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A man who has just about everything he wants. A lovely adopted daughter. A fantastic wife who holds a wonderful child that has yet to see the light of day. Working a good job, one that allows him to not worry about finances. Everything gets taken from him in one unnatural moment. He greives and wants death, but is unable to. Why?

Please be aware that this story will have depictions of suicide, rape, and other negative aspects. This story is mainly meant for those who want more serious novels.


Note: This story is something I thought of one day, don't know how far I will progress the story. The updates will probably be infrequent. So don't expect too much. This is not my first story, but is my first story that I have shown to others, so comments will be useful to improve the work. Depending on how my life decides to go, and how I feel, updates will not be as often as other stories, and will happen possibly once in a blue moon. Anyone with a better synopsis are welcome to comment. Tags are temporary and will possibly change... Maybe... Probably not.

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