Blood Fractal



Vol 2 - Chapter 1 and 2 - Not so Brave World


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More perverted misadventures for you all.  Thanks for reading 23 more pages of my story.


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Blood Fractal – Volume 2

Chapter 1

Not So Brave New World

- Dainea's Room in the Wooden Bucket, Acdin -

Sunlight was never really my friend before, even less so now that I was on a permanent liquid diet of blood. Good thing the afternoon bells had sounded a few times and would soon be evening again. I hugged Princess Stephanie and Dainea close and tried to close my eyes again.


Dainea kissed me and sniffed the air, “Do you smell something funny?”

“Other than us after five hours of sex?”

“Yes.” She rolled over smelling the air and pulling my arms around her.

I smell my pits then her then Steph then the air.

“It's not me.” Steph yawned and added.

“It talks?” Dainea was very surprised.

“That is Princess for you, bar maid.” Steph retorted.

“So we did introduce Princess Stephanie yesterday. She is...” I look at the Moon Minx. “Eh, a Moon Minx that used to be a person. And we um...”

“Meow.” Stephanie laid down and snuggled with me.

“Sure, that's-” Dainea looked a bit jealous but seemed to think she had the better deal being able to have sex after all.

“I smell it, but it is not coming from the bed.” I try changing the subject.

“Like something is dead and going bad.” I jump up.

“Oh! The corpses from the hunt last night, must be in my bag still, Shit! What do I do with them?”


“Just a couple of 'Field Jerry' after all.” Moving to the bag, I take the sheet covering us and wrap it around me. Leaving me with a great view of a naked Dainea and Steph checking the competition out.

“Oh in that case lets take them to the kitchen.”

Taking out the bodies and the meat drops, “Good Idea!” I gag getting a good whiff of them up close, they smell awful. “People actually eat these smelly things?”

“Sure couple places including this place, sells dishes from these.” Getting up from bed and moving to put on some clothes, Dainea smiles and puts on her undergarments. Plain, with some regret I watch her cover up. Mmm, once we get some decent clothes on this girl.

“I might make something from the skins, can the kitchen save any useful scraps?” Always interested in getting the most from something I think stuffed toys might work. “Or do they need to be processed?”

“Don't know, can ask.” She watches as I pull the last and biggest one out of the strange pack. “These are huge and so many where are they all coming from?”

Apparently my bag has some kind of dimensional thing going on because the amount of stuff inside was my entire inventory from before just piled up neat, one item on top of another, took a while to get anything out if it was near the bottom. So spacial enchantment of some kinds exists here at least. My guess is the back pack might be quite the expensive item with how impressed my girlfriend is with it.

Leaving the backpack in the room we carry the corpses to the kitchen and Princess follows behind. In exchange for all the bodies they will give me back the skins and suggest the town Skinner or a leather worker handle them later. Chef's aid did a good job on the meats and bones, learned a bit still didn't figure out everything they did though. Princess found the hearts enjoyable and the cooked parts tasty. She still liked human food and would not eat some of the things offered by the kitchen staff. Pretty sure her food cost are going to remain rather high. Only thing I had a taste for was the main arteries of anyone's neck I looked at for too long.

At dinner, I ask. “Dainea was kind enough to host us last night. I have some money, if you would want to join me in a fancier Inn tonight? Not that I wouldn't mind sleeping in your bed even if it was a bail of hay.”

The redness on her cheeks was just right, and put my hand on her leg under the table. Oh that amount might be too much. She looks extremely flustered now. “Any of the Inns around have private baths for two maybe?” The wobble to bar maid looks like she is fantasizing about something and non-responsive. I get ready to hold her up steady just in case, then hug her arm.

“Wha, what a bath for two people?”


“Sounds divine!” She melts into my arm some her healthy breast resting there feel quite soft and warm.  "Mom, I've married someone rich!"  Those words made no sense to me as my brain wouldn't process them.

I turn a bit letting the new ones I am still getting use to the weight and size of, meet hers and whisper near her ear, “Is there an Inn like that in town, flower?”

“There is.”

“What time do you get off tonight?”

“Such a loaded question miss...” She grins, “If I work until night's last bell then it is good.”

We arrange to get the room at an Inn with a private bath for the night. Meeting around the time of the last bell. Princess remembers the directions, since I might get lost. Settling the bill from last night and today with the Jerry meat and bones. There was enough coin to tip the staff a few coppers and have a few left over. The special for the next few days was a Field Jerry stew apparently. Steph's critique of it was 'not bad, she had eaten worse things'.

Leaving Dainea to start working downstairs, and returning to Dainea's room for my stuff, I pull out and leave the bunny ears and a new apron on the table for her. I start looking to see if everything is in the pack, gear, weapons, random stuff I had collected so far in game. Everything was in there I had when I went across the World's. Including the clothes I had on that got replaced by Ophilia's they needed adjustment now as my body was as close to Ophilia's as it had been in the character creation process. There was that bit of fluid loss from last nights race conversion mind you.

Speaking of which I should find some more soon. Steph was there, but human blood seems to have the most appeal in my mind at the moment. Maybe an animal if it was alive. Should we see about a thief or thug later for dinner, early breakfast...

I pulled out my wand and tried to cast a [Void Sphere] spell and it took a little longer to remember how and make it work but there it was sitting where I cast it. Steph and myself just watched what looked like a censor circle that just hung in the air watching in awe. When the spell faded a bit later we looked at each other, ““So Freaking Cool!””

I cast [Charm Person] at Steph and she turned a bit more affectionate and had a slight pink effect to her eyes. Told her I was sorry for casting it, and asked what she felt afterwards. More lust than anything and a desire to please me beyond anything she had before. I found that casting a [Mana Bolt] out the window had to be concentrated on as the range increased or the spell would fade fast. Could cast the spell without the wand but was 2 to 3 times harder, took longer and less powerful by some amount. Same for all the magics it seems.

For the most part, everything about daggers that we learned as Ophilia was retained in my memory and I could recall even a few lessons I had while away from keyboard the night Teea gave us lessons upon lessons.

“What now Steph?” I look at her laying where I had slept this morning napping. “Sight seeing?” She yawned not too interested.


Sun about to set I pick up the lazy Minx and my slightly smelly bag and head for the 'Stitch in Time' to see if things were any different.

- Outside the Wooden Bucket -

What is the world like really? The sky is still blue, clouds look white the ones I see. The one visible moon looks nothing like the one on earth. The others may be off hidden right now. For the most part the construction methods are very similar to Earth. They did copy the game world from this one very closely, but there are differences for sure, somethings that might not be acceptable to our World were certainly edited out. Well more about that fun stuff later. Wonder if Miss Utica is like the one in game. I avoid pot holes and sewage and other stinks in the street and head the wrong way of course. Course corrections made, we are go!

At a store that was selling random things, I sell off the claws and tails to get them gone, along with the things from the in-game thugs last night. I buy another water-skin and a few bags for holding items along with survival items I might need. A tooth brush and hair brush for me and Princess, some tools for making clothes and leather items. A few hair ties and an extra pair of socks plus a cloth to wipe off my boots with, seems a common item here that many had. That wasn't needed in any game I had ever seen before, but really made sense here with the streets as they were in some places. Bought a small bowl for camping and feeding use now that Steph was semi dependent on being fed having something to drink or eat out of was helpful.

On the way to the tailor shop I got a good look at a few mounts in this world. A large dog like creature with a half-ling sized humanoid on it went by once, and there was a huge lizard tied to two wheeled skiff transport. No horses here I could see yet. A few tamed creatures I'd never seen the likes of before. And more fashions than were seen in game.

- Tailor of the Times Shop -


So, looks like names from the game world had a few changes. I could read this world characters after thinking about them for a while, felt as if I was trying to learn something I had classes in many years ago.


I wiped my boots before entering, as the streets were still a mess at the end of the day.

I hesitated at the front door. The emotions of not seeing Aveon, Mystical and Badmofo even felt like a lump in my throat. “Hello?” I open and enter.


“Welcome, can I help you find something?” A shop girl came out and put down some needlework on the counter I had worked at in game so often.

“Um was looking for materials for making clothes, and if possible to speak with the manager about consignment.” I frowned seeing there was help, not that I wanted the job just it wasn't one of my friends.

“It is possible to buy cloth here, we get some in from other places, if you want basics there is the Weaver's Mill. As for resale, we accept some items if they have potential.” The smile of a sales person there was so professional.

“Ophilia, that's me, can I see the cloth you have for sale?” Putting my two hands together in front of me palms up in a gesture of a bowl, I had seen others make on my way here as they did introductions.

“This way, please.” She did the return gesture of pushing the down with one hand. “You can call me Wensi.”


My guess would be that it was an offer of greeting and good will. While the pushing down was the acceptance and meaning no more was necessary. A few times a bribe could be passed either way at that point if someone refused to accept an empty bowl you had to pay. If the person offered hands put a coin in that was the reverse and a debt or credit made. I had yet to learn when such times coin would be needed, and I should ask someone soon. So many conversations I had seen around so far had things that made little sense until I had thought about it for a long time and made many guesses.


“Does a Miss Utica work here?”

“She does.”

“Oh. Thanks.” Maybe fearing the loss of a commission or sales she held back information not sure. Or I needed to tip more, or ask directly, learning customs always is interesting.


The cloths were quite good, and varied and the shelf that had broken in the game version actually looked like the one here was about to break. I let the girl know and she started removing the folds of cloths just in case.

“Thank you.”

“No problem, how much do these go, hmm, sell for? One whole unit.” The girl with the brown hair with light highlights looked around. Her outfit was fitting for a tailor's apprentice for sure was higher quality than a lot of the dresses, had a more straight body line and felt more like a caster robe than work clothes.

“Those cheap one 5 copper, oh and up to 20 copper for those and these are patterned to 30 and those of better quality up to a lot.”

“Do you have any scrap cuttings as well?” I poke around the cloths looking for nice ones I liked. Piked out Two. “Can you sell half a roll?”

“What exactly is it you are making?”

“Custom life necessities form myself and friend.”

“?” She was perplexed at that.


“Half roll, half the price. Cuttings I don't know yet.”

“Right, I'll take those two, that one and half of that one.”

“Now?” She looked surprised at something.

“Will there be any problem with that?”

“No, how you going to carry that much?”

“? What? Is that much that heavy? Don't worry about it, totally got it covered. Literally.”

“Sure. Please wait while I cut this.”

“Will look around, thanks.” I head up front to look around.


Some interesting things in backwater towns after all. It was not the top of fashion, but this is the upscale place in town and even so, a few items have some potential here.


She brought the fabrics to the front and started bringing out an addition set to count up the price. “70 copper for that all.”

I set Princess on the pile and pull out a silver coin. “This one good enough?” Handing it over I smile.

“My, you do like clean coins...” I had noticed all my coins were perfect versions of the ones here without a scratch on them. Suspicious, not illegal at least. Guess I should get them dirty or marred a bit here and there. She handed back three ten copper coins and sat to work on her stitching. “Anything else?”

“The scraps, if you have extra could you find the price for them next time I shop here?”


“Thank you.” I bow and leave with my pile of Minx and fabrics. Nearest alley, I dump the rolls in the bag and head to the Skinner-leather worker shop.




- Southern Gate Area -


I had made the visit to the Leather-workers and parted with unprocessed cheap furs and got two higher quality ones to make something I had in mind. Cost was a few copper coins in difference. After that we stopped at the Inn to offload some weight in the room I reserved until tomorrow evening. A bit expensive at 1 silver for two people and 1 Minx with breakfast included. The place was a rare one with private baths so doing this once in a while in the future had merit.

Made my way slowly to the bad part of town. Some calories before I had to meet for my date later. It was getting darker and soon there would be something of interest. Sadly, I gave up waiting and went out the south gate after 20 minutes of nothing interesting.


Out in the fields I had to be careful not to damage any crops, I walked the edges of the fields looking for anything to hunt. Was not like advertised in the game. Nothing near the city popped up in the fields and my senses only noticed a few tiny rodents and birds. We walk closer to the forest to see if I could notice anything from the edges and spied for anything to collect plant wise. At this point Anything would be good. Citizens must scour the surrounds for living material regularly after all.


Nothing else to do I drop a Void Sphere, and work on trying to get a tracking version to work like teacher showed me. Every time I feel close to full on magical energy I cast one off or attempt to get a tracking one. After making it 45 degrees around the city towards the east gate, I find some plants and flowers that might be useful, I bag whole ones roots and all, and make sure I don't take more than one of each of them. Fine a tree branch thick enough and low enough within reach to cut off. Can make buttons after it dries. Pick a few leaves from each of the trees so I can get wood type lessons later. Carving the branch quietly and hunting for usable things, I continue to work in the direction of the east gate. My knowledge of survival cooking perks up when I find one plant usable as a seasoning. Stashing that separate in my bags, we continue.


Only hear a few critters they were pretty timid and I had no way to catch them even if I had seen them. My noise and scent must have put them off. Didn't feel like rubbing plants on me to cover my scent. Princess got some exercise chasing a few things with no luck. We made sure she didn't get to far away.

“Not a starter anymore, is it Princess?”

“Nope. You worried?”

“Not about somethings, it is the dying in the wild and starving to death part out here if we got far from town.”


With an around an hour left before the time to see Dainea I headed back to the road for the east gate and blew through my mana on practicing spells. Close to fainting from the effort I stopped and walked back to town. Exiting the trees, the darkness now was deep and the city lights and watch fires were impressive, stars had come out with the second Moon now up, and it too was a different color from ours. Even had a ring of its own.


At a stone well inside town, I watered Steph and washed up some. Dirt and nature cleaned up some we bought some snacks for the girls and headed beck to the Inn. Sitting on the mount hitching posts waiting for Dainea, Princess and I thought about what my goals should be and our future. My thoughts it may be good to keep conversations in public to a minimum until we know how problematic a talking Moon Minx might be.

What we came up with was skill and magic practice. Food hunting for me. Local knowledge, support systems and places to retreat to. Thinking it might be good if I at least met with Teea and or Miss Utica. Along with a few more spells from Teacher. Life skills like reading etc. then crafting for income.


A fight broke out at a nearby tavern, it was far enough not to see it, I could tell someone got more than just their feelings hurt. Civil disputes here and there earlier told me many of Earths problems also exist here. Education or lack there of seemed to be the cause a few of them.


Dainea shy appearance showed up right on time. “You know I don't normally run off with strangers and sleep with them the first night I meet them.”

“Technically, it wasn't the first night for us, it was the fifth night. On your side also was the next morning we had intimacy.” I giggle and poke at her tickle spot above the hips gently. “I am ready for a bath. You?” I pick up her hand to have her follow behind.

She swatted my behind. “Such a naughty girl. Where ever did you come from?”

“Same place all girls come from. Hot water?”




- Inn Room -


Not sure what I had expected for my moneys worth but this seemed much more luxurious than most of the town. Bedding with several layers. Bed was a soft wood frame with leather filled mound as a mattress of sorts. The bath was a wood floored area with a wood sided tub. Pipes of water emptied into heated metal basin you could add to the tub or scoop out of. They had different solutions of a lot of things we took for granted.


Filling the tub to a comfy temperature for Dainea and Princess, once full I dropped Princess in to check for toxins. Just kidding, I really just wanted to see her all wet. She gave me a kiss for my attempts and laughed at me when I frowned. She knew me pretty well.

Three of us bathed until two girls had wrinkles on our fingers. Dried each other off and talked and played in bed for a while. I shared the snacks from before, those two went and got serious on the food. I begged Dainea to let me feed from her finger.


“I don't want you to be hungry and you don't have to beg.” She offed her hand to me. “Really its acceptable and there is some pleasure in the conveyance.” Her blushing and smile made me believe her.

I felt the flush on my cheeks thinking about the satisfaction from my new food. Plus the sensual effect of her fluids feeding my body, the warmth got me in the mood for more playful things. A few drops after starting, there seemed to be a problem.

“Mmm this may not be enough tonight.” Licking the last atom of blood from the surface. I could think that maybe surface suction or other fluids might be enough. “Can I try a few things down there?”

“There? That won't hurt right?”

“No, no, if there is any pain knock on my head or say a stop phrase of your choice. A short phrase is good, hurting you is something we never want to do. Well, always thought you were more into being seen than the into pain type. Not saying you don't like to be spanked a bit sometimes.” I stop rambling.

“Please stop.”

“That is fine, problems if they are words that often get used in the climax like please, or don't stop.”

“No more flowers?”

“Excellent choice.” I hug her and move closer. “You ready?”



Trailing kisses to her thighs, very close to where her thigh meets her torso I leave a serious kiss mark long enough blood came to the surface a few times through suction. Didn't even put a dent in the hunger. Her scent was heavy and the moisture from her juice was driving me wild. I had to get it and enjoy it. Moving my focus and tending there. She screamed and climaxed bouncing me away as she shuddered. It was a bit shocking.

“Again!” she called.

Moving hands to her hips, I placed her back on the bed and moved my mouth in unison with her undulations the best I could. Pacing and sucking, licking and teasing. She called out again and again. She gave in and released a heavy torment of liquids. I concentrated on them and tried to get as much as I could. Kissing licking and sucking them and any drops left for me it was only a slight appatizer.

“More!” She grabbed my face and kissed me then forced me to do it again.

Her climax leaving her stunned I rocked back and forth on Dainea's leg and help myself to a bit of pleasure while waiting for her to become self aware again.

“Darling lover, do you want a taste?” I licked her lips some to see if she had passed out.

“No not just a taste, cum here.”

Meeting her tongue warm and delicate it felt so alive, I felt so alive. My home back in Maine, never had I felt so alive, so hungry. I swallowed and knew I needed to hurry and feed tonight, but not here and not on her it would be deadly and a viscous kind of feeding, one filled with fear and death. I shuddered, and from that motion brought back Dainea's focus. She thought it was from pleasure I was sure. She moved fingers into the hair between my thighs, then slid them straight to the goal line and directly in for a Grand-slam! From what I remembered of last night sex, this time was one hundred times more stimulating. And my mind escaped into the orgasms over and over from her touch.

Not sure what happened so much after that, but after four major spiritual breakthroughs of the orgasmic kind and she stopped. When rationality returned, I asked her to wait while I went to feed otherwise she might really get hurt. Princess stayed with her and they could bond, chat, hate, whatever. I needed blood and more than I felt safe to take from either of them. Changing into my gear, I left the backpack and only brought a bag and weapons.




- South Gate -


Good thing I had visited the south gate area before during the day so I had an idea of a few good places to hide. Whether it was divine providence or luck, one way or the other I ran into Tooom and Wife. The real ones this time. In-game they had tried to take my dinner and even if it was only implied, made mention of me as entertainment or dessert. Unlucky for them Huh? Even had we not run into each other in my World's game, the conversation I overheard between them was just disgusting. There was no such thing as a sex offender list in this World.

As they sat, talked and drank I started casting Void Spheres in a group where they would hit them if they came at me in the alley. With just enough power to cast charm person at Wife. Again, I whispered the words he wanted to hear. Free dinner all you can eat pain and suffering. Tooom heard something of the whispers and saw the glint of the dagger I flashed at him. He would most likely charge this time with an intent to kill me in the shadows here. “Dinner served, thug.”

“Don't know who you are, gonna tear you up! Right, Wic?” He looks over at Wic, “Eh? You right there drink too much?”

“No, he just waiting his turn. You the boss after all?”

“Right.” He pulls out his weapon again today and advances.


When he runs into the group of void spheres the sight forces me to close my eyes as his legs pretty much disintegrate from the damage. Falling right there I close the distance before he can scream from the shock and damage. Moving a bit faster than I had expected, it worked out somewhat as I could turn and get him from behind as he was trying to maintain a crawling so he could get away. I gag his mouth with the bag at my waist and cut his neck to feed. Indulging, feeding and draining the gushing neck wound until at last the heart beating is not enough to supply any new blood.


“Yummm. Bad guy 'A' done, how does lackey 'B' taste?” Now that the hunger and fear of having to face them both had passed. I have to face the guilt of having human food even if they are scum, the urge to vomit was pretty strong. Hope I don't have to do this forever. Lillithe did say for a while, more details would have been nice, unless it was going to be like centuries before that happens.


Smiling at Wic, I ask. “You ready for your turn?” He should be enough for the night, I need to hurry before getting any sicker thinking about the monster I become. The scent in the air pulled me out of those thoughts as the hunger pulled me to Wic's neck and I gently pierced it with a top fang. Did it grow or was it always sticking out like that? My body seemed to pull the blood from him into my mouth and teeth and throat. Vanishing on my lips like a dry sponge pulling in water. Letting my skin clean some of Tooom's blood off my outfit, it would be a bit easier to get clean from now if blood was this easy to absorb.

Still making a mess wasn't part of the plan. Seeing the damage from the void spheres. I really got new respect for that spell.

Thinking about anything to distract myself from the fading of Wic's heart beat and the loss of his life. He passed away in my arms. I wanted to cry or feel human about it. He was street trash and had rough life I am sure. I left him fall from my grasp and looked to the stars. Should I feel bad, for him, myself? He was food. Main course tonight, his life forfeit to let me live. I know I didn't actually need to kill him here and now, he was under a spell after all. May have been for the best troubles won't follow now just have to clean up some...


I collect the coins and a few things, three serviceable boots, one got destroyed in the Void Spheres. Some clothes a worn copy of the necklace and silver ring from before another club and dagger. I cast Mana Bolt a few times at the corpse of Tooom to see the effects it had, just as grisly as the damage from the void spells. Void seemed a little better as it had a bit less explosion than a Mana Bolt. When the bodies got to the point nothing traceable or could even be thought of as a single person rather than two I went to wash off outside of town in the river staying as much out of sight as possible. Then returned to dry heaving next to the river thinking about the blood and gore of the evening. Since there was nothing in my stomach, nothing came out it was just the reoccurring desire to be sick, happening over and over. Tonight I killed for the first time. Two empty cans splattered in the streets.




- Inn Room -


I filled the tub and washed until Dainea had seen enough and dragged me to bed. We talked about life and death and the World here around us. She rubbed and massaged me, hugged and comforted. Steph's shock was high at some level she understood what was happening. Honestly if not for Dainea I may have starved later. After thinking some about it some, Princess Steph returned to snuggling and talking to me. There was so much I could say about those early morning hours. Most was the hope that I didn't become the monster I felt I was inside. That said I knew I was a monster at PVP but this was a bit outside my expectations.

I cried a lot after that.





End Chapter 1





Chapter 2

What do You do with a New Collar on?

- Inn Room in Acdin -


Aside from scaring the crap out of everyone that morning the daylight arrived. Dainea brought back breakfast for her and Princess. Looked good but I couldn't eat anything still. Refilled the tub one more time and bathed out and washed my hair again. Sunlight didn't have a damaging effect of me, it just felt itchy and blinded me some, okay a lot. On the other side of things I could now focus on and pick up on things even Minx over there had trouble hearing. She could still smell better than me, so that was something.

I brushed out my hair then Princess Stephanie's hair then Dainea's. Both of them cooed and purred Steph threatened me when I stopped. Despite not wanting the attention at first, Dainea was certainly looking like some kind of pudding when my arms finally laid her back in bed. Having felt like some kind of penance was made to them I laid back in bed myself. They fell asleep as I pet them lightly.

Started work on a pillow for Princess to rest on. Once I got materials for fill, I would finish the one for Steph then a larger one for Dainea and I. I'd use the other material from today for the second one. If the Inn had any questions about the missing towels, tell them I know nothing about the subject.


Little before noon I felt like having a snack so I ate out at Chez Dainea again. Not sure if the bill was settled properly but the service was great. Feeling a bit more calm after watching her sleep I made some clothes, some that the in-game Dainea had liked and agreed were wearable either in public or private. I washed my bag some and cleaned the daggers like Teea taught me. Daily gear check should become a habit after all.


“Hey.” Steph moved over after the maintenance had been finished.

“Come here.” I pulled her close and pet her ears. “Thanks.”

“For what?”

I looked her in the eyes. “For everything and...” I look at the sleeping Dainea. “I want you to know that you being here now is more than I deserve and I,”

“Can you say it. Wait... It was an incomplete in the locker room.”

“.” I was not sure what to say.

“You liked me even then, more than everyone I knew, except Josh and that went another way.” Looking away then nuzzling my chest and purring. “You are a part of me I never had before. I didn't know was missing and now I won't give up. I hate you and love you at the same time.” Her eyes a bit moist. “I wanted what she has with you now. I don't want to wait and can't do anything now...”


I pull her gently to my chin and pet her body and behind her ears. “Princess, the way we are now, you are going to have to help me to help you be happy. Let me know what I can do.” Did that make sense? “You followed me here, I don't know what happened, but I am very okay with you as you are now. More so than before, strangely enough.” Think I turned a bit red there. “Yes I lloo, yes I llloooo.”


“Well don't force yourself there kitten lover.”

“Do you love me Steph?”

“...” She looked at me like I was crazy. “Of Course.”

“Could you be alright with me loving Dainea?”

“If I have too, then you are happy right?”

“I love you Dainea.” I whispered to the sleeping love there. She mumbles something about eating her again.

“Princess Stephanie, I also love you.”

“Anne, I love you too and so much more.” She licked my nose and face and mouth. I kissed her and caressed her face. Then laid down next to Dainea and pet them with different hands. The purring and breathing lured me into a light sleep.


Princess and my girlfriend were talking about something as I woke and lay there smiling at them.

“You are my girlfriend right?” I sat up straight asking loudly.

“Huh?” Looking shocked at my sudden entry into the conversation. “Lover, girlfriend, partner sex-goddess any would fit right?”

“Oh good!” Resting back on the bed, I close my eyes. “You are my first real partner if you couldn't tell and didn't want any confusion on that part.”

“She can be so weird sometimes.” Princess walked over and pawed my chest some.

“Did you two get lunch?” I started to play with Steph tail unconsciously and she became still and shook a little.

“No, think that surprise lunch attack pretty much put any thoughts about food out of my mind.” Hunger on her face was plain as day.

“Steph you hungry for anything? Or was breakfast enough?” I look down at the silent Minx “Steph?”


I paused stroking her soft tail.

“OH. For God’s sake, don't stop now!” Her shaking had become exaggerated by now. “What is the emergency phrase for continue?”


I look at my and then her tail. “Yes.?”

“Please, yes, yes, YES, continue where you left off.” She hit me with her tail finally.

“Sure.” I play with her tail some and look at Dainea, “You good with me sexually frustrating my pussy, cat to no end, then giving her a big finish?” I twirl the tail and flick the end a few times.

Panting a few times the only sound was a light “Mew.”

Shrugged my shoulders, then went back to making the Minx happy. “So food? You need any?”

“Nope, good, I'll just supervise here.” She reached out her hand.

Steph hissed and spoke up, “Not, not, this time okay, maybe later, first time is with Ophilia!”


“I had no idea!” Looking at them both, I was glad of something, sure it felt weird having Dainea watch me give satisfaction to a huge Moon Minx. I laid in bed with, not to mention that the Minx was an ex-stalker candidate that had moved in with me and followed me to a new World. Adding to the fact that my 2-D girlfriend had become a 3-D girlfriend and we had just had incredible sex in an expensive Inn which took me less than a day to make the money to stay in. I was sure that whatever tomorrow brought couldn't get any stranger than this. Well that is until Dainea said she had better orgasms with Princess watching then she had had with other girls before. Feeling a bit of lust at the whole situation I spread my legs a little wiggled a finger and asked if she wanted to watch, or help.

She held out a total of three minutes then jumped my pussy. I mean Minx, I mean vagina, I mean body or my mind. I don't know anymore the perversions flew and things got crazy. Sometime before dark we recovered and bathed again. We had to send out for towels. Being the most dressed it was Princess with a note in her mouth for the desk attendant to leave some at the door. Good kitty!




- Streets of Acdin -


Walking Dainea to work we arranged to meet before dawn. Staying at her place tonight.

“Where would you want to live? First choice.” I asked both girls on the way to the tavern.

“Magic school dorms.” Dainea answered quickly, then giggled. I knew we had some common fantasies. Who knew?

“New York City. I thought about it after in the bathroom.”

I tried to recall what she had been told. Total blank.

“?” Dainea's confusion was understandable.


Petting Steph, I continue. “She told me, or more asked to date me. I said 'No' at the time and something else.” I try to fill in some blanks.

Steph filled us in. “She said to find someone who was into girls and not let them go, the best chance was college, if not try a big city where the best odds to find someone increased. All I could think of was her and me in highschool, then college, then the big city.”

““Really?”” Dainea and I chime in.

““And you?”” Dainea and Steph chorus together.

“Ah...” I look up, ““a Castle.”” Princess and I echo.

“Why a Castle?” Dainea asks.

“Every good vampire queen needs a castle to plot World domination from, right? Right? Well maybe not a good one...” Too much?




- Park in Acdin -


Kiss for Dainea, then me and Princess were off to see if Void Magic Teacher Planknel was there in the park as per normal. Found him where he was found in-game on the same bench as he stared into nothingness. Even with the Sun have set he was still there.

“Good evening teacher how goes the pondering of inner space?” I greet him, might be a bit over the top he was into weird so it might be a good thing.

“Good eve-, do, do I know you?”



“Nothing of the sort, but I look forward to learning from you again, wise one.” I smile and sit next to him. Holding out a bit of cooked food I saw then bought on the way here. It smelled decent. Steph liked it as well.

“But I don't have anything to teach you.”

Pulled my wand out and rest it in my lap. “You sure? You did teach me to use a spelled called Mana Bolt then showed me the basics of a less popular magic school and the first spell. You won't know this but the World I came from had something of a copy of this world. My coming here tonight, was in order to continue those lessons. If you don't want, guess I could go find other teachers. That cat might be still around, what was the name of the tavern near the south gate?...”


Sitting down his panic subsided. “That so?”


“What has that other me taught you then?”

I cast a Mana Bolt upwards. Then form a quick Void Sphere then cancel it, before anyone can see it.

“That was the first day's lessons.”

“In ONE day, I taught you all that in One day?!! How is that possible?”

“Ice cream?” I look at Steph and ask. “Since we can't get sushi here would that do?”

Steph nods and Planknel gets his World back in order.


I shrugged, “Might not be able to learn new things as fast in this World, after all there is a large difference between. Still, I'll work hard, will you help me learn?” Putting on my best pitiful please help face.

“How can I say no? Such a genius!” Guess he was either focused on his teaching skills there or something else.


Learning more about mana and it's control. How to create a better light from basic mana. Fire creation from mana, then how to better move or place spells. All in all that lecture took a few hours. Didn't want to keep him out all night, so we agreed early evening lessons would be acceptable. Planning to meet tomorrow outside the walls for practical lessons, the forests past the north side would be fine. Meeting at the gate just before the Sun would set.

Vampires seem to be known but not entirely understood in this area. Some regions had worse infestations and some would be accepted in society if they had enough restraint. Those were few. Such was the extent of his knowledge on my transformation.


Next stop would be the alchemist, we stop by to see if she was up at night.




- Alchemist Shop -


Having no real sign on the shop in this world, there was nothing to do but knock. The outside it was covered in vines and plants, and every space was taken by storage or plant life.

The old woman answered, she was the same as before, add this time the smell of overpowering chemicals, plants and earth. Some pleasant some worse than vinegar. Inside, many containers lined the walls, all varied in shapes, size and colors, roots and drying plants hung in many places. My eyes going to creatures in liquids. There were baskets of claws, and bits, parts and so many things I could only compare it to what I thought a Chinese Medicine shop would be close to. The magic in the air felt almost visible.


She was interested in some of Princess's fur as an exchange. Princess specie was rare and she could use the fur as an ingredient. In exchange for a few we got lessons on native flora and their uses. I got her to make a few black dyes, and learned to make a few others from things she had on hand. The last items I was interested in were paralysis and stun poisons. I added an aphrodisiac to my bag for later. A mild perfume because sometime the smells here were just, yea, that shitty. Added one potion to stimulate recovery.

Such things as healing potions and mana potions with instant recovery just were really too unpractical even in a world with magic as the cost would be astronomical. Near instant healing spells? Here it really took several Saint Classed Priests knowledgeable in healing, along with a few mages. Best if you don't lose any limbs or other body parts! A Priest would help someone heal about two times faster than normal.

Used or sold any of the extra plants from my bag. Shopping taken care of and a little copper lighter in the wallet. Princess and I made for the bar Teea frequented. Rather that get targeted by her I put on my travel cape and hung out in a corner.




- The Plaza of Acdin -


Heading to Teea's favorite tavern, we were crossing the main fountain and plaza in Acdin, when the local town crier sounded out. He started describing the bloody murder of someone in the south part of town. A reward for information was offered by the town guards. Stopping dead in mid step I decide to fill my water-skins and listen to the Town's News. Nearing last bell the traffic had cleared and most evening merriment or drinking had come to an end. The local news boy had left a while ago, I was still hanging around listening to gossips and watching people for behaviors common in public.


Teea's den for gambling wasn't too far from here, so we headed that way with Princess riding on my backpack. Her balance had increased with new form and was really used to her body now. We found the place from the noise, wasn't to difficult.





- 'No Trust' Gambling Den and Tavern -


The place was as packed as the game version. Many of the NPCs from then were now real people in front of me. This place had some serious regulars. Our heart-breaker weapon instructor 'Relentless' was there canter stage with girl of the evening in hand, freely groping any unprotected female part that entered arm length range. There were more cuts and scars on the faces and bodies in here than before, that or I am just noticing now. Damage to a few chairs and even replacements for a few things. The excitement of the place was still high even at this hour. Same games of chance and skill were played here. With what I had learned so far the Liars Dice game was still only game even close to fair for me, might have a chance at darts or thrown daggers, depending on opponents skills. Rather than risk all out annihilation drinking again, I thought to just go for the conversation route.

I bought some drinks from the bartender and opened a tab with a sliver coin. Then sat down at the table Teea was at and waited until she was sans opponents. Then moved across from her and placed a drink in front of her and her girl for the week. Guess she liked this one and had mentioned she had a few days worth left at some point during my wait.

“Hello 'Relentless'.” I sit and slide the drinks to her, “Those are on me.”


I sit Princess next on my lap and pet her calmly and tell the remaining guy, to join another game.

“Would you listen to my request?”

“Ho! A request is it, been a while since someone wanted me for a sex party!”

“No, no, just had a three-some with my girlfriends this afternoon. Any more sex and I would have trouble getting to the forest to train some. Thank you for the offer though Prince Charming.” Her hair was really boyish after all and a very pretty blond color. Sparkling personality once she was behaving herself. Her archer outfit gave off a musk of slight sweat, the hint of alchol and sex. She clearly had daytime fun like us girls had.

“If not a romp in bed then what, Bows? You don't give off the bow type attitude there.” She eyed me then peeked under the table. She wasn't sure of my outfit, many in town seemed a bit wary not knowing what my occupation was. It had a rogue-ish kid charm to it after all, an eccentric noble's kid maybe.

Teea empties her old drink. Asking, “Are you like pretending to be a thief or some sort?”

“Is that what people are thinking?” I look at the girl Teea is holding. “Do you think so too?”

“Well no, you look strange not many people wear animal clothes like that are you a kid or a Minx Tamer?” She gave her opinion. Tamer that might be good.

“Well no actually, I just like wearing cute clothes that are comfortable, stylish and easy to move in. If anything, I want to be a mage.”

“Still don't understand why you come to me?”

“Survival and hunting training in the woods here.” I smile and wave for another round for the two silent girls across from me. I pour a cup of water for Princess as she looked thirsty.


“Let me see if I understand you. You want me, the garrison archery instructor to teach you survival and hunting skills? Why?”

“Let us suppose we were friends in a different life and we had bonded over a life and death situation caused by my greed and arrogance. I trust you the person inside with my life and a small part due to guilt over the pain and suffering caused.”

“What did you do?”

“I won a bet and made you drink the most vile drink this place served. You nearly puked to death going home. Yes I know, it is only what? Nine houses from here. Oh by the way here is your extra key.” Handing over the key. She takes it and checks her clothes for hers. Comparing the two they are very similar indeed.

“This is the spare key to my place?”

“Well, yea, but it came from a different world so you have and extra, extra now.” I smile and pass her the fresh round on the table.

*Gulp gulp* She pounded the one I brought first and pulled in the new one.

“You didn't break in and steal this did you?” She twitched and kept herself from looking at her house.

“No, like I said it is an extra, extra from a different World. You can keep it or hand it back. Up to you.” I took a sip of wine from my prop drink I found I could swallow a small amount at a time. Nice can get drunk with Dainea later. Let's get some good recommendations. “You want to help me train? Has to be at night, right now daytime hard to operate in. Plus your lunchtime is booked solid I see.” I grin at the young girl next to Teea.


“I don't teach survival skills normally.” She looks rather bewildered at everything going on.

“You can think of it as 'friends going shopping after dark' then.”

“Shopping. Ha. Who are you?” She eyes me suspiciously.

“Um, forgot that part didn't I?” I look at Steph then back at the couple. “Princess Stephanie, not a real certified noble of course.” I point at Minx Steph, then to myself. “And I, Ophilia Anne, Novice Spell Caster in serious need of learning how to survive in a World I know little about.” I smile and lean in to the table without crushing Princess. “You, a friend and weapon teacher, the virgin crusher, the relentless Teea of the local militia education department. Her, a toy for the week and current distraction. She is tasty looking. Wouldn't say no to that first counter offer, if I wasn't in a serious relationship. You two do make a lovely couple by the way. What is your name?”


Upset at me but deciding her affections for Teea more important, made a pouting face, very cute but Steph's was 6 tiers higher in quality after all. She sat there quietly and drank some more of the ale.

“Well, think it over. Have the rest of my open bar tab.” I wave over the bar maid closest, let her know to have Teea and her girls drinks on me for the night any left overs to be tip for the staff.

“I gave them a silver coin when I got here, drinks on me tonight. Make sure you both get home safe.” If Teea wasn't so composed. I was sure her mouth would have been hanging open like her current fling's mouth is. Guess that was a good opportunity to attack as Teea moved in with her tongue after a moments delay and the moaning soon followed. Happy couples are good couples they say.


I walked out the front door and the Princess riding on my pack already. “Steph do you have any skills?”


“I meant the combat or magic types.” Warmth spread across me as I thought of weird things.

“Who knows.”

“Mini map, plot a course for the wooden bucket please.”

“Pfft. It's that way.”

“Thank you darling.”


There were a few hours left Dainea could work for tonight so time to see about skill practice and magic. With lessons from Planknel I could cast the void magic a little farther away from me and cancel it. I pulled out my wand and in the darkened streets started to cast Void Spheres ahead of me and canceling them as they got closer. If I could get faster, stronger and do spell casting without having to look where the spell was landing it might be useful on a whole different level. Growth now was at human speeds not video game levels. Practice and effort was going to be required.


Now then a Castle needs land, land needs money or power to take and keep it. How strong are we going to have to get and/or how much money. The six plus silver in my bag was not going to last forever. Or should I work on getting a house in town and live a quite life as a tailor or inventor, with a pretty maid for a wife. My blood needs might be a source of problems later, getting that under control soon should be important, and speaking of which guess my hunger today is good, not felt hungry or a huge desire to eat anyone all evening. Other than Dainea that is. Oh there was that town crier boy, he had a firm but when he bent over to pick up his things as he left the square, yum, and Professor Planknel he might be fun to...




- Wooden Bucket Tavern Acdin -


I smiled at everyone as I entered the mostly empty room at the Dainea's Workplace, I went up to the bar and asked about all the drinks they served and the tastes and effects. Dainea helped me pick out a few things to try later in her room along with an extra bottle of lightning. Her grin was over the top at that one, while calling me a bad girl for getting her so excited at work. Placing Princess on the long tables with some ales for us to drink we start getting used to the flavors and effects.

It was the third time ever really drinking. For me the other two were the single beer I stole the other night and the one time I got drunk on some wine during a holiday. Mom was mean afterwards and levied a huge amusement tax afterward. “No computer for a month!” Those words of doom echo in my mind even to this day every time I see wine bottles. Learned my lesson good, I tell you.

Drinking slowly with Steph we chatted about stuff. The ale was a bit sweet and the tasted of the plants that were used, was quite a strong flavor.

“I don't look like a pirate, do I Princess?”


Being summer or early fall here, the harvest festivals were not far off. Soon it would be time for a heavier outfit. We talked about what to wear, and made plans for winter clothing for us.


Having the thought to go to the restroom, I pardoned myself and went out back to the public facility for the tavern.

Coming back to the table I sat down quietly, “Steph, I don't think I am going to have to ever use the toilet again...”

“That bad?” She was thinking about the smell mostly.

“No, well, Yes, but that was not what I meant.” I look at her and whisper, “Nothing in there anymore. I mean well, no pee or stink. Not once since I've been here have I had to you know, go. The amount of blood I consumed this morning enough out of one and a half persons. That is a lot of volume, more than four quarts of it.”

“All liquid, you think you would at least pee right?”

“You went like a few times already right?” I look at Steph, she had excused herself a few times so far to scat. The scent was a dead giveaway after all. “Think I'll have a menstrual cycle anymore?” I go to a far away-land and rejoice for the end of the evil cycle of pain and suffering.

“! Anne, what do you know about cat reproductive cycles?”

“A few things, why?”

She bites my finger. “Because, stupid.”

“Oh well, you are not a cat after all you are a Moon Minx and well we don't have any clue what those are yet. If I had to guess, and if they were anything like those of Earth. You are going to be an attention slut for a few days a few times every year. Doing anything and everything to get laid and knocked up. Hummmm, not much different from before then, Hey! No drawing blood, you know what it does to me right!” I suck my finger she had clamped down on. “Can you forgive me? Didn't mean to be so awful there.” Hugging her and returning to the ale.

“Only when it came to you was I like that you know!”

“No, I don't know and most of your past was left that way on purpose, if you wanted to talk about it that's fine. I don't know anything other than stupid rumors that circulated our One Gas Station Town. None of which I believed anyway because they were stupid rumors.”

“I was abused by several people and shipped all over. I hate most of my family for letting it happen and Josh saved me a few times, more or less. It is really hard to talk about being damaged goods.” A tear fell to the table and we looked at each other.

“Go on.”

“What else is there, the pain the suffering, the hate the lies. Being ignored, played with. Not being able to get away. Bruises, the loneliness. They are never going to do that to me again!”

“Your right. They don't exist here.”


“Come here.” Picking Stephanie off the table and into my lap I caress her and give her a few kiss on the between her ears. “I love you Steph and if you feel hurt and pain with me I am so sorry. You deserve so much happiness and love. You are not damaged good and I will never believe that to be true.”

“I love you too, and I think I always have.”


Took us sometime to collect ourselves after that.

I absent mindedly play with her tail at the table for a while and she climaxed once or twice maybe.


“Welcome!” I smile being able to do something for her.


Returning to normal petting mode she purred for a while. Dainea joined us and we started with a new round of drinks. Sun would peek into the windows soon, we had all morning to get drunk. Later, I had to carry them both upstairs and fish the key out of Dainea's pocket which excited me to no ends. Nearly passed out getting her to bed was good enough for now. Removed her work clothes and changed mine to something simple and sat down to do some light tailoring. I watched them sleep they looked peaceful and worn out from a long bunch of days.


Made the Pillow from the soft furs that I got from the Leather shop. Would add any extra scraps or cuttings of leather and cloth to it later until It was full. Using the boss ears item and some cloth made the start of a stuffed animal added wooden buttons as eyes then put it back in my bag to wait for stuffing materials. Made a sodier uniform like the one I learned in game but without decoration. One more apron to replace the one I left for Dainea. Might as well see if they could be sold later.

Crafting items now was a little more time consuming and like it was on Earth, I had to do every little detail and action. My Ophilia memories had been filled with every bit of knowledge of a fully trained Tailor's Apprentice. Everything came out at a level of quality you could sell at the Shop here in town.


Getting into a grind mode, I made: a set of gloves, a few hats, a cosplay dress, and a blouse, a few wooden button, and started a magic wand, not to be confused with an actual wand you would use in combat. Between crafts, I emptied my mana on spells every so often. There was a slight increase in cast speed and distance after a while.


Running low on thread I packed up the tools added the cloth scraps to the pillow. Put everything away and crawled into bed with the girls. Teased Dainea till she moaned, then slid under the sheets and had some fun. Studied her body and touched generously, when she came close to waking I would pause and play with me. After a while I had enough and moved next to her and let myself climax. Steph stretched a bit in her sleep and I played with her tail, she opened an eye and blinked at me then fell back asleep. Snuggled myself up close to them and fell into a light sleep after that.


I think I woke up to Dainea pleasuring me once then later to Steph doing something similar. Who knows the dreams that day were strange after all.






End Chapter 2


A note from midnight2six

The amount of intamacy writing may be reduced in futures chapters in an effort to reduce you reading the same things day after day.  You know youth and how young couples can get sometimes.  Maybe...  Thoughts?

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