Blood Fractal



Chapter 7 - Weak-Week Weakness the Weekend


Blood Fractal – Volume 1

Chapter 6

Weak-Week Weakness the Weekend

- My Room -


Ah! The weekend, and I forgot to kill the alarm clock and we or more I, wake up. It is WAY too early! Going back to sleep.


Looking around I think we may have to get counseling for the Waifu couple later. They seem to have gotten more use overnight. If things don't change, the amount of washings they receive may also be problematic. They a bit older now and excessive use at this age, it might be too much for them after all.


“I didn't use them too many times just three.” She figured my chain of thought from me staring at the bunnies.

“Hmm, they do look happy and tired.” Whatever, Steph is happy all that counts right. “Are they nice? Was it a reward? For them or is it some kind of punishment? Good that you made a new friend, right Mr. and Mrs. Waifu.”

“?” Steph looked confused and I wasn't really bothered or interested.


She pushed a left over snack carrot from last night into my mouth. Nibble.

“Eggs okay with you?” I ask.



Great then off the kitchen I go. Returning with a few fried over-cooked eggs and bread with berry jelly of some kind. The drink from last night that was sitting near the computer and we have a picnic on the floor.

“Want some?” She presents the fork to me waiting for me to take a bite.

Now she is feeding me too, rather than establish a pattern. “One bite, then I'll feed myself.”



The freckles on her legs stand out to me for some reason and she lifts her shirt to show me the lack of underwear there, her trimmed hair and a slightly slick area, a little flesh peaking back. Her efforts kinda wasted as I look back at her face, put on a light awkward smile and chew my food.

“Cute.” I think trouble is headed my way again.


Weekend what is in store for us? I shiver in fear for a second. Help, I think in the meekest voice inside.




- Dainea's Room above the Wooden Bucket Tavern -


I arrive in the world as I normally do and Mr. System has wonderful news.



Due to sleeping through many challenging situations you have earned the skill [Deep Sleeper].

Not sure I want to know what those 'situations' were at this point. What I am happy about is the skill. A passive skill active during sleep allowing me to basically, you got it, sleep more. Oh and an increase in recovery rate while sleeping for all recovering stats and damage. Am I Over Powered yet?... Can't be that hard to sleep in a combat zone. Hey can you cast sleep on me after each fight, kay thanks. No I was really happy for any skills now, even strange ones.


“Oh did the sleeping one finally awaken?” There from under the sheet comes a voice.

“Having fun?”

“More than you can imagine. You are so cute even when you sleep, I couldn't resist.”

“I would say my pleasure, but you know I wasn't participating, so as along as you were having fun.”

The buffs were stacked quite high for the physical pleasure there. May have trouble walking to the shop, or out the door.

“I need pleasure right now and it was the only thing I could think of.” She looks in dire need of comfort. Or revenge. I start with trying to interact with her in any way possible holding her, caress her hair, emotes, I am just about to give up. I look in the system actions on the character page for anything and a possible action occurs to me. Duh, this is so not going to work.



You have requested a Duel with NPC 'Dainea'.

She has accepted. Fight starts in 3



A naked duel in bed has been Initiated. Combat actions have been replaced with physical intimacy actions. Any actions in violation of the World's Decency Laws will not be shown or enacted on screen. Enjoy.



Oh my friggen lord, I am so in-trouble! Her naked PVP skills have to be ten times mine!

So going to lose.

“Good luck me.” Wait how do you end combat in bed? Is there experience gain? Ah there are skills here.

Wait, wait, wait, I can't read them fast enough. Oh there goes some stamina. Oh and 1 hp damage on the headboard not good.


Least Dainea looks happier. Did she just explode down there?  Can't tell, there was a sound though. Gah, they don't show enough!


Thump, Thump, thump, a rhythm game easy no problem. Mastered those years ago! <click, click, click>, add a combo attack. Ah she is panting and down to low stamina, hold back and let her focus just a little then recommence the attack. Oops I fell out of bed. That was a reputation loss. Get up and fight! Get back in there champ. That's a silly looking pose.


How do two people even get in to that position? This is actually fun compared to the video show last night. Dainea is asking for mercy now. Advance in revenge or hold off in pity. Suffer wench do you have any idea how hard it's going to be to walk with all these debuffs?

“Oh I surrender, you win. Just kidding come here round 2 is just starting.”


No way she was faking that. Ah revenge, attack, triple pleasure combo. Position change. Push the stamina drain. Oh she collapsed.

“You alright?” Tilting my head, Dainea looks like she is about to faint.

*Pant* “Yea one second.” *pant* “The timer says you are going to surrender if you can't move soon.”

“No problem, I'll just rest here.”

Cuddle action go!



Player 'Ophilia' has defeated 'Dainea'! In bed.

Duel successful, you have won and gained experience and the skill [Stamina] from your mighty victory.


[Villager] class has become level 3, your current class is not applicable to the gained experience. Current class [Novice Tailor].


You have gained +1 to all stats, and 1 stat point to spend on a stat of your choice.



Mr. System you have just made me the craziest slut in all the town, I mean it. Stamina skill so cool. Now if I could only hurry up the debuff removal. I'd be so happy I could die. I pull out some water and food and feed us since Dainea can only mumble words. Walking was out of the question so I tried to crawl to the pile of clothes on the floor to get dressed.



“Did you learn anything?”

“Steph, if I get to the point where I can use what I just almost saw, I can't even begin to comprehend the difficulty I will have trying to lead a normal life.”

“I don't understand.”

“How long do you think I am going to get to sleep after several escapades in one evening? With my proclivity towards sexual indulgence I have the feeling working from home or online college may be critical to any life plan as I may never leave bed again.”


“If I start, I may never stop.”

“oh, OH! oh.”

Can only guess she is seeing good and bad things about this.



DD queen Bella was in the tavern below. Once I regained my walking ability and left the second floor she knew or guessed I had logged off last night upstairs and welcomed me back. Eating some food with an endurance and strength buff to make the walk to work was first task.

She put the order of food in front of me and I got busy in a different sense. Eating this time.

“Have a good evening?”

“Can say it was better than the rest of the week.”

“Ho? Is that so?” She looks like she wants to sit and gossip. “I can listen, you want some advice? Or just to girl talk? Baseless town rumors?”

“No, think the food is enough.” I wave her off. “You are a guy right?”


“Hey, not important, just a guess. Are triple F size like them possible in real life?”



Player Bella has sent you a message.


“Can I read it later.”

“Now please.” I read it, sure no problem.

“Not one to gossip, or hold anything against people for what they like in-game or out.” Looking at the Grand Canyon that whole buildings could get lost in. “Only thing that really bothers me are those and how they hurt just imagining the discomfort they would bring.”

“Ha, right they would be very heavy in real life.” She returns to the kitchen.


“Hope I can make it to work today. Bella thanks for the meal.”

“You are welcome.” She looked a little worried I'd spread around that she was a he in real life. Didn't really care he played a she in-game.


Looking through my commands page I have a new action. One for naked duels now and it says it will only work with a Player or NPC with a high enough affection. So, should we share this tidbit of information with the rest of the game world?




- Stitch in Time -


Looks like the experience buff was left on over night, well any skil gain is a good one. Well even if sleep bonus was used on night time activity skill learning, any growth is good at this point. So a little more work for the profession class then? In the workshop alone, I look in the pattern book for level nine recipe. And any level ten ones useful. There is [Hat(fancy)] pattern at level 9 to buy and anything for 10 and up needs materials you cannot buy cheap in town. Monster drops or better cloth or the likes.

I learn the pattern for fancy hats and get to work.

Getting low on dyes today, will go shopping later.

Vat and loom started. I auto-craft the hat pattern to see what got made. The result is kind of pretty, nothing I would wear or want to see others in, shop stock 'sell'.

Tailoring leveled after a few items. Hello level nine.


I do a quick craft of all the things I want to register with the Crafting Guild. They want one to extract the pattern from. Future income would be good so getting a few patterns registered now might be worth it later.

About 45 minutes before noon, I go shopping for dyes and pick up some supplies from the other stores.




- Out for Lunch -


Shop here, shop there. Extra leather, more dyes! Sell the crafted items I don't want or need. A stop at the lumber yard for cheap scraps. Buy, spend. A few ingredients for the weaker than weak poison recipe I have. Pick up some errand packages for the shop. Check in with Teea at the archer range. She is alive, no guilt there. Food for later tonight and schedule revenge on my bar maid Part Two. Poor Dainea has created a monster of a different kind; a moment of silence for the death of my soul and my habits of good judgments.




- Crafter's Guild -


Yup, registered all the new patterns and paid my Guild due's. Now an official card carrying craftsman. Fun right? Back to the shop leveling should be easier now with some room in my bag. Lawrence was not practicing his Lizard accent anymore, maybe he perfected it? He was more into his current hobby, stabbing the desk with a letter opener. So be it.




- Stitch in Time -


Aveon had a gift for all of us, a rare quality back pack for each of the crew in the shop. They held a few more items and were nice for sorting stuff. Equip-able to the back slot and could be shown or not and used with the inventory window we had already.

We met the new apprentice to be, she was a werewolf girl. One of the starting races, one big flaw with taking it, were-creatures had involuntary Player vs. Player with racial enemy classes. No trading with racial enemies either. Add in a charisma, intelligence and wisdom stat gain penalty offset by a strength and endurance gain boost. Left the race played by warrior heavy fighter types. A lot of which had quit after finding out you couldn't really go straight to combat.

Awoo was a bit furry and somewhat charming. She fit in well with our group in no time. I forced her to wear a fancy hat later for a forums picture. Think I lost a little reputation or affection with her in doing so. The cuteness factor I felt completely justified it. A pouting werewolf girl in a cute hat, post access increased by 300%. In the name of sales it was worth it, even if most visitors were only there for the pictures, and Awoo resented me a while.


Awoo did a few errands and got the apprenticeship contract. We all crafted and shared crafting experiences and helpful things.


It was 4:00 pm and I was struggling to find new things to craft. “Anyone want anything made? Out of ideas to make things.” I mixed a poison in the alchemy set bought the other day in the water well area.

“What are you making there?”

“Oh Awoo, ah a, hmm, yea, a weak poison that might be enough to make a rat sick.”

“Does it have a use?”


“Sure, it might make a rat sick.”

“That's it?”

“Stomach ache?” What else can you expect from a really, really, weak poison...

“Forget I asked. Do you have a reason to make it?”

“Skill up? Cheap to make. Never know when a disgusting rat might want to become ill.”


“Did you want me to make a tailored item?”

“Dress, could you help me?”

“Yes, got the fabric in the color you want?” I ask just in case.

“Blue dye, not got any.”

Checking my supplies I have a few. “Light or dark?”


“Contrast with the eyes, nice. Did you get the [Coloring] skill yet?”

“Not yet.”

“Okay. Oh-wait a sec.” I complete the poison recipe, then store everything away.

“Get the fabric, we can color it when the vat is free next. One dye, oh enough for about four fabrics.”



We work on the cloths making the dress, a pretty dress fitting for Awoo. Completing the dress, Mr. System has words for me that stun me for a second.



Congratulations! You have level up [Novice Tailoring], it is now level 7.

You have gained +1 to all stats. You have gained +2 to Dexterity, +2 to intelligence, and 2 points to increase a stat of your choice.

Required experience to Level 8 is 55/3269.


With 10 levels in other profession classes you are qualified to earn a Combat class from a trainer.

!!! So villager PLUS tailor and I have enough, oh why don't they tell you these things earlier. Ahhhh! Such a pain and here I was set to grind the next three days.


“You look troubled anything wrong?”

Mysti! It is quite the opposite dear. “No, just going to step out and get a handle on where to get a combat class... Don't mind me.” I hug her a few times and jump up and down.

“Does she need to use the restroom or something?” Chip that is rude, girls don't pee. Add the fact this is a game why would you ask that?


“Thank you for the help with the dress it looks perfection.” Yes, we were working on that weren't we were-woman.

“Put it on lets see how it looks.”

“One sec.” The dress is nice and the hole for the tail is in the right place even.

“Turn around let me see the back, did we get it right?”

Turning around so I can look at the tail, I tug the dress a bit and see if the tail movement is good it really is a nice tail, soft and looks if it would be fun to use on a serving maid in the up cumming duel. Wonder if they have a detachable version or if they can be looted from dead NPC were-creatures?

“Can I have my tail back?!?”

“No I really want it as payment for the dress sure you won't sell it to me?” I play with it a bit more. So soft.

“EEP!” Ah drats she escaped. De tail included.

“Thank you for the help!” Awoo cries and flees.


Yes, she going to be hard to catch at this rate. The last few stacks of the debuffs would make it rather hard to keep up with Awoo who is sprinting away from me. Oh well. Combat trainer it is.




- The Militia Barrack's Kitchen Acdin-


On the way to visit our chef-butler-gay brother in law-love interest who scorned us and handed us to his sister I check my stats.



Level 7 Novice Tailor.

str 13, int 27, wis 15, end 12, dex 26, char 16, luck 13



With 3 free points what should I increase? Not making a decision in time before I arrive, I put it off for now.

“Yo, you here Southersbee?”

“Huh that you Ophilia?”

No it is some other in-law you dumped your sister on. “Might be, so I've come to ask for food and some information. The cat in the guild we don't talk about. Know anything about him yet?”

“Like what? Told you what I know already.”

“Food allergies, favorite color? What his taste in cats are? You know things I can use to twist a knife in his side.”

“Ah, you're going to find the local trainers.”

“20 points!”

Josh turns and finishes cooking something, “Not a clue.”

“Southersbee could there be vegans in this world? I offered him meat before he was a bit grumpy about it.”

“?” He had a puzzled look.

“I was going to feed him, unless you have any other ideas how to get him to give the info. Just worried if he was reluctant to share that knowledge. Plus it would be cute to watch the kitty eat.”


I sat and thought a while. Slave Southersbee finished up a few more dishes. I looked at a couple of the things he made and decided on two servings of the same high-quality mixed vegetables. I had an idea and if it worked I be set. After a little more chatting I headed out for the south gate and the Thieves Guild tavern.




- Thieves Guild Acdin -


Yup, nothing like the sights and sounds of the shady part of town right before evening. Good thing I got here before dark. I head and peek in the tavern, nothing exciting going on yet. I may pop in later.

With a bit of excitement to learn of the magic trainers in town, I open the guild door and peek in, and back down the alley behind me. All clear, I step in.


“I have the feeling something bad is coming today.” is heard from downstairs.


How could they know I was coming? I wait and listen to a few conversations about trivial things going on. So I head down the stairs.



“So it's you. Why are you back?” The NPC I got the poison recipe from asked me.

I look around. “I wonder...” she steps back in fear for some reason. “wanted to see Mr. kitty cat, is he here?”


The relief shown on her face felt a little like an insult. Let's provoke her, “Or you could teach me more recipes!?” I give a big smile. She tensed up.

“No, that is fine. I think he was over there, bye.” She left up the stairs two steps at a time and I heard her run down the alley. She must really dislike me, I think and turn around to look for our Mr. kitty.


“Looking for me?” We meet half way to his corner where he was cat napping a second ago.

“Yes, hungry?”

“Not really.” He turns and slowly walks back to his table and does a stretch then jumps back up on the table.

“Your loss.” I sit down and look at him closer. “Really looks like a cat. Skill or magic?”


“Why would you think I am anything other than a cat?”

“No reason.” I look around then pull out a plate of the veggies Josh made for me. “Mmm these pretty good for a novice chef.” Eating a few and waving them around to see if the smell would entice him. He did sniff the air some when I pulled them out. So I munch on them and continue talking.

“Can I pet you?”



Trying the blunt approach first here, I ask. “So... I was thinking, know anyone in town, who could teach me any of the less popular magic skills?”



“That's a yes then?” Pop in a few more veggies off the plate. “Mmm really yummy.”

“Don't think I want you having anyway to cause more problems than you already do.”


“Me, problems, how so?”

“.” He looks me in the face and says, “Just a thought on keeping the world safe some of us had.”  He mumbled something about a future demon lord candidate.


“Honestly, you all are no fun, sure you don't want one, these vegetables are tasty.” I pop the second to last one in and chew. His interest may have grown in getting a taste, he did look at the plate a few times while talking.

“Still won't tell you.”

“That is fine, it is your information and who you sell it to or don't, is up to you.” I pop the last one into my mouth. He makes a disappointing look and rests his head with no food and nothing else to do he must be thinking about a nap again.


I take out the second dish and put it on the first plate. “Here help yourself. You don't even have to tell me who trains dark magics in this town.”


He sniffs the plate and takes a bite. It is really nice when a plan comes together I smile gently. Watching the cute Mr. kitty I feel warm at the cute sight.

“You can't pet me either.”

“Drat!” Pulling back my hand, “So what do they call you?”



“No kidding.” A vegetarian cat named Paws. How ironic. “Paws is a druid or a were-creature?”

“I am a cat.” He takes another piece to nibble on.


We talk about the town while he works on the mixed veggie plate.


When he is almost done I ask one last time, “You sure you won't tell me who can train magic in town? I feel I am ready for a teacher.”

“You are, but it would be bad for me to do so. Ugh...”



“Eat too much there?” I smile. “Looks like you ate most of that, did you get the stomach ache already.”

“Uuuh, you sound as if you expected me to get a stomach ache.” He looks a bit pale even for a cat, green even.

“Well of course with the delayed acting deadly poison on that dish, it would be the first symptom after all. Just kidding totally lying to you here.”

His face is really shocking even for a cat, the screen shot later goes viral.



“No, no, nothing to worry about you just ate too much right?” That done I take the last veggie on the plate and hold it in front of my mouth. “See, nothing to worry about, at all.” I pop it in my mouth and chew. “Mmm, so tasty. Hope this is the one I didn't drop that vial on. The old alchemist said that one would really not be good to consume, Ever.”

“Uuuuugh, Vivie you over there still?” Guess he wants a second opinion from our poison trainer friend.

“You mean the girl that ran out just after I got here?” He didn't look very happy. Pitiful even, never seen a mouse in a trap before. Did it have the same look as our new friend Paws here?


The debuff for poison didn't show up on me yet, so maybe the weaker than weak, didn't give a debuff. Might be I didn't get enough from the dish. Nope there is the stomach is upset debuff. No status effects yet though.


“Did you?”

“Give you a deadly poison, no, I wouldn't do that. How could I? Such a cute, friendly, talkative kitty such as your self.” The cat definitely turned green as a Saint Patty's day hat. Moving to crawl off the table.


“Oh, I can pet you?”

“No! Uggh...”, as he reached the edge of the table.

I picked him up anyways and scratch behind his ears. He didn't have much energy or fight at this point. “Here I'll put you down on the table.” Placing him back where he had been in the center of the table. He looked like his vow of silence would be coming to an end. My guess with no way of escape he would give in.


“Still hungry?” I go to pull out another dish. Instead, I pull out one of the green dyes from the shopping from today. “What? For all you know this could be an antidote.” It was 100%, just an ugly green dye, but he had no way of knowing.  Right?

Guess the effects of the poison in the food were pretty strong, for his size he was just a large cat size after all. No helping it since he had my trainer information as a hostage, gloves are off.



“Uugh. Fine give me the antidote.”

“Right, no need yet, you have lots of time left.” I put away the unhelpful green dye and prompt him to continue.


“Trainers right, ...”

While he remembered, I pull out some water and put it on the clean plate that was under the toxic one then place the toxic plate in my bags.

“There are three I know of for sure in town. I am not going to die here am I?”

“Why would you die? It's just fresh water.”

He looks at me like I am crazy. “ I meant the antidote.”

“Three, then you know what they teach, and where to find them or their names?” Drawing close to him I scratch his head. Close the water-skin and put it away.

“Vivie said something bad was coming today. Should have listened, she is always right. Uggh.” The green cat, Paws looked sad.

“Fine! ... There is the Necro-”

I interrupt him, “No! Next, the other two please!” I blush and recall blue ghosts doing unspeakable things to my avatar. Was it my imagination or did the event get blown out of proportion every time I recalled that evening afterwards?  What titles?  I don't curently have any titles like that.



“Sure, then there is the bard with charm magic and void magic trainer. I also know someone that teaches intimidate not that you need to learn that.”

“Charm and void they sound promising, who?”

“Show some mercy here I feel terrible.”

“What it won't kill you, it was just a weaker than weak poison recipe I got from Vivie. That was her name correct?”


“No.?!” He froze for a second. They say laughter is a great medicine but he only seemed to suffer more as he slowly rolled there laughing and intermittently complained about his stomach for two minutes. He gathered his wits and cast a spell. A soft green glow covered him then faded and kitty started to recover quickly.

“Bard and void?”

“Fine, here are the directions to the place the bard is often found. Void trainer well, he looks like a noble and sits in the park all day staring.”

“Thanks! Damage done here. Unless you want to chat or such I was going to go. Can I pet you?”


I give him a scratch behind the ears, a wave and head up and out the back door. Such a nice Paws to the skill grinding.


With the tavern filling up now might be a good time to head to the other where the bard was supposed to be found. Not that I really want charm magic that badly, would be good to find the price and skills he would teach. What really had my panties wet was the Void Magic trainer and what I could learn from him. Since it was late my reasoning was the park would be a daytime event. Well he could live there as a homeless person, but if he looked like a noble, that might not be the case...



You have gained 10 infamy for poisoning a local NPC trainer from the underworld.



Well that was interesting.  Leaving the guild happy, I took a moment to reflect on my bad behavior.  Did something like that happen?  I don't recall...




- The Maid and Strumpet -


“Really? Really? Who the hell names these places?” I say to no one in particular outside the place. In front of the wood and stone one-story tavern hung the sign, a woman serving a drink to a man with a trumpet like instrument. “If only I didn't feel so odd about entering inside.” Thinking there is no helping it, can we just get this over with. Even so why do I feel some guilt here. (1)


Once inside the Maid and the feeling of discomfort had passed. I looked for a place to sit. Over there, to the right, were a few Bards and various NPCs. Looking around we also see a few player characters. I'll sit there and see what is what.



*Thump* I sit at the long wood table a few seats from the Bards.

I watch the Bards for a while. Nurse a drink and watch the group. While its obvious who the Charm magic user is, I mean the guy's personality screams sleazy-woman-chasing-scum only interested in self pleasure and the sorts. Now, how to get away without being subjected to his spells or trapped for an evening with him?


Steal his current target? Bruise his ego? Play at getting revenge for a sibling? Maybe just ask him?



“Hello there, my name is Ophilia, could I ask you to play a song for us all? I don't have too much coin but would you and you possibly perform a duet.” I hold out seven copper for the two Bards I didn't want to ask questions of.

“Sure!” The tallest one with a lute stands and reaches for the coins, “Come Astute we have a request!”

“Hey wait.” The Bard named Astute follows him to the stage reluctantly. They begin to discuss what to play, and I turn to the guy flirting with his prey for the evening. “They any good?” I ask him.

“Huh?” He looked really confused.

“I asked if they are any good?”

“.” He looked around and made the connection I was asking about the other bards. “Yea.” He starts to turn to his girl he was chatting quietly with and I interrupt again.

“No, not them. You, your skills? Are, they, any, good?”

“I am better than they are, little girl, can you not see my talents worth in my clothing.” He was quickly starting to get the jist of the conversation.



“Was looking for a skill teacher, a cat suggested this place.”


He looked around hurriedly, it finally clicked with him what I was talking about. “Wait!”

He whispered to his girl and took me to a less crowded corner to talk.



“If you here to learn to sing any bard can do that.”

“Come now prince charming, I am so, not here for flute lessons.” Maybe if he wasn't slimy and looked a bit better possibly but this guy no way, there was a reason he had learned these skills after all.

“What is it you want to learn then, if not music from a bard?”



Pulling the magic wand from my inventory I lightly poke him in the doublet he was wearing. “So coy. Please teach this girl how charming you can really be. If you want, it can be another time so you don't lose your fishy there to the wolfs in this hen house.” I point to the girl who was getting attention from a few males in the room already.

“Ah right...” You could tell he did not want his new found conquest material to get taken. Even if there was plenty at his table currently he was conflicted. His indecision was really heart warming. Make a few coins here and possibly me for dinner or the goal he had been working for a while now.

“Hey.” I break is tough process and bring him back to the conversation. “We will make this easy, tomorrow mid-morning or after lunch? At that time how much coin? Do you need anything else for the lessons? Contraception is not an option here Mr.” I smile and put away the wand.


“Oh, um... after lunch is best. For you it is 25 silver for skill training.”

“No it is not. Cat said less much less.”


“No. I offer you 10 silver for your charming lesson.”

*Gasp* “No way, 20 is still way too low.”

“Well,” I pull out my wand. “Guess I can go cast dispel on that girl for practice.” I turn.




“12 silver.” I face him again. Wand back into the inventory.


“12 silver 50 copper. I can't in good conscience go any higher.”


He looks quite defeated at this point so he agrees. “Fine. Tomorrow after lunch. How is the graveyard north outside the walls?”

“No, No, No.” Not good at all I try to hide the panic. “Let us meet in town at least.”

“We need a place no one will see or interrupt. My room?”

“Hah! In your dreams! No offense. Oh I have a place, meet me around this place.” I give him the directions to the store near Teea's place, she never did ask for her key back. “We meet out front, little after lunch then?”

“Works for me.” Heading back to his flower for the night, I head for mine.




- Stitch in Time -


I check in with everyone collect a few coins for my share of the orders picked up and information sold that day. Get a quick chance to start a dye vat and the loom. Talk a bit with Mysti and Aveon about magic classes and there future goals in game. Ask them about Awoo and chip. They all seem to be growing stronger and will be ready for a combat classes soon. I let them know that tomorrow I have plans to get some skill training and might not be in the shop much.


I start a few crafts in-game and ate dinner with Steph in my room, she had found my unused smart tablet during the day and had been entertaining herself for a while now. There were a few old games and applications on it. I asked her if she thought my weekends were boring. Her reply was, “Very. Up to you how you spend your time though.”

We talked about a few things from school and foods we liked. Some about the games on the tablet she liked so far.

When we were done with the plates, I took them downstairs and cleaned up, then went back to the game. One of the rabbits had disappeared to the bathroom with Steph. Wow that girl was so horny I had no idea. Maybe that is how she dealt with the boredom. The happy sounds from the bathroom were not too distracting. Just to provoke the girl, “Hey Steph cum really hard in there for me once, will you?” Guess that helped her reach a new level and the sound got a little more intense.

“So evil.” I heard at some point. Was that a good evil or bad evil?

The panting went on and on. We had a guess it wasn't too bad.


Back in the workshop I finished up a few orders and resupplies for the store then headed to the tavern I might find Teea at. Asked her if I could use her place for a magic lesson tomorrow then bought her a non vomit inducing drink and headed to where Dainea worked.




- The Wooden Bucket Tavern -


I drank a few drinks served by Dainea, talked with H-cup Bella and the woodworker Cunning Twist. They Both seem to be progressing with their levels and skills so far. Talked about crafting and woodworking with Cunning as well.

Using what I had on hand I got a few tips on making things out of wood. From buttons to hair pins and trinkets. We carved and chatted until Dainea was ready to finish her shift. She had worked most of the midday once she was able to get out of bed apparently.


Having made 4 hair pins, a few buttons a wood ring, and a very low quality wand that had zero stats and low magic attack. Making those and a few other random things, Mr. System let me know of my progress.



Congratulations! You have leveled up the skill [Woodworking] to level 4.



Not too far from another level in Novice Tailoring might happen tomorrow if I craft some clothes.

Dainea came to drag me up to her room soon afterwards.


“Whew, what a day, I have never been so slime leg like going to work before! This morning was-” Having said that her clothes start flying off as she pulls me nearer the bed. “Huh? get those off I want a rematch now! Not going to lose this time.” With the pile of serving girl clothes on the floor and her slipping under the sheets, she uses her fingers indicating for me to be faster and come near. “Faster, strip!” Holding the sheet up for me to get in. The anticipation in her eyes clear and sparkling.

No helping it huh? Skill gain time? Putting away my gear one piece at a time slowly I give her a smile knowing that the levels of the [Stamina] skill will certainly be worth my efforts here. Plus she was so cute that I didn't mind her hurry. I just had to get over the images of her in the cosplay I wanted to see her in.


With the last item I had on put into storage and the cursed, ugly censor default underwear on I slipped into bed. As soon as I was getting under the sheets she pulled me in and out popped the message.


NPC 'Dainea' has challenged you to a duel. Do you accept?



Naked duel starts in 3




A naked duel in bed has been Initiated. Combat actions have been replaced with physical intimacy actions. Any actions in violation of the World's Decency laws will not be shown or enacted on screen. Enjoy.



Steph came over and we watched together as Dainea blitzed us in bed. Yes she stacked up the buff so fast and so many that Ophilia could hardly move. The noises from my avatar were very reminiscent of the sounds we had just heard from Stephanie in the bathroom.



“You know, I am not kind of jealous that she gets to do that to you and I don't.” Steph looks in my eyes. “Do I have to share you like this?”

Resting her hand on mine. I let go of the mouse. Turning the chair around. Look at Steph there in a light shirt with an aroused chest and a skirt with probably no panties under. I let her sit in my lap. Her scent of arousal was still strong, if it was left over or fresh I'd no way of knowing.


“Steph, you are cute, and a bit sexy and fun to be with. I don't mind you in my life. Really in a sexual sense, I just don't have that craving for you. I may be a bit scared to have casual sex with someone but even so I just don't imagine it when I look at you.”


She played with my hair caressed me a few places. Scared me when she fondled my chest a little. After a few moments she stopped and didn't know what to do seeing only my body react.

“I'd give you lots of pleasuring...” She was honest there.

With my hand I move hers off my small breasts they had started to get a bit sensitive to her musings. “Maybe I am not ready?” I play with her hand and move it up close to her chest. I rub her erect nipple with mine then her fingers. “Not feeling like I should continue this.” I leave her hand there. Her hand starts moving back and forth and around her breasts. Steph starts moaning some. Turning the chair, I move back to the duel still in progress in game.

While Steph is working towards personal satisfaction and yet still in my lap. I try to get in a few actions in against Dainea. Yea today might be my first loss in a PVP duel in a long time.


For some reason Stephanie's progress towards a climax and Ophilia's have the sensation of being in sync. At the same time I see Steph in my lap start to shake and spasam, it plays in rhythm with the noises from in game. Shocked for a second at the reality level of the game, as well as the fact a girl is masturbating in my lap, my thoughts are interrupted by the system messages.



NPC 'Dainea' has defeated you in a Naked Duel.

Recovery from a stunned status will take 1 minute.

You have reached maximum affection with NPC 'Dainea' and may now be added to your friends list.


Non-Player Character 'Dainea' has reach maximum affection with you and requested to be friends. Do you accept?




With a reassuring smile Dainea rests next to Ophilia. A few soft kisses and caress. A plea for further mercy from me and a snack.


Steph's breathing returns to a more normal state and I finally notice the feeling of my underwear and skirt soaked and completely drenched from her orgasm release. After noticing that herself, she looked very embarrassed and I really wanted to tease her.

“Steph, feel good now?” She nods up and down. “Great, can you get me something to wear instead of these?”


She brings her hand she had just pleasured herself with to my cheek and her scent is the strongest yet. I kiss her finger. “That enough?” Hope she can do with that much.

“No please, just one.” She moves slowly to my lips with hers. Ah! What do I care.

“Here.” I point to my cheek she had just touched.



I eat some food and drink with Dainea and Steph presses her lips to my cheek to kiss it. Could my life be anymore strange???

“Mmm” *kiss* I send Dainea a kiss in game and lay down to rest some.



Stephanie's finger moves to my lips and traces around them. I am glad she is happy, but the same time sad that she and I don't have similar level of feelings for each other. I gently bite her finger and she quickly replaces her finger with her lips.

… Yea I froze up …


“Steph mmm” She slid her tongue in at that point. It was not unexpected at this point. Warm, passionate and effective. She put everything into making it last longer. Pulling her away I catch my breath. “Please get me some fresh underwear and something to put on instead of this skirt. Thank you Steph.” Pouting she moves off my lap. Her body no longer against mine felt a bit cool and the warmth of her legs left mine, replaced by the just the feeling of the soaking she left on me.



“No, no, you made the mess now clean it up. And not with your mouth...” I turn and stand waiting for her to fix my clothes.

“You want me to-”

“Put on my underwear and skirt? Yes I do.” Teasing her might go on all night at this rate, good thing no school tomorrow. God forgive me for missing church. Was a good reason I swear!

She carefully removed the damp clothes and put them in the bathroom hamper, she returns to me smiling. Just so she could get a good look. “Yes, yes, please finish.”

“Sure you don't want to let me please you for a few hours?”

“Nope, just change my panties and skirt, that will suffice, thanks.”

Frowning, she searches my underwear drawer for a nice pair. I can see she having quite the time keeping from touching herself at the same time she is deciding. The grin was obvious she was enjoying something.

“Hey, if you don't hurry no more Waifu use for 2 days.” She panics and grabs one off the top and hurries back. Black of course. Putting them on she slows down as they reach my pubic area. Her stare is fixated on me. She licked her lips and her fingers twitch as though she wanted to drive them in there and play until I cried for mercy. The remnants of her soaking hid the fresh moisture she had just created in me as she had casually trailed her fingers up my legs when she drew them on. She swallowed as I help her hands finish the job. They had paused for a longer stretch than needed. “Skirt please.”

She went back to my closet and started looking for something to wear. Seeing that it might take a while I sat down and flip through a few forum messages and posts.


“How about these?” She placed my shortest skirt in front of my eyes while standing behind me.

“Fine. Put them on.” I let a few return messages to the unanswered orders and requests distract me.

Rotating ninety degrees in the chair, I stick out my legs. Then stood up when the skirt reached my thighs. She finished helping and I thank Steph, “Good work, thank you.”


“Anne, can we have sex?”

“You with, me?”




“No.” I sit down. She looked a bit sad. “Was the last climax not enough for you Steph?”

“.” She smiled again remembering back a few moments. I have the feeling that at some point in the future, either she is going to wear me down till I say yes or she plain rapes me. Would I be okay with either of those endings?


Seeing my escape route, mission accepted, I head to the kitchen with my empty drink. “Want anything from the kitchen?” Her blush gives me the image of her imagining several unacceptable things she may have in mind. I move out quickly in order to avoid hearing them.




- Kitchen of our house -


Mom hearing me come down from upstairs waves at me from in front of the TV, one of the signals she wants to speak at me while not missing any show or commercials. I refresh my drink grab a few more healthy snacks and peek in the room.

“We too noisy up there?”

“Huh? No. You two doing okay?”


“Just checking, can talk to me about anything you know.”

Mom's concern was touching but misplaced. “Like what? We know Steph's home life wasn't good at all. She is Okay with me and I with her. Something I should know about?”

“Now it is just a bit strange that is all, not worried.”

“Sure.” I wave and head back up to my, okay our room now.




- Dainea Place above the Wooden Bucket -


“Sorry, I drifted off there.” I answer her with a kiss. She had been talking about work and life and growing up while I got changed and fetched a drink.



You have challenged NPC 'Dainea' to a Naked Duel.


I got out of her bed and looked out the open window from her darkened room. *smile* My turn to increase my player versus player win percentage.


Naked duel starts in 3



A naked duel has been Initiated. Combat actions have been replaced with physical intimacy actions. Any actions in violation of the World's Decency laws will not be shown or enacted on screen. Enjoy.

[Summon Friend] 'Dainea'

Summoned friend has arrived. Cooldown 24 hours.



“What?” The complete shock on Dainea's face only lasted a second. As she had teleported rigth in front of me, I pushed her against the frame of the open window and began my evil plan to win. Using every combo and trick I had seen or learned so far in the last two duels we brought Dainea to a fast earth shattering climax in front of the open window. She shook and gasped in pleasure and torment while holding to the window sill and frame. Not letting her escape for a second I brought her to a few more subtle, then fierce orgasms. When she finally got back from the waves, I held her against the frame of the window gently so her failing legs didn't give out. Stimulating her in soft and slow paced rhythm games until we climaxed together. Drained her stamina too close to zero with a rainbow of plays.

Don't think she stood a chance of winning. The smile on her face was super funny as I carried her back to bed. Wiped her drool and hugged her and added a few kisses. Caressed her face and held her close as she calmed some then from under the sheets.  Ophilia did her best with her mouth and fingers and a victor was declared.


Player 'Ophilia' has defeated 'Dainea'!

Duel successful you have won and gained experience and 1 stat point to assign as you choose for the mighty victory.


Congratulations! Skill [Stamina] has reached level 2.



Interesting, The benefits of being morally flexible keep rolling in. Plus this actually might be educational. Can I actually deceive myself anymore, who am I kidding I am really having fun pretending to have sex with an adorable NPC girl. Why wasn't it a guy? Could I do the same with a guy if I met one I liked as much?


These buffs from Dainea's first dual tonight are going to be on for a while. Walking anywhere is a no go. Plus she went and fell asleep a bit after wishing me pleasant dreams with a huge sloppy grin. With nothing to do I turned to my inventory, while watching her peaceful sleep.


I assigned the 4 status points 1 each to intelligence, dexterity, wisdom and charisma. Pulled out the remaining ingredients bought this morning and mixed them into poison and stored them away. Used the rest of the cheap wood scraps to make trinkets and buttons. Squeezed a wood ring onto a finger on Dainea's right hand as she slept. Hope she wouldn't be too shocked or assume too much of a meaning from it.

“Don't make me wipe too many trays. My lover is waiting for me.” Ah she talks a bit in her sleep. Her smile is cute too.


With the rest of the wood turned into stuff I pull out some cloth and leather and work a few more small items. I made a Waifu for Dainea, but let's not tell her what I normally use it for in the other world.

Was out of materials to make things so sliding out of bed slowly, and moved to the window. I pulled out my dagger and wand and played like I was fighting things. In the dark room in front of the open window, spell then skill. Next Adjust position and strike from a blind spot. A finishing move and victory, I raise my hands to the sky and inspect for loot.

“Eeeeeeek!” Two feminine hand had reached around me and hugged me. “I totally recognize those, thought you were asleep?”


Due to repeated intimate actions with the same NPC you can now turn on auto-accept feature for each individual NPC or character from your friends-list.

NPC 'Dainea' has initiated an intimate act do you accept?





Guess we can turn that on for her.


NPC 'Dainea' has been set as auto-accept for all positive type actions.


“I was asleep but woke when your warmth wasn't there. Did you defeat the monster just now? Thank you for protecting me.” She added a few more minutes of debuff and a few more stack counters. I watched the dim streets below and let her play some. Ophilia shook and quivered a few times and the remote camera view kicked in after not moving for so long. The view of the two girls moved me emotionally inside and I felt a few things. Sad, happy, jealousy, regret, joy, excitement, and a desire to be Ophilia at that private moment. I was falling and I felt a huge amount of panic all of a sudden.

Dainea continued to make love to Ophilia, the passion of it all was rather overwhelming. I started to shake a bit myself and felt a bit of a gasp escape my lips as an orgasm passed through me and into the past. So gentle was that pleasure, like a wind blew through me leaving me to wonder what actually happened just now.

“We should sleep or neither of us will be any good tomorrow.” I went back to bed with Dainea and Ophilia and let them sleep.

“Right, good night Darling.” I respond.

“Sweetness until we wake.” Saying that she closed her eyes.


Snuggling till she fell asleep then I logged off.


I wasn't ready to turn around and face Steph yet. Went to the forums and read for a short while.



Oh the time! About to hit one in the morning and I hadn't even noticed. I crawl into bed after removing my clothes and had put on a sleeping shirt. My damp panty left with the rest of the clothes in a pile on the floor.

“You had fun didn't you?”

“You upset?”

“Why would I be? Really.” She was a bit and playing it off as best she could.

“I have you here and want her there. You might be-”

“So what do we do about that?” She asked.

I had no real answer.


“You can do what you like to me anytime ya know?” Steph offered everything again.

“I could...” I know that I really won't. “If you do what you want when I am asleep and don't wake me, I can't really say no, now could I.” My half statement-half question didn't make much sense to me.  I had trust in her too.

“Are you saying I can. When-”

“Yes, No, I mean... What... You are not allowed to wake me up. Doing things I haven't said no to, before then is Okay.” I blush and move to the inside wall of the bed and hide my discomfort and confusion.


Facing the wall I pull her to my back and hug her arms and hands. “Is this okay? I want to sleep now.”

“So...” She has something she wants to ask. Not got enough energy to listen and I drift off thinking about that orgasm I had watching Ophilia and darling Dainea at the window. Steph will you be okay with this much? I do want your happiness as well. Only dreams followed after.





(1) the name of the bar was actually 'Maid and Trumpet' not 'The Maid and Strumpet'.


End Chapter 7

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Thanks for reading once again.  SOrry it got a little more intense and strange again.  It will continue to happen.  I assure you of that.  To those that are not enjoying the story, hope you find one that suits you.  To those who like it somewhat the direction is about to change with the inclusion of combat.  I haven't yet writen anything past this chapter.  Please sit tight as the ride is about to leave the station.


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