Silent Waves

by sidgars9

Original HIATUS
The exploits of Weed were known throughout Versailles. In Royal Road he became more than a mortal man and became closer to a legend. Though he lived under the spotlight as a hero, others remained in the shadows. Their glory gone unknown, only whispers in the wind remained of their unyielding power, and their great deeds. Now the veil shall be lifted on the forgotten tales of a man who moved like a ghost through the continent of Versailles.
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
Vol. 1-Chapter One: Building Up Strength ago
ToC, Comments and Release Schedule ago
Vol. 1-Chapter Two: Much Ado About Nothing ago
Vol. 1-Chapter Three: A Glimmer of Opportunity ago
Vol. 1-Chapter Four: In a Pit of Monsters ago
Vol. 1-Chapter Five: A Reward Beyond Compare ago
Vol. 1-Chapter Six: It's a Boy ago
Vol. 1-Chapter Seven: Seventeen Days Left ago
Vol. 1-Chapter Eight: More Beast than Man ago
Vol. 1-Chapter Nine: Faces New and Old ago
Vol. 1-Chapter Ten: A Trainee Once More ago
Vol. 1-Chapter Eleven: Pack Mentality ago
Vol. 1-Chapter Twelve: Rewards and Slaughter ago
Vol. 1-Chapter Thirteen: Wrath and Despair ago
Vol. 1-Chapter Fourteen: The Second Stage ago
Vol. 1-Chapter Fifteen: The Test Begins ago
Vol. 1-Chapter Sixteen: The Truth of All Things ago
Vol. 1-Chapter Seventeen: A Test of Leadership ago
Vol. 1-Chapter Eighteen: A Precarious Balance ago
Vol. 1-Chapter Nineteen: Endings and New Beginnings ago
Vol. 2-Chapter 0.5: The Trickster's Game ago
Vol. 2-Chapter 1: Bonds Broken and Forged Anew ago
Restart and Reboot ago
Vol. 3 Chapter 1 - The End of the Prologue ago
Vol. 3 Chapter 2 - Vengeance and Death ago
Vol. 3 Chapter 3 - Death and Vengeance ago
Vol. 3 Chapter 4 - The Other Side of Death ago
Vol. 3 Chapter 5 - Final Preparations ago
Vol. 3 Chapter 6 - Warrior and Mage ago

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One of the best fan-fics

A really wesome plot, especially the 2nd part. It often totally surprised me and I loved that.

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Probably my favorite fan-fic

This story may be incomplete but it is an amazing read. This story creates many feelings within the reader and is a must read. It is truly a pity the story was dropped, but all good things come to an end. Gouchisousama

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Wonderfully well written story

The first part of the story is good if incomplete but the second part is where it gets amazing.  Am hoping that is FF is going to be continued, because it deserves more attention.
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I'm here for the rating!

Please write more~ I really really love this story! It's in my top 3~
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Unfortunately if you read this story, you will feel disappointed at how it is incomplete. It evolves from a Royal Road FanFic to an original story spinoff. However, if this story is continued (aka a Vol.3 Chapter 7+ is released), I highly recommend.