Mythical Conquest

by Kodyak Combs

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content



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Because of certain events in his past, Logan Cross isolated himself and did everything possible not to stand out. 

This is despite possessing a body and mind that far surpassed the normal human. 

One day when taking his normal route home, through the back alleys, Logan was caught up in an incident that led to him killing a group of men before dying himself. 

Now finding himself in complete darkness, Logan was offered a second chance at life by the dragon goddess Tiamat. To which he replied:

"No thanks. Just make me a panda or something. They have it easy."

Tiamat of course denied his wish, and plunged him in a world where every being of myth not only exists, but they even choose champions called Proxies to represent them in a war that decides who rules the world!


This is a story about a boy who made it his lifetime goal to eradicate the gods!

Watch as he slay gods, demons, heroes, and beasts; and become the Ultimate Evil!

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Kodyak Combs

Kodyak Combs

Word Count (18)
4th Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: The Scumbag Human And The Selfish God ago
Arc 1: Rebirth ago
Unexpected Danger ago
Preparations For A Future War ago
The Capital City ago
The World ago
Father And Son Death Match ago
Family ago
The Selfish Goddess And The Determined Mother ago
Separation ago
Arc 2: Encounter With A Strange Girl ago
Dance Of Death ago
Comrades ago
World Classes ago
Sudden Hell ago
Demons Of The Past ago
Demons Of The Past 2 ago
The Determination To Kill ago
Preparing For The Hunt ago
Death Descends ago
Desperate Battle Under The Moon ago
Savagery ago
Do Or Die ago
The Man Who Was Called The Mad Nobleman ago
Price For Victory ago
Inner Struggle ago
Character Designs ago
Arc 3: Reunion ago
The Tyrants Of The World + Relapse ago
The Fated Meeting ago
The Two Dragons ago
Homecoming ago
Luka And Gamiko ago
Ruler’s Destiny- Tyrannical King ago
Heated Clash & Declaration Of War ago
The Battle Begins: Fate Vs Gamiko's Group! ago
Individual Death Matches 1st Round ago
Individual Death Matches 2nd Round ago
Individual Death Matches Last Round ago
Clash Of The Dragons ago
Luka’s Trump Card- The Unstoppable Black Ice Dragoon ago
Trump Vs Trump- The Tyrannical Dragonite ago
Demonic Nature ago
After The Battle ago
Lisa Flameheart ago
The Seventh Scripture, Zanis ago
Trouble Arising ago
The Runaways ago
The Hunt Begins ago
X Class ago
Short Happiness ago
A Wife And A Mother ago
Bael’s Necklace ago
Despair, Anger, Mayhem ago
The Bringer Of Ragnarök ago
Luka Flameheart ago
Character Designs 2 ago
Arc 4: Blue Eyed Reaper ago
To The Dragna Clan ago
The Country Of Dragons And Conquerors ago
Those Whom Bare The Name Of God ago
The Illusionary Beast Valley ago
The Return Of The Princess & The Queen ago
A Broken Mind ago
The Sisters Of Niflheim ago
The Monster’s Rebirth ago
King Of The Valley ago
Qigong + Movements In The Shadows ago
Training From Hell ago
Hina and Luka ago
A Tyrant’s Anger ago
Gamiko & Kimiko ago
Assassin Techniques ago
Guardian Of Primus + Apostle ago
Tension Peaks + Demon King ago
War Preparations Complete ago
War ago
Slaughter Fest ago
Rivers Of Blood, Mountains Of Corpses & Valleys Of Bones ago
Battle In Full Swing ago
War Of Titans ago
The Perfect Slaughter ago
Life Vs Death ago
Justice Vs The Unlawful ago
Dominance ago
The Wolf Vs The Fox ago
Marital Battle ago
The Power Worthy Of A God ago
Monsters, Dragons, And Demons ago
The Victor, TheLoser, And The Cruel ago
After Effects Of War ago
Arc 5: Nero And Rouge ago
Primus Two Years After ago
Gathering ago
Long-Awaited Reunion ago
The Throne Wars ago
The Gap ago
Her Weeping Voice ago
Ravel ago
The Different Roads To Godhood ago
Need help deciding something(not a chapter) ago
Individual Challenges ago
Individual Challenges 2 ago
New Relatives ago
Various Movements In Secundus ago
Eve Of The Battle ago
The Grand Opening Of The Games ago
The Throne Wars Start! ago
Ruthless Deposition ago
Against Two Generals ago
The Armored General ago
Lost In Revenge ago
The Death Princess And The Monk ago
Scramble Battle ago
Light Vs Sound ago
Killing One’s Past ago
Battle Of Beasts ago
Demon Awakens ago
Sin King ago
Dragonite-Second Form ago
The Final Battle Between Dragons & Demons ago
King ago
Epilogue Of The First Legend ago
Book 2-Arc 1: Augustus & Miko ago
Coronation ago
World’s Strongest ago
The First Royal Decree ago
Cleaning House ago
Heavenly Demon King ago
Military Reshuffle ago
Magic Stone Mines ago
Stealing The Mine ago
Regalia ago
Demon Sword ago
The King’s Two Swords ago
Invitation ago
Runaway King ago
Arc 2: Infecteds ago
Grim City ago
Movements In The City's Dark Side ago
Movements In The City's Dark Side 2 ago
Silver Crow ago
Unforeseen Incident ago
Intruding Like A Boss ago
The Cause Of It All ago
Simply Unreasonable ago
Dancing With The Crows ago
Beatdown ago
Compromise ago
Various Movements In The Night ago
Author Arrogantly Yet Humbly Explains Himself (Not A Chapter) ago
Some Facts (Not a chapter) ago
I'm taking questions! (Not a chapter) ago
Q & A ago
Home Visit ago
Attack In The Night ago
The Playful Kitten ago
The Girl In The Park ago
Kaido & Hana ago
Attending The Academy ago
Top Dog ago
Permission To Build A Harem ago
8th Throne- The Prophetess ago
Prophecy ago
Moving Towards The Top No Matter What ago
Silver Crow's Leader ago
Jin Makoto ago
Jun Mizune ago
Criminal ago
Most Wanted ago
Suggestion ago
Code Breaker ago
Exsul ago
The King Of The Night ago
The Calm Before The Storm ago
The Siege Of The Night District ago
War Of The Night ago
A War Of Hatred ago
Ishma Vs The Monstrous Nemean Armored Vehicle ago
Demon's Anger ago
Demonic Bloodlust ago
Zodiac Parasite Suit- Model Taurus/ Miko Vs Carter ago
The Sun Rises To End The Night ago
Short Hiatus Announcement ago
Too lazy to think of a title(not a chapter) ago
Some character designs (kinda) ago
Bloody Justice ago
Side story? ago
Love in the air ago
Augustus' Gift ago
Bearing One’s Sins ago
Unrest ago
A Reunion Between Old Friends ago
Returning To The Academy ago
The Pillars Make Their Individual Moves ago
Black Reaper Vs Bloody Justice ago
Not a chapter but important info ago
The circumstances of Jin Makoto ago
Alliance ago
The Ranking Tournament Begins! ago
The 1st Throne: The Dark Waters King- Flow Mizune ago
Sami's Provocation ago
Malicious Intentions + Opening The Gates Of Hell ago
Bloom Newgate ago
Katrine McCloud ago
Silent Anger Is The Most Dangerous Form Of Anger ago
Miko Vs Flow ago
Zodiac Parasite Suit Vs Sin King ago
Nothing But Ants ago
Fulfilling The Prophecy (NSFW) ago
Hiatus ago
Prelude To War ago
The Reaper’s Tale ago
The Reaper’s Tale 2 ago
The Reaper’s Tale Finale ago
He Who Brings War ago
Kaido’s On The Move ago
Lunacy ago
Return Of Justice ago
Silver Crow Vs Jin Makoto ago
The Syndicate Makes Its Move ago
The Battle Of District 1 ago
A Maiden’s Battle ago
The Reaper And The Chimera ago
The Three Freaks ago
Overprotective Father ago
A Clash Between Valkyries ago
Grudge Match Between Queens ago
The Three Freaks- 24 Hours Later ago
The Golden Draconic Beast And The Eclipse God ago
Darkness Unleashed ago
Battle Of Monsters ago
The Victor Is King ago
The Birth Of The Chimera ago
Prelude To The Finale ago
Reach For The Apex ago
Tang Vs The Freakish Trio ago
Using All The Trumps- Dragon God's Sacrificial Alter ago
Grim City's End ago
Kodyak's Sick?! ago
Arc 3: Devil’s Joker Rihan ago
The Return Of The King ago
The Anger One Year In The Making ago
Brothers At Odds ago
Augustus And Rias ago
Clearing up something ago
The Gloves Are Off ago
Killing One’s Brother ago
Demon Brothers ago
The Man Revered As A Devil ago
Rihan's Intentions ago
Returning To The Primus World ago
Master's Return ago
The Five Branches ago
The Five Branches Reunited ago
Instant Conflict ago
Compensation ago
The Five Guardian Beasts ago
Meeting The Family ago
Augustus & Alec ago
The Truths About Augustus ago
A Meeting Among Generations 1 ago
A Meeting Among Generations 2 ago
A Meeting Among Generations 3 ago
A Gathering Of Talents ago
A Peek Into The Future? ago
Not a chapter ago
Competition To Decide The Best. ago
A Warrior’s Unbreakable Will ago
Verde Unleashed ago
Ashur’s Abnormality ago
I Want To Write Other Stories!!! (NOT A CHAPTER) ago
Primus Vs Secundus ago
Ren's Powers ago
Intense Sword Battle In The Snow ago
Superior Sword Skills ago
Nine Lives Criminal (Poll) ago
Krul Makes His Move ago
Krul Attacks! ago
Ashur Vs Krul ago
Hell Breaks Loose ago
Miko & Rin Joins The Fray ago
The True Face Of Krulty ago
What Lays Beyond Your Limits? ago
The Hellish Technique- Limit Break! ago
The Top Dog Decided ago
Who's king? ago
Sit ago
An Overlord All Through The Ages ago
Happy One Year Anniversary! ago
Q&A ago
Arc 4: Complications Of The Heart ago
Born A New ago
Miko Assassinated?! ago
The Fall Orchestrated By A Group Of Devils ago
Hanging Out ago
The Most Famous Groups in the world stated So far. Not A chapter! ago
Race ago
The Tertitus World ago
Seven Swords Of Lucifer ago
The History Of The Wakoku Nation ago
Alec's Plan ago
Sword Styles ago
Beast Rebelling Against The Heavens ago
The Battle Of Beasts! ago
The Beginning Of The Emperor’s Path ago
The Emperor’s Resolve ago
Parasite Demons ago
The Terrifying King & His Queen (NSFW) ago
The Cursed King & The Heavenly Demon King ago
Not a chapter ago
Sora ago
The Long Awaited Moment ago
Preparing For What’s To Come 1 ago
Preparing For What’s To Come 2 ago
Surpassing An Era ago
Treasure Hunt ago
Old Comrades ago
The Joker In The Devil’s Court ago
A Mother's Tough Love ago
Godly Weapons ago
Reconcile ago
The Arrogant Envoy ago
Movements in the Aloe Kingdom ago
Evil God’s Curse ago
Declaring War Like A Boss ago
Intercontinental War ago
Insane Charisma ago
Sons Of Nova ago
Quintus Rampage ago
Sweep Through ago
Aloe Falls ago
Dragna Empire ago
Question to my readers ago
Celebration ago
Juggernauts Assembled ago
Alexis Dragna ago
Declaring War On The Continent ago
The Seven Moons Alliance ago
The Emperor's Madness ago
The Human God Makes His Move ago
Consequences Be Damned! ago
Satan Samael & Devoro Of The End ago
Is There Anything Greater Than War? ago
The Intercontinental War Begins! ago
Greetings Before The Battle ago
Miko VS lennox ago
The Almighty Tyrant King ago
Imperial Overdrive & Young Satan ago
Battle To Retrieve Miko! ago
True Hero ago
A Gangster's Last Stand ago
Relapse ago
New Enemies ago
A Different League Of Insanity ago
3rd Scripture: Julio Zebul ago
One Man Army ago
Dragna Invaded ago
Intense Sea Battle ago
Cold Like A Bullet ago
The Grand Battle Of Dragna Erupts! ago
Hells On Earth ago
A Means To End The War ago
Hiatus Announcement ago
Clearing up a misunderstanding ago
Payback! ago
Gamion & Gian ago
Three Satans ago
Return Of The Heavenly Demon King ago
Signs Of Collapse ago
The East Falls ago
Announcement! ago
The Top Dogs Of The Underworld ago
Calm ago
The Will To Fight To The Death ago
The Power Of A Continent ago
The Battle Begins ago
Utter And Complete Madness ago
Utter And Complete Madness 2 ago
Killing Immortals ago
Destructive Battles ago
Slaying Gods ago
Vs Typhon ago
Chaos ago
Overwhelming Power Vs Recklessness ago
Overwhelming Rage & Madness ago
Full Psycho ago
Conclusion Of The Battle ago
Conclusion ago
Question To Readers ago
Arc 5: Catching Up To His Level ago
Decisions To Make ago
Casino City ago
Miko In Casino City ago
Casual Flirting ago
New Story ago
The Self-Created Disaster (Karma) ago
Those Left Behind ago
Miko & Mozart ago
The Ugly Side Of Gambling ago
Side Story: Dragna Clan’s Greatest Enemy ago
Restarting From The Basics ago
The Strong Can Become Stronger ago
Fuck it! I'm Rewriting The Story! ago
Rewrite Update ago
I'm back, Bitches! ago

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Overly exaggerated story progression

Just one word, flashbacks.

You tend to overly emphasize the flashbacks that it tends to trail off the storyline which was supposed to be the story of the MC's conquest.  Darius' flashback which gives rise to nothing on the future aspect of the story, Luka's "backstory" where it explains her drive to revenge, but it went entirely into a flashback of her parents.  There are other ways of telling it other than making it so detailed they are a different arc or side story arc instead of a flashback, flashbacks are supposed to be short, concise, and quick, if you prolong it too much, it's probably connected to what the future holds, however in these two they're just there for explaining the drive of one heroine, and a SIDE villain.  If things won't change, then we'd have a flashback story of every villain and any character relevant to the MC at this point and it would be glaringly tiring or boring to the readers if it comes that way since story needs to be circled around one aspect, on this story, it's the aspect of conquest and the toppling of the gods, however, story's pacing is so slow due ot the fact that you basically jump from one character's view to another, showing what they are doing at the same time.  Person who chases two rabbits catches neither.  Having so many things moving simultaeneously, you won't be able to properly express the story to your readers that good.  Adding to the fact, you're also introducing new characters to what's to come all of a sudden, clans, factions, whatever, basically a clusterfuck of them when MC's current goal is to remove Darius, Dario, whatever name the king is on the current kingdom. 


Just not driving enough

After reading up to ark 3 I'm really not sure what I think of this story, in general the idea is quite nice, but I'm really having trouble understanding/sympathizing with the MC his behavior just seems odd to me, it's not that I can't relate to dark/anti-hero characters it's just that I don't understand him really, his actions don't make much sense to me.

Thus I find it hard to feel excited about the story, it's not that it is bad it's more like it is not interesting enough, or that I don't feel invested in the characters. I'm not standing behind him with his goal, or eager to find out where his powers will go there is just no real drive for me to keep reading


Interesting start, Bogus progression

Reviewed at: A Tyrant’s Anger

What can I say? Half the story I was frustrated with the amount of overly op characters thrown in the middle, other half I was frustrated with the amount of irrelevant flashbacks. Add to the fact the dues ex machina in earlier fight scenes and I'm forced to stop reading it. It was an interesting concept maybe a bit cliche but interesting still but the way story progressed left much to be desired. So final conclusion? Interesting concept, Bogus story.


Honestly, I'd say the only thing this story lacks is chapters. To be honest this has some of the best world building I've seen in a novel, its truly epic in scale. The fights are really well though out and I really like the abilities as many of them are unique. Now onto the mc, he is genuinely OP, but so are many other people which makes the story interesting. I especially love how he interacts with people and how he possesses that chaotic personality I love in anti-heros. Even better is that he was summoned by tiamat as a proxy, they have a bickering siblings kind of relationship despite her supposed to be acting like a (parent) and then her also possessing the same chaotic attitude which is extremely funny when she's partying or drinking. I also like the MC's resolve, as he is summoned by tiamat to be her proxy even though she doesn't particularly want to win, so he essentially decides to win the whole war for himself and become the supreme being instead of god, and tiamat just pretty much goes along for the ride happily. She's a tsun-dragon.

By the way, this review is written while I'm really tired so forgive me if it makes little to no sense


TL;DR: OK Story, mediocre character mediocre-bad grammar. Recommended for those not caring about a perfect English.

There aren't many chapters out yet so there really isn't enough out here for me to review properly, but I thought I'd leave this as both information and warning. The story and the world are nice enough, nothing really unique but good. The MC seems very... forced, just like the conversations between other characters.

But what made me stop reading this is the grammar and spelling. Again, the idea behind this is good, but you (the author) seriously need to re-write quite a few parts of the chapters you released until now.



Reader beware; you're likely to cut yourself on that edge.


Its a good story and i really like the MC. That said you should really put some headers in to tell whos point of veiw its in or the location and main people there or something. I know to most people this is not a big thing but to people that hates the view point changing its a big thing.  I would be reading and be really into the battle that is taking place and suddenly it goes to a diffrent battle. Alot of people are fine with this but i will skip until i find where the battle i was reading starts again and i MIGHT go back to see what i missed. This is not as easly done with no headers and i have dropped many books and novels for it out of irritation. I know i am in the minority that have that big of a problem with it but its a very easy fix that could keep the few people that have that much of a problem with it reading. 


If you like flashbacks...

Story is ok as far as wish-fulfilment fictions go .  Grammar is not terrible.  I'm sure plenty like it.  Honestly though, its just not for me.  

Its the flashbacks.  Frustrating.  They are well written, arguably even better than the main story.  But they throw off the rythm.  And take up to much of the story itself.  I mean it feels like a third of the story so far is all flashbacks.  If the pattern keeps up they'll be more every time an important girl is introduced.

Anyway, story itself isn't bad.  If you don't have a problem with flashbacks or wish-fulfilment stories you'll probably like it.

Luke Scheffe

Flashbacks, Flashbacks, Flashbacks

Grammar mistakes breaking the flow are the least of the problems. I just finished reading a 12 chapter flashback, for one of the side characters. and it wasn't even really about them, but instead about their dead parents, who they never knew. All I got from 100+ pages was that she's a cambion, and hunted because of her mother spurning the king. I don't need the full details of everything that happened and it didn't help the story whatsoever. It just wasted my time.


Some people stopped reading because there was too much time invested in flashbacks, others because of objectionable content. As for myself I'd say the primary issue is that the author spends so much time on world-building that they neglected to provide a reason for us to care. So much time is spent powering up characters and explaining what that entails, but there's little interpersonal chemistry, no real threats, no tension, and events take place wherein the MC should be out of his depth but he always finds a way to power up to match the threat and training resumes as always. Maybe it gets better, I got about 1/4 through what currently exists so there's certainly room, but I can't bring myself to care enough to find out.