and began to entangle together to a human torso.


But the snakes were suddenly destroyed by a massive explosion along with the lower body.

Rouge was seen floating in the air while firing blasts of destructive energy at Typhon’s body.


The more blast that hit the greater the destruction that spread. Before long only thing that remained was a sea of lava, even then he didn’t let up.

“Wasting energy like that isn’t good for your health, boy.”

Hearing the voice, Rouge quickly tried to turn around, but the hand stabbed through his back and burst of his chest first.

“Oh? You moved so that I would miss your heart. I applaud your fast thinking.”

Said Typhon.

Rouge suddenly grabbed his hand and smiled back at him with a pale face.

“Gotcha, Monster.”

His body suddenly started glowing.



A massive explosion occurred in the air, which produced unimaginable waves of heat and winds which caused an entire region to dry up and turn into a wasteland.

Typhon fell out of the sky with his entire existence burnt black. However, his body suddenly cracked and the burnt appearance was shed like a snake removing its old skin.

“That bastard actually committed suicide to blow me up.”

He shivered a little bit.

“Talk about crazy.”

“Who said anything about suicide?”

Typhon turned and saw Miko holding Rouge who was out cold.

“I already told you. I won’t allow anyone to die.”

He said.

“He actually prevented him from exploding by sharing his life force and strengthen his body to withstand the explosion, huh?”

Typhon quickly figured out what Miko did to preserve Rouge’s life.

“You really have a death wish, huh?”

Typhon mocked.

Miko smiled in response.

“The same can be said for you.”


Typhon was suddenly stomped in the chest by Joesph who literally appeared out of nowhere. He was forced deep underground, where Joesph continually stomped on him forcing him deep and deeper.

A gigantic sigil appeared above ground where the two was.

Alexus commanded the alchemy sigil while enduring the pain from his brain by overused. This signified that he was about to use a powerful alchemy technique.

Joesph immediately disappeared as he saw that everything around him was starting glow. But he made sure to hit Typhon with one last blast before leaving.

Typhon who was regenerating saw that everything around him was disintegrating.


He wanted to move but it was too late.

“Return To Dust!”


With a bright flash, everything that was in or near the sigil was turned into particles. They literally turned to dust, the entire region.


Alexus released an agonizing screams as blood flowed out of his ears, eyes, nose, and mouth. His brain was literally turning to mush as a backlash of the alchemy technique he used.

Miko quickly popped up beside him and placed his hand on his head. Spiritual energy started flowing inside Alexus, stabilizing and repair his brain. After some time, Alexus finally looked like the pain was gone.


He said with a pale face.

Miko nodded and looked at where Typhon was. There was something similar to a void there, signifying that everything had been erased from existence.

“This guy really is a monster.”

Miko and the others saw countless particles coming together to form a humanoid silhouette.

“For him to come back after being broken down into particles, is unreal.”

As Miko expected, Typhon appeared before them.

“Impressive. Truly impressive.”

Typhon applauded and said.

“But it wasn’t enough.”

He smiled.

“While fighting all of you is fun, you still haven’t pushed me to fight at full strength. I want to fight like when I fought Augustus before.”

He said.

“However, for some reason you can’t bring out that strength anymore can you?”

He looked at Miko and said.

“While the Will has unlimited power, your existence can’t manage to house that power so you can only amount to this much. That’s boring. If it was Augustus, he would’ve had more power, in fact he probably wouldn’t need the Will. He probably got it as insurance or something.”

A dangerous look appeared in his eye.

“Since it seems like relying on that power makes you weaker, ill force you to draw out the power you once had.”


Miko immediately realized what Typhon was intending to do.

“You bastard!”

He rushed towards him with the intention to stop him.

“Too late!”

Typhon disappeared from where he was and reappeared countless feet in the air.

“Silver Continent….”

He smiled while looking down on the continent.


He suddenly started spinning before falling down like a meteor.

“Everyone get as far away as possible!”

Miko ordered before charging towards Typhon.


He tried to stop him, but he was only stomped in the chest and was forced down along with Typhon. Joesph appeared behind him to stop the two, but was only able to do so for a few seconds before being forced down along with them. Typhon was just too heavy and had too much force behind him.

They shot down from the sky like a falling star.


When they hit the continent, a catastrophic explosion spread out and devoured everything the eye could see. When it faded there’s nothing left but the vast ocean.

The continent was destroyed.

Typhon laughed while Miko and Joesph could be seen floating on pieces of land with their bodies severely injured and burnt.

“Hahahaha! Your source of power is gone, Augustus! What will you do now?!”


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