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Sexual content, violence, a few profanity this chapter.  Little bit of badness for everyone.  Mmm coal in my stocking yet again, guess I'll at least get to smelt some ore with it.



Blood Fractal – Volume 1

Chapter 8

Unto a Fractal

- My Room -


Ah! The weekend, and I forgot to kill the alarm clock and we or more I, wake up. It is WAY too early! Going back to sleep. WAIT! That was yesterday, mmm very warm today and the room is a bit humid. There is also a feeling that some fresh air might be good! It is not too cold yet this time of year. “Steph can you open the window some?” Roll over to see if she up or not. No luck.

“Hu ah, eeh... Wa, nnnn?” Guess she was in a state of dreams or pleasure, or exhaustion, something. Whatever she had been up to last night must have been a real work out. I open the window some and crawl to the bathroom. 5:55 am no time like the present to get an early start on the last day to game before school on Monday. *frown*

Shedding the single shirt I'd slept in, I started the bath water and took care of cleaning the places that seemingly always need maintenance, toe nails, arm pits, legs and so forth.

Had no desire to look like a troll or goblin at school tomorrow.


The dreams last night were pretty erotic, and yesterday's events played over in my mind. What do I do about Dainea and my character? What do the NPCs in game expect. My goals there? I really wanted to see that girl in cosplay outfits. Should I make something for her, cute something or sexy? So many possibilities.


Slid into the warm water and wash the yesterday's perversion away and initiated new ones for today. I thought about a few guys in school and Stephanie's brother. What would an intimate encounter with their nether regions look like. I'd seen enough porn but what would contact be like. Would it be as rough and scary as it looked in some of those videos? Or what? An encounter with Dainea?


Clean, clean, sparkle! AH! Much better not being sticky or slimy, oh there is some dry skin where is my lotion.

Thought about my feeling regarding Steph doing as she pleased when I slept, and being a lesbian in game or even here in this small town. Then fantasized about having the perfect boy toy and decided I was borderline Bisexual and if that was the case then so what! It was the case. Does life mean for people have to choose one side or the other every time, nothing in between? Only reason I didn't want to have sex with Steph might be because I want to love or at least find them attractive sexually for my first time, a sense of romance even. I thought of Dainea that way and Josh that way. And a few others...


Just after six in the morning I headed to the kitchen and had cereal and latte coffee then went to the computer.

Bunch of orders for us, comments from Aveon and Mystical. Few bits of news about fighting and the world. Dora finally got back to me with some good information about combat classes and magic and with any luck there would be combat details from groups soon. So looking forward to drops.




- Dainea's Room Above the Wooden Bucket -


Logged in to find myself being hugged by Dainea, I felt warm and happy at that. I had a few game messages from my friends-list and replied to them before caressing her face to wake her so early.

“Morning.” I smiled.


“Hum, how do I put this Dainea, are we a couple, in this World's view or just lovers?”

“I be happy if we were.” She pulled me in again for a snuggle.

“How does this world view such things?”


“Oh, normal... You know, I don't know.” I wait for her to continue. She didn't know how to explain common sense to me.

“Then us, or two girls is okay? And your parents won't scream bloody hell and your school mates or friends won't shun you?”

She had a complex look and a bit of pity.

“Mom and dad wanting grandchildren?”

A bit of surprise and blushed at that one.

“Are there any rules I should know? You know expectations...”

She thought then kissed my cheek, “No playing around, I want you to myself, that good?”

I looked over at Steph on the bed and thought about a few hard male items then agreed. I could handle that. In game that was fine for now, not like there were many prospects for dating in the game or outside of the game. Dainea was pretty to me and I did have feelings for her even if I don't fully understand them yet.

“Yes.” Then I had a thought and added, “Not responsible if I get molested by a ghost though.”

Her shock and finally laughter was really cute so I pecked at her cheek with my lips.

“I was serious, silly.” I shed a tear inside, then rolled over and hugged her. “I have magic lessons today, did you want to Duel or just play this morning? Nope I'll let my love sleep then.” Rolling off of her, she grabbed me before I could escape and the morning sex Olympics began.


We had three full duels and tried everything we could to keep the bad debuffs away. Important for us to be able to actually walk and do our jobs later. With the win score tied we ate breakfast and made funny faces and the such at each other. The sun started to rise on Acdin village. The noise from the NPCs below heading to work made this morning's second breakfast with my first digital girlfriend more real, special even and memorable.




- Stitch in Time -


I walked into the workshop of the Stitch in Time with a nice smile and got to work. As the first to arrive again today, I had time to enjoy the peace and quiet and get some things done. I made a cat ears and bunny ears for Dainea and some casual fashions from my world, could this be considered reverse cosplay then? I auto crafted a bunch of things to fill the shop stock then got all my funds from the store. Not sure if learning Void Magic would cost me a lot or If I could just get an apprenticeship. I was excited to find out, and just as excited to see Dainea in those cat ears and short skirt. In any case my total funds were now around 18 silver, something I could at least work with when the time came.




- Streets of Acdin on the Way to the Park -


There coming down the street slowly was the Human Map beggar I had learned Cooking from, “Hello again.”

“Ah, Miss, good morning, morning.”

“On your way to find a morning tart?” I asked.

“N- No. but that would be tasty.”

“So how much are they? I do still owe you one if I recall.”

“Think a ten piece would be sufficient Miss.”

Handing over the 10 copper coin I wish him a good day and head to the park.

“Thank you. Miss?”

Paused, I turn around and we chat for a while. I learned that out Instructor friend would be in the park already and he would be there most of the day. Along with a few other rumors and things happening around town.


“Welcome.” and a wave. We parted and I headed to the park.




- The Park in Acdin -


The place wasn't much more than a few stone benches and a pond with a few residents passing by now and then. Random plants of a decorative nature here and there. There sat the hopes dreams and core of my future as a mage, scholar, master of sorceries of the universe and key to world domination.


Mr. Planknel a well dress professor type; put a tweed coat, lab coat, or corduroy and bam you had the perfict fit. He was just stareing off to nothing. Should I go online and research what Earth knows on Nilhism? I had the urge to throw myself at him in his office or pull his membership out in the teachers lounge and play with him for some reason. Anything to have him give me a good grade in Void Magic. I swallowed my nervousness and thought about the promise I had made to Dainea this morning. A little demon was shouting at me to break it and have my way with him. Summoning my good side I would not be swayed here. Magic important! Must learn!




Well long story short, fifteen minutes of weird and esoteric conversation later, I was accepted as an apprentice. Without even have to spend money or commit sexual favors. I was conflicted about that part. He was still very stimulating to my young school girl heart.



“Magic is about many things, most of which are forcing the world around you to do things you want it too. Opening with 101 magic studies alright let's learn! To do this of course there are several ways; ask the universe nicely with a payment, force it with things or someone else does it for you while you reap the benifits at none of the cost.” Yes, the normal stuff about magic for 10 more minutes. The lecuture added a point of intelligence and wisdom to my base stats. Mr. System also let me know a few things.



You have learned to wield magical engery, Called Mana in your world.

Having met all requirements you may now equip and use Foci without restriction of class.

Skill [Magic Focus Weapon Use] Gained.



“Ah finally I can use this!” I instantly move the wand to my hand and equip it.

He was a bit shocked, Oh not bad, that will be perfect for later. Let us now talk about chanting.


Blah, blah, Gained incantation skill level 1, blah, blah. OK, even if he is attractive enough for me to want to jump him in bed, he is boring enough during a lecture to put me to sleep.

Oops, I wasn't careful and in my dazed state, while listening to his long winded class on magic theory, he took me to the lands of nightmares, yes the graveyard outside the north gate. I panicked for a few second then seeing no ghosts there to molest me I calmed a bit. Nice to overcome a trauma so quickly and glad I had a restroom nearby, before I soiled my underwear.


“Uhm, not many come here. We can cast void magic here and not be seen or heard.” So that is why he dragged me here. “And not good to talk about that in town anyway...”


“Use your wand and magic energy to create a small sphere and we will learn to fling it at those fences or other objects here.” Moving his hands he creates a small grey and white sphere of magic energy. “Here like this. This is the first step lots of things we can do with this to make it a weapon we just fling it like so.” Off it flies at a decent pace and hits a piece of junk and turns it to dust.


“SO freaking COOL!”


Your trainer has taught you [Mana Bolt] spell level 1.

Having a trainer, a focus, a spell and the required competency you can now become a [Novice Spell Caster]. Would you like to set this as your main combat class now?

{Ask a dumb question like that again and I'll mana bolt your stupid ass.}



You are now a [Novice Spell Caster] level 1. Access to your spell book is on the combat class page.

You have gained +2 to all stats, +2 intelligence and +2 Wisdom. You have 2 additional stat points to assign to a stat of your choice.


He then proceeded to show me the level seventeen version, the highest he could manage, needless to say there was one less huge tree in the forest today. Rest in pieces Mr. Tree.


Next I learned [Void Sphere], it was a non-moving, magic trap that did, yes you guessed it void damage to anything that touched it until the mana ran out. Mr. Planknel explained that it was a higher level of difficulty or a tier two spell and the bolt version was tier three and after learning the basics I would get there in time with my ability.


After we cast all the void spheres I could and a few mana bolt to use the last of my mana, he sat us down and we worked on a [Mana regeneration] skill and [Meditation]. Both of which got added to my skill list as soon as the long boring technical lecture was over. With that much accomplished I mentioned my afternoon lessons and he agreed that when I had time this evening or tomorrow I should return for more lessons. I thanked him for his benevolence. With a warning not to cast spells in town recklessly, he left me to practice and went for lunch elsewhere.


Right after teacher left I practiced a few [Void spheres] and [Mana bolts] until was low on mana. Then I heard a shriek from behind me.

“Steph? What?”

“That ghost just scared me. Sorry.” She pointed at the screen. Do I turn around and look or just play it off and shut down the computer before things turn crazy and I get more titles that I won't admit to having.

“Crap.” I turn around I really wanted to see Dainea in those outfits.




- Graveyard -


“Hello again.” It was the young boy that started me on a path of ruin with the undead.

“Hi, so how is your sister doing. Still angry?”

“Most of the times.”

“Hey I have a great Idea how you can make her happy again.” I get an evil smile.

“You do?”



“Follow me over there behind the Mausoleum, I'll show you.”

Revenge time little sister.


“OK listen to me here, see if she likes a pose like this.” I do a muscle builders pose for him and flex my arm muscle like a Mr. or Mrs. Universe would.

“Like this.” He was a bit confused. “She will like this?”

“Well, a lot of girls will. Maybe because you have your shirt on it looks and feels strange. Can you take that shirt off?”

“?! What?”

“It's Okay, it is a pose that means you are strong and want to protect your little sister.”


“Your Sister is going to be so happy she will run away in tears of joy, probably.”

“Here let me hold that shirt for you.”


After a few moments thought he takes it off and hands it over.



You have received {Ghost Shirt}.



I urge him to do the pose again. “Oh much, much better, your little sister will really know you care now. Hey make your body look more real though.”


He concentrated and became a little less transparent.

“Not bad, not bad.” He had had a solid body and would have been better if it was touchable. Not average but not too defined muscle wise.

“Now, if she is happy with this pose and wants to see more I can help you out there too.” Pointing at him then letting my hand fall some to indicate his pants.


“If it will make her happy I'll try it.”

I put the shirt in my inventory and turn around. “You may not be able to do this one, lets make sure you can first. Can you take those pants off, put them over there. I won't look, go ahead.”

“Sure. Ready.”


I Rotate the camera view to look behind me and yup a young male ghost in his underwear. “Does your underwear also come off?”

“I think so. Should I check?”

“Yes Please.”

Yup there they go and screen shot for posterity. Too bad the censor circle is there.

“Um, I am a tailor and I like to learn about clothes. Is it fine if I look at yours to see how they were made?”

Standing there naked he didn't seem to mind. “Is it possible for you to play with items or water?”

“No sorry.” Well all disappointment aside of not getting to see a ghost showering, this was kind of productive. Placed the pants and underwear in my inventory and walked off.


His sister was so going to love this.



Reading my messages on the way back, Mystical's date with Flavor Flay went well, her message gushed about how the next one was already set and they were going to chat a lot later today. I headed to 'the Wooden Bucket' to do an 80's wardrobe montage with my 2-d girlfriend. Add in a set of ghost clothes, what a weekend I was having.


Deciding It was a life threatening situation if I was found with big brothers clothes I ran for the North Gate and the safety of Town. The clothes had no weight and could be seen through, how I was able to hold them didn't make much sense. That aside I thought if I could use the fabric ,tons of neat items could be made. What kind a pervert would I be if I didn't have the mind set to make an outfit to seduce my lover, or have her wear one to seduce me?




Item Name: Ghost Shirt

Quality: Ethereal Common

Item Type: Shirt

Defense: Unknown

Durability: Unknown

Weight: 0.00 kg

Added Stats: Unknown

Added Effect: Unknown

Color: none

Description: This is a shirt off a ghost. Poor thing is Naked now.




- Wooden Bucket -


Might as well get in a lunch time special with Dainea. I pull her upstairs for my lunch leaving the other workers in a bit of a bind. More important was seeing her in the cat then bunny ears. “I'll pay any missed lunch wages, cum quickly.” Her grin was evidently of satisfaction not humor.

Pulling out clothes as we enter the room upstairs I start handing her things to wear one after the other.

“Its too much!”

“Never! Pick a few. Put them on. Who has the boom box and the cassette tape? Never mind, here.”


Turning on the Music player on my computer I watch as Dainea becomes quite modern looking and had cat ears there in front of me. Honestly I shook with pleasure watching her embarrassed looks at me. A few times my hand found its way to places to stimulate my body in anticipation of more play. When we got to the mini skirt, blouse and the bunny ears I had Ophilia have some fun with her in bed. The level gain in [Stamina] was nice as well as the orgasms the three of us had together, shocking I know total pervert. Hate me later.


Glancing at the time, I had a few minutes to get to the shop, I was supposed to meet the bard at. I got a list of the items Dainea thought were the best on her and fled with a deep kiss that lasted a good amount of time. I threw on the bunny ear and ran down the steps singing “I'm late, I'm late...” The amount of strange looks in the tavern were less oppressive than I thought.

Grabbing a carrot like vegetable off the plate of one of the servers I dashed out in to the street to head for the meeting with the bard. Later this would be a popular image on a tavern plaque, someplace I had never heard of.




- Teea's House -


When the Bard waiting for me came into view, I started to relax. Put the bunny ears away and strolled up to him.

“Greetings Sensei”

“? Sensei?”

“Means teacher...”

“Oh, then where to? We can't do lessons out her after all.”

“This way.” Taking him to Teea's. I unlock the door and start to push it open and I fall forward as Teea opens the door for us with a big grin on her face.


“Oh so you know of her? Good this is her place and the lessons will be here, no one will interrupt. Or take advantage of us.” *wink* I look at her and smile. Having a supervisor against someone with this kind of talent and someone to use it on might be a good thing. In addition, it is someone of repute so he might be less likely to have his way with me. Didn't know she would be here, but glad she is. Let the lessons begin I cheer.



New school of magic learned, [Charm] level 1.

New skill learned [Vocal Empowerment] level 1.

New spell learned [Charm Person] level 1.



Teea also got lessons and learned the skills, apparently she was of the mind they would be useful since she was the target for our practice. We agreed not to misuse our new over powered skills for evil or in places of significance like royal palaces and the such. With that much done he took his payment and I prodded Teea into adding a fair amount for her tuition. He decided to leave town soon afterwards. His feeling of a lack of safety was such that with the next trade convoy he would change towns. So NPCs can move locations interesting.


After Sensei Bard left, Teea and I talked about our separate plans, and she proposed me moving in again. Declined and with a hug I left. With returning to the park in mind, set course on the mini map and made my way there.




- Acdin Park -


Mr Planknel was there looking out into the nothing as usual. So many things about magic seemed to be possible in game, so I wanted to get a few questions asked. Looking at him sitting there I thought maybe I should increase my resistance to perverted thoughts first. Do they have a skill for that?


“Teacher, how are original spells created?”

“Well... That is a very advance topic for a novice.” Thinking for a moment, he changed his focus to me and began explaining. “Several ways, a magic user plans out or randomly creates a magic effect then repeats it until a spell or skill is formed.” Showing me the basics he taught me how to form a mana infused image for getting the Void Sphere to follow me instead of being stationary. Then attach it to an active Void Sphere. The resulting spell would be [Tracking Void Sphere] at tier 3. Once I had perfected it on the average about 8 to 10 casts would be needed for early tiered spells.

In the larger cities, magic guilds and academies had whole sections of libraries dedicated to spell construction. It was a huge field. We talked a bit about magic and getting more proficient.


“What about gaining experience and fighting monsters?”

“Now don't be in too much of a hurry there, you are getting stronger, I know. Just wait and you will be ready soon enough.”

“Is there a place I can go to find things to hunt as a single person or will groups be needed? What is the first thing to hunt?”

“This one is eager to fight. Why so?”


I knew it was a bad answer however I just blurted it out, “Growth wise and value wise, isn't hunting resources and gaining experience at the same time a very efficient use of time? Coin and growth, minimize expenses of time, energy, and costs for the greatest return. If you want to be strong and reach your goal right? Monsters have to be thinned town needs goods-”

“That could be. There is something like that. Well out in the Fields there are vermin at night, in the forest during the day a few things that might suffice as starting targets. Just that in the woods there might also be a few things that might possibly eat you.”

“Vermin in the fields at night?”

“Yes you don't know about them? Thought everyone did... There are large dark grey crop eating critters not much for skins. The meat is low grade, their claws are not too useful but might be sell able in bulk.”


Turns out that the starting creatures were pretty well hidden and if anybody had encountered them before it wasn't really publicized. Now the question remains how hard are they to hunt.

“Hard to fight them?”

“With your [Mana Bolt] and [Void Sphere] should be enough... They won't attack just run away. Ah, I remember the days back when we were kids-” I stopped paying attention after a while he did tend to ramble.


“Last question is it possible to cancel a [Void Sphere] I had cast or someone else has left behind?”

“Yes there is.” He lectured me on canceling magic and gained the skill [Cancel Magic] and if it was leveled up enough would become [Absorb Magic].

Guess wouldn't hurt to see what they were like. Marked the best fields for them on my map after thanking teacher and headed to get supplies for a quick evening hunting session. I had some creatures to hunt finally!




- Fields Outside Acdin's South Gate -


Eating with Mom and Steph was rushed. I wanted to get back and level up so bad, every time I finished something on my plate I wanted to jump up and run upstairs.


Evening had fallen and the darkness was still not too bad. Not long after finding the fields the medium dog sized critters were seen coming out of their burrows to scavenge, quickly returning after finding food. With the lack of light and how quite they were, the slow moving things certainly were not obvious. *Evil grin* Hunting will be good tonight. They were omnivores and would eat meat or plants I found out after leaving a portion of food out to see if they'd go for it.


Setting up food lures and [Void Spheres] around them I set to wait for them. Moments later a few headed for the lures.

*Squueeeeek!* Hearing the cries the rest turned and fled for their holes.

A [Mana Bolt] at the wounded one. It collapsed dead, leaving a still corpse. No full auto-loot huh? I picked up the body and reset the [Void Spheres] trap. Moved back to a place just in range of may attack and put the body down and checked my log.


'Field Jerry' has hit your [Void Sphere] and taken 12 void magic damage.

'Field Jerry' had fled!

'Field Jerry' was hit by your [Mana Bolt] for 5 points of magic damage, killing it. Experience gained 50.

Rights to corpse of 'Field Jerry'.

You have gained item {Field Jerry Tail}.

Congratulations on your first kill you have been awarded 10 experience for a villager first action.

Congratulations on the first solo kill for the village you have been awarded 10 fame.



Looks like they have health less than 18 then, pretty easy. Their memories are also short as it looks like they are heading back to the bait. I move around to drop a [Void Sphere] in front of one of the holes one had just come out from. The one to reach the bait shrieks I finish it off with a quick [Mana Bolt]. The one coming back to his hole that I trapped in front of, set off the trap and ran back towards the bait area fleeing in fear. With a second quick [Mana Bolt], it also dropped dead.


Chain kill gave an additional experience bonus and one more fight and I should get a new level in my [Novice Spell Casting] class.

Mr. System told me, I got a claw and meat as loot this time. Gained a new level in [Void Sphere] spell. I picked up the corpses and piled them with the original victim. Picked up the bait, cast [Cancel Magic] at the remaining trap spheres and let my Mana regenerate with active meditation.



Item Name: Adult Field Jerry Corpse

Item Type: Animal Corpse

Description: A Dead scavenging rodent type creature with mild claws that burrow in the ground. The meat is of low quality as is the skins. Several parts are usable for various things. Farmers may reward you per tail sold to them sometimes.



I set up the traps in the next field over. Got two more bodies to add to my pile and second meat.



Congratulations! The spell [Mana Bolt] is now level 2.

You are now a [Novice Spell Caster] level 2. You have gained +2 to all stats, +2 intelligence and +2 Wisdom. You have 2 additional stat points to assign to a stat of your choice.



Eight more bodies later, that gives me 13 total and level 3 in [Novice Spell Caster], [Mana bolt] and [Void Sphere]. With a weight capacity of a third of that, I set about reducing my load back into town. Cutting of the hands with claws first. My dagger was sharp enough so no real issues other than taking time. After claws, I cut off the tails. Then made a mess of a corpse trying to separate a skin and meat from it with no real success. I did learn a few things. Removing the guts made the body lighter so I got rid of those on the 12 bodies left. Good thing I can't smell anything. The mess drew a few insects and a couple more Field Jerries. They left me alone for the most part seeing any creature different from them put them in retreat. That was until I met this guy. He was the biggest one yet at one and a half times a regular one size.


I dropped 4 [Void Sphere]s in front of the waste pile and between us and waited from him to get closer. They were not the brightest creatures so when it got close and charged I knew I was right that it was either a mini boss or a rare at least. Dropping the spheres was the right move. It hit the first void trap, shook its head and moved at me again only to hit the next one. Few [Mana Bolts] later it was dead.



You have killed 'Boss Field Jerry'!

Congratulations on the first solo Rare mob kill in game. You have been awarded 50 fame.

Other hunters will know of your prowess should you inform the guards or local officials.

You have found a Rare Item {Boss Jerry Accessory}.

Rights to corpse of 'Boss Field Jerry'.

You have gained item {Boss Field Jerry Ears}.

Congratulations! Skill [Mana Regeneration] is level 2.


Item Name: Boss Jerry Accessory

Item Type: Ear, necklace, badge or token slots.

Quality: Rare

Added effects: Dexterity +1, Leader of the Jerry: +2% chance to detect harmful actions.

Description: Large tooth from a Boss Jerry it's uncommon size you would think it came from an animal like a wolf or small bear.



Equipped the Accessory to one Earring slot. And turned to face the pile of corpses I had yet to gut.  "Ick."

Boss gutted and in my bag, I completed the last four from the regular Jerry that had yet to be lightened.



You have gained skill [Field Dressing (Animal)] level 1.



That was helpful Mr. System what took you so long? Even with all my efforts due to the weight and bulk, I could only take a few into town. The boss and 5 adults in my bags and drag 4 more behind me. I had all the claws and tails at least.




- Acdin South Gate -


Stopped at the gate to get directions for the butcher and skinning shops. I had not been to them yet. The trip to the gates was uneventful but forgetting this was the south side of town I found myself confronted by a trouble maker when I was heading to the Skinner. Darn, I should have gone the main road not the side ways.


Letting go of the dead weight I drew my dagger in the right hand and put the wand in my left hand behind me so I could cast spells without them noticing.


“Oh pretty what do we hav' here?” Thug A grinned at his friend coming out of the alley.

Thug B responded, “A free meal and entertainment If I had ever seen it Tooom.”

“It does appear to be so even if it is field Jerry and a tooth pick for desert. I gladly indulge here.”


[Void Sphere]. “Sirs, are you interested in this fine meat?” Indicating the dagger to myself and the dead weight on the ground. [Void Sphere].

“We are! Aye little tooth pick.” They came walking over with no fear.

[Void Sphere]

“Oh? So you two alone, are going to be enough to take my dinner from me?” [Void Sphere]

Slowing to consider me for a second they continue forward a bit of drool apparent at the corners of their mouth. “Mmm, tasty free goods like them.”


Ten feet from me, “Is that so.” [Charm Person]. “Sad and here I was all set to give this all to you and none for your friend Tooom there.” Thug B stopped in his tracks with little hearts growing in his eyes you could see his status effects right away. Thug Tooom kept walking forward.

“If you wait there for me I'll give you your reward after.” Thug B nodded and waited while drooling even more. Yes, side effects of this skill were a bit over the top right now.


Tooom got within attacking distance I jump back at an angle then stepped behind the consecutive Void Sphere castings. In the dark streets you really couldn't tell they were even there unless you really looked hard. Tooom appeared a bit wary of my dagger so I held it in a good grip out of the Sphere's line of sight. He moved to strike range and made contact with two of the spheres.

“Ow, what the Hell!” [Mana Bolt] to the face.

“Ugh! That all you got!” He ran forward and took damage from the other 2 Spheres set just behind the first couple. He winced in pain from them and I add a basic dagger strike to his face. Being overwhelmed by a little girl the panic in his face was evident as he was forced to decide to flee or not.

“Yo, why are you just standing there help me.” Yea Thug B totally going nowhere near combat right now. Aiming at his chest I fling a dagger. Then swing at his throat. Not caring which strike killed him the point was he fell to the ground dead. Before the charm spell broke I had to hurry and finish this.


“Here is your reward, my darling exp bundle.”

I walked behind B and dropped 2 more Void Spheres. Had him fall on them as I slit his throat and back stabbed him. The criticals and magic damage were a bit overkill in any case. Two thugs down and no one else left in the streets to bother me. Time to loot.



Congratulations! [Dagger] skill is now level 6.

Congratulations! Your spell [Void Sphere] is level 4 now.

You are now a [Novice Spell Caster] level 4. You have gained +2 to all stats, +2 intelligence and +2 Wisdom. You have 2 additional stat points to assign to a stat of your choice.

You have gained item {silver ring(unidentified)}. You have gained item {silk handkerchief}.

Rights to corpse of 'Slum Thief Tooom'.

Rights to corpse of 'Slum Thief Wic'.

Title earned 'One Who Defends the Starting Village', see titles to change current titles.

Congratulations, conditions met for interview.



Not sure what that last one was about but I started taking everything off the thieves. Two sets of crappy clothes, random belt and pouches, 20 copper off Wic and 35 off of Tooom, wooden club, an iron dagger and a useless necklace accessory with no stat gains.

Since I had a few stat points to use I added 2 strength, 1 dexterity, 2 charisma and a point of intelligence. I took a peek at my stats.


str 23, int 47, wis 34, end 20, dex 36, char 27, luck 21




- Our room -


I sat back in the new chair Dora got me and took a breath, wow. Intense moment there. Wasn't sure I could handle them both. Was a good thing they gave me time to cast enough spells. If they rushed at me, I would have been a one dead newbie. Not to mention the charm may have failed.


There in the streets of the game were two dead thugs and a pile of Field Jerry corpses and Ophilia. A message window popped up that shocked me. I looked closer at it to see if I hadn't misread it.



Hello Miss Ophilia, we would like to thank you for your devotion to project Fractal, or Fractal Online.

We here in the world of Fractal offer you a choice. An in or out of game reward.

Which would you like?



Huh? Out of game reward what would that be, and what is the in game one? I look over at Steph and she is happily in bed playing with the tablet. I get up and go down stairs and grab one of mom's beers she keeps for guests and sit at the dinner table and open it. What do I do? Mom would never let me get things online, earn money or receive things from anywhere that wasn't in town. I take a drink, “Ick do adults really like this crap.” I get rid of the evidence and head to the restroom to was my face.

I grab a breakfast roll and a vitamin water and head back upstairs. What am I going to do? In-game would be fine right? Mom wouldn't throw a fit, but what is this out of game thing? They didn't have any promotional items with the game and the website had none of the trashy gimmicks to sell the game the way others did. Could it be something only the developers could have? That would be a bit cool.



Our room was quite, really quiet. Steph was not in bed and no sounds came from the bathroom. In front of the computer was the chair and the screen had changed only showing a strange hand graphic and a note to say touch to continue. I don't recall such a screensaver or having a touch monitor.

“Steph, you in there?” I ask at the bathroom door. No one was inside so I sat back at the computer.



“Shit can't get any weirder right?” I touch the screens hand with the mouse pointer. Nothing Changed so I put my finger to the screen.




- Vague Space Between Worlds -


Eh? My finger is, is what exactly? Passing through and being pulled and called into a strange space like the feeling of acceleration in a real fast car. With the rest of me seated in the chair. A warping and twisting of the image and space itself projects out and around me and I exit standing in a space there is atmosphere here and I can breathe, yet the stars and galaxy around us is simply breath taking. Nebulae, stars! Debris. A tri-nary star system and planets. A God's playground child's size scaled with everything within reach. I turn around amazed, and find myself moved to conversation distance from three people even though there were miles away milliseconds ago. Super conveyor belt style zero inertia and resistance.


Whoa! My balance was effected a bit mentally.


“Hello Anne, Pleasure to meet you.” The noble looking man sits in a soft comfortable chair.

“A delightful pleasure at that.” The smile on the woman's face reminds me of a few I had seen on Teea's face. Especially the ones where she was thinking of me as dinner. Not lucky am I? She leans against an invisible wall. I want to move my head to see what she was leaning on.

The third person moves to serve the sitting gentleman. “May I introduce, Master of the system known as-”

“Long winded as always. I am Niva, Deity of knowledge for the Nivar system. Go ahead show your fealty by asking lots of stupid questions now.” Not losing to his sense of sarcasm I smile.

“Great fucking game.”


The lady leaning on the invisible wall starts to snicker then bust out with a loud snorting laugh. The tears in her eyes were priceless apparently. Everyone else in the room was shocked at the outburst.

“Thanks?” Niva staring at the woman response. “You alright there, Lillithe?”

“Ha, mmph” *gasp* if she didn't stop laughing soon she might start turning blue. “He, ha... I, am, alright.” A few more breaths she calms herself.

“Now then.” Returning focus to me I see his eyes. The songs from earth I recall about power and magic being there all fit and resounded 'this was the meaning of those songs'.

“Yes.” was all I could say after that even if he had told me to say 'No' it would still come out meaning yes.


“Your reward as the Focal point of our star system transfer to your universal collective.”


“We, or more I would offer you the choice of which planet to receive as the place of residence.”

The servant type guy handed Niva a ball of knowledge.

“Looks like your contribution as a bridge between worlds contributed to 72% of the needed soul intimacy with our planet. Is this right it seems a bit high?”

Nodding the guy smiled, “It is so.”

“Guess that might be possible with the blessing of luck she has there from her own World's Deities.”

“Really?” The woman Lillithe looked closer at me now and moved closer. I could only blink as she shimmered closer. Did she lick her lips just now?


“Now, for your reward.”

“What did you have in mind Niva?” Lillithe asked?

“Choice of destination for her soul, and an additional blessing. Did you think of something?”

“A weave of her game persona and her real self. Definitely an interesting outcome.”

“SO BE IT! Now which World? Our World or Earth?”

I could only answer in the affirmative and that would always be his, “Yes, yours.”

“Thank you and good luck then.” He waved his hand and everything I was as Anne separated and instantly joined with everything that was Ophilia. I found myself sitting in the park in Acdin staring at the beautiful park I had been in virtually hours before. Alone. I fainted.




- Acdin Park -


There was a soft wet felling as something was licking me, rousing me from an unconsciousness. The darkness behind my eyelids was no help, opening my eyes into focus comes a blurry dark figure with silver blobs still licking my face. Cat?


“Oh you woke?” Steph voice came from behind the blob. No more it was from the blobs. Or no, the cat sounds like Stephanie.

“Recovered, not sleeping.”

“You doing well enough to get up?” The cat's question was strange because last thing I remember I was sitting in a park. Looking closer, she was correct I was on the ground just in front of the bench.

The effects of falling started to return, “Ehhh, my head.” The pain faded and the darkness subsided and the fuzzy feeling of blacking out passed from my body.

Steph or cat that sounded like her with spry movements sat next to me on the bench as I got up myself. Although, she was two, almost three times the size of a house cat, she was certainly not able to help me to stand and sit again. On the bench she entered my lap and began to nuzzle my chest. Enjoying the thoroughly erotic nuzzling and licks of the kitty I pet her head and back, played with her ears and nose. After she kissed me on the face I knew for sure it was Steph. I hugged her soft and firmly a tear fell from my eye and down my cheek, I didn't feel sad anymore and this moment was causing me to cry.


“What happened to you?”

Purring, “I got a bit of your reward I guess. Sorry about clicking the computer while you were down stairs, when I woke up I saw you and that is about all I remember.”

Between hugging and caresses, I looked around again this certainly appears to be Acdin. But there are a lot of difference I can see already. Smell, background noise, the writing on the buildings outside the park are different. Trying a few things to see if I have an inventory or not or menu options stats or skills, nothing does anything. My joined memories of Ophilia suggest that this world is just like ours and the game things for the most part, just an interface for our world to view a copy of theirs. Now what do we do?

“There is a backpack there behind the bench.” Looking behind me Steph point out. “Might be your inventory things.”

“Sure is, that is the one Aveon made for me. Totally matches my outfit.” Checking out what I was wearing. I see that the outside was all Ophilia's outfit and the undergarments were mine from Earth. “At least the good socks from Earth came with.”

“You worry about strange things sometimes you know.”

“You got soft pads there you have any idea how much walking I am going to have to do here?”

“Uh huh okay.”

“We stick with Steph as your name or you want a new one? Ophilia Anne will do I think for me.”

“Mew, not attached to anything.”

She looked tired and so was I, “Should we go... to an Inn?”

Standing up with Princess Stephanie in my arms I move her to one arm and pick up the bag. It was heavy and at the limits of what I could carry physically it seems. Resting it on the bench and moving to open it, from behind me the wind stirs and a voice chimes gently.

“As the heavens declare fancy finding you here, of all the places.”

Was not convinced in the least this was accidental. “That must be the person who is having me for dinner tonight, isn't that so Lady Lillithe”

“What is it you say on your World, Dingo!”


“Sure. Oh darling we are going to have so much fun tonight.”

Shivering for a second I turn and smile. “We are?”

“Yes, excuse us for a second Moon Minx.” She puts Princess Stephanie down on the bench and pulls my hand then all of me with a magical wind into her A-cup breasts. The world starts to turn as we rotate in a half circle and arrive in a fancy bedroom nowhere near the park we were in second ago.

My legs give out.




- Bed Chambers of an Unknown Castle -


Lillithe pulls me up gently. Standing again.

She touched my shoulder and gently moved her hand up along my collar bones, I felt a predatory and prey chilling kind of moment. Most assuredly I was the prey here and all my warning bells had started to ring. Problem was zero exit solutions and moving definitely would have the wrong effect. Her cool fingers, lingered, yes, they certainly lingered. Encircling me, she moved into a position from one side to the opposite behind me. Only sound that was there was this deep beating of what sounded like a heart beat. It could have been mine.


Abducted again and about to be eaten are you sure I had a blessing of luck in my world? Somehow I knew this was where I was meant to be and nothing would change that even if it was scaring the pee right out of me, I had to squeeze to keep it in. No point making a mess on the incredible rugs in here.


A pleasant caress of my hair her hands culled me and she inhaled my scent next to my ear. Every part of my body jumped to attention at the sound and waited for the exhale. Lillithe's hands slipped with a quivering sensation to my chin and pulled my face closer to hers. The skin, her fingers passed by cried out in a mind numbing fashion wanting the fingers to return and restore peace. I could see her eyes looking at me from behind, devouring me in a way I thought impossible. Her thoughts of what to come teased my mind, she shared them so fast and softly as if I had remembered hundreds of encounter with her already. Lost in those memories I felt a pain then a rush of heat. A falling sensation as we landed on sheets finer than any I could imagine.

My body arched as the gushing of fluids and heart beats flooded my mind. She was the only thing that existed and nothing else. Her soul and mine became one for a second and then she left me in the darkness. The darkness lasted so long, I saw her again I was happy to not be alone. My weakness grew and I knew in seconds there would be death. I was small and nothing to her but she lent me one drop of herself from there I would grow strong and thrive in the world.


My Eyes flew open and I was on the bed, she touched me and I felt calm. I knew she had used mana and many spells and skills to do whatever she had done to me. My body climaxed and shuddered in attempts to distract me. Her mana continued to arouse my body.

“You are learning too fast.” She pulled her hand back and the pleasure stopped. The climaxes continued as I lay there and my body did what it was going to doing. Do I push her out or pull her in. I could only think I didn't love her so it was wrong. Still, if she was not doing things I didn't want. I wouldn't resist.

“Thank you?”

“Strange little kitten you are, I am the one to thank you for such a delectable meal.”

Nodding, I notice I had lost a bit of weight and was quite pale now a bit blue even. Where she on the other hand was no longer an 'A' size around the chest but more close to a 'D' size. Her body fat had increase like she was a different person. Meal, happy meal indeed.

“I expect a return on my investment.” Passing the last bit of my bodies convulsions, I pull myself up slowly on a pillow.


“You wanted me for a reason right, nothing is free in life and you mostly take as I can see.”

“You may be right darling, fun indeed.” Getting off the bed, Lillithe moves to a decorated piece of furniture probably worth more than the USA's yearly national budget. Pulled a book of the shelf and handed it to me with a wiggle of an index finger it changed to a cloud of moving runes and moved along my skin and became what I guess was a rune on my back left shoulder blade.

“Fair trade, maybe? Good luck with that.” She grins and pulls me in for a hug as if she was an older sister or my mom. “We are family now in a way daughter.”

“Really. Can I borrow the car and hang with Princess Stephanie tonight?”

“No cars allowed they too slow.” Pulling me in with that magic winds again she lifted me into a cradle carry and spun half way around and we were back in the park looking at Moon Kitty Stephanie.


“Could you teach me that skill?” Holding out my arms to Stephanie as I prayed I'd get to learn it.

“Ophilia dear you will most likely learn it before I could teach it too you. Still, if you would like I can exchange lessons for a meal later, possibly.”


Putting her chin on my breast princess asks, “Anne, I mean Ophilia, are you alright?”

“Sure, just a little hungry that is all.”

“No food for a while dear sorry.” She steps back and waves and adds. “Liquid diet from now on after all.” All we see is what was behind her as she had vanished.

“DO my canine teeth look any bigger to you Princess?” I smile and smile again and show my teeth.


I put my finger up to one and check. “They feel sharp.”


I kiss Steph and put on the pack Aveon made and head out of the park. “How long was I gone?”

“About 3.8 seconds.”

“That so.”


“What do you want to do now?” I ask Steph.

“Kiss, cuddle, and take long naps. Maybe eat some sushi. Play with your hair and rub your chest-”

“Sounds good.” Not sure there is an ocean near here but the rest might be possible. “That purr is incredibly cute you know.” Playing with her ears we enter the streets near the park. If I recall, the places Teea and Dainea lived would be that way. If, they are in this world, that is.

“No, think you want that way she points to the other way.”


“Even I don't want to sleep outside naked, despite having fur.”

“Shall we make you an outfit later? Magic cloak or kitty dress?”

“Sounds unpleasant in the extreme, knowing you, you will make one any ways.”

“Princess I won't make anything you don't want to wear. Winters might be cold in some places here.”

“Mmm Soft fluffy wolf fur cloak maybe? Turn right here.”

“Thanks.” I guess not having a mini map might be a real problem I got lost often even in my small town back Southern Maine.”




- Wooden Bucket -


Assistance from Princess Stephanie and we arrived at the wooden bucket within a reasonable amount of time. I sat in the Tavern adjusting the place, more dust and smells of drink than I would have guessed. The interior was dead on and the food was similar but had smells now. I wanted to try some but ended up feeding it to Princess instead since my body refused to ingest any of it. My drink was a standard cheap one I bought before but now was a decoration so people thought I was partaking in the atmosphere. Pretending to drink now and then, I waited to see if Dainea still worked here. Sometimes noise would come from upstairs rooms or more lively conversations would happen. I noticed things that I normally would not have paid attention to. Hearing voices clearly across the room was also a new experience, and focusing in an active tavern at night took a bit of mental refinement.


Midnight bells rang before I saw her for the first time in this world. The sight of her was the first thing to interrupt my petting of Princess Steph since entering the place. She was beautiful the moment I saw her and her dark, dark brown hair was trailing behind her as she entered, her eyes bright and full of the colors of the flower she had given me. The few moles and skin marks were in the same place from the game. I remembered every one of them. The thin delicate neck and main artery screamed take me...


Rewind a second. The delicate collar bone leading to her neck looked so lick-able. The scent of her that floated over after she entered the room, floored me I was thoughtless for a few minutes. A bit spicy, a hint of lightning and a tint of flowers dumped on her gentle musk from a bit of sweat. The apron on her, the same as the first day we met. She has two others upstairs in her room. Her dress on now is one I had seen on her floor yesterday. The delicate fingers on her hand just as in game. Those eyes drew me back and lavender color made me swim. Did I fall in love with her just from those few days in game?

Princess curled closer into my lap and chest in protest of my staring, not bothering to interfere. While waiting to see if she would come over I dug out the flower she gave me from the bag. I tried to observe, inspect or appraise it to no luck.


“Nice flower, is it from someone or for someone?”

Shocked out of my thoughts I look up to find Dainea there looking at it with a dirty smile on her face.

“Here, for you, I am returning it to whence it came in hopes of a better reunion. You are welcome to me. NO wait. My doors are always open to you.”

“Do, do I know you?”

“You don't?” I look at her and hope.


“Other World's and maybe in dreams I guess.”

“My dreams have been filled with romance and a lover I don't know recently.”

“I am Ophilia and this is Princess, I am glad to meet you here. And the flower is sincere.”

“Nice to meet you Miss Ophilia and Princess, I am-” ““Dainea.”” We say together.

I reach out to shake her hand. “Are you free later tonight?”

“Am I?” She blushes the smokey red I am used to when she is embarrassed. “I might be.” She returns the hand shake, my, my, this heart of mine certainly is in a hurry tonight.



Dainea and I talk a lot during the early hours of the day and I admit it was my fault she didn't get much work done that night or decent tips. I was horny and hungry and wanted her more than anything. Finally, around five in the morning she was happy that we could share time after work and plunged into her room. We had clumsy virgin sex and the blood from my new body when opened for the first time sent me into a small frenzy to feed off her. Shocked at first, then when she was comfortable with me and the fact that I wasn't going to eat her or change her to one, the hormones that had brought us here took over again quickly enough. She let me feed off her finger first then between her legs later. Even a small amount of blood or fluid was enough to climax and satisfy the hunger.


Three hours later we covered up the window with a sheet and kept going. It was wonderful, more so than I could imagine. After five hours she collapsed and I followed soon after calling princess over to sleep with the two of us. She was welcomed to do anything she wanted when Dainea fell into slumber and we kissed and I got licked. Petting Steph where she wanted to be pet and found what she liked the most. Hugged the two of them and fell asleep embracing them both completely spent.

Thank Niva. I am not a virgin anymore! ….zzzzZZZZ







End Chapter 8


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