Blood Fractal – Volume 1

Chapter 3

Mondays and Gaming

- Computer Gaming Club unofficial headquarters, the Computer Lab at school -


Of the people in the group only a few would be here today, of them, there was one I had to meet with. Dora the explorer, otherwise known as Ted. He was a good a source of game unknowns and things you wanted or needed to know to be in the top ranks in any online multi-player. How he kept up with so many games was beyond me. That guy must never sleep. If asked how, I was sure to enter a conversation with no ending. Safe to say, stick with a single topic with the Ted or you would be in for a long conversation.


I learned a few things from the others, when waiting for him to show up. To begin with, many of the club members had started in different towns and as the forums mentioned, all the trainers were unique in every city. How they created such a diverse NPC system seemed to boggle a few of them. A description of the combat a few of them tried out was that it was 'Hard core'. Combat was no joke. Without skills or stats to back you up anyone under level 10 had no way of putting up a fight. A few tried with large groups and even then the 'easy' prey was not even close to simple.

One of the members had seen the world map or something close to it, covering most of the Continent at least in rough detail. Think along the lines of Indonesia with Papua New Guinea added with the Islands being way bigger and a different shape. Minus many of the smaller Islands. He mentioned the north parts connecting with a polar cap, no mention of a southern one so maybe it was too far away or uncharted. What came to mind was it melted or was never formed. Another mystery waiting to be found.


He arrived about 4 minutes after I got there. Ted was full of useful information as normal. I added a few things to his that I found out. Including the existence of a Thieves Guild in Acdin. Additionally, that as far as I knew, I was the soul possessor of said information. He was impressed and excited by that bit. Offering to trade that for any information that would get me something of equal value and be able to use for myself. Ideally something along the lines of dark magics or advance combat skill ability. The crafting and experience secrets, I shared everything we had learned in the shop so far. It was only to the club for us to all benefit there and level up faster. Reach the top get more to share. Keep ahead of the pack, basically staying competitive.

“Message me on the forums later, Theodore. I have got to get home and log on.” Running wasn't allowed in the Library and Computer Labs but the second I was out the door, no one was there to stop me. Good thing I live so close in a small town. Didn't take long to get off school grounds and back to my room.

- My room -


Shower time, sorry to say it but today is a just get clean kind of day. Extra warm water and some conditioner maybe. The biggest towel and a winter bathrobe should be good.


Plan of attack for today, forums then production. While the game loads, we'll start answering our requests on the forums. New orders received, information service promoted. Ah, we should be able to afford a skill if I made all of these. Reject the perverts and idiots asking for handouts. Such a chore, I should be getting paid for this. OK, let's remember not to be in a foul mood in game today! Attitude check complete. Login!


- Stitch in Time shop -


“Welcome back!” It was chip, or Badmofo to you action fans.

“Afternoon Badmofo how are things?”

“Busy, you have a few messages from players and NPCs actually.” He hands over a square of paper.

You have been given 7 messages, they have been added to your inbox.


Handy function that is, very cool. The image on the paper fades afterwards. Can re-use this, neat. Messages: a few orders, a question for the information department. One for my email address; Deleted.


“Thanks.” I peek in the back and see it is empty. “Did you want to craft some? I was doing some work at the counter yesterday. Can take over if you want to run the loom or use the table.” Secretly hoping I could get the shop counter so I could get the mercantile skill up experience, every transaction the store made or you completed counts a little, such a slow skill to level.



“Did you get the coloring skill yet?”

“Nope, that might be good right?”

“Yes, that will help you become a Novice Tailor faster if you not one already, are you?”

“Close. Today for sure.”


Quickly showing Chip how to use dye and vat in the back I get a surprise from Mr. System.


Congratulations! [Coloring] skill is now level 3.


It might be teaching gives good experience along with group work. We should learn more about this my evil cohorts! So happy anything to level up right.


Orders, let us get them taken care of now. One sexy nurse outfit in teal of all things. Flight attendant fetish... could be. Two work shirts, a green hunting skirt, a pair of gloves, a single apron, an extra nurse outfit. Yea someone bought the one from yesterday. Adding today a Chinese dress in Overpowering red to the things I'll stock in the store for money.


Congratulations! You have gained a level in [Novice Tailor] it is now level 4.

You have gained +1 to all stats. You have gained +1 to Dexterity, +1 to intelligence, and 2 points to increase a stat of your choice.

Required experience to Level 5 is 12/647.


Should be about time I decided to spend my stats points that were accumulating. Dexterity, intelligence seem to go perfectly with my skill-set I had in mind. With magic use though, it might be good to have additional wisdom it gave a better bonus to mana and resistance than intelligence. Guess I will throw all caution out the window and put 2 into each dexterity, intelligence and wisdom. I will make a dangerous magic assassin in any case. Enemies will never hear me coming. Using the last free point. I drop it in strength, more carry weight will help.


Character: Ophilia

Race: Human

Class: Novice Tailor level 4

str 8, int 17, wis 10, end 7, dex 15, char 11


Very nice! Now, thinking creative sales I make a few hats that might be popular with college men. And then we off to meet up with the woodworker fellow. He said to meet him this afternoon at the Tavern.


“Hello, everyone I am back did you miss me!!!” Aveon popped into the world with a grand greeting must be a good day.

“Did we hit a sale at Tiffany's?”

“AH? No such luck... what a shame... Just glad to be back in this world, I guess. How's business?”

“Great, we are adding skill teaching for [Coloring] to the list of things to sell here. You really want to push teaching it, great skill experience! Get all your friends to stop by with a dye so we can teach them. Charge them around 10-50 copper for the time and effort and skill.”

“Really?” She paused and I continued making a few hats. “Done! Might see a friend or more later. Anything else.”

She knew right? “Yea, have you considered learning a bag, pack or, purse recipe? We could use a few at some point and-”

“On it. No need to convince me huge use and sales there.”


“Want a hat made? I am trying to make the perfect hat for a college man, boy. Whatever.” No not attracted in the least. Just a way to reduce the expense and make a profit, believe me, he was definitely not my type.

“Might, what did you make so far?”

“Here is the Jungle fighter Cuban special.” Straight copy of the old Castro look. “This is the Loser from up north look one.” Didn't turn out as a sell-able product in my mind, needed fur, never know. “A Greek fisherman's type.”

“That's neat might work.”

“Wait there is more. The Tennis-pro, and a Japanese ghost looking thing. Was going to try a baseball one but the front lip was not working may need something to fix it. Here actually, you can have the sweat band, Just in case you want to do an 80's montage dance or something.”

“Ha, you really think I could pull one of those off?”

“Next was the beret, having a difficult time getting the fabric to drape right.” After a 10 minute effort, we made two rare ones. Aveon kept one and the other I would see if the college kid wanted it. If not, keeping it as mine after I dye it.



Item {Custom Hat}: quality Rare received. Class experience received.


[Stylish Hat]


Quality: Rare

Item Type: Hat

Defense: 2

Durability: 10/10

Weight: 0.1 kg

Size: small

Added Stats: Charisma +1, Endurance +1

Added Effect: NPCs with high fashion or nobility will find this item of interest.

Decorations: Ribbon

Color: none

Description: This hat is stylish and draws people with an interest in fashion or headgear.



Both were about the same. After the many tries and me helping with the patter Aveon learned the recipe for [Hats(cloth)]. Knowing it wasn't that hard to get patterns and recipes I picked up the two remain free ones for the apprenticeship.


You have learned the recipe [Corset].

You have learned the recipe [Gown].


Strange, now that I think about it I had made the Naked Apron once without a pattern and it turned out fine. Maybe recipe was only needed for harder items or trivial production from the crafting page. Or auto crafting if you were lazy. Interesting. I'd try to get Chip to teach me coats and the pants off Mystical later in exchange for one they wanted. *grin*


“Zen, off to scam the college kid, need anything Avie?”

“What, nope think we good, later.”

“Who's going to cover the front, you can work the counter if you want mercantile skill up if not have Badmofo do it.”



- Wooden Bucket -


Place was busy even this early. “Hiya! Free seats everywhere grab the one you like!” Serving maid, with a fair skin and bright eyes called from the bar.

Her outfit fits the place. She might be better with an apron or the half shouldered blouse with better cleavage if she wanted to push better tips. What sales... focus me, one trade at a time. Boys and their image. Concentrate. Big packages full of promise and ruin. Yup that works.

“Over here!” He waves, saving me from my delusions of sexual deliverymen.


Image check yea, I don't look like a starter and have the right attitude. Charge!

“Oh you were here! Nice.” Heading over I drop into a bench as he waves at the bar maid. “What is good here? You know the place the best.” Hope he doesn't see my nervousness, college boys do that to me for some reason I have a small fear of being eaten almost.

“Anything, can't taste it after all.” Adding one more for himself to the maid's workload. “Usual.”

She nods looks at me and waits.

In a near panic I look around for a menu of some sort. Ah no luck, calm down me. “Um, what does the staff recommend?” Hopefully she will save me from looking pathetic.

“One of those,” *wink* “right back with yer drinks.”

Truth, If this weren't a game I would be incredibly scared right now.

“Flirting with you already she is such a cliché.”

“Uh really?”


Opening his brown hemp bag he looks so apathetic. On the table he rests a couple wands a staff and the handful of arm bracelets.

“You made any rings yet?” While perusing the goods, “or earrings?” These seven bracelets will do. “Nice look and style these.”


All the wands increase magic skills in some way, the staff the most. With such a low strength that much weight will not be nice for me. Never seen a thief or assassin use a staff, pass on that. Not to say a Kung-fu staff master couldn't mess you up or be an assassin, I meant the fancy magic staff type. The one you care for and polish a lot, not bash someone with. I pick the wand with the best magic increase. It was not the prettiest of the lot. Nice looking carvings with a comfortable handle. Ended in a sharp point. This could apply a poison maybe...


“This one. And those 7.” Now time to pull out my attack. “How much? Oh wait, you are not interested in any of these. These were made today and are unpopular, could they be traded?” Dropped the hats on the table and watched the maid bring me my drink. “Might be useful these,” a set of uncommon gloves that had +1 dexterity, not the same as mine or colored still a stat point it a stat point.


Dropping the pint for him then placing the drink I ordered down with a look that was serious. “Tab or 1 copper.”

Out of my league here, do I tip in game or run the tab then tip. Bars and restaurants, common place for adults, and I may be smart but there are somethings I had never thought to learn about.

Embarrassed maybe I should just go with interpersonal skills, “Tab works, my name is Ophilia and I work at the 'Stitch in Time'. Not much of a drinker so if I pass-out make sure I get back please.” *innocent look*

“Sure dear.” She waves and weaves between the rough tables back to the bar.

“Not bad these.” He was looking at the Castro, the fisherman's hat and combat bucket one. Would Avie be right and he would go with the Greek one?

“Rings and earrings right, did you make any yet? Rings might be low durability but easy to make if you got a minute quantity of fancy wood or leftovers. I found experience on buttons to be decent even myself.”



He stopped responding did I say something strange?

*wave* “You there?”


He pulls out a small piece of wood and starts to make a button.

“You, how old are you really?”

“Right, I am still in High school here. Not even old enough to drink. I can vote next year.”


“If you had to wear one of those three which one has you think I'll be here when you get back.”

“.” Was this a moment of honesty from him. “None.”


“They would all look good on your avatar. What you want to pass on would best be expressed another way, not sure how. Mysteries huh?”


We talk and drink a few more, crafting tips etc. Was a fun date. After a while things are about villager firsts and class experience. He was shocked to learn about some of them mostly the mutual kiss.

“Want to get that one with me?”

“Did that with a co-worker back at the store sorry, she was cute afterwards too. I wanted to tease her for hours.”

“Want to have a threesome, I mean after they put sex in the game.” He really asked that in public chat just now right. I am not mistaken hearing that am I?

Serving girl looked at me rather intensely was she jealous or did she want something else? She had arrived to bring CunningTwist another round. Yes, that was his in game name.

“You are at least 18 by then right. Would be OK in game right?”

“Wait, wait, wait. Sorry not interested in th-three.” I didn't know what else to say. It was way outside my expected realm of possible questions I would have expected.

“Fair enough.”

“Three?” The serving girl was strange for a second, she blushed then completed her duty here and rushed off.


“Want to kiss anyways?”

“Um not now thanks.” He really collapsed my image of him in an instant.


His choice, the Greek fishing cap style, are they popular these days? With business done and a total expenditure of 47 copper I prepared to leave. Uncertainty in how I felt was nothing new but I had an Icky feeling at the moment. Maybe a real world side effect of that time of the month.

One last question for CunningTwist, “Hey, do they have embedding, varnish, metal coating in game already?”

“Think so.”


Heading out the young woman who had been serving us help me with paying my tab. Three drinks and a snack for 5 copper. I made it an even 10 copper coins and thanked her for everything.


'This is a big tip, is there any meaning behind it?', was that the look she was giving me?

“Miss Ophilia you are very generous thank you.”

“You are welcome, hope that part about the threesome was not misunderstood. It was about a kiss with a female co-worker.” I really didn't want her to have a bad opinion even if she was an NPC.

“Two girls and him, no, no, I understand that wouldn't work.” You know I have seen that light bulb look before in town someplace. Had to be Miss Utica.

“My name is Dainea. My door is open anytime, and this is for you.”


NPC Dainea has given you pressed a flower.


Having customers calling her, she made for them with a smile and a wave. I look at the flower and head outside.




[Pressed Flower]


Quality: Fragile

Item Type: Gift

Durability: 2/2

Weight: 0.0 kg

Size: tiny

Description: A delicate flower press-dried.



Does this work like the chit, quest type item? Another strange item has come my way. Is my luck like a super stat or something? Ah, the wand is so pretty, I had to look at it again. Even hugged it a few times heading back to the shop. New weapons are the best finds in-game.


[Carved Yew Wand of Magic]


Quality: Rare

Item Type: Wand

Magic Skill Increase: 7%

Durability: 10/10

Weight: 0.2 kg

Length: 21 cm

Added Stats: intelligence +1, wisdom +1, dexterity +1

Added Effects: Unknown

Decorations: none

Description: A wand carved from a Yew branch with a carving and long sharp point. The maker has potential in woodcarving.



After showing such progress, I felt complete. Aiming the wand down the street, “Onwards the mischief and escapades await.” Yea I felt a bit silly. No big deal.



- Stitch in Time -


Mystical had logged in and was in the workshop with Aveon chatting about who knows what. Chip was at the counter. Since I had a second I ran for food and a napkin. And underwear, I didn't forget after the shower I just lost focus and was game centered, you understand right.


After dropping my butt in my computer chair; the wood only made a slight protest against the force impact. No, not fat, just an old chair. Wishing for a new fancy spinning office type one... Focus!


Back in the workshop we all chatted some. The gift bracelets were well received by the two girls no stat boost but they had an appeal rating so maybe it figured into some calculation for NPC favor or reaction. I recommended CunningTwist to them for wands or staves in the future and mentioned, more warned of his rejected three way offer. Mystical was at a lost for words. She thanked me later for not pimping her out.

There was some speculation about the magic system and we rubbed the wand some. We spent some time coming up with ideas for gear and way to get better magic bonuses. Miss Utica mentioned embroidery skill was a stat and effect granting mechanism for clothes. She let us know where the trainer was in town. Enchanting added more effects if the item would survive the process.

The convention for magic also held in-game with wood types, with yew, for example, gave high magic effectiveness. Next level up was magical woods with a price outside of common sense, a beginner's problem for sure. Cloths, metals every material had a preferred stat or magic use. Must be a universal concept or something for fantasy games.


We all did some skill-up work and included a few orders from the forums. Sold off the hats to store stock that wouldn't sell to players. Made up a list of things to ask Miss Utica before the apprenticeship ended and a few for after. Trivial crafted a few other items for shop stock. We did turns starting the loom, and coloring fabrics.


“Resistance is futile.”


“We come in Peace?”


“The federation thanks you for your service?”

“Your welcome?” Such a weird conversation, I was at a loss.


Aveon and that person. The one with the Borg outfit entered the workshop.

“What? I am teaching him [Coloring] like you to said. No harm making friends in game right?”

“Why you defending yourself, Avie? Guilty secret?” A jab at her now was well timed and anymore would have been hurtful.

“No such thing.” Unfazed, must be true.

“My resistance is useless. Can you teach me here.” Red dye not to far from the Starfleet officer color. Yes obsession runs deep. Watch out for this one young padawan.

“Miss Utica is there a company profit margin for selling the stores supply of cloth?”

“Company profit margin?”


“A way for the store to sell some cloth, we only sell the finished products up front?”

“Not yet...” Off she goes, wait there was an office back here?

“Might want to limit sales and have a higher than the weaving mill price to keep our stock from getting all sold in one go.” I add around the corner. Let us see what chip is doing. Borg and Avie, the image was, the word fitting here was, disturbing.


“Badmo, can I call you that?”

“What? Sure don't mind.”

“Going to craft here a few don't mind me. Your turn for the loom.”


I sit and start an auto crafting. I got a response from smith FlavorFlay on the forms and as I thought. His interest was focused on leather goods. The was no problem with making some with leather. It was the price of the raw mats that was something of a situation. Leather prices were actually going up in town. And no one was bringing in additional leather. Supply was going to be an issue with so many players. Possible to corner the leather market? No, what if traders brought more in as soon as they found skyrocketed prices? Left with so much inventory to risky an investment for me. Should I look at the Leather Workers Guild maybe?

Outsourcing? Is there a cheap leather good seller player? Maybe I could sway another NPC once. I look on the forums, the ones in town were average price. I left a message about possible trades with them for cloth goods, buttons and information services.



Borg and Avie entered the shop after a while they parted with a handshake and a coin trade.


“Service fully rendered?” *grin*

“I have no idea what you are implying there. But yes, he got the skill and I leveled up thanks.”

“Imps turn into devils all the time right.” I put up fingers for devil horns on each side of my head. “Not too much of a horny devil yet, I predict devious intentions captain.”

“HA, you are too much. No way, no day. Don't tell Mystical that I thought the Borg Queen was so cool in the movie. OK please.” She handed me a Silver coin and a few coppers. My share, for the days information requests and some orders that got picked up.

Yup I see them at Drag Con in Atlanta next year doing cosplay as a couple... No doubt about it.


Congratulations! For participating in a sufficient number of trades, you have leveled [Mercantile] to three.


Always nice Mr. System thank you. Back in the workshop I went to Miss Utica.

“Boss, where do you learn [Silk Weaving]?”

“Capital Cities or silk farms on another continent. A city with a high concentration of spider monsters may have a teacher.” Seeing what the topic was the girls and Badmo paid attention.

“Do we have-”

“No such luck, spiders very uncommon around here.” A good thing for those with arachnophobia, bad for tailors right.

“Can you teach leather skills or can we just use tailoring?”

“I know a few recipes, pattern book there, just a few. It is mostly just a sub-material for most of them. Don't have the skill myself at a level to teach it.”

“What happens after the apprenticeship ends? Can we work for more training here?”


“One second.” Back in the office we hear her shuffle through stuff.


The other girls seem focused on the door. I start the next dye to make new cloth. Open up the crafting screen. Looking at what is there, is there anything I feel I missed or need to ask about.

Returning she holds a book. “It is time to close the shop soon, might as well, Mr. Badmofo could you shut the front door and clean up later?”

In enters Chipmunk. Even without fur that is the only image that comes to mind.

“This is the Tailor Job book for the Stitch in Time Company. Easiest is gaining 30 levels in [Tailor] related fields. Or 10 levels as a [Novice Tailor] then you change to [Tailor] class. If you want to go into this as a career I will let you read the book. It has some information you will need about the company. Planning to change class away from tailoring, nothing in here will be very helpful.”

“Repair skill?”

“No, maybe another trainer knows that. I don't fix many clothes past my own. Selling new was always the company focus.”


Badmofo decided to read the book. For the most part it was useless information for us or stuff we knew already.

“She was mistaken on a few things, Miss Utica was. This book has a map and a store location list.”

“Really? Quick, show me.” Screenshot time. Not the most detailed but helpful.

“Next, was a part about store management and pricing. It seems dry but there is info about some regional pricing it varies and is updated by the stores in the headquarters. Trader information worth some.”

“I hesitate telling you this... All the employee contracts track player and NPC information. Also in the HQ. Levels, skills, some other things. Big brother style.”

Meaning if a player went to work at the corporate HQ they could get a bunch of information on staff. Big leap forward in gaming there, neat.

Magic and combat is where the money is the fun happens at the same time. Not planning to grind trade skills to level cap here. “Thanks Badmofo.”


“Will we be able to access the workshop and store resources after the apprenticeship stage?”

“Yea in the book. You can get a few different contracts with the store or manager.”



“My contract ends tomorrow can we set up a new one then?”

“Yes, we can. All four of you have been helpful and less difficult than many of the past. What was the word applican'ts.”

“Anything else for the day boss? Want to see about getting some leather for later. With about 2 hours left of working in the workshop today. If not? Is a trade with cloth or padding for leather possible for the store? If anything there should be a huge increase in the number of orders for their leather equipment soon. Their guild or stores will want a supply. We don't compete with the weaving mill for raw materials or fabrics just finished details.”

“Something for tomorrow then. Have a good night all.”

“Bye”, “Cya”, “Good night”, “Later”



Chip was in a hurry to log off, returned the book then vanished. Aveon worked on bags and a hat for herself. Mystical was forced to make pants and shorts with me until I got the actual pattern. She got skirts pattern in exchange. Didn't take too long. The extra ones we sell to the general stores, our shop stock was full for them and not worth wasting player selling spaces on. She would do that before school tomorrow since her time zone was different from Avie's and mine. Stores would be open at that time.

Having got Mystical's pants off of her and she my skirt off of me, we were satisfied and did other things.

With a few more loom runs I added another level to the skill.


Congratulations! A skill called [Basic Weaving] was leveled to 6.


Ran a batch of dye. Made one more order for the forums. Went thought my mail again in-game and out. Then started a gown project for the player sales area. As the highest level pattern in my list, it was bound to be good experience. Priest gear, with a lady of the lake feeling. A bit of elvish styled with silver threading and white carved buttons. Wasn't all you would think it was but for a small village with starting level materials it turned out delicate and slightly expensive looking. Yes, and hit complete, what do we get?


Item {Custom Gown}: quality Uncommon received. Class experience received.

Congratulations! You are now [Tailoring] level 6.



[Gown of White]

Quality: Uncommon

Item Type: Body

Material: Cloth

Defense: 3

Durability: 20/20

Weight: 1.4 kg

Added Stats: Charisma +3, Intelligence +1, Wisdom +1

Added Effect: NPCs with high fashion or nobility will find this item of interest. Wearable at a formal ball or dance party.

Decorations: Silver Thread and Carved Buttons

Color: White, Silver

Description: Stylish dress wear for priest or party goer. People may want this item with an interest in fashion, dancing, healing or white clothes. Value slightly raised due to the skill of the tailor.



Nice on the rack you go. “Turned out nice didn't it? Sad a bit more might have been rare.”

“Could get married in something like that.” Avie had a distant look in her face.

“You think so?”

Mystical was obviously hiding the fact she was thinking about who could be her boyfriend first. “You will find one honey pie, just keep cool there. Anymore thinking and the steam will escape.”

“What. You could tell?” She turned around and started to cover her face. Whoops, she escaped.


Mission for the day successful, progress excellent. Let us go for a walk around town. 8:45 water break would be a good start. At the well I got my fill of water and thought to see the edge of town and maybe over the city walls if possible.




- Around Town -


The city at night was definitely fun. People, sites, stalls, merchants and travelers, respite from the wild in a safe spot for the night and people would normally let loose. Now is the time Taverns open, brothels would rise to the need of women and man alike. The lights spilling from windows and houses both. Noise, life, activity so different from the day. I find it more interesting obviously.

Some games have slaver areas, not sure if Fractal Online has them, might be one of the shady business types. Hidden deep in secrecy. All things possible, Muhaha! Maybe someone in the Thieves guild would know. Tormenting the info out of the girl that offered to teach the poison skill for 30 silver might be fun.

At night, it might be good to stay out of the rough part of town, South Gate area bad part of town even in daylight. North, go north young man. Not all that different from south gate aside from buildings one would want to inhabit. The Gate Guards were up top at night and the doors closed to wagon travel. Side doors let foot travel pass still, not that anyone other than players would be doing that at night. With Fighting classes still to far away for many, those doors will not see much use for a while. I head to see into the darkness that lays out there. Might hear a wild monster with luck.


At the north gate they will let me out the door to see all I wish. 'Don't go too far from the gate or village its dangerous even crazy' was the repeated sentiment from the four guards I met at the gate. Looking won't hurt right.



- outside the village -


Forest off in the distance hills quickly becoming blackness as the last light is fading from the sky. What I imagine is a cool gentle summer wind passes the branches and grass nearby of any surviving plant-life. A few wild flowers of a tiny nature, I pick a few random ones and make a bunch that might look good in the store for the counter. They only observe as flowers and no value. Might need a [Herbalist] skill to see more detail.

The few remaining clouds are thin enough to see more stars appearing. Cannot help thinking, overkill on the environment effects for the game. “Ah it is pretty here.” Nowhere near the skies in our town, there must be 100 times the number of stars visible here.


“Can't see the stars where you came from then, must be sad?”

“IEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE”, “... Eh? WHAT THE HELL! don't sneak up on someone like that!” I turn around.

I am going to turn back around and forget about turning around again for a while.

“Sorry” *sniff*

It is a freaking ghost! What do I do now? He is mostly transparent mist if that even.

“Ah. Yea not forgiving you forever for scaring me like that.”

“Really, I understand.” He sits there as I collect myself.


Gah, freaking heart attack 100%. Even mom even came to check on me. That scream was not in game apparently and had sent her into mom concerned mode. After explaining the ghost she told me 10:00 pm log off no change.


“Are you a friendly ghost?”

“Is there another type?”

“Monsters, ghosts, undead, demons all same category in this world right?” I hope I was wrong here.



“Maybe?” He stopped pretending to sniffle. The sound of his voice was thin and remorseful really sad even.


“I forget a lot of things now.”

“So you don't attack people, you just scare them into an early death?”


“What do you do? By any chance do you have a job?”

“I was looking for something for my sister, it was her birthday and she wanted something. When...”


Check, one memory impaired ghost with a life quest to get his darling sister a present. He does look the type and age to maybe dote on a little sibling.

“What kind of something?”

“Not sure it matters anymore. She is a ghost now. She is angry all the time too, just at me though for some reason.”

“Resentment yea, guess that happens even when dead.”


“So maybe you get her a different present and go from there? What kind of present would fit her?”

He gave that a thought while I watched more stars appear. And finally made the resolve to turn around and face him for the first time. Didn't know that ghost actually were that scary. There were a few games with them as NPCs. Yet for how real the game played, sometimes I forget we are in one sometimes. Never did fancy the horror movies. Childhood traumas, moving on people next stop, the lunch room.


“She likes me a lot, girl things.”

“Sugar and spice and everything nice? Flowers, ribbons, gifts? Male strippers, wedding showers, biker cosplay? Help me out here?”




“So where is she now?” I look around not seeing or hearing her.

“Her seat maybe in the stone garden by the wall over there.”


Looking back at the city I see the grey stone walls and the light on the top around the village to the west around 200 meters from the gate part of the village's burial plots and a single stone mausoleum. Fenced off with a weathered wooded fence in need of repair; gone in a few places are whole sections. Ghost hangout 101 says she there with a few of her friends complaining about her boyfriend not giving her any attention. How bad her life sucks and how cool goth clothes are these days. Want to bet?

Oh night time lets go to the graveyard with no combat skills and no weapons or defense against... pretty much anything. Hooray for good ideas!


“Should we go ask her what she wants?” I really hope he says no at this.

“Would you?”

“Would I what?”

“Would you ask her?”

“Would you want me to ruin the surprise for her? It is a gift from her beloved brother after all, part of the fun is the surprise.” No we don't want to go into the pit of undead over there get the hint.

“If you saw her or her chair maybe you could guess what she likes”

Great a smart ghost with memory issues. “Sure lead me to my death. Hurry, let's go!” I'm so dying to find out the end of this event *wince* off we walk, a ghost and a stupid girl that gets lead to her first death in game, voluntarily.



- Graveyard -


See not scared at all, wish the owl would stop hooting. Gives me the worst 'you going to die vibe' ever. Who is going to die, I am, thats who. And is there no care-taker for the graves they look so untended parting gifts tossed here and there left to natures wrath.

“Does no one come to clean up here?”

“Clean, why?”

“Respect? Devotion something like I'd take care of you forever even in death? Spirits of the elders or even family ties?”

“No, don't think we have such thing here”


Is there some lore I should learn about? We arrived at the place. It was messy as the rest. Compulsion drove me to tidy up her 'seat' a stone marker nondescript and worn as the rest gravestones. I put a few of the flowers down and say what comes to mind.

“Poor sister of a worthless layabout ghost, making some dumb girl like myself come to the graveyard in the middle of the night and help him get a gift for his darling sister. Please accept these flowers from us.”

“Will she not be angry anymore?”

Looking around there is no one in sight. How could I know, can only guess what she is upset about. Might even have the same memory problem as the brother. Family trait and all.

“Don't know. Could go ask her. You should be safe with making an effort here yourself?”

“Happy birthday little sis.” He held out his hand palm forward. His form had become more full and visible near the graves here and he was a more blue color than the white before. He returned to face me and said he was going to go. He moved slowly towards me and was a few inches from my face when he paused.

“Are you going to suck my life force out now too?”

“No, Why? Did you want me to?”

Blushing “It's that, you are, ah, slightly close and even I am not sure what to think.” His eyes focused on my face and lips. No way! Um, well it's a game. Once and a life-time opportunity to kiss a cute boy ghost like Patrick and Debbie did in that movie you know. “Well as long as you don't use tongue a kiss would be OK as thanks.” The kiss with Mysti was one thing but this was a whole different level. Inter-exsistance and all, I was a bit freaked. It is an NCP everything is copacetic. I move a little nearer to the ghost's face. If he was alive, it would be considered handsome or charming.


The Ghost 'Brother of the Sad Sister' has thanked you with a kiss.


The moment was seriously ethereal. His lips moved to mine and most of the mist which was him became those lips. The body becoming faint and a mere trace of what he had been. The moment passed into a lengthy camera pan of us in the graveyard his wisps of hands and body pressed against my outfit moving it slightly where a body would have. I could see a single hand moving down my back slowly. Wait what is with this camera scene? It shows him lightly groping my left rear ass cheek. So not what I had signed up for. Back to the face it shows his wisps withdrawing slowly and returning focus to my avatar.

“Thank you.”


He faded, ah the bastard escaped. “Your welcome perv!” I say turning around in a circle looking for any witnesses to silence permanently.


Poor NPC didn't even have a real name.

I start heading around looking for loot and lore in the graveyard, never know. After a few, it is clear everything is all worn out or useless with no value to a player. Leaving back for the North gate I could only think what insane writers the game had.


“IEEEEEEEEEE”, not again. “Mom it's OK it just happened again and I wasn't expecting it.”

“Now that is the second heart attack in one evening you ghosts have impeccable sense of theatrics. Whispering in my ear like that how could you? I'm gonna cry.”

“Sorry” *sniff*

“Ah not this again, I'll forgive you just don't cry. What? I need to go soon, almost bed time.”

“I just want what should have been mine, could you give it to me? Would you let me have it?”  Girl ghost, so sister?  She is the adorable little sister type.  Her clothes match the style and fashion of her brother's quite closely.  They were happy village children for all you could tell before thier demise.  He had similar facial features and they could only be a few years apart in age.  Since they were mist like, hair didn't really have a color for them.

“Sure what was it that I have?”


She was looking seriously at me and my face... Was it disappointment on her face and a few tears. She was a little shorter than me so she started to float up off the ground. Was that drool on her face now?  At that moment my avatar became un-moving. Was it a paralyze effect? Her hands reached for my mouth and hovered there. Oh so it was the kiss from her brother, so get it now. Her form a pretty blue like her brother hovered close. She moved so slow it was painful. She moved her left hand to her chest then to mine slowly and it hovered there.


“Why couldn't he have pressed against my body like that?” She moved her body to mine as her small frame eased nearer. “One small kiss, was all I ever wanted from him. Just one!” Her ghost lips moved to meet mine as she focused there, ah ghost tongue, it just went into my avatar. I couldn't even imagine the night ending like this. After sexually repressed sister ghost had her fill of the locations that her brother had touched or kissed. She shed a few more tears. “Now we can't even get close to each other.” She must have a real complex to be this obsessed still. “We don't sleep, I can enter his bed after he gets up in the morning! He doesn't drink anything so I can't use his cup afterwards. Ah, the world is so unkind.”

Yup no need to confirm what I had guess. Good scripting here. She moved ghost wisp like arms around and inside of my chest and mouth and my character shivered, not lying here I promise!

Innocently kissing, totally feeling me up at the same time, then ravaging my avatar. Even if it is a ghost, how is this game not rated more mature? She finished up caressing and kissing all the places her brother had touched and smiled and let me know that his gift was meant for her alone. She, having finished with my body, and the claiming of her 'gift', I became free again. We can only assume she set off to stalk her brother some more at this point.


“Like brother, Like sister. Perverts all three of us. Really taking advantage of me like that. A pervert like me, how lucky am I?” I tell you now I was wet and agitated after her brother now I wasn't sure what to think. “Crazy is just plain too much sometimes.” I said to no-one in particular as I sat staring at the screen in my room waiting for the world to make sense again. Ah bed time, I ran to the village gate to log off inside of town.


“You came back from the graves, pretty quite place out there. See any critters tonight sometimes we hear things?”

“Not a creature was stirring not even a mouse. Keep up the good work I am going to sleep. What do people here think about the dead?”

“The dead, you give them a parting gift then move on, right? No time to worry about those gone to their end.”

“And if they come back and ask for sexual favors?”

“Have you ever heard of them coming back asking for sexual favors?” He was looking at the other two in the post.

“Never, not even once.”

“Why would they even come back?”

“Yes, why would they... Thanks, keep the perverts out, Kay thanks. Bye” Moments later this pervert was back in town and ready to sleep.

I'll ignore those system messages that disturbed me and my walk back to the gate.


You have been repeatedly kissed by the ghost 'Sister with no Gift'.

Received status enhancement 'Pleasure of the Body' for 1 hour Charisma +2.

Received status reduction 'Physical Fatigue' for 2 hours Strength -2, Endurance -2

Your intimacy with the ghost 'Sister with no Gift' has earned you a title.

Gained title 'One Seduced by a Ghost'.

Having made contact of the intimate nature with more than one ghost has earned you a title.

Gained title 'Concubine of the dead'.

Would you like to set a title now?

Great game, never telling this to anyone. Ever. I mean EVER.






End Chapter 3


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