Dragon Cross

by LilPoro

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Tragedy Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Strategy Strong Lead Wuxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

When he was 5, his Mother sacrificed herself to save him.

When he was 10, he picked up a very plain but peculiar Mask.

When he was 15, he became a pioneer on a path never before treaded in his Cosmos....

“What is right and what is wrong? Justice and evil, who says what is evil and what is not? All paths end in the same spot, the journey there will be the only difference between them, however, that journey will define a person's life....” - Jack.

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Word Count (12)
3rd Anniversary
Top List #2000
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prolouge ago
Chapter 1: Boy with white hair ago
Chapter 2: Clues ago
Chapter 3: Investigation ago
Chapter 4: Reinforcements ago
Chapter 5: Travelling to Sheng City ago
Chapter 6: Unexpected situation ago
Chapter 7: Blood Immortal Conclave [Part 1] ago
Chapter 8: Blood Immortal Conclave [Part 2] ago
Chapter 9: Return to Dragon Cross ago
Chapter 10: The Mask [Part 1] ago
Chapter 11: The Mask [Part 2]A ago
Chapter 12: The Mask [Part 3] ago
Chapter 13: Fire Spirit [Part 1] ago
Chapter 14: Fire Spirit [Part 2] ago
Chapter 15: Pioneer of the Path of Magic [Part 1] ago
Chapter 16: Pioneer of the Path of Magic [Part 2] ago
Chapter 17: City Lord of Virbeth [Part 1] ago
Chapter 18: City Lord of Vibeth ago
Glossary ago
Chapter 19: A fun evening ago
Sorry no chapter again ago
Chapter 20: Dragon Cross's past ago
Chapter 21: A new Path [Part 1] ago
Sorry again (again) ago
Chapter 22: A New Path [Part 2] ago
Chapter 23: Binding Virbeth ago
Chapter 24: Planar Wars ago
Chapter 25: Genius Tactician ago
Chapter 26: The banquet [Part 1] ago
Chapter 27: The banquet [Part 2] ago
Chapter 28: Seven Flames Saint ago
Chapter 29: Seven Element Magic Circle Basic Template ago
Chapter 30: The problems of a City Lord ago
Chapter 31: Limits of secluded training ago
Chapter 32: Persuading Zhi ago
Chapter 33: Ashan Cosmos ago
Chapter 34: The Rite ago
Chapter 35: Perfect Location ago
Chapter 36: Purging the Valley ago

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I think this is a amazing hidden gem yall should check this shit out it's nice like a bitch. Enjoy you duck sacking bitches.


I truly like the story. If I was forced to say one bad thing about it, it would have to be that the prologue to chapter 1 time difference is kind of jolting, with no warning that it was there.

Would also like a notice for when you plan to start posting again.