Volatile Evolution

Volatile Evolution

by Magmaggeddon

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

The end of time is approaching, the very fabric of space is slowly tearing itself apart. From the rifts in time-space, strange and seeminly ancient organisms emerged; the Kronos Cells.

Proving to be capable of millions of years of evolution in a short period of time, the cells were believed to be the galaxy's key to survival.

Thus begins the journey of a lone Kronos Cell, the form of a young girl forced upon her by inhumane experimentation. Here marks the rise of a child destined for more.

Author's Note:

I am currently rewriting this novel for my own satisfaction; I will not stray from the currently implemented plot line but I will add numerous things to it (like proper motives and politics), though improving the quality is the main objective.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 0: Prologue [Arc1, Prologue] ago
Chapter 1: Bearings [Arc1, Ch1] ago
Chapter 2: Disappearance [Arc1, Ch2] ago
Chapter 3: Names [Arc1, Ch3] ago
Chapter 4: Planning [Arc1, Ch4] ago
Chapter 5: Exploration [Arc1, Ch5] ago
Chapter 6: Slums [Arc1, Ch6] ago
Chapter 7: Bath [Arc1, Ch7] ago
Chapter 8: Penthouse [Arc1, Ch8] ago
Chapter 9: Epilogue [Arc1, Epilogue] ago
Chapter 10: Interlude [Arc1/Arc2] ago
Chapter 11: Prologue [Arc2, Prologue] ago
Chapter 12: Arms Dealer [Arc2, Ch1] ago
Chapter 13: Selection [Arc2, Ch2] ago
Chapter 14: Contract [Arc2, Ch3] ago
Chapter 15: Teacher [Arc2, Ch4] ago
Chapter 15.5: Side Story [Arc2, Side1] ago
Chapter 16: Dreams [Arc2, Ch5] ago
Chapter 17: Instructor [Arc2, Ch6] ago
Chapter 18: Understanding [Arc2, Ch7] ago
Chapter 19: Preparations [Arc2, Ch8] ago
Chapter 20: Dinner [Arc2, Ch9] ago
Chapter 21: Psionics [Arc2, Ch10] ago
Chapter 22: Preparation [Arc2, Ch11] ago
Chapter 23: On the road [Arc2, Ch12] ago
Poll: What happens next? ago
Chapter 24: Mad Dash [Arc2, Ch13] ago
Chapter 25: Hall of death [Arc2, Ch14] ago
Chapter 25.5: Skull Captain POV [Arc2, Side2] ago
Chapter 26: Willing to talk [Arc2, Ch15] ago
Chapter 27: Foolish Nobles [Arc2, Ch16] ago
Chapter 28: Interrogation [Arc2, Ch17] ago
Chapter 29: Chase [Arc2, Ch18] ago
Chapter 30: Reinforcements [Arc2, Ch19] ago
Chapter 31: Sewers [Arc2, Ch20] ago
Chapter 32: Duel [Arc2, Ch21] ago
Chapter 33: Friends and Enemies [Arc2, C22] ago
Chapter 34: Epilogue [Arc2, Epilogue] ago
Chapter 35: Interlude [Arc2/Arc3] ago
Chapter 36: Prelude [Arc3, Prelude] ago
Chapter 37: Prologue [Arc3, Prologue] ago
Chapter 38: Down to business [Arc3, Ch1] ago
Chapter 39: Business [Arc3, Ch2] ago
Chapter 40: Her way [Arc3, Ch3] ago
Chapter 41: A New Order [Arc3, Ch4] ago
Chapter 42: Old Friends [Arc3, Ch5] ago
Chapter 43: Tidy Up [Arc3, Ch6] ago
Chapter 44: How about an interview? [Arc3, Ch7] ago
Chapter 45: Pillow Talk [Arc3, Ch8] ago
Update: Editing "Hiatus" ago
Poll: Entry point to Book 2 ago

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Rare gem, even if it's not well polished

Review by a fellow writer at chapter 33.

I love the story, it's complex yet simplified and interesting at the same time.
The style is a bit too simple but it's not a big hindrance.
Grammar is OK which is good.
I feel the character development is barely OK, but you spend too much on the action. You can keep the action but put more world and character development in. Your chapters are short so one line here and there should do wonders.


Interesting story, not quite sure how I feel about it though. When I read the first arc, I thought that it was an attractive SciFi story. Was kind of a put off when I read the interlude.

The character is cool but slightly bland, what are her likes? Dislikes? She is vaguely given some character flaws but nothing that properly defines her, and I mean the singular entity.

My last piece of advice would be: in the next story you write, try to make sure the readers know what your general direction will be, major plot twists should only be added a lot further in to the story, otherwise the story loses a lot of its mystery.

I'll still be reading this story, hopefully it stays as interesting as it is at the moment.


for anyone that get confused

this maybe considered a spoiler,so read on your own risk

the first part of the story is the sci-fi,and all of that stuff just to prepare  her more (since she was literaly not "developed" yet in the first part ) and later she will go to the fantasy part (it in the super arc 2),and super arc we are talking about here is a small number of arc in that super arc,so that mean it will be a lot of chapter before move to the next arc,and keep patience ,when it move to super arc two,it will more better than super arc 1 


I've only read 9 of the 51 chapters.

The protagonist will state some long term goal to be achieved. Either later that same chapter or the very next chapter the protagonist will have completed the task.

This has happened multiple times. In only 9 chapters it has already happened multiple times! 

Those 9 chapters could have been 2 books.  That's how fast the story moved.