Blood Fractal



Chapter 0 - A Girl Gets a New RPG Computer Game


Blood Fractal – Volume 1

Chapter O

A Girl Gets a New RPG Computer Game


What is held in my hand is the newest MMO on the market, OK so, physical copies are so 5 years ago. Nothing like the feeling though. New Addition of addiction material acquired, included new game box smell. Whatever it is, I feel complete for a few seconds... or at least until I think how many games have come before it and failed to satisfy.

It is not like I have anything else I am truly interested in spending so much time on. Allow me to fall for the marketing gimmicks and limited edition gifts every once in a while. This time in addition to the early access and extra bag space... wait for it... you will love this... Bragging rights. Yup, that is pretty much it.

I'll let you indulge in some jealousy now, going to go check on the online down-loader, cya.

- Later in My Room -

Now the biggest decision of my gaming life, what character do we play? It always comes down to the Ideal version of myself I can kind of fit into the game or some kind of Bitch mode idea that gets into my head after having a bad day at school. Well, there have been other types in the past, we don't talk about the Sailor Moon one... ever.

It is important to have a concept at the start right? Strange this game starts everyone off as a villager then you change to a class later if you want. Added to that, you start with no skills, no money and only starter clothes.

So, lets do this <click, click, click> anime hair color, yup boys will love that... Ah, maybe purple instead <click>. Then length it down to my butt <clic>, then reduce the automated D-cup size they give here. Now the hardest question do I stop at a B cup or A cup. Pretty sure every boy in my grade is crying now... Maybe B cup that way less loli fans will hit on me. Strange that men concentrate on the extremes like a war of gloabal importance or something.

Ah let us make the Eyes <click>... they seem to be only basic eye colors still lots of adjustment to the other properties seem to make it feel like a lot of variation. I went with an icy blue grey with a lavender fleck normal iris and shape.

So after a few more 'Minor' adjustments, Presto! Naked teenage girl with anime hair color, B-cup breasts, prettier than you will ever find possible face and perfect proportions. Plus the standard fugly and plain mandatory censor underwear that is impossible to remove. The nearest to perfect me for in game.

Ok save that for later Mr. hand in pants over there.

Well this game has a flexible character creator, lets see what else it can do.

- 2 hours later -

Ah, after a couple of trolls, orcs, elves, mental cases, a few too many male love slaves later we back to pretty much what was the 1st creation. After saving them and starting over just in case, I wanted to make an alt character later. So now we've totally wasted 3 hours of pre-access time lets pick the name and get going. Panty change managed so quick you would think I was an African track star. What they known to be really fast at running.

Yea, I absolutely didn't get wet making all those love slave characters. Or when I made up the back stories on each. Or when they were forcibly put into my harem. Lets just stop here before I have to change my underwear a second time.


Naming, so I am not fantastic with that either and the last 12 names I tried are impossible or taken. Taking a look around my semi-girly room I spot my English Literature notebook. Guess that would work. Macbeth's Ophelia was kinda a rock'n name. I try that...

Yup already taken, what you say? Well, not surprised since at least 12 million pre-order copies sold. So maybe a derivation then. Ophilia <click>, yup that was successful. Off to the pretty hand painted splash screen we go and 1, 2, 3 and a 4th minute later we in game.

And what do we see here? I stare at the screen trying to understand the new interface and configuration. Standard fair, skill bar check, hp, stamina bars, are there. Wimpy inventory page with the early access expanded area slots. Newbie default gear Get! No weapon or tools, sigh. Guess we are all set to go, go, Go!

“Dear! Did you want some lunch today?” I hear from downstairs.

I call back, “Mom, depends what is for lunch?” Heavens know how much I love my mom, but some concoctions she cooks are the most vile things on earth. Maybe cook is the wrong verb here. Destroys? Invents? Evil, it exists, and it was birthed from mothers mistakes in the kitchen.

“Making sandwiches you want one?” Well those would be hard for her to corrupt with her ultimate evil skill. “YES, please.”

- In Game -


While walking around the starter town and waiting for my Saturday lunch of possibly evil incarnate, thinking they sure made yet another pretty game. Sincerely I hope the game-play lasts longer than some recent flops on the market.


Starter town, do we even have to remember the name of it? Might as well call it town 1. The village of Acdin for any that actually care. As a starter town, Acdin hosts the standard stuff. A starter set of shops with gear we can't afford yet and may never need. Also basic skill trainers for most staring crafting, life and combat skills. So skip past them till I find the tailors shop and maybe get to learn a crafting skill. Why start there because with no starter weapon to go kill rats or what ever the lvl 1 thing is here. There no way I am going to punch to death anything with villager stats. Hold on I am getting to my point. In a game where everyone needs weapons, where is everyone going to run to first. Answer of course woodworker, blacksmith or some variants. Where do I go if I want to get ahead and afford to buy the weapons thousands of users will be selling cheaply? Some place that will actually be able to make some coin later. Thus, tailoring everyone wears out clothes under there armor.

Back to about monsters, from my Intel, even the level 1 monsters take a minimum of five level 1 villagers to fight. They are call monsters for a reason yah know. Maybe if we had that 3D full immersion technology we could do a fancy trap or trick then critical them to death, maybe. Not expecting a high school girl with no actual combat training to do that, are you?



Tailor shop where are you, come out, come out where ever you are. So Plan B time. “Excuse me there sir NPC.”

“Hello Miss?” the villager NPC looks at me with a questioning look.


Wow, they did really well with the facial expressions of even the mundane things here.

“Um yes, I was looking for work or skills or gear or legendary equipment, perhaps a lost winning lottery ticket, even an over powered cheat skill or at the very least a tailor shop. Could you help me out?” At this I drop my best version or adorable puppy dog eyes at the screen for zero effect. Gaming gods know. There no way he can actually see me through the screen. It is just habit from asking my mom for things.


“Ha, Ha, Ha, Miss not sure what some of those things are or even where you can get them, but if it a tailor shop, there behind you six stores on the right.” says the NPC, “Was there anything else I can help with? Have to get to my post for shift change soon.”

Turning to look behind me, yup, It was back there and totally blanked passing by. “Thank you mister helpful militia man have a good afternoon. Oh, I'm Ophilia see you around town.”

“Strange girl that one.” I heard as he all most left hearing range.

Yea, I'm the strange one. Isn't he the one going on guard duty with only a basic spear and villager clothes in a world with monsters?

Looking up at the building in front of me is a Tailor shop all right 'Stitch in Time' says a wooden sign hanging above a wooden door. Cloudy glass window with clothes fairly visible. Authentic for the times, maybe. Best computer graphic town in a fantasy setting I have seen to date.

“So real it is frightful.” Inside we go.

- Inside the Stitch in Time tailor shop -


Yes, this is the place, strange there no players here yet. Might be the fact I wandered in town for quite a while with no real destination. Even as a starter town there were numerous dwellings and random purchasable housing for players. Empty shop fronts and such. This shopping area gives may be the main one, yet a large distance from the plaza they first dropped me in.


“Hello anyone here?” seeing as there was no one out front of the shop I called out.

“Welcome to the- *THUD*, OUCH! Ah, the Stitch in Time. I'll be out of this pile in a moment,” called the woman's voice from the back area of the store.

Peeking past the archway to the back, yea, storage area. I see a large pile of fabric and a woman making a tactical retreat from the center of it.


“Shelf broke?”

“Yes. Were you looking to buy an outfit today or maybe some material?”

“No sorry, was looking to go kind of the opposite direction from a purchase.”

Seeing a see through icon for action here at the pile I use my OAD to put the fabric in an orderly pile near the base of the shelf. Most of the world seems to be made up of objects you might be able to interact with.(4)

“Then were you interested in selling crafted clothing or harvested material for tailoring?”

“Um, more the case is... ” dramatic pause, “truth is I am not from here and just got into town today. No money, no food, and really in need of training or a job. My goal is to make really cute clothes, and I will-...”


Interrupting me she starts, “Well I can understand the cute clothes part. Since the store IS currently in need of a new shelf how about you get that for me then put the fabric back and clean up the store then we see about getting you a mark for an apprenticeship?”


“Yes! I, Ophilia am up to the task!” Just what I had hoped for! Quest Time! Finishing with a quick salute for fun.

“My name is Miss Utica and I am the shop manager for this chain store of Stitch in Time tailor shops. Now, we will have you go to the carpenter shop we use and get a new shelf. Take the old one so they can get the right size.”


She also told me the directions which updated my mini map, after that it was easy to find, after struggling to get the shelf out then dropping it into my inventory.

- Carpenter shop -

It certainly has the appearance of a place the makes things out of wood, piles, stacks, 'Iketa' like wood furniture here and there, wood products, woodworking apprentices, and a guy that looks like he is part tree. His skin certainly has a bark like coloring and textured look. A few leaves and *bam*, instant tree. All this is visible while looking past the wood gate with plenty of wood carved details. Oh and a wood sign, that part was a bit obvious.


“Hey, how is going?” I ask as entering the workshop yard.


A few of the boys look up at me, and a couple of them blush a bit and look back down. Shy perhaps...

The first to answer is a future archer. His brown hair bit thin and tall build, with wind and birds in his attitude. “Pretty good. We future top players *wink* are trying to keep ahead of the rest. You here to learn wood working?”


One of the others add in, “This is the place you want, the lumber mill on the other side is more for architets. You know the types with building on the brains all the time.”(2)

“Yea the NPC is named Paul. 10 silver or do a few odd jobs then take the apprenticeship.”


Adding in to the conversation last was a black haired mage type who was working on a nice looking staff as he had just finish carving it he was starting to polish the top and was definitely focused on it with a lot of concentration. All I could do was look else where and think of him as a treat. Really, I would have to save that image and thought for shower time later. *cough*


Mage boy said, “It is possible to get additional reputation with NPCs if you talk about their interests or do special tasks for them.” Glancing a Paul who was about to finish his current task he added. “For some reason if he isn't talking about wood then it is about beef or cows. I really don't understand his obsession...”


“Ah, yea thanks you all-” Ah just in time to save me from having to let them know I already have an apprenticeship lined up.

“Hello Miss, I am the local Artisan woodworker and shop Owner, is there something I can help you with?” He waves me over from the working students.


Jump, here is my chance. I drop a shy emote in the chat box and my character does a shy and a bit bashful move. “Mister Artisan Paul sir,” I pull out the shelf from the shop and present it to him, “Miss Utica from the Stitch in Time sent me to get a new shelf. See this one broke.”

“Sure enough looks as if it wore out then broke. Let me make a new one for you right now.” Just as he was about to take it and replace it for me I got an interesting idea.


Pulling back the board a bit out of his reach, “um well, you see, I was wondering...”

“Yes?” he prompts me to continue.


“If maybe I could maybe make a shelf for the pretty Miss Utica, I am sure she would be impressed. Sure if you could teach me how, I could make you a shirt or work apron or pants after learning how. I am sure I could make you a nice one, it sure would look good on a sturdy model like yourself.” At this point I could see him getting a bit nervous and ready to refuse me and ready to get this conversation over with so dragging it on a bit more.

“Plus, since there are a few other shelves wearing out, it would be good if we replaced them and no one will get hurt. The cloth did fall on Miss Utica this time, thankful no one got too hurt. So if we could make a few of them when we need them we could save you some time since you all seem very busy.”


Whew, now to see if he accepts my plea. Waiting with a charmed emote floating around my top half, you know hearts bubbles and adding to that a childish look of anticipation.

Paul takes a second. Uncertain what to do then, agrees. “Over here,” he starts to show me the basics.


Congratulations! You have learned [Woodworking] level 1.


Next he shows me how to make the shelves.


You have learned the recipe [Basic Shelf(Wood)].

Then hands me the shelf he made. The one to show me the recipe, along with the bill for the shop. Certainly he only charged the shop for the piece of lumber for some reason. Thanking Paul and nearly skipping all the way back to the Stitch in Time. I could only think that was the best spent minute in a conversation with an NPC I have ever had.



“What the hell was that?” One of the apprentice players asked.

“How did she pull that off?” Another cried out.


The ranger type only shook his head and looked up, “I should have played a female character.”

The mage boy offered a bit of consolation to his co-worker, “We can hope that it is possible for other NPCs to react to us elsewhere like that. You know fall in awe of our heroic nature and deeds. Or maybe Paul just has an affinity for that look or type of girl.”


Walking past and hearing just a part of their complaints. Definitely going to put a no talking order on the mage boy for the next fantasy moment. Taking a last look between his staff and his lower robe. Yup, no talking for mage boy next cut scene. Truthfully he was in his starter outfit, still for some reason I can only see him with that English magic school robe outfit that is so popular right now.


My mind wandered a bit on the way back, mini map saving me from getting lost again, thank you developer god. Opening the door to the Stitch in Time, I entered.

- Carpenter shop courtyard -


DRanger X looked up from his wood working and “Shit, there is no way that just happened. How-”

“Every one of us had to do like an hour of errands first, right?” another asked.

“Ah hell!” spat out Romulus a future top 20 ranked mage. “The staff only came out uncommon.”

“Still better than all our commons stuff we made here!”

“I should hope so but still, if I hadn't spent almost 2 times the amount of time on it. Think I should make another and try for Rare or make something else that might sell better?”


A shy kid spoke up, “Anyone know how she did that? Or did anyone see her name? I thought she was kind of cute.” After such a confession to the others he quickly looked back at his crafting and tried to act like it wasn't him who said such an embarrassing thing.

Suddenly from out of a recessed area or the courtyard mostly hidden by the two large wood piles comes a voice none of them recalled until now.


“Think it was Ophelia or something like that, and I have a few guesses as to how she did it.”

The young men and boy got up and took a look at from where the voice was heard. There sat a quiet mousy small young man. “How long has he been here?” Randomly was heard.

The future thief or assassin sat there and raised a pointer finger, “One, she used what you guys told her and added emotes to a critical effect on NPC Paul over there.” Pausing he held up a second finger, “ 'B', she got lucky and rolled a 00 on the rep gain or something.” picking up his next piece of wood to work on he finished his conjecture up, “or she had a quest or she came here with a task from another NPC that gave her the possibility to pull that off. Last guess would be that she played in the testing and used info from it to the best effect. Could be a combo of those.”


“Ninja might be right there.” Returning to their work they all were thinking about what skills in the future they would be able to learn like that, or hoped they could.

As it was NPC woodworking Artisan Paul was still thinking, how come he taught her for free.


- Stitch in Time Acdin Branch -


It was quite noisy in here now. At least a dozen people were asking Miss Utica questions about everything. Looking like she was about out of patients with them too. I edged up to the counter while still out of the crowd. I pulled out the new shelf and spoke up.

“Have the new shelving unit here should I go install it for you?”


Looking over Miss Utica gathered her wits, “Wait! I only teach the skills Weaving, Tailoring and Mercantile and each one is 10 silver.” Trying to calm them all she waved some down. “Now if you can excuse me for a moment there is something I must take care of, I shall return shortly.”

She had me finish up with the shelf and would come inspect it when it was done.

Pulling out the new shelf, I started to work. Returning all the fabric to the shelf that was piled up on the floor. Few second later Miss Utica returned. Looking even more worn out from the onslaught of new players.


“Good, this will hold for a long time and you even put back the fabric in the correct order.” When she was about to give me my next task I interrupted her.

“Would you like me to take care of the applican'ts?” as I tilted my head.




Looking as a thousand weights had been lifted, she relaxed.


Miss Utica's information was, “We have space for 2 more apprentices and if you could find some that are smart and not to noisy it would help. There will be an interview first. So please select a few and have the rest go over to the Weavers Mill in the trade skill area. One block over from the carpenters shop. They should take the rest.”


“No problem.” Turning to head out to the shop area, I had a thought, “What if you had a sign out front that said if you were hiring or not and what skills you taught?”


At that moment it could only be described as a light bulb going off. “That-” she seemed stunned for a moment. “Why,” she rebooted and paused again. “If we had one of those no one would bother me like that again...” and she is gone. My guess, there are some things just too important for an apprentice to do.

- Stitch in Time shop area -


It is quite noisy again out here.

“HEY! Not so LOUD ok”, there were quite a few with a 'what the hell' looks in the crowd that seemed to have gotten a little larger.


Speaking even a little louder, “If you want information on a... F. R. E. E. apprenticeship, I have it.”

Now to get a couple people for the interview.


This must be what a cemetery sounds like in the middle of the night.




“1 copper.” I sit at the counter and wait for the hysterics to start. A few dig into their inventory and start heading up to the counter. Others start discussing it. Those complaining, not even going to listen to them.


As they get louder I add, “AND, if you don't keep it down I can 100% guarantee you won't get an apprenticeship.”


After they quiet a bit I elaborate a bit, “For 1 copper. I will tell you where to get an apprenticeship for free, if you don't get one come back and I will return your 1c. Also, you must promise not to tell any here what I tell you.”

The first few to have thought this a good idea had gotten to the front and were ready to trade. I accepted the coin and sent a chat whisper to player Aveon, “There are 2 options for you. I can recommend you here if you return after the crowd is gone, or you can go to the weavers mill in the trade skill area. Either place you will have to do a few errands 1st, then accept an apprenticeship.”

Aveon's reply was an “I'll be back.” Never guessed her one for an Arnold fan-girl.


As for the fifteen following players for their 1 copper I informed them that the mill in the trade-skill area would give them the ship after a few errands and such. Anyone left that made too much noise and refused to leave was threatened with the calling the guards to remove them. They left in a sour mood. Now then with who was left was a few that were quiet and those who really didn't know what to do.

I waved over a smart looking one and proposed the following, “Hi, you see there is one apprenticeship slot left here if you want to interview, you tell the others over there that the weaving mill is the place they want to go if want to get one, since they will take everyone to train.”

Quiet girl had the look she had been asked to do something really difficult, yet she still managed it after a few stressful looks around for help. With that we had two for interviews and the rest of the applican'ts gone.


In rushed some kind of half squirrel-half boy, no maybe a chipmunk was better description of him.


“P-ple-please, can I get that info too I have four copper, please?” Chipmunk boy took a bent over couple of breaths, “just ran here, a friend told me you know how to get a tailor apprenticeship. Said it wasn't worth paying to get the info so he left.”


Oh right I still had to get the shop cleaned up. “Okay, 4 coppers and you help me clean the tailor shop here and I'll tell you.”


Chipmunk held out a paw to seal the deal.

“4 copper.”


He slowly pulled it back and handed over the 4c.


With only him and quiet girl in the store I spoke up, “Great, after you clean you can wait to do an interview here then run errands for the store to get an apprenticeship or you can go over to the weavers mill in the trade-skill area and do errands 1st then get one.”

“Ah, so that how it worked here, should have looked on the net or something.” Quiet girl had looked like she had learned the source of all her current problems. With that out of the way she started to browse the shop for interesting things.


With impeccable timing Miss Utica had returned with a new sign for the front of the store. “Ah this is much better than before. Excellent work Ophilia.”

“Thanks! The 1st to interview is a-” like it was scripted from a TV show the girl Aveon opened the door to the store and made an entrance. “That's her she is smart and quick to act, next is her,” pointing at Quite Girl over there. She waved. “And last is Chip over here, but first he is going to help me clean the store did you have a broom?”


“My name isn't Chip it is-”

Miss Utica hands me a scroll to put my mark on and the sign to put out front. “This scroll will accept you as the stores worker for 3 days, you must work 12 hours time before 4 days have past and here.”

“Yes Boss!” I quickly add my mark to the scroll and accept the skill book she gives. My mark ends up being my name in an English looking calligraphy it is very stylish, by the way.


Getting out from behind the counter I go to put the new sign out front and focus on the new skill book. As Miss Utica heads back to the workshop area to ask Aveon a few questions. I chat at Quiet girl and focus on the skill book, you just have to stare at them long enough to get the skill, there is actually a bit of stuff written but most of it seems so common sense that after half a page you get the idea its just fluff. Mystical tells me her name as I wait for the skill notice. In a moment of boredom I ask her if her name is actually Misti or something and if she lives in California.

Congratulations! You have learned [Mercantile] level 1.

Seeing she hasn't answered and I was done staring at the skill book. I look at her, she has a look that one thinks 'This person is a statue that has stopped mid action.'

She finally moves, looks down and bounces her head. I hear a really weak “yes.”

Interrupted by a loud *grumble*, “Did anyone else hear that?”

Chip and Mystical look at me and both reply “No.”


In my embarrassment I let them know that it would be a few seconds before I returned. Now would be a good as time as any to grab a snack and do a call of nature. I took the stairs down at full speed. Pulled a few thing out of the fridge and made a small tower and headed back up the stairs at a slightly slower pace. Did what little girls do to feel less like dancing in place and returned to the computer.


You were *poked* by player Aveon, *poke* *poke* *poke* yea that times a million was in my chat history. In less than 3 minutes she had filled my entire chat history.


“Stop, I'm back”


You have been *poked* by player Aveon.


“Arrg, Quit it!”


“Oh, hey welcome back. Sorry. Here” She showed me a note 'Delivery for Sister Bucho'. “Miss U said you were to get it from there.” Pointing to a storage for the store behind the counter. “It is my first errand, thanks totally worth one c”

Sure enough I could see an Item called 'Delivery for Sister Bucho', after inspecting it no more info was given except weight, that it was a quest item for Aveon, illegal to open and that it was described as a product from 'Stitch of Time'. “Here.”

With that Aveon headed off on her errand and I was left with Chip as he worked on the floor with the broom he got from someplace and a dustpan. Not much else to do guess I could chat with him, “Hey Chip, how do you get those other 3 copper?”

“As you can see my name is NOT 'Chip' its Badmofo. As for how? I got some random stuff when look'n round town. Some alleys, they have broken boxes with trash items some sell for a copper, they really are rare to get. Yea, didn't know what else to do so was doing that for a while. When Alex, I mean Strongbone sent me the tell about getting ripped off for some info about getting work. I just ran to sell them then came here.” Once he got started talking, would he stop? Yup totally stopped listening after a few hours of it.


Mystical returned with a second skill book for me from Miss Utica. Her errand was to get supplies from the general store. Chip was lost in his rhetoric and cleaning. As to not waste any time Opened the next skill book.



This book contains the skill [Basic Weaving] do you wish to learn it?



Miss Utica returned and started asking Chip, I mean Samuel L. J., I mean Badmofo. Yea Chip got a few questions in the isles of the shop area.


One minute left to learn [Basic Weaving].

“Ah it is a little longer than mercantile to learn.” Putting my thoughts into words for no one in particular. STARE, time move faster already...


Miss U returned with broom and pan in hand and asked how much more time I would work today, it was starting to become evening and darkness would soon descend on my first day in this world.


“Think for dinner I can wait some. Could I have a quarter of an hour for that then I can work as long as I can stay awake?”


Confirming that Miss U had done all she had to for the moment. “Once you can make some decent fabric we will teach you to make clothes and other items. Oh and just put any store transactions back in there.” Indicating the place where I had gotten Aveon's parcel from. “You won't be able to take anything out unless the store or a Manager such as myself permit it. Basically do not store any personal items in there unless they are a gift for the store.”

Thinking that was all, she started back to the workshop. “Ah last thing. If you want to sell to a store you have the option to open a trade window with the sales register. Chains and larger shops will have a magic personality even. We have one she is very... charming.” Miss Utica looks around carefully like saying something offensive might offend the store.


Right, stores have AI's, super interesting.

Looks like the server I am on is pretty much in the same time zone I live in, its getting dark at a similar time. Server day/night is the same as the real world. Some shops close others don't. Maybe it depends on the NPCs working there and the service they provide. This store closes at the time Miss Utica leaves. She said today the shop closes at 20:00 or 8pm my time. That leaves me with time before I should be sleeping, mom is a big no go on staying up past 11pm or 23:00. First day in game she might let me stay on longer. That and being a Saturday currently.

Congratulations! You have learned [Basic Weaving] level 1.

“Miss Utica, done with the skill book.” I let her know and she stops stocking the display area of the shop and comes over.


“Already, nice then we can get you started in back with some simple fabric. Take out the raw flax from the chest in the workshop and make so fabric, repeat with the raw cotton after that. When we are satisfied with your work we will move to the next skill tailoring. Bring the fabric from the flax and cotton after each attempt please so I can make suggestions. I'll be here.”

- Stitch in Time workshop -


Simple enough, chest open, grab mats toss into machine, play with settings wait a few, do a few actions with the machine, out pops a crafting fabric base on your skill and some other things with some variation from the system. Rinse repeat. Turn in to teacher homework then try again. Coming up on 30 minutes of this and we finally get an uncommon quality fabric from flax and a big surprise.

Congratulations! Your skill [Basic Weaving] is now level 2.

Finishing the cotton ones, they had come out as commons so far, had to redo them until I got one that was uncommon. As that seems to be the level of quality Boss was looking for. Each time she seemed to give tips that would have been helpful had I actually been doing any of the creation besides the putting in a material and getting back the processed one.


Ten cotton joy filled tries of fluffiness later found me getting the cotton fabric of an uncommon quality. I peeked at my crafting skill and looks like level 3 is around 1.75 times the experience level 2 was. So the remaining to next level is about 5/6th of the level. A bit on the slow side. Still it was weaving and not an item production skill, maxing out this skill will never be important for me.

My not so gourmet mom peeked in my room and let me know in no uncertain terms that Pizza was not on the menu for dinner sadly, but if I was to separate myself from my current alternate family. Dinner would be a strange combination of vegetables and sauce with gluten free bread. Quick as I had heard the vagueness of sauce and the word gluten, it was 100% confirmed I would be eating my own cooking tonight. Conclusion mom is on a new diet.

Checking the tower of snacks I had liberated from the kitchen, maybe 2 hours remained until hunger might set in.


With the second part of my task competed. Said turn-in fabric and I returned to the shop and waited while Aveon was getting her 3rd errand and Misti was getting her 2nd. They both looked excited and were having fun. Chip, I had earlier heard him cheer when Miss Utica told him to start some errands for her so we can think he got an apprenticeship here, even if there was only 3 spots taking a 4th might be possible maybe they could be influenced a bit more than what they just said as fact here. Or that or maybe he said he would work for half the reward. That chipmunk would do something like that.


“This is the cotton fabric that was just finished, and I think its is the best one so far will this do?”

She handed me the next skill book and asked me to watch the front shop. I read or stared at the book, and she went to eat an evening meal.


Up on the counter I go with my feet swinging around while I start the counter on the skill manual. “Ugh, 5 minutes spent reading this, or at least time with my eyes pointed at it.”


Flipping up to a window with forums for gamers. The kind of forums for people with an addiction to Online Gaming. This one was popular with players that ended up in the top 100 of power-players. Combat, crafting, etc. I browse a few threads on this game and glance at a few topics to see if anything is going on. Every once in a while, checking to see no new chat messages happened in game. From the forums, it seems most people are having issues getting jobs still. Hundreds of people asking for weapons and groups to then hunt even if they have no skills. A couple selling their souls for help with this or that. Few fake threads on how to get work or skills, one about a person taking their last cent to sell them info same as they can get here for free. Must have been someone I met. How could they be so heartless? A few other joke, story, role-play threads there. Looks like only a few big groups were successful hunting monsters and many gave up after heavy deaths and the penalties stacked up.


Might be because the apprenticeship items you make belong to the shop still unless you pay for them, but no one has actually gotten a weapon other than a branch or plain rock yet. Guess we will see a lot of new combat information in a day or so. Tough game to start off in it seems. Ah I can imagine the bragging now, next year veterans will be like 'back at the start'...


Oops chat message. “Yes I am here, what did you want?” Some guy had been there trying to talk to me for a bit, got so tired of waiting he was checking my avatar really close up. Not as if the starter pants and top were anything special or even attractive.


“Job, give me one.”

“No pervert leave.”

“Please, I'll apologize”

“You should have just Apologized First and said Please second. Even then it wouldn't change anything, no job here right now. Leave.”

He stuck out his tongue, “Well aren't you a brat.”

I waved him off and returned to the skill book, 30 seconds more, 'Yes'!


Planning a bit ahead, Proprietor Utica would be back from dinner in quarter of an hour more, with that leaving nothing to do, and her not leaving anything other that the skill book. Guess I can check out the inventory in the store to see what the clothes look like and things that might sell along with getting a few ideas on that to gear myself up with. Bouncing off the counter just as the system reports.


Congratulations! You have learned [Tailoring] level 1.

Ah the glow and sound of love from a developer. Anyways after the afterglow I headed to the displays.


Learned [Sewing Kit Use], you may now equip a Sewing kit.

Learned recipe [Cloth Gloves].

Learned recipe [Sock].

'It is nice that a recipe can be instant learn from books.'


That skill certainly knows how to satisfy. By the time Miss Utica returned Chip had as well. Sending him off for his next errand she was set to start my instruction when quiet girl walked back in. Since this may take a while, Boss Lady went ahead and provided the next errand to Mystical. When Aveon and Mystical return they should be ready to mark a Contract Scroll for Apprenticeship.


“Ready to make some items? Sure you are, lets go to the shop task board and see what can be made to supply the store stocking limits.” This scroll chained to the workshop will list all the items you can attempt to make for the store to get income above your reward for the apprenticeship. Each item is listed with an amount you will earn if you make it with store materials. If you fail, you will not be charged for the materials but have to make it up in item production. So if you failed and wanted to you could pay it off with coin and before we release your contract you must be at 0 or above earnings. Any profit can be withdrawn from the front register at anytime. You can also see how much you have earned and current profit or debt available. Any questions?”


Seemed a good system. “What if two apprentices make the same item and go to turn it in at the same time?”

“Store goes into over stock on the item and until enough sell there will not be any of that item on the workshop list. Both get credit.”


“Only one project at a time I gather?”



“What if I sell an item from my materials?”

“The store will either reduce a stock on this list by one or you can place it in a for sale by user slot, and you will get money for that item when it sells, if it falls into the stocked type category you can get money right then from the register. For sale by user slots get displayed in the store and mostly for expensive items or high quality ones.”


Looks like the store will buy any and all raw and processed crafting materials.


“New patterns or recipes?”

“Ah yes good, Next we will look at the pattern book. It is over here.”

I ask as we walk over, “Is any pattern learn-able here?”


“It is possible to learn any in the book, but there are conditions. One, you get to learn two free recipes per day, after that you can buy them with production income or coin. You can choose 2 later to learn for today. After that you have two more days of contract and can learn 4 more free(2 per day). Additions will cost the amount shown in the book if you end up buying it.”


Indicating me to sit at the covered workstation table for making tailored items she continues the lesson. “All the tools you need in sewing kit are included in this table you can use them in the workshop, after that you can buy your own. The basic set from the shop is not as good as these, and the skilled and master sets are increasingly better.”

“Materials from here, today we will use the cloth you already made, then make the item here and put in the chest back there. Let me see the items before they go into the chest until we see the consistency of your work. Now off you go, make a few sets of socks or gloves bring each pair to me in the shop after they done.”


- Later -


- 1 Hour later -

Yea Crafting can get boring after a while. Break time. There was a well out back to draw water from, drink as much as you like, can wash off all that role-play stuff. Thing was there is a stamina requirement for food and drink and if you did work, fighting, travel it would go down over time. So far I was down to 4 points of stamina out of 10 and needing to keep above 50% kept actions from failing. A quick bucket full of well water later, I was back up to 100%.

Guess we can go peek at the recipe list. My socks and gloves were good enough to get uncommon quality now. There was only a few failures. Closing in on level 2 tailoring, just a few more and I'd be there.

You have learned recipe [Underwear(panties/drawers)] and [Underwear(bra)].

You have learned recipe [Shirt/Blouse].

They were both level 2 and I can image they would be worth having for later. I do recall also that they were both a good number still required on the store stock list. Daily items sell well even for NPCs?


To keep from getting bored I tried to make a set of biker like cloth gloves out of some left over common black cotton cloth that was too small for anything big left in the store stock. End result, uncommon gloves ventilated, lower weight and a bit higher selling value than the ones I had made before. Seeing them turn out I went to Miss Utica, “Boss, is it possible to buy the items I make for less than the store amount?”

“You can register them as failure with the store and pay the material cost. Those turned out nice, well done.”

“Failure and material cost you say.” If I had an evil grin, it would be on my face at this point.

“That is not the type of face we show to customers is it?” She asks.


I run to the back to the workshop because even if this is an evil grin, it will probably be stuck there for a while. I equip the gloves. Rocker outfit engage! Delinquent maybe. Only in a few of my better fantasies.

Sure enough there is a register failure of materials in the shop trade window for the chest to get more materials. I browse the available items to craft with, nothing special left to work with so guess I make a few sets of underwear and a few boxers, then try some shirts later.

Next successful craft I read.

Congratulations! Your skill [Tailoring] is now level 2.


- 1 hour later -


Congratulations! Your [Basic Weaving] is now level 3.


System: Once you gain 10 levels in Tailoring related skills you can advance to [Novice Tailor] job.(optional) You currently have 5 of 10 levels in a related field.


Aveon and Mysti from California have begun the skill books. No clue on Chip. The girls are weaving. They have to share a few of the machines sometimes have to end up doing other things to keep busy. Not too large of a bottle-neck at the loom yet, and I can use the processed stuff in stock. We can create fabric later if no one else has by then. There seems to be quite a bit on hand in any case. Maybe if all four of us had to use the looms at the same time there would be an issue.


Topic of interests for girls often ended up being Item acquisition for Aveon and boyfriends for Mystical. Aveon will try to steer us to talk about shopping, and Rho-day-O(Rodeo) Drive in Hollywood even if she has never been to the west coast. Mysti will complain that she couldn't afford to even know what it was like, plus it was too far, and shifts back to talking about the boys in her area. Me, well keeping up with them was no challenge, but if they had asked me about my browser history or games it would be K.O. knock out for them. Yea, talking about real world stuff in an MMO does have issues and is normally frowned on, though here it is a bit more normal talk, we busy crafting and chat is localized so there is a more friendly atmosphere.


Little later Chip, no sorry Badmofo joins weaving circle and Aveon moves to Tailoring table with me. And the girls stopped talking boys and fashion the moment he entered with Boss lady.

After Miss Utica closed the front shop she entered the workshop made a few items for what may have been quest or NPC requests. She helped the others with their progress and let us know she would leave 2 hours later so to have anything for her by then. She would return in 6 am. Chip said he would continue working tomorrow and had to go in nearly an hour. Mysti was logging at roughly the same time as Miss Utica would be leaving the workshop. Aveon didn't say and just worked.


Making clothes would be as you would expect it to be, mark then cut the material with a tool then join the parts with thread and maybe decorate. For now, we didn't waste decorations on them since the cost would never recoup on a uncommon item. The crafting process for items was almost near what you would expect a future tech full immersion MMO to be. Now if they could only figure out how to hijack the brain... *drool*


“Ophilia must be thinking about her dinner, or a boy...”

“Nah way, she just got an email with the newest specs on a gaming rig.”



Seeing Aveon out of the corner of my eye laughing hysterically at me I return to the task at hand.


“Pfft, buy me a new Recipe and I'll let you know the truth. *wink*” Wish I had a mirror, did I really look that funny with drool on my face? Just in case I turn around to wipe my face off anyways.


- Later -


We all end up leveling, working, learning and grinding till Boss decides to leave, even Chip stayed a little late. He was sure he could handle one hour less of sleep as it were.

Seeing the others off, Mystical and Chip logged out straight from the workshop. I took another short break to ask Miss Utica some questions by the water well. The route to her residence was that way.

“Do you teach any recipes other than the ones in the book?”

With a smile she says, “Of course, some are for sale and others only if I see someone worthy.”


Yes that grin must be back.

“I don't want to keep you but still have some questions. There are just a few I want to know tonight. What skills count as Tailor related?”

“Yes a few questions, I don't mind. First for the ones that count as tailor related, there are many. Ones to help you become a Novice Tailor, and obtainable here, lets see, they would be, [Tailoring], [Basic Weaving], possibly [Skilled Weaving], [Craftsmanship] for decorations, [Tool Making(tailoring)], [Coloring], [Repair], [Gem Crafting], [Lace Crafting], [Knitting], [Leather Working], [Enchanting] and lastly [Embroidery].” She ticked off her fingers as she recalled each one. “Yes I think those are it in this village.”

Copy and paste of chat log on that one so I can remember it later.


“Is it worth it to become a Novice Tailor if I am going to focus on magic or fighting later?”


She looks at me with a bit of sadness, “Gaining skills is never a bad thing, and also fighting is dangerous and I would hate to see you face that. If that is your path, even so there is some gain to being a Novice Tailor. Villagers get experience for very few things, and little even when they do. As a Tailor you would get what a villager does, in addition any item you complete as a tailor would give you experience to level up.”


Looking at my experience area of the character sheet I see that villager is at 60xp out of 100. Ah everything I did so far got me only 60xp, wait it is 10xp gained per skill level then? I see, combat class at lvl 10 villager would take forever then. Ha! That is one hell of a grind. I can see a lot of people rushing for jobs when they find that one out. Better share that with my gamer club. What you think I don't have real life friends...?

“Was that all you seem lost in thought?”

Oh think, anymore ah, where... “One last one, Any hints you wish to pass along? I'd like to get to Novice Tailor pretty quickly.”


“Harder recipe level success means more experience, in addition if you get a better quality you can receive a bonus. Easy patterns do not get that. Same with trivial. Quality can be raised after completion also but no added experience. If you stop actions on a very close to completed item you may consider it complete and be awarded the xp for it(leaving an item that could be considered a finished one too long awards xp). Last one is if you want to get better quality you can keep working an item till you think it can not get any better then let it complete. You may get a better quality depending on your work and finishing. Okay then good night Apprentice Miss Ophilia. See you in the morrow”


“Yes! Until then Boss!” *Salute*

So much to work out, for now water then back to the skills. Oh also need to stop to make dinner, grrr priorities... Water, Dinner, Craft.

- 1 hour until mom said to be off the computer -


Since all the shop NPCs were asleep or drinking, and learning new skills seem something to put off till day time. I focused on using Blouse recipe and underwear to make a few higher quality ones if possible. Astounding leveling speed increase achieved. Not quite double, but close, real close.

Looking through the recipe book I picked out one to buy for level 3 tailoring and ended up getting [Skirt(female)]. It cost me 30 copper from my production earnings. Well worth it if I could make enough of them and still recover the cost, equip myself with a decent one and level faster at the same time.

Making a level 3 skirt recipe at lvl 2 turned out to be about 25% more time intensive than making a lvl 2 shirt at lvl 2 tailoring. Now the best part was the experience gain was way over 25% more even if I made them common. Blessed crafting deity if I made them uncommon, which turned out often. Now that I got the hang of it and had a few things I wanted for myself to wear, I started to make a more complicated design.

Pleated, pocketed, belt loops, form fitting for me. What re-sizable clothes? Forget that nonsense, first time it is worn the setting is fixed. What I ended up with, I was about to find out.

Me and Aveon were working mostly non-stop, she was almost lvl 2 tailoring now. Think it took her a while to stop failing at making gloves. She also had gone to look at all the recipes and a few of them she went on the net to see if she could find some information on them. We didn't chat too much other than a few traded questions. We both knew we wanted to get ahead in the game.


So attention to detail and precision sewing, plus careful planning. Putting on the last belt loop carefully, I held it out in front and declared it complete. It looked really cool, or would once I colored it also. Using the Mouse I activated the Interact and selected complete and...

Congratulation! You are now [Tailoring] level 3!


You have completed a rare item. As a first time only villager experience award of 10xp is received.


Item {Skirt}: quality rare received.

“Oh, Snap, darling that is so sweet!”

Aveon paused and looked at my skirt, “Its not bad, a little short for my taste, guess would be better if dyed, or maybe as a Halloween outfit piece... and I would call it spicy more than sweet-”


“*choke*, *cough* NO, I mean true, but the villager xp I got for making my first rare!”

At that point Aveon, pulled a Mystical move and froze.


“Wait, what?”

*smile* photo-opportunity if you wanted it, now would have been perfect.

I start to examine the skirt and see its stats. For a rare cloth it gave a few points in defense since it didn't cover much and was so short it may have lost a few. No one can really say much about the combat system except death sucks and starter clothes have no defense. Might be some Info up by now on the net, not going to look this moment in any case.

The skirt was also light-weight, compared to my current pants, had room for items in each pocket. The pockets seem to fit things according to dimensions and ranges a small pocket would hold one tiny sized item for example. An item's quality might be 5 additional to the stack per level of quality. That kind of thing for pockets. With 1 medium pocket and 3 smalls ones it was fashionable and functional. The belt loops would let you add an additional belt to the skirt as a slotted item. On top of the one you could wear normally, how they came up with that I'll never guess.


At the end of the item description it had the name of the crafter and the date. Looks like it may be possible to set lore information and Name of item. All it said currently was Skirt, short of length, pleated, buttons, with pockets and belt slot. Pockets 1 Medium 3 small.


“Hey, you zombie, tell me what the xp was. Please!”

“Yea, 10xp for 1st rare item you make.”

“I have 50 right now how did I get those?”

“Think, and I am about 90% certain, it is 10 experience per skill level you have gained so you got the 10 for mercantile, then whatever you have in tailoring and weaving. 20 and 20 is my guess.”

“Isn't this like super important info?”

“What, the rare xp or the leveling villager?”

“All of this.”


“Sure, you want a combat class right you have to get to level 10 of something 1st. Be that villager or novice tailor.”

“I did see the notice about becoming a Novice tailor in system. What happens if you change?”

“Not sure, truthfully don't know. But I heard it is very much easier to level up as a Novice Tailor than a villager.”

“And getting 10 levels in weaving and tailoring is enough right?”


“Yes, Although it might be easier to get one or 2 of the others skills possible, instead of the level 5 or 6 in tailoring or weaving. Depends if you have 10 silver by then to buy a skill or know where to learn and how to get it without paying for it. In either case should be easy enough to get by the end of the apprenticeship. Hey if you learn [Coloring] that would be one less level needed.”

“Wait, let me go on the internet to see if it has anything to say.”

Not having to do it myself even better. I put on the skirt and take the failure cost of the materials for the skirt. Ah no more Newbie pants. Except for the basic cloth color again its really, more incredibly refreshing.

OK back to it, I have less than an hour and enough in the production account to get the level 4 recipe for [Robes]. In about 40 minutes 2 were completed and mom would be getting up for her early morning bathroom brake and drink of water. She would look in if I stayed up so logging off was a must.


“Good night Aveon, good night world.”

She waved and added, “I found a few xp related things I can share them tomorrow. Thanks for the help with the apprenticeship, I am sure you made a decision on who to push for the interviews.”

“You are welcome, later!”

You will log out in 10 seconds...

“Can I share what you said with the others if i see them 1st?”

“Guess so.”

You will log out in 5 seconds...



“God of gaming please let me get enough sleep to game all day tomorrow! And keep my mother from coo-”


You have logged out.


I spin in my chair and then clean up the snack disaster and dinner remains. Bed its over there, ah so far to walk back in the morning, ick.

- Darkness -


An eager ancient male voice from nowhere, “What do you think, any possibles on the first day?”

“Sir, Madam I reserve my judgment for those that actually arrive at the required level and qualifications.”

A woman with a Noble and proud sound continues, “Now, Now, no sense in messing up a pleasant surprise is there?”

The first man is heard again fading into nothing, “You do realize I was never one to wait for things that I wanted?”


Logging back in I see Aveon Girl in the same seat not moving, if I had to say, looks as if she slept on her keyboard. Yes it was an image I had going to sleep.

  1. Paul Bunyan reference, wiki if you want to know more

  2. Intentional spelling, word play on the french word Tete for head.

  3. 00 is rolling 100 on a 100 sided dice. 1% chance

  4. OAD: Optical acuity device, computer add-on to trace eye movement and selection. In my current universe there may be a few working prototypes nothing of this sort seems to be retail available yet, or widely used.


A note from midnight2six

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Still looking for fan art and or cover art.  Budding artists out there welcome to contact me.  Translation and or editing is still possible in the future also.

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