Blood Fractal



Vol 2 - Chapter 5 - Funny When you Win Without Conflict


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Blood Fractal – Volume 2

Chapter 5

Funny When You Win Without Conflict

I became conscious, standing there, on top of a some uncooked Ramen, yes the dried noodles that they sell in plastic wrap. These noodles were not the regular size as one might expect, but something on the scale of two train cars next to each other. The white noodles were themselves, the thickness of a trees. Standing there many meters away was the edge of the slab of noodles, out beyond that were dancing, spinning and rotating vegetables and meat cuts. Further out, I could see huge containers the size of skyscrapers, labeled with many types of soy sauce or hot pepper brands. Salt and pepper shakers like cars or buses that flew between them. Yes, never again was I to be allowed the food of the Gods known as instant Ramen. I felt a tear slide down my cheek. I tried to turn away from the sight. That out of reach Blessing of Heaven before me. The vision left me with only the aftertaste of spring onions.”

- Year 22173 of the Navi calendar, excerpt from the book 'Day of Renewal' unknown author.

- Our Second Story Living Accommodations in Acdin -

Waking up to a face full of hair, I tried spitting out Steph's Tummy hair from my mouth. Using my tongue to get her soft fur back to the exterior of my lips. Giving up, I lift up Steph off my face and rest her on top of Dae stomach. Will have to scold her later for thinking she can imitate one of those Internet cat photos people post all the time. Getting up, trying to member the strange dream I had been having about foods from Earth. The recent craving for clam chowder and lobster bisque had been getting worse and at some point I was going to snap. Maine's seafood was nothing to joke about. Back in Maine, I had a regular appointment at a local dinner and with the new game coming out sometimes I put off going to save a few dollars. It really was a serious addiction, I might end up hurting someone if I didn't get my soup fix within the week.

Princess Steph extended her Minx's arms out and yawned. Patting her head, I got up and rinsed clean with water from the bucket.

My new shelves held up over night. I knew they would, still I was a tad bit proud of making something for the apartment. Never had been into making things for my room on Earth, Mom was good at decorating and had so many things for us already, there was no need for anything to be made.

Dainea complained about Steph's weight and the claws slowly coming out invoked a painful cry from Dainea. Subsequently, I made them both say sorry. I made some food for them.


Today Dainea's plans were to practice the bow then head back to work, then later join us for survival class at the gate. We had funds to live on, but working some would let her keep her job and the room she had above the at tavern, along with some coin to eat if things changed. We all agreed on that.

Steph was on gossip and information gathering duty today. I asked her to listen for things about the Wensi's fan club today. The fight last night proved how 'important' little Wensi was to that mentally retarded Uncle. I ask if grudges or bulling was common here, and same as with any World. The answer was “of course it is”.

I would have to spend some time thinking, see if we couldn't come up with a way to encourage one Uncle with an abundant amount of stupidity to be, well, less stupid. How? The few ideas that came to mind involved death, blackmail and kidnapping. Still getting too hungry might not be a good thing and influence any decision, so I asked if I could enjoy Dae's finger for a moment.

Her hesitation was nil, seeing as she immediately shoved a few fingers in my mouth and urged me to hurry up and start. Her cute squirming only delaying me a few seconds. I had the image of her as a large wild Bear, hovering over me growling out the words 'Eat Me Now'. Her eyes not letting me escape even if I wanted too. How she landed me on my back so fast I had no idea.

Her rubbing against my lower body as I broke the skin and let the blood flow, the heavy breathing started and she was lost to the sensation before I had even an ounce of her covering the inside of my mouth. The shuddering and her gasping for air was enough to shake the bed. I felt a bit conflicted as I don't think even if I tried, I could compete with that simple act of me feed on her finger, unless it was feeding someplace else a little more sensitive.

I would have to research what had changed. Did I get better at being a vamp? Or did she just get off on it more? A combo of both? Not being able to communicate anything at the moment, I'd have to wait for her to get lucid.

I wanted to hide, after the effects feeding on her. I was scared and really didn't know why. At least I was a bit less hungry and after caressing her face and brushing away the stay hairs. I started work on the clothes and other items to sell.



- Wooden Bucket Tavern -


Steph and I walked Dainea to work. After she had recovered earlier, she went off to practice archery for a while, her and Steph enjoyed a light dinner then we walked here together. No one was waiting for her or us, that was a good thing at least.

Didn't see either the Uncle or the soldier, so we asked the rest of the staff if anyone had come asking about us. Given a response of no one had seen or noticed them, guess we had time until the next wave of attempted bullying. Steph was going to watch over the tavern while I had music lessons, I wanted Steph to pick up magic from listening, but Dae's safety was a lot more important. As a preemptive measure, I would stop by and see if I could have a word with the source of the misunderstandings.

See you at Second Night Bell then?” *smooch* Dae had swept me up into a long kiss then rushed off to the kitchen. Stunned for a second, forgetting what I was going to do next.



- Next to the Water-well Behind the Store Tailor of the Times -


Wensi exited the back of the store with a sour look on her face, “Miss Utica said, you wish to speak with me?”

Yes Wensi, I do wish to have a few words with you.” I had been waiting for a few minutes now.

Wensi was off on an errand or something and the resulting issue was, I would be a bit late for the magic classes now. My level of annoyance was definitely rising.

About what?”

I could only think she was trying to sound innocent there?


Your Uncle and family, tell them to leave me alone.”

Well it doesn't really concern me, but surely they haven't done anything bad have they?”

Well aside from threats, nothing unforgivable. Say, if something was to happen to one of my friends... Well I would like to apologize now, see I am in a bit of a foul mood.” I cast a light spell and pulled a dagger out and started cleaning out my nails best I could. Inspecting for any spare dirt that had collected they were clean, but I thought the image was plenty good.

* gulp *

That wasn't me so, “Oh where was I? Yeah, your family.” I look up at the sky and try to draw out the moment. “If, and this is only an 'if' mind you.” I look her straight in her soft shivering eyes. “Anything, anything at all bad happens. To my friends. So much as a hair out of place.”

Her knees make a knock, knocking sound. “I wonder, I wonder what I would do to your...” I smile and walk away.

Adding extra mana to the Light Spell, making the spell unstable. The spell flashed out of existence, the final popping sound a nice final effect. Not sure the reason but some failed spells would have effects like that. Few of the failed things I tried so far ended mostly in a less than pleasant way.

Eep.” That was the only sound I could hear after I left.

The moment I could no longer be heard, I ran full speed to meet up with Mr. Planknel.



- Forest Clearing -


Today's lesson began with separating out the elemental mana, and a few questions I had about all the mana colors. From the way it sounds, my way of making a spectrum was unusual, not unheard of, just uncommon. Mr. Planknel explained it as, maybe with your knowledge in science, was easier, as the method was normally taught to Elemental Spell Users needing more than one mana type. He was not much of a dual element caster himself, so never found the reason to learn the skill.

Now, with his interest in electricity and magic. It would be useful, so after a bit of effort on my part, I explained what I knew of the method. We both started to use, what he had called the 'Elemental Mana Spectrum Technique', to pick out mana, then apply them to basic spells. Spells like controlling water, fire and wind cyclones. Those spells all on the small side but practically at a level above my current skill. I started to sweat from the effort, even in the cool hours of the late-summer night.

At the end of the practice, I was more proficient at opening the mana spectrum, but my use of it in spells was still dismal. Other than fire, me casting an element spell wasn't happening tonight.


Walking back to the North Gates of Acdin, we talked about a few things related to magic and science. Dae and Teea greeted us, and Steph made a quick dash to the top of my shoulders.

What's up?” I ask the three.

The two of them shrug and try to look innocent. Steph is soft I know that might be part of the problem. I could only think, please be gentle with my Minx girls. I give Dae and Steph a quick pet we four all set off into the woods for survival lessons.



- Into the Hills Around Acdin -


For the most part, the greater area around Acdin is forested, and slightly hilly. In three directions you can see large hill groups past the trees. If the hills were any higher you might think of them as tiny mountain ranges. Today, we walked to the nearest hill north of town.

Steph, the exercise is good for you, stay off my pack.” Pretty sure saying anything more would be bad. Not that she really had gained any weight or was difficult to carry.

Please!” She cried in a pathetic voice.

Maybe, Princess was a bad choice...” I reflect on calling her that for a moment, but it really fit her at the moment.

What was that?” Dainea asked, breathing deep and slightly winded?

Love you both, bunches.” I smile and urge them forward. It was basic stamina training 101 today.


Teea commented on our affections. Then hushed at us.

Going uphill was quite the effort after an already long walk through the woods. At one of the breaks, I had started to carve a walking stick for Dainea and the result she put it into use after roughly twenty minutes of uphill trail. Using my Light Spell to guide the way, Teea leading the group, encouraged us to be quiet and on the look out for trouble.

Today's breakfast would be berries along with Stump. What is Stump you ask? It is a heavy ground crawling critter, it acted like a turtle, had feet like a turtle, a hard pointed nose for digging in the dirt and a bunch of living plants on it's back. No shell part to collect at least that I could see. As for how the plants got there, apparently, part of their mating ritual is the arrangement and care for those plants, done in the most part by the partner.

Dainea had stumbled across if when she saw a pretty flower and went to pick out the plant for us. When it started to move, Dainea's shriek alerted us. A few arrows to the head was all it took. Teea collected her arrows and taught us the best way to harvest it. You could just take the meat, and bones, the head and feet were also useful parts. Leaving anything leftover under the plants on it's back was acceptable.


With the meat, berries and a few plants we had collected, around the middle of the night we had arrived close to the hill we were hiking towards. At a good size clearing we scouted around for signs of predators then made a campfire.


This is tasty, I can see why, they call it Stump. The flavor is such that you can't tell what the meat is. Some times it tastes like this meat and sometimes it tastes like that meat.” Steph was comparing it to other meats she ate in town.

Not a common animal to find, Dainea was lucky to pick a flower off the back of one.” With a grin Teea bit into the portion she had left.

She is lucky, that is for sure.” I lean against her some and drink a sip of water.

Ah, thanks.” Dainea pet my head and smiled. She to enjoyed the cooked Stump.

When we get to the top of the hill, we can rest, then have a lesson in climbing trees. Then return by early sun rise.”

Could we get a chance to bathe in the stream near town? It feels-” Jumping to my feet due to the chilling feeling I had, then involuntarily I let out, “Something is coming.” Moving my hands to wand and dagger.

Teea and Dae pull out their bows and I let my senses search the woods and darkness. I don't hear, smell or see anything. There is something out there, a few of them, my body knows it and is repulsed by whatever it was.


Think they heard us coming.” A rough male voice comes from the tree line.

A slightly higher but still rough voice joins the first one from a few meters off to the side. “Yes, such a warm welcome.”

Didn't think we made that much noise.” A more timid third voice from the other side of the first one.

Arriving at the clearing is the rough voices pair. Two men step out of the tree line and survey the campfire area we had.

I push a fresh piece of wood into the fire in hopes of a little more natural lighting.

Oh, they are Wolfkins.” Steph whispered from the top of my pack.

Yes, I can see the ears from here now.”


The Wolfkin lackey on the right had a light bow and a short sword. The leader had no weapons showing. Seeing the state of the weapons I could see I looked at their armor next.

Leader's gear was mostly leather with a few parts of metal, tooth and bone worked into it. The leather was colored a dark brown almost black in the shadows. The teeth and bone both stained black were all good for hunting in the dark. The quality of his gear really showed.

The lackey was wearing more of a work shirt and longer boots the grays and faded blues looked more like casual work clothes than a combat outfit. Might be more in matching with his gray wolf tail, fashion wise. The two Wolfkin also had similar wolf ears they were more to the sides than I would have thought, the leaders were a bit smaller and a shade different color. Each of them had a few accessories on, rings or bracers.

Really wasn't enjoying the condescending look on the lackey's face either.


The two Wolfkin moved a few meters from the fire.

Teea asked, “Your friend going to stay hidden or what?”

Ah, don't mind him, his appearance is flawed. Hey come out you idiot!” The Wolfkin lacky said while leaning on the leader.


From the left side of those two, a larger Werewolf walked out of the tree line. The moment you could see him Dainea and Steph both reacted a bit, the fangs and eyes had little humanity there and was full on huge wolf beast type, a complete opposition to the timid nature he had. The claws and teeth alone would give kids nightmares on Earth. His shabby clothing gave off the feeling he was picked on a lot by those in his life.

Sorry.” said the really tall scruffy Werewolf.

Pack mates?”  One of the girls said.

I was thinking several things at the comment made by Teea. The image of the three of them cavorting naked in the woods, etc. Yes, yes back to reality!


That one smells kind of rotten.” The leader of the three commented.

I do not.” The word impulsively exited my mouth.

She does a bit, she one of those girls that likes boys, who likes boys?”  Who said that, I will kill them here and now!

So they have that here too huh?” In any case, I try to get the image of the three of them doing a front to rear chain or sandwich. “It's not really the case, although if you have the inclination, I would never say no to a good show. Perverts are perverts after all.”


What, you calling us a pervert now?” The Wolfkin lackey retorted with a sneer.

No, I meant myself.”

She totally called you a pervert dude!” The leader added.

Ugh,” This is totally degenerating into a big mess. “Sorry, this girl is more into doing perverted things with my lover over there and I meant nothing by my comment before.”

I see, so you're saying we not good enough then, dude she is so, not into you.” The lackey Wolfkin was wanting to fight now.

Hey, stop poking, I mean provoking him.” I sneer at the guy trying to egg the leader on.  See what you all have started now!


We are done with the campfire you can have the spot here.” Teea's was doing her best to sidetrack the confrontation.

Why don't you cook for us, women are good at that right?”

No, lackey number one, we won't be doing that,” I toss a stick meant to be fire wood off to his side. “Why don't you cook your own meals.”

He reacted to the stick and the movement, then faced back towards the three of us. “Hey!”

I tilt my head a bit, “What?”

You trying to insult us?”

No, just you. Did you want fight or something? Been nothing but a yelping pup since you arrived.” I look at the Wolfkin leader then Teea.

Calling my good friend a pup, I can't let you get away with that.” The leader's response was a bit proud. You could see he agreed with me in some ways.

Oh, sorry about that, idiots rub me the wrong way. Nothing against you personally.”


Gathering some mana, I also ready myself to cast a spell.

This bitch, can I show her who she is dealing with here?” Lackey was about to burst from agitation.

I don't mind the four of us killing the three of you, rather not have to clean up afterwards. So maybe I just kill him and solve the original problem.” That was my first offer to the leader.

You kill me? Ha!”

Well, I don't mind putting an arrow into them either way.” Teea added.

Dainea, put your bow down.” I eye Dainea who was starting to shake a bit at the level of tension.

O-okay.” Lowering her bow, she calmed down some.

So two on two then, I guarantee your cute big friend there is not going to fight.” Winking at the big Werewolf. I smile gently and let some charm magic out as softly as I could.

Me, cute?”

Shut up, you can't even shift, you trash.” The lackey was digging his own grave here.

He's just envious of your mature stature. Bet his shift isn't nearly as cool as you are now.” The spell landed and the look in his eyes was all I needed to see that even without the magic, he was charmed. I mean boys don't cry like that for no reason.

The leader may have had enough. “Hey, you two this isn't fun time in the village, we are out in the wild. You, get your act together, and you, calm down.” Not sure the leader has ever had to deal with something like this before. Tonight was unlucky for him, now that he had let his buddy run his mouth.

Teea, what is the common sense way to greet a group in the wilds?”

Not sure there is a single way. When you have good intentions you greet with an introduction and go on from there.”

Great, we're a group from Acdin, nice to meet you, despite a crude start, I hope we can get along. Still, if lackey number one there, does not apologize for his multiple offenses. Things are going to get messy.”

Fair enough, apologize.” The leader said to his buddy.

And if I don't?”

Not going to make you dude.” The leader finishes.

You okay with us killing him then?” I grin.

More than okay.” The leader answer was pretty casual.

What?” He looked shocked.

Don't What me. You tend to go over do it sometimes. I mean picking on the girls in the Clan or even Warhol there. You are not going to listen to me. You might as well deal with it yourself. If she is strong enough to kill you, I can't do anything about it, can I? Do you want the two of us to fight her then her friends join in. Sounds like a conflict of personalities to me. Step up and duel her or we all fight and I don't think that either is a good idea. The whole encounter is strange.”

Fine, let's fight.” He pulls out his sword.

Teea, there any practical rules for duels?”

Don't die?” She looks like she is about to die laughing. So glad I can be her comedy relief.


So you are not going to show us your wimpy shift form. I'm so sad, I am gonna cry.” I pull the dagger from the leather sheaf and put a bit of the really weaker than weak poison on the blade.

The lack of apprehension on his face vanished at that moment. Then when I pulled out my wand from the belt behind me with my left hand his face paled even further.

So? You Ready?” I ask gathering the mana for a tiny Void Sphere. If he should pull the bow, I will definitely snap the string with it. Sadly he put the bow aside, along with his shirt and a few other things like shoes.

Oh a strip show, shame we don't have screen shot capability, huh Princess?”

Lackey got a bit flustered and turned angry again. Aside from the fact I was talking to Steph the Moon Minx, he must have thought I was insulting him and his gender.

He did shift for us, it was quite the impressive sight, stretching first then moving a single part of his body at a time to change its shape. He ended up 10-20 cm shorter than the other Werewolf. My guess about him feeling inadequate was spot on. Now that I see it, a bit wary as to why I picked a fight with him in the first place. Guess I was hungry for blood. I unconsciously, I licked my lips and moved away from the fire and our seats.

Now then, how do we go about not dying here?



- Clearing in The Woods During Our Hunting Trip -


Not sure how it ended up this way? We are about to duel this little girl with long colored hair and a strange outfit. Not only did she put poison on her blade, she also pulled out a spell casting wand. I can't identify the poison as any I'd seen or smelled and never fought with a magic caster before. Sure I was angry as I could get and all the stronger for it, yet this felt dangerous.

Bitch, you going to cook dinner for me after this, even if you have to crawl on the ground to do it.” I charged at her and swung my sword. She backed up as I kept advancing not taking my swings at all. Must be too weak to engage me after all. In our clan, I am in the top ten of the strongest after all. Even if my weapon skills are skill low, I should have no problems.

You gonna stop running away?” I move after her faster.

Okay. How about this?”

She stepped to the side and a fire sprang up as I lunged into it. Hot! I plunged further into the fire unable to pull the swing, I rolled forward and to the right as she had stepped to the left.

Putting out the flames on my arms with my left, I return to a standing position. Waiting for an attack, it never came.

The fire I went through didn't fade and stayed large and bright. She moved to her right coming out from behind the fire and stood there with a hungry look on her face. “Well? You warmed up enough yet?” she asked.

The singed hairs on my arm smoking a nasty smell. My arm now just registering the amount of heat from the flames. “Just starting out!” Standing, I get ready to attack.


She did it again! Now there two fires burning and I had attacked into the new one. I put out the fire on my pants this time and moved to defend. We had yet to draw blood and I was getting cooked. Any thoughts of giving up and apologizing long since given up. She needed to feel pain and suffering now.

Again, more fire, damned bitch needs to die.

With her insane dodging and the three fires, this evil woman needs to die. I charged again ignoring the singed areas on my left side now.



You did ask me to cook for you, although I do like my food more raw? Feel like giving up and saying you're sorry? Maybe begging me to let you live rather than become a late night snack?”


No! I will kill you first!” There is fire all around me where did she go? I will kill her the moment I see her then rape her fresh corpse and eat her heart. I'll leave what is left for the bird in the morning. Where, where?


It is getting hard to breath and see now.

Give up?” That evil voice again from behind the fires, all I can do is swing my sword at it.

The fire burns again! If I don't swing at it, a dagger flies through the flames and cuts me. At the same time I am running out of strength. I can't talk, If I open my mouth the smoke and heat chokes me. I can only breath through the fingers of my left hand barely. Can't give up must kill that evil voice.



- Clearing filled with flames -


I stare in amazement at the scene in front of us, not only is that idiot getting cooked to death but no one can do anything to stop it. Lured into a frenzy, 'All Claw' has been trapped on all sides by those huge fires. Of the many fights I'd seen, this may be the most painful to watch. Plus I wanted to cover my nose, pretty sure if that guy has any fur left, its under his feet. What can I do, I wanted him to be punished a bit, have a hard time maybe, but what do I do? Those guys, his father and clan, when I don't bring anything left of him home, what do I tell them?

I look at Warhol, might be, he has fallen in love with that demon. Certainly, he has no love for All Claw who beat him and teased him for ages now. As for the girls companions they stop watching after the third fire due to the graphic nature of the event, and went back to sitting around the fire talking.

This was supposed to be a quick sprint through the woods to the other clans camp and back, yet here we are and my childhood friend is gonna die because of his pride.


Sure smells bad doesn't it. Wonder if I should pick some flowers for that girl? Would she like the smell of those better?” Warhol wanted to go pick flowers for this demon is he in his right mind?

Hopeless and idiots all around me! How does Grandpa even handle beasts of the clan?



- Clearing in the Woods During Our Hike up the Hills -


Looks like that Idiot has no more fight in there. Canceling the mana to the fires behind him, he didn't seem to even notice anything anymore. Letting the fires in front fade as well. I let the air clear some. During the fight, All Claw had earned a few cuts most of the burns were not that serious. Most of the damage was oxygen deficiency and smoke inhalation, as if he fainted standing up, and not to fall in the fire took all his concentration. The fires gone. He fell forwards, before hitting the ground I caught him and cut his artery on the neck and drank.


I could feel his fury and the warmth from his blood was a fire. A fine dinning experience with no cost. Free and it was all you could eat night. I would not stop for anything until his heartbeat was nothing. His strength was becoming mine. My meal nourished me like nothing before ever had. I pushed the monster inside me down tied it up and chained it away. The flames from the fight became the image in my mind for the rage and fury within his blood. Fear, jealousy, hate, blood-lust the desire to conquer and sex, they spun in his blood and drove him, now they drove me to look for the same satisfaction.

I picked up his body and threw it as far into the woods as I could, if I had seen the sight of the little me tossing a huge werewolf into the forest with such fierceness I would have run away terrified. I didn't toss the thing over any tree but certainly it went a ways past the edge of the clearing.


Leave!” was all I could yell at the two Werewolves staring at me. Blood dripping down my face.

Inside me someplace, I knew, knew that if they stayed I would have their blood too. I didn't mind that but the shock on Dainea's face was enough. I don't know if that All Claw was dead or just out cold but all that mattered at the moment was the passion in my blood right now, the need to fight, kill, eat or copulate.

Dainea would have to do for the moment in the last case. And I certainly wouldn't mind having an audience, but for safety's sake. Best if the boys left before they had a chance to take revenge or join the party. Either case I didn't feel good about them being there.


LEAVE!” I canceled the charm spell and empowered my voice at the motionless wolves. A few birds in the area also thought I was speaking at them and also left, fleeing into the air.

They both turned and ran out of the clearing.

Good, Dainea will you join me for some post combat healing? I have a feeling we may not be getting back to Acdin before sunrise.” I pulled her hand to my chest to let her feel my heart rate.

Oh, my Ophilia are you okay?” Dainea concern was heartwarming in a different sense.

My desires were at the moment driving me to climax. “My meal was, to put it mildly, too stimulating. You know that lightning drink you are so fond of? This is a few time more stimulating and way more vicious. When I said a few, I lied, it is like, oh forget it.”


Eeeh? Wait! Put me down.” Dainea said from atop my shoulder.

I head into the treeline opposite side of the clearing from where the wolves went.



Please, no more.” She purred into my ears.

Must have been an hour already and she was spent. “This is no good Dainea, You the only one here and-” I shed a tear, we had exhausted Dainea's body she couldn't even lift a finger now. Yet my lust wasn't satisfied.

I am pretty happy right now, do you mind if I sleep?” She nodded, wobbled a bit, working to stay awake.

If you go to sleep, I might attack Teea? I can't fight this desire by myself. Steph is cute, as a cat she doesn't quite work, you know?”

That's fine, shoo, sleeping.”


I was really stunned. Just like that she said it was fine to attack Teea, in my arms, I carried her back to the campfire. In my current mental state, it was hard to debate the pro's and con's of the situation. Gently on the ground now.  She is sleeping with the goofiest grin ever, Dainea was sleeping so deeply and so cute.  Nom!

Um, Steph come here.”

No, no, no, Y-you stay over there. I'll keep look out.” She headed over to Dainea quickly and rested her head.

What's going on?” Teea's question broke my restraint, and my hopeless plea to Steph left unanswered.

Teea?” I turn my hungry eyes to Teea and my next meal.

What?” She replied, sitting there a worried look on her face.

Have you ever taken a girl, without their consent?”

Maybe. Difficult to tell sometimes, when you are really drunk-”


I had already steped up to Teea and put my hand into her hair.

I guide her up from her sitting position. A long forceful penetrating kiss and she goes a bit slack in the knees. My left hand goes from her blushing cheek, trailing fingers down her right side fluttering between her arm and small firm breast. Pulling her body to mine from her waist, then sliding my left hand between her clothes and into her warm soaked thighs.

A quick bite of her lips and more deep kissing, I dance my fingers around her soaked opening, while she shakes and reacts, pushes and pulls. With only my left hand I support her entire weight off the ground. Her riding my two fingers while my mouth is just pushing her deeply for more. My right hand still firmly holding her hair. Her tongue and whole body are the only two things she seems to be focused on at the moment. Her arms still hanging at her side. Me having released her mouth and tongue, she awakens to the moment, having realized what is happened now. Before she could do anything, I set her down with my left hand, with that same hand put her right hand in my mouth. Discovering the new length of my canines I puncture the skin of Teea's finger.

*gasp* Teea shuddered  and moaning some.


Seriously, erotic there Anne.” Steph's voice lingering in my ear for only a moment.

Teea shudders again and breathes in heavily, seeing her mouth I raise my soaked finger to her lips. She sucks my fingers clean while her blood swirls in my mouth.


I pulled us down to the ground slowly, steps from where we had made our meal. The slight ground cover our only cushion.

With the additional blood from Teea and two more hours of intimacy, again mostly with Teea, I recovered enough sense to know, never to drink from a frenzy crazed werewolf ever again. Al that and Teea and Dainea have really different sexy faces.


The return trip was, for the most part, those two helping each other walk and Steph getting tail and tummy molested the rest of the way home. Steph couldn't escape even if she tried.

We dropped Teea at her place, entering our bed around 2-3 hours after sunrise.



- Our Apartment in Acdin -


Those two slept. Or tried for the most part, I kept petting them and snuggling with them. Sometime later they drifted off to sleep. Left with only more free time, I worked on understanding the changes in the blood drinking, and the effects it had on me.

One thing was, the more times I drank from someone the more erotic they found it. Next was my teeth grew sharper from before, and they were a fixed sized, that in and out extending of teeth crap still not possible. My sense of about the nature of the blood was growing. Blood could be absorbed by any part of me, but if it was through a fabric, hardened/dried or in my hair, I couldn't. A notion of the feelings and mental state of the person I was drinking from also came to mind and could influence how I felt for a time afterwards. Add to that, every time I fed, there was also a growth to my body or ability. Wasn't a huge growth mind you. Yet, with the werewolf blood, when it was drained I was sure there was, if it were a game, you would want to round it off to a point of strength and a point of constitution or endurance. Reasonable to assume I could consume the blood and get the benefits of their highest stat. How permanent it was, yet to be seen.

Maybe even a point in rage if such a stat existed. Those thieves in the back alley, were like a point of dexterity or agility. Drinking a person dry, felt like that kind of growth, if it was so and that was actually the case, I could only image what kind of monster I'd become later. Did later growth come as easily, would the Yankees get to the playoffs this year? Was having sex with Teea that many times a good thing? A mind full of questions and sleep was far from possible right now.

I got to work on my previous creations, a copy of my Waifu rabbits from Earth and a phallic wand, maybe I should retire to a cave someplace be a monster there and not hurt anyone.

I kind of want to go home and see everyone right now...”

... Mmm home sucks and people are crap everywhere you go anyways...” Steph put in her two cents on that comment apparently. Her asleep again second later, it was me with my thoughts again.


Not sure how to handle having had sex with Teea, but Dainea was fine with it, even if she said she wanted me all to herself. I mean, I really felt that way too. For some reason I had always imagined a harem in a bad light, only good for something in fantasies. When it becomes mutual to all parties involved, isn't that just an ongoing orgy? Not to mention do they have those bad things you can catch from others? Do I have to worry about that when I feed as well?


Tried out my new wand a few times. Waifu needed some raw cleaned cotton as filling at this point. Made the rest of the uniform parts for Teea, then set about cleaning the apartment up.

All Claw's blood left me in power mode for the rest of the day, and the next day and part of the day after.


Exhausted from the long hike and plethora of extremely rough sex that morning, Dainea didn't get up at her normal time and slept in. Only getting up around the time to drag herself to work. All three of us went together. Dae holding my hand to keep from stumbling on the short walk.



- Wooden Bucket -


What do we think about this morning?” I finally got around to asking outside the tavern as we arrived.

What about it?” Dainea's nervousness only apparent from the sound of her voice and not her words.

About the part where... I drank a werewolf and partied and consumed two girls all morning? Sure, what is there to think about? Par the course, the insanity that is my life. More, sorry I had to sleep with Teea, I don't really like her that way. Not that she isn't a cool beauty type. But I like you best.”

I couldn't tell.” Steph's comment mostly a joking tone.

Sorry to you as well! I know, you didn't have to, 'have that done in front of you' after all.” I felt embarrassed that I did so, now.

Totally learned something from that one, I mean wow. My girlfriend is strong and lustful as well.” Steph put out her tongue at me.

Sure, sure, when you learn to shift, I'll have sex with you then.” I said in a joking manner, looking at Dainea I added, “That is if it is okay with Dainea.”

Fine by me.”

““...”” Me and then Steph were a bit stunned.

No really, I totally expected that. So you think she can really transform?” At Dainea's comment, we all looked at each other.


I'll be right back!”

Not sure where Steph was full speed dashing off to, but since we had arrived at the Wooden Bucket. I had no problems hanging out for a while here. I can apologize to instructor Planknel, for being late, yet again.


After an hour of no Steph, I dashed off to meet up with Mr. Planknel. We had lessons in the Bucket today in magic theory and science, left the casting for another day.


A little later, “Well, well, if it isn't Mr. Planknel. Not your regular hang out, how are you doing?”

Looking up from our discussion, teacher puts on a shocked look. “My, it's hasn't been that long Magister Feller. Doing good and you? Why are you back, I thought you were retired in the next town over with that apprentice who sucked you into her bed?”  Then got up to greet him properly.

Oh ho, still angry she didn't choose your bed is it?” The man in travels robes and a riding gloves stood there smiling at Mr. Planknel.

More like isn't the reason he is angry is because he didn't get the chance to share this man's bed? I had the feeling Mr. Planknel went both ways. His blushing made the whole thing way too obvious. I mean the moment he saw the man, his breathing changes and his face got a bit of color to it. I would have to say, Mr. Planknel's type is skinny, sharp and very smart, men or women.


What brings you to Acdin?” Mr. Planknel avoided the question from earlier and moved on.

Family thing, very boring family things. Mind If I sit for a drink? I don't see who I was supposed to be meeting.” The Magister looked around again.

Sure, please sit, you don't mind do you?” Turning to me, Mr. Planknel asked.

Should I let you two reminisce? I can head to the bar and chat with Dainea?” I asked

Certain that, when it came to choosing between being alone with a man he cared for and talking about magic and science it was a challenging decision for teacher. “Please sit, he's married after all. Ah no, I mean- um, let's get another round.”

So obvious!


Good Idea!” The Magister Feller waved at Dainea to come for a drink order.

The two men finally sitting back down.


Having a chance to look at our new drinking addition, he was old, old enough to be a Grandpa or Great Grandpa. I was not one to be able to guess the age of old men, I would say 50-70 years, who knows. Mom never did let us meet up with most of our family after all. And hanging out with men in town didn't seem to be acceptable in Mom's view either.

He was skinny. The gray beard was trimmed cleanly and his hair, short up top. Only a couple inches in length. The travel robes were the kind where you wouldn't care if they were dirtied normally but even if he just got into town, they were really clean and a bit more expensive looking than regular ones. You could tell he was a magic instructor right away, the sharp features of his face would snap to any mistakes you made in casting or etiquette. I could imagine the fear he instilled in many of his less apt pupils.


When Dainea arrived, I pulled her hand in and gave it a quick kiss.

Magister Feller looked at me then nodded in some sort of understanding, that even if she was a serving girl disrespect meant something. Too many places in town, the patrons treated there servers bad sometimes to the point of trouble. Feller learning Dainea was mine, and that I was hers was pretty common behavior as far as couples go in this World.


Since I just got in town, can I get the first choice for today and good ale to go with? New drinks for you apprentice?” Feller put in his order to Dainea.

Not yet, oh, uh? Miss Ophilia, were you ready for a fresh one.” Planknel looking at me quickly then back to Feller.

Instructor Planknel, my current one is good, thank you.”

Instructor?” Magister looked more surprised than anything.

Hmm?” Planknel made a strange reply then looked away.

Got it, I'll bring the next round when you are ready dear.” Dainea squeezed my hand and kissed it back.


Magister Feller rubbed his hands together after putting down is riding gloves. “I didn't think you were interested in taking on apprentices or students, or even teaching?” His inquiry was not to be denied was the look on his face.

With no place to hide in sight, Mr. Planknel sighed, then gave in and answered, “She is talented.” He said at the table, then hid behind his newly discovered drink on the table in front of him.


Talented, he says.” He looked at me with a raised eyebrow then, glanced back and forth waiting for more information.

Surely he is stretching the truth a bit. My meager understanding of magic is so far a drop in the bucket after all.” My making a joke about the tavern at the same time.

*cough* *spit, spit*

Mr. Planknel had issues with his drink and the liquid came back out his mouth and landed on the table.

The Magister fellow cleaned up the few drops on his face and hands then took a drink. “Now I am really curious.” He added as an after thought, mostly to himself.

Sooooo, what was so urgent that you made an evening trip to Acdin? Cannot imagine that succubus wife is happy about this.” Mr. Planknel's change of subject was apparent to everyone in the room.

Afraid I'll steal your student there or worried I'll sleep with her before you do?” His crass remark was a bit off point and a wasted attack for the most part.

Sir, my girlfriend is more than satisfactory for me. Besides, I don't think that was the problem in the first place.” I tried to educate the man on his misunderstanding.

His confusion left me sure that whatever happened, this hopeless main protagonist was the stupid type when it came to people's affections. I could only smile and hope Mr. Planknel's future love interests turned out better.

Anyways, she's pregnant and anything I can do to get out of the house now is better than, you know.”

Old man not shooting blanks is he? My thoughts were about how lucky for them, she must be young then. If that is the case, how old is he really?

Congratulations, please send my best wishes to Marllena.”

Thank you. I shall.”


Dainea set down the meal plate in front of Feller and he dug in with a surprising vigor. “Ah meat, so good! Finally, Marlee has us eating vegetables three times a day hoping for a girl.”

You do know that the sex of a child is determined by the male's sperm right?” I spat out before thinking. Covering my mouth with my drink I look around innocently.

The two men look at me and ask, “What is sp, erm?”

Really, you are not virgins at this age, I would think. You would know what comes out of 'there' by now.” I say trying to derail the conversation to no avail.

Magister puts down his fork and looks at me again with a lot of concentration. “Girl, you are saying that the sex of a baby is determined by what comes out of men? How do you know this?”

What? Did I say something unusual?” I hum, and look innocently at the exposed roof beams in the room.

She is talented.”

Is that a code word for you guys? Tal, ent, ted?” I ask making fun of them at the same time. “Guess it is a good thing right? I mean, if you can convince the mother of such. You can have meat again right?” Poking his weakness for the sleeping comment before.

Okay, that aside, how do you know?”

Fine, read it in a book by an expert. That is how most people spread knowledge right?”

Is this book, available anywhere for me to read it? Does it have a name?” Magister probed further.

Available, hummmmm, you finding a copy, would be unlikely in your lifetime. It's name... 'Genetics for Dummies'.”

Ge, net, ics?” Mr. Planknel asked.

That would be the inherited traits passed on from one generation to the next. Eye color, sex, skin, body type things and the rest that makes us up.” Filling them in again, this lesson might take all night.

You know the name of the person that wrote this book?” Magister looked hopeful.


I took a second to think. “No clue, think it was more than one and even then, you meeting them, not likely.” Drinking my drink verrrrrry slowly as to not have to talk too much more.

Such a treasure, I can't even imagine.” Magister's mind was at a far away place.

Not really, one of the most boring things I every picked up.”

*cough* “Um, Magister Feller, might be best if we kept a few things we talk about tonight to our selves.” *cough*

I could only think inventing a cough drop in this world would solve so many problems right now.

Boring she says, talented he says... very suspicious I say.” Returning to his plate he asks one last question about the subject.

So how can you tell? If I gave her a boy or girl?”


I look at Mr. Planknel. Him giving me a shrug was unhelpful, “You want to know that, ask the baby.” I shrug not coming up with any way to teach them how to make an ultrasound with a spell. The thought of a microscope from a spell might be possible, not sure how that would help with this problem.


Mind magic might be possible?” Magister was looking at it that way.

I am pretty sure there is no way to see the baby until it comes out, any intro-vaginal inspection would possibly create problems, If you can create an image with sound it might be possible. Just don't use any sound loud enough to hurt the baby eardrums. I think the mother would be upset in any case. A crazy husband trying things on her like that. I just know the sex of the baby depends on the man's contribution. Finding out what the result is... Difficult. Like most things not impossible.”

Interesting!” A couple people in the bar return to their drinks after my short lecture.


You sure she isn't the instructor Planknel?”

Well we have a bit of an information exchange, more than one way lesson.” His answer was correct, I guess.

What have you been teaching her? She seems to know a lot of things I had no Idea about.”

I fill the silence left my Mr. Planknel, “Let's see, in the last week or so. He taught me the Spells for Mana Bolt, Create Light, Summon Fire, helped me get my elemental separation technique to a good level of skill, and he showed me the basics of the other elemental controls, still working on that one. Was that it? No there was the Voi-”


The spell for shadows sphere, she means.” I got corrected, my mistake, sorry.

This time it was Mr. Planknel's turn to get cover with drink exploding out from the Magister's mouth.


Habit to cover each other with liquids is it?” I ask, handing a scrap of cloth to Mr. Planknel.

N, No!” His blushing was too much so, I ended up biting my lip to stay quiet.

I see,” wiping up some himself. “So you gave her that many lessons in one week, crash course, refresher, or some crossover student?”

?” It was my turn to be confused.

Nope.” Mr. Planknel smiled at something then looked away.

Then why so many lectures, wouldn't the time be better used learning to cast Mana Bolt before teaching the other principles?”

Talented.” The smile behind his drink was really cute, he should show it to more people.

What do you mean?”

You mean it isn't normal to learn the lectures, then how to cast them then actually do so successfully in less than ten days?” I ask no one in particular staring at my drink.


Magister stood up then tumbles backwards over his stool. The shock was too much for him apparently, he looked back and forth between us a few times waiting for something to make sense.

What's a crossover student?”

When a person from another magic school or similar enter for lessons in a different school.”

Yup, a week ago I had never once used mana. Now it's like a light as entered and illuminated my mind.” I cast a small dancing flame in front of me and played with it some. Letting the flame become bigger, then smaller while it dances to the air currents in the room. I must say it got quite easy after playing with that Werewolf for so long.

Back from the floor, Magister Feller had an odd smile. “Okay, say I believe you, learning three types of magic in one week. Sounds, a little far fetched to me.”

I shrugged my shoulders and let the flame fade out. Not really big item on the top things to worry list about right now.

So did Magister Feller here, teach you the 'shadows sphere' spell?” My turning the conversation to Planknel was to see, what was what with them.

No, that was after I left and went to recover from, I mean learn new magics. Magister Feller is an Elemental and Light Magic Spell caster. He can also cast spell in Mind Magic but he's scared to use that school's magic after an unfortunate incident.”

Yeah, never happened.” Feller nodded.

Seeing most of their drinks had ended up on the table, we were about ready for another round, a look at Dainea the Pro bar waitress, and we had new ones on the way.



- Half an Hour Later -


Conversation for the three of us centered around magic and science. Normal for Instructor and myself, so adding Magister Feller, we covered a few things, we had between the two of us talked about before.

Not a regular hang out for you Magister, did you have a meeting here? You mentioned something before.” Mr. Planknel asked.

Oh, right! I was supposed to talk to a girl wearing a black skirt, white shirt and boots, a bit like a coastal-waters raider or some such.”

I look down at my outfit thinking that is my normal wear, and now that I recall. I had changed to wash those since they smelled of roasted werewolf and burnt hair. I was wearing something similar to Dainea casual wear when not working. Something made for her but fit me also, as a casual wear it works while my stuff was drying in the apartment.

So what did you want to talk to me about?”

Oh Lizards Crap! That's you? Figures.” Magister started mumbling about something over his drink.

His exclamation was loud enough to draw the attention of more than one patron and employee. Not a good sign in any case.


?” Instructor and I waited for my to finish thinking.

Guess it doesn't matter now, I'll talk with my Idiot family member and clear it up, if I can.”

Oh, is this about the thing with Wensi's Uncle and his nephew the other day?” Dainea rushed over hearing me talk about the pissing event.

Could be, sounds like it may be that.” Feller sat there thinking.

Dainea reaching the table asked us, “Is everything good here, did you need anything else?”

Not at the moment, let me settle the bill. Least I can do if that problem child has made another mess.” Magister offered to pay the tab, before he could do so I stopped him.

You know I can't let you do that, this is like a first home for me and Dainea, as such I should be the one to offer hospitality, Dae, his money is no good here and this, It is the least I can do to cover the damages to his family jewels.” Winking at Dainea she giggled and returned to the counter.

Sure? Can you explain to me what you meant?” Feller and Planknel both looked at me with a look that said I made little sense.


So you crushed his family juice shop, eh? Down right frightening child there Planknel.”


Telling the story of everything up to today, only leaving out details a few times. Everyone laughed and joked, as we passed around drinks, It went on for a while. At some point, having forgot to meet with Teea, she showed up thinking trouble may have happened and came looking for us. Adding one more reason to tell the whole story again, the five of us drank and relaxed talked of magic and local stories. An hour later Teea had found a lively specimen to add to her lap. The young girl she found was originally with another guy, but got scared off by Teea somehow. Her skills were legendary around here after all.



- Streets of Acdin -


Planknel was super drunk and Magister was not far behind, they got carried home by four girls. Can only hope the rumor doesn't get back to his wife about that. We dumped them at Planknel's bachelor pad in town and headed back to our Apartment. Teea and her girl going their own way when convenient route to her home appeared.


There is a Harvest Festival coming up soon, I didn't think to ask before this, would you and Steph go with me to it?”

Course I'll go with you. Wait, what are the festivals like here?” Walking hand in hand with Dainea I pause and look at her. The image of a few ancient Greek and Pagan festivals sprang to mind. Making me blush then become a bit nervous.

Vendors from out of town, a pageant for the Winter Maiden, a dance in the main square and a day off for a lot of places. Lasts all day, my working hours will be normal ones so we can go during the afternoon or early evening.”

Sounds pretty normal, what is the part about a pageant for the Winter Maiden?”

Hehe, um, a girl gets chosen and she has to sleep with all the single people in town before the first snows.”


No.” Dae's effort to make a joke and my lack of response disappointing her.

Gosh you are not fun at all, I thought you'd be a bit shocked.” Her cute pout was so cute, I pulled her into the nearest alley. We enjoyed a few crazy minutes.


Winter Maiden pageant?”

Right!” Straightening her dresses hem and fixing her chest as she walked out of the alley with me. “All the cute girls in town dress up and one will get chosen to be the representative for the winter festival. She will represent the long nights and the hope for a good springtime.”

Then why do they do that in the fall?”

There are dresses and she needs to practice the prayer, a song to sing at the Winter Festival.”

Oh, makes sense.” After a thought I ask. “Did you ever participate in the pageant?”

What? No, no, I'm too old now and our old town did something different. Plus, I'm not really a maiden anymore.”

Did you do that with a guy? You said she had to sleep with all the singles in town.”

Do what with a guy?”

I made the finger into a circle thing.

Why would I do that? Not like I want a child.”

Isn't being a maiden someone who hasn't had sex? Or has her skin still?”

Maiden is a girl who is ten or fewer years old.”

Oh. Still, making a dress for that sounds fun.” Had the thought of a few dresses that might work in mind, most from cartoon movies about Winter. Might be an opportunity to sell a few at the tailor's shop if that were the case.

Can you tell me about the dresses from the past years?”

Heading back to the apartment, there was still no word yet from Princess Stephanie. Hope her hunt for a skill trainer is going well.



- Our Apartment -


Was a good time to clean up and do some gear maintenance. Dainea ate a meal then sat with me. We drew out a few ideas for a few dresses on the fabric and discussed making a few later. Her skills at tailoring where to the point of maintenance only, so anything she needed fixing I would work on as well.

With a late dinner for Dae out of the way, she edged over to me while working. She seemed to have something in mind, yet I couldn't quite guess. Putting down the fabric and tools I sat looking into her eyes.

Ophilia.” Whatever she had been about to say was interrupted by her kiss. Her hand slowly making a path up from my waist. She hesitant about which direction her hand was going every time she it got close to my face she moved it away. Her tongue was interested in my teeth more than ever before. I breathed heavily, calming myself, waiting for her to ask for what she wanted. She moved her hands to my lips as well. She, resisting the urge to explore me mouth. Seeing the conflict in her eyes, helped me decide to break the kiss.

I picked her up in my arms and walked over to the water bucket with the washing cloth. Placing her on the short wood stool we used to wash with, I pulled the cloth and washed her face as we kissed. Cleaning her and making her messy at the same time, we continued this way.


At the point she could take it no more. She breathed hard and heavy in my ear. “Please feed on me, please, anywhere just, please, drink me up soon. Hurry, I can't last much longer.” Her plea was enough and her eyes confirmed her words along with her grasping hand at my mouth.

I think I can, it might hurt a bit more, don't let me take too much Dae.” Rolling up her skirt and apron, I took the cloth and washed her thighs, the cool water sending shivers along her legs. Using one hand I pushed her torso back so she rested against the wall and I lowered my head to her lower garments. I finished rolling up the skirt above her waist then moved her underwear to the side. Her fully swollen pinkness and flushed folds waited and pulsing in time with her fast heartbeat. Her heartbeat picked up even more when a moved to start drinking. A bit of anticipation of the pain then pleasure had her juices dripping down in a light trickle already so far gone. I brought her left swollen lip into my mouth she gasped a few times. I let my upper fang press lightly on the flesh and she convulsed, the involuntary movement causing me to penetrate the skin the scent of blood and her sex filled my senses and we climaxed over and over together. Some were together, a few at different timing. When the waves of pleasure subsided I washed her legs and feet, then we undressed and moved to the bed.

The rest of our play that morning was gentle and happy.


You are the best monster a girl could ever have for a girlfriend! I know you don't like to be called that, I'm happy we are together. Really!”

Dainea, You are going to make me cry if you say something like that.”



- Dreams are Windows to the Soul They Say -


Sizing a dress for a younger girl was challenging, best we could do is a rough guess.


A military wedding for Teea. Her in a dress and her girl partner in a Uniform?


I had a dream. Dreamed about spicy werewolf-meat tacos. Topped with a salsa and smattering of Cheddar cheese. Served on a platelet of shining silver. Little Steph's in Moon Minx form danced to a happy melody as I was fed snippets of wisdom from all my friends. The winter snows fell upwards into the sky. I sat in a desolate field after a war had raged. The fruits of the season celebrated their win against the evil vegetables trying to take over. Winter flax, rice and wheat marching in to scavenge what was left of the fallen. I could only panic as my red silk dress flew away into the winds. Springs flowers were so far away, yet I remembered their scent and hoped to see them soon.



End Chapter 5

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