Blood Fractal



Chapter 4 - Today was Good Day to Die


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Blood Fractal – Volume 1

Chapter 4

Today was a Good Day to Die


- My Room -


Powered up the computer jumped to the forums for me and I started the days online busy work. Starting the game up, I'd be done by the time it loads. My lovely clunker machine, do your best!

Should I hold a service for my departing soldier? The years of commitment holding my butt up. Must have been so hard. *Sheds a single tear* You will be missed. I'll leave you down stairs maybe Mom will find a use for you.

The chair brought by Winnie was in good shape. He didn't mention if it was new, my guess it was slightly used, no damage, just a decent upgrade. In response to Mom's questions I just told her it was a hand me down. Not a gift from a boyfriend. She was a little hectic about me not getting pregnant for some reason. At my age, what did she think, I slept around for it or something? Like I could be so lucky. Oh, to not be a virgin still.


Big news on the forums was about a few who had grouped up as higher level trade-skill classes and went hunting with crafted gear. They had a few successful hunts and minor losses of life. Sounds like at level 5 they were starting to get strong enough to not get one hit killed in combat at least with the best they could craft at the moment. They still took Raid size groups to kill easy monsters, but success was in sight for party size groups soon.

Few jobs, some information to trade, couple of offers on things I didn't need, etc.


I entered the game at the North Gate, took me all of 3 minutes to get over my tears at the memory of last night invasion of personal space that didn't happen. We will not talk about it anymore.


OK today we need to meet with the blacksmith at some point and level more. Maybe visit the Thieves' Guild, and find a Hunter or Ranger trainer in town. If Josh shows up, I get him to the Coinpoorium. Mini map where are we going, whoops it is that way.




- Stitch in Time -


“Hey, devil over here.” Some strange butler looking character was calling me over. He was clearly forty plus maybe sixty even. Do I look like I would be fooled by an old man with some candy. Not that innocent anymore. I head to the counter seeing Aveon there was surprising maybe Boss or Badmofo was busy. She took the least shifts out front of us all.

“Hi, what's new Avie?”

“Just these, and that.” She produced a note from under the counter with a few in game messages and a small coin bag. Then pointed to the old guy. “Do you know him or something? Don't tell me you started a loli escort service also?”

“HA!” That is a great Idea! “Think we can dress up Chip and sell him daily?”

“You would. So scary!”


The butler type came over. “Should I use your real name or is avatar that strange you don't recognize me?”

“No way, your-”

“Yea,” He turned and looked away ah it is so Josh to act like that. Never guessed him to be into the service with a smile and dedication type. So strange.


“So James, or is it Hughes or Sabastion. I think I've run out of typical English Butler names already. What is your name here?”

“I went with Southersbee.”

“I see, I see.” I pull him into the workshop.

“What? Where we-”

“Aveon this is Southersbee a real classmate. Southersbee this is Aveon a-” I look to see no Mystical or other player in the area, “a- Star tech fan-girl I work with.” I look at Aveon with an I know you were talking about me look before I got there.

“Hey I thought I asked you not-!”

“What is Mysti here?”



In the back work area I teach the basics of dyes to Josh and we leave the store while the cloth is processing. My guess, he will get the skill on the way to the Tavern where the Guild is.

“Don't worry you will get the skill later when the timer finished on the batch.”

“What skill?”

“[Coloring]. I get like huge skill experience every person I teach. Some skills work that way I guess. Things everyone can do. That one will hep me level my trade skill class.”

“Oh cool, thanks”

“Right no problems! Now- scratch that. Just send everyone you can in town to the shop to learn it. Jeeves.” He he, might as well role play him the butler type if he like the look so much.


“So what is your class now? I know you want to get some form of skills from the Guild, you didn't say which.”

He cringes, “Ah yes I am a cook right now in a barracks. Mostly its errands and cleaning though, a little cooking.”

“Did you at least change from [Villager] yet?”

“Yes, yesterday. [Novice Cook] level 2.”




- The Might Coinpoorium -


It was fast and easy, we talked to Mr. Gelders and tipped him a few coppers. That seemed to be the impromptu demand it was a few more than my initial trade with him. Guess personal opinion mattered some in each case.

“Oh while we are here.” I buy the potion mixing set and the second level tailors kit. How many leathers do they have left here? I buy all the leather left in stock was only 4 so not too awful even with the increase in market price.

“Do you get free use of raw materials as a cook?” Looking at Josh browsing the store.

“Um, no we can only make what they tell us too.”

“Sold your self into slavery and yet you won't be my sex slave, sad very sad. But now that I see the you in here I am kind of glad.” Big smile, can I tease you more?

“Ho what, that is the kind of slave you wanted from us?”

“Just kidding!” Kind of.


“Back to skills, can you use the kitchen at least with things you buy?”


“If there is a recipe 1 or 2 levels above the base skill, make them if you can.” If they sell to a restaurant or someone someplace you can skill up faster. You already two levels behind me... *poke*”

“You really are the devil...”

“Am not, just his daughter or something, I have the butler to prove it.” I grab his arm and smile.

“In any case we should get you something to wear other than the starter gear, can be helpful with NPCs I heard.”

“You are going to put me in a butler Tux aren't you.” Yes I can see his tears on the other side of the screen.


“No Badmofo will, if you can scrape enough copper together later.  Till then do the recipes and buy food stocks.”




- South Gate -


With tokens in hand we head to the Tavern, with a quick peek inside for players, of which I can't see any obvious ones. We head to the ally. “Door is there. Down seems to be for the thieves not sure about up stairs. Your job should you decide to accept is to infiltrate and bring back critical information key to my future success in ruling this world. And if you are caught any knowledge of you will be disavowed.”

“Great your obsession with movies is scaring the crap out of me.”


“Hey the skill was learned, why did it take so long?”


“Oh and find out about as much on dark magic trainers as you can.” I grab his arm as he starts off. “Wait, one last thing, the cat downstairs is not a cat, It talks or is a familiar. He might inspect you when you go down stairs, use that to your advantage somehow.”

“Yes, mas-”

“You can't say that to me I might misunderstand...” I blush and hurry off after adding him to my friends list.




- Stitch in Time workshop -


Seeing everybody working hard and progressing was nice, they had all made [Novice Tailor]. The four of us had new contracts worked out. Boring details blah, blah. No thanks. End results a scroll which allowed me to use the Company work areas in all stores at slight increase in the cost of used materials but with free use to sell to the shop stock at a price above the non-employee price. Outsourcing at it's finest.

I trivial crafted a few items for stock, so much faster than hand made. Did a few order pieces and items for the sale area. Sexy nurse was turning in to hit for sales. Crafted another Red Chinese dress for the display, a set of stocking for my-self and a few new hats. Made a few buttons for the shop and girls to use which they had asked for.


Congratulations! Level 3 of [Woodworking] has been achieved.


Thank you Mr. System, he was always a friendly visit.

A leather Apron from 2 of the new leathers I had bought added inside pockets of thick cloth might be helpful. Resulting in a rare quality, would be good for FlavorFlay as the message to meet after shop closed today was set up a few minutes ago. On the forums, between us the message exchange was getting longer with ideas and products we could use or make grew.

Ran another batch of dye and added a piece of leather to it that we could use for the daggers he would make. When asked if he wanted to learn [Coloring] skill just in cases he used non metals, he said he would run over after closing with a few things. To color metal it looked like it needed a paint or to be done in the smelting process.


“So anyone have anything fun happen today?”

“Got a new computer chair from my new indentured servant.” I grin twisting in my seat, different but nice.

“No I meant more like had a male escort on a date like happenings.”

“Oh, that?” Totally heartbreaking girls let me tell you. “He likes male parts on his partners.”

“.” Mysti you started this conversation are you not going to finish it?


“Yes Aveon, THAT guy is 100% not into girls.”

“Shame, other than calling you the devil, he seemed really nice.”

“Mysti, I can see you laughing from here.”

“No, no, I am really not laughing at you.”

She really was. Someplace in California a girl was laughing so hard she was having a hard time breathing.


“If you want to meet prince charming he will be here at shop closing time.” I change the topic skillfully.

Mysti recovered nicely. “Who is this now? Not that I was interested mind you.” Deny all you like this girl has boys on the brains.

“A blacksmith apprentice I got to make me some weapons. If you want anything made he had good prices and a few recommends on the forums.” If prince charming was not dating someone I feared he may become the object of affection for someone here. I certainly would say no to his looks in game.

My darling princess Mysti soon to be a woman in the hands of a prince was clear image in my mind. Not that I would surrender her without a fight. Why? Don't I have enough slaves setting one free is only kindness right? Guess we can only tell with time.


Few other orders and jobs to teach [Coloring] to stopped by.

I thought I saw the maid from the tavern yesterday in the shop front window for second. Took me a second to see who was there and where I remembered them from. She vanished shortly afterwards.


We ended up putting a sign out front for [Coloring] lessons for 25 copper. Huge profits in the days to come from that alone. Store ended up getting a second dye vat for the front of the store the next day. Miss Utica was quite happy she didn't have to help teach the skill yet get additional profits for the store. Managers had some kind of store rankings and her pay was directly affected by profits it seems. The vat paid for itself in less that 3 days.


When I finally got around to managing my funds, I was quite shocked that I'd obtained close to 14 silver so far. Let's see how much I would have to hand over for all the gear tonight. Tomorrow I could go skill shopping perhaps.


In addition to a headband giving a point of strength and the rare Apron out of leather for Flay I managed a set of gloves with +2 dexterity. He might like a few of the hats in stock, or other clothes.

Seems Mystical was excited enough to finish an outfit for herself finally. She looked the part of a caster class now. Blues of several kinds made her rare robe look very dress like and see had a few delicate decorations that added to the effectiveness. Give her a large honking magic staff and she would be raid ready. She might have to figure out how to make high heels though. Flay was pretty tall.


“What, I din't say nothing.”(1)

“Sure but that look says a million things.”


Not sure what she meant there.

“Yes, just thinking high heals have a wood, plastic or metal curved shiv and leather, cloth or plastic outsides with no plastic that leaves a few options...”

“You think we can make high heals here?”

Aveon came running at the warp speed of a sales shopper.

“Why not? We can make anything the materials support. Comfort or durability might be an issue, we don't feel here so that leaves just how long they will last.” I look to Miss Utica. “Does the capital have high fashion footwear? Like these?” Using the cloth chalk I sketch a pair of 2 inch heals for her.

“This part here needs a piece of wood or metal to support the structure here.” I learned how they were made one day long ago, never wore a set like it but Mom has a pair she used back in the day. Not anymore as a kid, I have a picture of me walking in them someplace; burn that photo was my only thought.  The shoes came apart in pieces when I investigated them for their source of pain and torture.


The girls started making Aveon and Mystical a pair each. I said my current gear was more than sufficient. In my mind I hugged my boots. Leaving the trio, including Miss Utica, I headed up front to see Chip clean up. He was glad to do it since I pretty much forced him to for the group. We talked about making a Tux set or butler outfit for Josh. He had a few Ideas. I said he would be back soon enough they could talk about it then.

Sure enough 5 minutes later Southersbee walked in and reported what he had found to me at the back water-well in whispers.

Apparently first he wanted to report his newest dish was a success and shared a serving with each of us. The buff was decent. Would be great to eat this earlier and have it for the evening.

“Tomorrow you will server dinner after getting online? Badmofo out front will help you with an outfit talk to him later. On week ends... Whatever is fine.” Jumping up and down, “Now tell me about the caster trainers already!”

“Boss we found the guy with the skills I wanted. He will think about training me when I am 'strong enough' or 'fast enough'.”

“Who is the devil now?!?”

“Upstairs is the prostitute area and deal rooms.”

“A safe house and storage for a fencer.”

“I am getting inpatient here!”

“The fencer is off site.”


“The cat is actually a druid class with a second class as assassin.”

“That's great! Not about dark magic, who teaches it?”

“... I don't know.”


“Something to do with stats. Was not smart enough to know that yet was the basics of the responses.”

“Hmm, we will have a start there then, congrats on finding your class trainer.”


He hugged me at that point.

“Um not to interrupt but thanks for dinner and we made you a return gift, you can choose.” Mysti my savior you saved me. Anymore and I would have to force this kid to be my slave for life.

“No such apology needed, he was just happy for finding his combat class trainer.” I wink and head inside, “You mister will have to explain your actions later.” Waving I see a bit of fear on his face.


“Ascot, tie or bow tie?” Mystical was holding out three items for him to choose, they looked good. Boss lady inside must have liked the food, her style was definitely part of the creation process there.


Sitting crafting a few items I asked Miss Utica for a level 7 or 8 recipe or pattern, 8 would be the best. She gave it some thought, then returned with a slip of paper.


You have learned the pattern [Soldier Formal Uniform(Custom)] level 7 [Tailoring]. This item is an official outfit for the Principality of Tusk.

You have learned the pattern [Maid Outfit(Custom)] level 8 [Tailoring].


“The maid outfit there is used in the capital of this country anywhere else it will be unpopular.” I was a bit excited. This is perfect.

“Hey, Avie get Everyone we have a mission.”

After looking at the supplies in the store I have Southersbee run for what we don't have for the uniform. “Get the places to buy whats missing from Miss Utica and you are free after bringing them back, hurry.” Chip, you got the pant recipe right? “Hey Badmofo, make a set of pants this size.” You two get those shoes done. “If you need the splint I can carve one from a piece of wood. This size.”

We are going to do a cosplay event tonight even if I have to sew my fingers off.


Five minutes before the closing of the store we have all my plans complete. Prince I apologize now for any discomfort you are about to suffer.

I hand a princess veil to Mysti and say here equip it. The shoes, veil and caster robe give a nice image that works with the uniform that was moments ago completed. Once the second victim gets here we can start. And shortly after 8:05 pm in the back door enters our prince. Avie bring him to me.


“Here, equip it please.”


“Well we just finished it and it would fit you decent, you look the part, there is a changing room over there if you are shy or into role-play. Hint, Hint.”

Honestly I've never paid attention to how the graphics show the change from one gear to another. Think new gear just pops in after half a second and changed gear the image morphs and blurs some. It is hard to really describe it but magically all of a sudden we have a prince in our workshop and Avie had a big grin. Seeing Mysti being shy behind the arch to the front we call out to her.

“Sorry, prince one second.”

“Mysti can you make your entrance. The time is reversing it is no longer past midnight and Cinderella is still at the ball.” I pull her back into the room fully. The understanding starting to show on Flays face.

“Ah what?”

“No, no its fine, we won't charge you anything for this. Just need a screen shot. The pair of you would be best in the well area out back might be the most scenic I think, yes, yes- no don't protest it will be soon midnight and the Cinderella needs her beauty rest, lets go.” I usher them out and we get a few screenshots they go straight to the forums of course to sell more outfits. Not to embarrass Mysti at all, never crossed my mind, nope. After the posing is done for the forums I get an evil grin apparently.

“Look out.” Oh too late.

“Um here, FlavorFlay this is Mystical. Mystical our blacksmith friend Flay here, one last picture of you two going in for a magical kiss.”


“Excuse me!”

“You Don't have to kiss, Just. Just pretend. And move your faces closer. Nice to meet you like. You don't mind do you? We can help you advertise your goods, later IF you want?”

“Yes I can see it now a barbarian holding a two handed 'sword' rescuing a stone-age dressed woman. Very manly.”

“That may be a... Too much!”

“It's just a pretend kiss. Is it your first time prince?” Mysti you are a shade of red that would put those dressing out front to shame. Perfect.

“No, I am Not scared to kiss, or wait pretend to kiss her!”

“Mysti would your second kiss in game be nice with this fellow here?”


She ran inside. “Um Aveon get our princess please.” That was a yes in any language I know of. Come back Mysti.


While we wait I apologize to FlavorFlay for the impromptu photo shoot and ask about the items he brought. Handing him those he would most like. He would accept them and I offered to let him have the prince outfit, he said that he didn't not like it, but it was just was too much for him to ever wear. Guess Mysti gets to keep it for good memories.

“I am going to kill you later.” Mysti was back and in good form, yup, yup.

“Fine I deserve it for the interrogation on Southersbee.”

“Is that what this is about?”

“Not really, you look really cute with cheeks that red.” Smile, the jury will never convict this face.



“Kiss, kiss time.”

I get the screenshot I want. They are about an inch from each others face and have a lovely look. Mysti's hands holding an arm as she wishes him luck for the battle head. I secretly get the shot from an angle where to the right where it has the appearance of an actual kiss instead of straight on where you can see the space. They won't know till later, it's fine. Good memories all around!

With pomp and ceremony out of the way. We look at what he made in the workshop and I give the outfit to Mysti to 'store' for later. Whispering to her to keep it and not sell it. Her lost lamb look certainly fit the moment.


The metal items, tools ectera turned out fine. Into the inventory they go. Two of the daggers store nicely in my boots and a third in the skirt pocket. The Two sheathed combat training daggers which are bigger would fit on the belt I would make later. The combat versions stored for later. All that is left was studs for gloves and bracers and jackets to count out. The athame was set to be made once he got proficient enough with steel to make it, wavy swords the length just under a short sword were a challenge in and of itself. He was glad for the work challenge but it still would take a bit more time.

Bill for all my toys was 1 silver and 78 coppers. Everything was uncommon quality and of cheap materials but still worth the amount. Being that there was a mine in the region it was not difficult to get copper, tin zinc and iron ores. God help us once we were ready for magic ore, that stuff was deep earth or hard to create. From the information out there, with a single type found in a given area. Some towns with access to a magic ore focus solely on that for trade and industry. So said the forums at least. None of the starter towns had access so far. Finding of new veins was even less common so rare was the key word here.

I promised to send him a copy of the cosplay photos and he blushed some. The other girls had a few things to talk to him about so I left them to him with a final reminder out loud, “Yes, Mysti I offered to let him have my permission to date you as part of the deal but he refused saying he couldn't afford even to pay for such a fine blessing. This ruler is so disappointed in the youth of today, no guts to take freely offered rewards.”

The rampage in the back room afterwards must have been interesting. It was very quiet until after a bit a lot of noise was heard mostly about that never happening and was not what was meant on and on... I left for the front room to use the dye vat.


Congratulations! With the obtaining of level four of [Coloring], you can now make variations from a batch increasing or decreasing concentration. As well as combine some colors to greater effect.


Well that is a fun fact to learn, thank you Mr. System.



Since I was afraid to leave town, and was unsure about being granted the buff effect from ghosts again so quickly, finding something to do like locating a dagger trainer might be nice.


Returning to the back room the conversation about dating my Mysti seems to be over and the apologies and denials had cleared. Stir, stir, stir.

“So is the charming couple scheduled for tea on a later date?” Mysti was mad enough to kill maybe we should at least confirm if things would progress?

“What? No why?”

Do you not want to, shame such a cute couple? “So you don't want to thank Mysti for helping to make such a nice outfit that fit you perfectly. OK that's fine.” Sometimes even cupid would be scared by my accuracy. I heard later Mysti and Flay met for tea and sweets. She didn't even kill me. She may have dearly wanted to a few times.


I went back to the office to grab Miss Utica for a question before she left, she was still here after helping set up the outfit. Some of her work got put off until after closing. She stayed to watch us finish the photo shoot with a happy face. She looked healed from the day of stress even.

“Excuse me boss, recommended anyone to teach me daggers? Need a trainer and all.” I had the money, time and the weapons now the skill.

“Sure, the archery instructor or the martial instructor for the guards. Although, the martial instructor may refuse. He tends to only help men and want to champion the cause women are too meek.” She had a smile.

“?, Is something wrong?”

“No, no... you're either going to love the Archery instructor or hate her.”

Now I have a shiver for some reason. The thought that people here have zero negative connotation to same sex pairings. It is almost as if all the Earth's conventions don't cross over exactly. And if the lady to teach me daggers is, no, I don't have that bad of luck. Maybe I should go another day.

“Find her at the gambling tavern near the Northwest corner of town most nights. Or so my friends tell me.”

“You have friends? Ha just kidding, CYA!” Yea, days stress is back. Those looks were possibly dangerous, that one certainly said I would be dead in a few seconds. “Is that the face we show our customers?” I vanish post haste.


Is it possible I am a glutton for punishment? Wa-waiting can't help the situation and I only have a limited time. The martial one could say no, is there a point in checking? I mean the ghost event was novel writing, what is the worst that could happen. I get tied up locked up and used and abused for days on end by a masochistic dagger instructor focused only on tormenting and pleasuring me till the very end of my life. That the worst right? Game, this is a game they wouldn't do something like that right? Yes a good bit of therapy and I'll forget all about it and yesterday's soul sucking sister of lust. I can do this. Forward, or maybe not.


Feet how long you going to wait. Tavern is, what was it called again, yea, 'The Breach of Trust'. Who names these things? Is it part of the lore or something?




- Out front of the Breach -


Bar, loud, people cheating each other at games of supposed chance. Although I didn't see anyone there that relied on luck and actually won. Several sleight of hand movements, a few bluffs so bad even someone with no poker experience could see they were faking. Never went out and gambled but the 'How To' book on the web sure covered enough.

I read that when I was seven. After seeing a royal flush in the movies, I couldn't understand how they had gotten that kind of luck. Guess they hadn't. It was just fiction, still made me read up on the subject. What I was seven and the movie made no sense. “Who gets that lucky?”

Among them was the target I was trying to find, yes the atypical 'love em and leave them' heart-breaker type of girl. While she seemed a bit more skilled than her cohorts, she was by no means raking it in. Must be the lie low win enough to be kept from getting thrown out play.

What should I do, win, lose or draw?

While thinking I head over to watch the games they playing. Looks mostly like dice, accuracy daggars on a board I would never have thought of, 'Is that the ass of a man or woman?' Totally facing the other way, in could only flinch as someone scored really close to 'that place' with a dagger. What else, in the corner was someone flipping square coasters in some contest I didn't comprehend yet. Was it a memory and speed, kind of thing? They moved them and their opponents blocks each turn and played for money and drinks. Mean game, get pissed and miss or slow and you done for.


I took a seat near the woman, of who I was most certain was going to molest me later. God I fear the scripting in this game even more now. She freely had been groping her friends and other players in the place a few times already. The game she was playing, turned out to be a liars game type of dice and bluff game each player had 2 number dice and a third one with characters on it. They didn't look familiar so I could not say what they meant or were for.

A round played out like this, up to four players put in 1 or 2 colored dice into a cup one players dice differed from any other. Chose a character on their third one put them next to the ante. 1 copper ante, the dice were scrambled by one player then put on the table. Each player depending on the result was passed on to the second round by the result of characters and their dice. Second round players made a bet depending on the who was left, 2 players and they could wager. Three meant the first round play style happened again till 1 or 2 were left. If 1 was left they won. With 2 players left a face off of a single dice and a character chosen. Characters I found out were High, Low, No choice, Between and Tie. With complex things happening if more than one player chose the same as another. If two players picked High then all players had to hope to roll the highest. All the number dice of each player had the numbers in dots for 0 or blank, 1, 2, 5, 8, and 9. Three, four, six and seven not on a die. A bit overly complex, I could see the appeal for players with some experience. Add to that if several High characters were chosen the singe highest would win, If low only the one with the highest would get knocked out and forced to drink. A few other rules I picked up after a few rounds, truly a scary game for anyone with hopes to go home sober or with coin.

So to lose here would be unpleasant I need to afford the skill. Draw would go on all night seeing that the singular idea for the place was to get drunk, dead, poor or a roll in the hay. Walking out with too much and you were not welcomed back. One merchant had been refused already to play or drink, no one would play if the bar didn't serve you first. The only rule the place had so far.

So drink “Bar keep what is you most foul and cheap drink you have?”

“seriously?” He whispered softly, “you do know this will make you sick if you are not used to it? To my knowledge the last three people who drank it died.”

“No, but thank you for the warning, can I also get something which won't cause me undue stress.”

Two coppers, well one idea was shot down. This left the second one.



“Hey Anne? Can you get a second to take the trash out please.”

“Mom, I'd be happy to does that include the old chair?”


“Do you know the words to say for a departing solider off hand? His contribution to my life will never be forgotten?”

“Honey if I knew I'd tell you. Really now, the things you ask. How would any normal person know them?”

“Just asking stuff I don't know.” Up we go, ah the new chair is so nice and comfortable. Sorry old one the new gen has come and the old must go. I take the old chair to the trash area and wish it well in its next incarnation. Today was a good day to die. I also wonder if my Mom is really my Mom, or do I just take after the father I don't know.



I sat back near the group and watch waiting for someone to give out.

“You in next?” one of the men playing asked, his eyes staring at me and my parts of me men like to glare at.

Upgraded a tier they were OK compared to my real ones, nothing to scream holy mother of... “yea sure.” Placing the tank of drinkable liquid on the table I look at the three I'd be facing soon. One extremely affectionate and sexually aggressive Archer Trainer. Villager B with no skills and about to fall over. And the guy who was drooling at my chest. He was about as skilled as any in the place. Not up or down just getting his drinks paid for at least. Scary level of performance just like her, who was already anticipating what was inside my skirt from the looks of it. Could be that shiver I just felt both in the real world and in game was an indication of the future. Or could be someone walking on my grave, who knows. Let's do this.


After 30 minutes the game was on and well under way, Villager B, named Herthwreed, was gone. The Oh so lecherous man named Klink by his friends was about to fall over. The combined in game abuse of me and the woman known as the 'Called Shot Archer from the Abyss', or 'instructor' to those in training. Her lovers calling her 'Relentless' and the staff here 'the bottomless pit that never uses her own money'. Klink was out of luck. Certain to need help to get pretty much anywhere. In fact heck, for staring at me all night I thought I'd give him the help know his place and get there faster. I walk around the table and push him off the bench. “Timber!” Yup, in his place across from woman who will be teaching me daggers later. Game on.

I pulled out the nasty drink I got at the beginning of the night. It was sitting next to my half-full, third drink from the serving girl.

My avatar had a pretty bad reaction to the intention to drink it before not sure if it was even possible to drink even forcing myself. All system would say is 'nope you don't really want to drink this'.

“Am I seeing double why do you have two drinks?” Hope this works.

“Oh I thought it would be a good drink but the bartender said it was enough to make you sick, I had an idea to drink it, but couldn't do it. Seeing as it is about to get real in here I figure I would bring my A-game.”

“A-game, rught.”

“.” Took a second, my character was getting tipsy too. Blur and unsteady in walking, yup the 4 stack of a drinking buff. Much more and Ophilia would be like the fellow I just cut loose.

“So much better to look at than floor mat there, ha! SsssO what is this A-game? Never heard of it.”

“Loser drinks this, winner keeps the money, any game you choossee.” Oh I get slurred speech now. Funny.

“Oh tasty little fishy, lets play.”

“No speed or accuracy gammess please, you tooo much better.” I added just to be safe.

“He he, you about to find out how much better, the name relentless is not for nothing my fresh desssert.”

“Upping the ante then?”

“Sure you will be mine for a while, say when I get bored you go free...?”

“That isss a lot to add, hows we say you teach me to use these if you loossse.” My new toy gets added to the table the one for practicing.

“Just in case I do fall here in battle, winner makes sure the loser gets home. There ere goats here would pick a fallen friend clean at closing time.” Strong stuff maybe the bartenders warning wasn't in vain. Along with the system complaint I was worried it was going to end messy. Game or not, I'm going to win. I have to. No time to worry about it.


“Where do Wee drop you off at?”


“Noos, where I have no ideea wher you live.”


It is not far from here I can make it, the pace is really slow and I was way over the limit on drinking buff. Up to 6 stacks of the buff. It was a close game, we had quite the audience by the end.

For now, she was putting me over the weight limit for my inventory and had to puke every 3 or 4 steps. Really what I'd do for a free skill was way too much. I'd better hurry Mom's is going to riot if I'm on late. Least there was no smell on the internet. Is this what college life will be like? Dragging your friend back to the dorms because someone lost the keys to the car.

“Blegh!!!” You'll be fine.

“Little more we almost therrrr.” Woman why you so heavy, are you carrying bricks in your inventory?

“Bu- bu- blegh” *splat* I feel bad for her it is my fault after all.

“So hurrid, aful. Wy wod eu du uch ah then to meh?” Let me translate she said, 'so horrid, awful. Why would you do such a thing to me?'

Reason: “touh teaach meh daggersss ffor free siiilly” I din't know honestly how bad it would get.

“gud reeassson.” guess she understands the economics of the situation.




- The home of the Relentless -


She had started crying a while back. I joined her 10 feet from the door, it was sad and painful 2 block trip that took way longer than should have ever been possible. How traveling the distance of 8 or 10 small buildings turned into an hour plus adventure was beyond me.


Mom thought I was asleep as I had shut down the computer screen and jumped in bed to pretend to sleep when the hall light went on. When it went off again I got up drop a cloth to block the light from the door and turned the monitor on and put headphones on. I had to get her home before logging off otherwise it would be a fail on the agreement. Sorry Mom your daughter has twisted priorities.


At the two story house our heroine lived in we stopped as she struggled to access the door and key. A few violent gags and shakes later she had the nice wooden door open and covered in puke. So not going to help clean up any more than I have to. We make it to the bedroom on the second floor, for an NPC apartments it has every function our home did. Plenty of decorations and nice style. I'd say she had put lots of effort into making this a loving home for her self.

Sadly the trail of stomach contents was an unpleasant addition. Really that is going to smell for a while and maybe hurt the wood flooring.


I pull out my water skin and help her to drink some.

“anks.” “Welcome”

We manage the bedroom on the second floor finally and get her in to bed. She points to a bedroom storage near a water basin. Holding out two fingers.

“Yup, one ssecnd”

I get the basin and open the storage. Potions a few different ones. Hum. I get the ones that description say Cure Poison and Cure. Plus one for Sleep.

“whitch?” I present them all.

She pulls the Cure Poison one out of the group, that bad huh?

Putting the basin down as it is about to be needed again, “blegh.” I open the potion for her. How do I feed it to her?

Crying we sit her up some in bed and slowly bit by bit get enough into her mouth to have effect. By the end of the vial she has put an end to the projectile vomiting and is almost just drunk. Still crying and holding my hand we sit as the potion effects kick in.

You have earned a title for your compassion to a friend and opponent.

Title earned 'True friend'.


Would you like to equip a title now?


Title effects added, title set 'True friend'.

A friend on your friends list can be called on for assistance once a day if close to your location.(see title page details for usage)

NPCs can be added to your friends list if they have agreed and have maximum affection for you.


So you have to equip a title to see the benefits, wonder what happens if you remove it. Something for later.

With tears in her eyes still. She pulls me close in a hug on her bed and starts talking, “You know I really thought I was going to die just coming home.”


“Never have in all my years as an instructor or adventurer, been in such a state.”


“No don't be.” She smiled weakly at me and hugged me. “Even if it is the worst, and I mean it, the worst experience of my life. I have learned something new.” The tears start again.

I get up and get a cloth from the wash basin area. Return to her side and hug her. “It may be a game for me but I feel really bad you experienced the worst moment because of me. I didn't know and was only thinking of the gains here.” Carefully wipe the remains from the trip home off her face and other places.

We recline a bit on the bed, move the pillow so her head is a bit more comfortable. My hand caressing her hair as she rests and cries some.

“What the hell did you have me drink?”

I didn't know either, “You can order one from the bartender anytime you want to punish someone I guess. I really didn't ask after ordering it.”

She rests her head on my chest and weeps gently.


You have rested in bed for 3 minutes you can now log off and receive a sleep bonus for every hour offline.


Wait really, really? really. I read that system notice a few times. Does anyone else know this?

“Hey instructor, is your bed special and give a buff or do all beds give a rest bonus?”

“My bed has given many girls a bonus none of it has ever been for resting, why?” She plays with the hem of my skirt gently with little purpose other than to do something with her hands and returns to resting on my chest.

“No reason...”

“How long can you stay?”

The clock near the bed says 11:45 pm. Mon would fit if she caught me up but my emotions and reasoning seemed conflicted as a friend Computerized or not I want to comfort her for the hell I instigated. “I've got time I guess.”


She smiles looks up in to my eyes and tears form as she puts her head back on my left breast area.

“Sorry, Really that much puke, how is it even possible...”

“ugh, don't remind me. where did that skin go? Her eyes looking for the water skin. I pull it out and take some and pass it over.

She empties it and hand it back. Kissing my cheek and resting on my chest again.

“Even in my trouble youth and back alley days things were never that bad. That drink opened up my eyes.”

“I am shocked you drank the whole thing you didn't have too, a few sips would have convinced me.”

I pet her hair a few times, it is nice and soft looking. A bit messed up from the trip but comforting. The light blonde hair with a short clean length had a mature look. Girls would think it is handsome for sure. I just have the desire to pet it some and let her rest. Giving her a hug. “Do you need anything else before you sleep?”

“If you are offering an orgasm, I'll accept. Were you not, I am more than OK with the current situation.”

“Perverts this game is full of perverts.”

“Is that so... Nothing wrong with that from what I know.” She kisses where she is resting her head. Tells me a few stories from her youth.



- 2 Hours later -


We talked, she told stories, I went for more water once. She hugged me really tight for a while after I returned. I shared things from my world.

I felt warm enough to get into sleeping gear at the computer. The period I was haveing was almost done. So a change for sleep was nice.

She kissed me a few times more out of affection rather than passion. And always someplace convenient and not the mouth. Extra movement on her part was still a challenge. I played with her hair, we talked about past traumas, me and lack of father, her and her childhood stuff. We changed her clothes into something without puke on them. Her skin was firm, white and pretty, her chest smaller than mine in the real world. The NPC underwear was better than I had imagined and was remove-able. The digital scramble went into effect in those places if you looked you saw only blackness. Was really strange dressing her in bed while she lay on her side.

“Is.. Is my body pretty?”

How do I reply to this? Resting back in her bed in her arms, with mine holding her and caressing her hair. “From what I can see it is a very pretty body. You know for me I cannot see the important parts when the clothes are gone.”

“Really, how sad, they are some of the best parts around.” She rests again on the left breast. Kissing mine again. “Thank you again. I want to give you more than just teaching you how to use your dagger. It is my guess you won't accept the things I really want to share.” Drawing her hand up to the place she kissed she passes a finger over where the nipple would be I think, the censor underwear covers it. In any case so do avatars even have one? Letting her hand and body rest she just holds me and I her.


Tiredness is starting to creep up on me I've almost nodded a few times.

Teacher kept talking for a while. She shared a few combat tips and weapon strategies for knives and daggers while I drifted off at the keyboard.



- My Dreams Again -


College second year, me and Teea we went drinking and having a blast. I take her home to my dorm and we got intimate the moment I was about to get touched I woke up and the computer system notice startled me.


Yea really, she did that all night long... It is 4:30 in the morning and Teea, Miss 'relentless' had relentlessly talked and taught me about daggers and weapons all night. Still describing uses and actions to my character who only dissented if I made her. Ah lucky me.  Missed all the good tips... Wonder if any of it was important?


Congratulations! You have learned [Daggers] level 3.


You guessed it that is the notice that woke me up. I scrolled back the log to look for any and all notices. Looks like after I got level one I got a [Basic Attack] skill. Talk about learning in your sleep.

“Were you going to get any sleep dear?” I put my hand on her head and feel the soft hair and ruffle it some. It so so soft ah, *mussy mussy*

“Do you sleep with your Eyes Open. that quite the skill for an adventurer.”

“No I just couldn't respond. It happens when I fall a sleep on this side.”

“?” She looks confused. “Is that fine?”

“Yes that is how it is for us players.”

“Can I log off here. Not sure what will happen when I do.”

“Of course, log off all you like.” She looked up with care and fear in her eyes, they look so sad after having cried for so long. “Will we talk later?”

“I think so, not going to run away am I?” Giving her one last hug and a kiss on the forehead. I start the Log off


“Thank you for getting me home. I'd be dead otherwise.” I almost start crying again.

“Your welcome, and I am so sorry too! I hope you can forgive me.” She hugs me and caresses me and kisses my chest again. Returning to a rest the on my left breast.

“Forgiven completely.”


Non-Player Character 'Teea' has reach maximum affection with you and requested to be friends. Do you accept?


“My first true friend.”

“Me too, me too.”


You have logged off. In addition you have logged off in a shareable bed. Sleep bonus will accumulate for every hour spent there. You can be kicked out of it since it is not yours.


Bed, please come closer, Mr and Mrs, Waifu help me walk. I crawl into bed and grab one of the rabbits and place it near my stomach. No luck tonight my lucky Waifu, just keep me company. I push it closer to ground zero and let the softness and sleep take over. Goodnight. Come my real world sleep bonus. Has to be less than two hours until school. ...zzzZZZ



(1) intentional spelling and grammers for slang

*** please note the conversation at the end, they were still under the drunk effect.  As such they both had the conversation make sense and no longer need to get "drunkified". You get the point, I don't have to suffer to think how they sound and speak.  :)


End Chapter 4


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