[ The Administrator ]

[ The Administrator ]

by Nerodith

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

She used to be a bright child. She was just not fortunate enough to have a normal life. Ill and bed-ridden, she slowly lost affect and cut herself off from outer reality, as her only joy was to construct a complex fantasy world. And eventually, she met her demise.

Nevertheless, her story did not end here. Who is to say that Death is our last path? For her, it was just the beginning. She had been given a second chance. Reborn as a Goddess in the very own world that she created, it was now only up to her to write her own story.

‘This time, let’s try to live normally.’


Warning: Slow Character Development, Frequent Hiatus

About the releases: Do not expect regular releases. I can no longer stick to a specific release schedule, so the chapters will be released once the entire arc is done, which implies long hiatus periods between arcs.

About the tags: Although there are game elements, there are absolutely not the focus of the story so this isn't exactly a LitRPG.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
**Recap** ago
Part I Prologue - Rebirth ago
Part I Chapter 1 - Status ago
Part I Chapter 2 - Birthday ago
Part I Chapter 3 – Found ago
Part I Chapter 4 – Her secret ago
Part I Chapter 5 – Let's play Auntie~ ago
Part I Chapter 6 – The Judge ago
Part I Chapter 7 – Negotiations ago
Part I Chapter 8 – Rumors ago
Part I Chapter 9 – Let’s Meet a God ago
Part I Chapter 10 – Request ago
Part I Chapter 11 – Troublemaker ago
Part I Chapter 12 – Territory Issue ago
Part I Chapter 13 – Unusual Trio ago
Part I Chapter 14 – Visit ago
Part I Chapter 15 – Suspicions ago
Part I Chapter 16 – Deal ago
Part I Chapter 17 – Meeting ago
Part I Chapter 18 – System Error ago
Side Story – My Little Sister ago
Side Story – A Mother’s Circumstances ago
Side story – A Mysterious Young Mistress ago
Part II Chapter 19 - Unknown Object ago
Part II Chapter 20 - Disappearance ago
Part II Chapter 21 - Arrival ago
Part II Chapter 22 – Encounter ago
Part II Chapter 23 - Reunion ago
Part II Chapter 24 - A Legendary Magical Beast ago
Part II Chapter 25 - Emergency ago
Part II Chapter 26 - Debut ago
Part II Chapter 27 - Friend ago
Part II Chapter 28 - Team ago
Part II Chapter 29 - Rival ago
Part II Chapter 30 - Magic Lesson ago
Part II Chapter 31 - Teammates ago
Part II Chapter 32 - Burden ago
Part II Chapter 33 - Go-Ahead ago
Part II Chapter 34 - Duel ago
Part II Chapter 35 - Gesundheit ago
Part II Chapter 36 - Aftermath ago
Part II Chapter 37 - Visit ago
Part II Chapter 38 - Request ago
Part II Chapter 39 – Slaver Camp ago
Part II Chapter 40 – Responsibility ago
Part II Chapter 41 – Leven ago
Part II Chapter 42 – Confrontation ago
Part II Chapter 43 – Ascension ago
Part II Epilogue – Birth of a Goddess ago
Side Story – The Adventures of a Lonesome Soul ago

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Sometimes the mc could do a bit more to try to use their abilities but they chose not to. They are not very intrested in being a god it seems but it is well writen. My only complaint is that the mc goes with the flow to much.


Hidden gem with a unique reincarnation and premise

This series is really amazing, and I'm really looking forward to the continuation! I binged all the chapters in one go and now I feel empty again as I do when I catch op to good stories/novel. The story is great, and I can't wait to see what our MC will do next! There are only a few things I don't like, 

Spoiler: Spoiler

Overall the story is really great, and I hope there'll be a continuation soon ^-^

Be well until next time~


I have read and reread your story so many times. I would like to see more. If not a continuation of the current fiction, then a new one please. There is so much potential in the current story. I seriously can't get enough. There are also too many cliffhangers, like, what ever happened to the other guy who got transported?


Great story!

It puts a real spin on the usual truck-kun reincarnation story. Not only did it manage to make me cry during the first chapter, it also kept the tears flowing the few chapters after hahaha.

Aileen's role is very well designed and defined in her world. Not only does it make sense as to why she has the powers she has, the prologue shows as to why she has extreme knowledge about the big boy characters in the world. 

The fact that she is portrayed as both a young, ignorant child as well as a mother figure is both impressive and refreshing when reading, creating some funny and warm and fuzzy moments.

Although it's still too early in the story, I personally do hope she grows as a character so that she hides less and less of who she truly is in the world. Although I will continue to read this story faithfully even if this doesn't happen, its a pitfall some stories fall in where a character becomes a professional lier because they always have to "cover up" slip ups when they show too much power or simply watch people die because they dont want to expose themselves yet get pissed off when said person dies. (This story hasnt gone down that road yet!!)

All in all, its a wonderfully written story both grammatically as well as the flow of the story such as character interactions and comedic relief due to "mistakes" made as a little girl.

Like some others have said; it's a hidden gem of untold value whether left untouched or polished to perfection. I also might cry myself to sleep if this is dropped so please let me keep my dignity haha pls ;-;


An amazing story!!! Fun and interesting characters. All the side characters have a bright and powerful personality with well defined traits. Good humor. I love the references to a child's imagination. This world was created by a child and the reference to things a child would be exposed to are relatable and the reactions are very funny. Complex and interesting plots. The stories that are developed are interesting and don't give too much away. The writer uses just enough forshadowing to keep you coming back. The side characters have their own plots and even when you come upon a chapter that focuses on a side character for a while it is still very interesting and keeps you invested. Written incredibly well for someone who's first language isn't English. This may not be the most original idea as it follows most litRPG plot points but it does it better than most. I also enjoy the lack of status sheet updates. The fact that the story progresses and the characters aren't defined by a bunch of stats makes it more developed and interesting. 

Mestre Gamer

The History Will Continue?

Eu tenho uma pergunta que o romance vai continuar? e levará muito tempo para a próxima atualização?


So far the story's good.

Style - Not a really unique style but it works for the story, which makes it great. Though I don't like how some of the conversations are, sometimes they are too...clunky. Short explanation: the conversation seems off and not really something a person would say verbally to another person.

Story- The concept is outstanding, it's like a second version of Mushoku Tensei.

Grammar- I'm a proofreader and sometimes I spot errors, but they're negligible.

Character- I like them so I'm a little bit biased haha.


Good story love it.

I like it that she is so op  and she is like part elf 

Hope to get more of this XD


Everything was fineish...then chapter 17 came.....

The story kind of made sense both for the author and readers.We have an ADMIN in a GAME WORLD which is a 14 YEARS OLD REINCARNATED SOUL(now 28) or as i take it: a middle schooler with instant cheat codes for everything and when i say everything,is everything : soda,fireballs,revive spells,time manipulation yet she just doesn't use it,except when the author wants some cheap plot.

I mean the girl sparked the world,the concepts,the people(not the political structure or laws but their existence) ,she knows games,what her job represents and yet.....she acts not like "You are wrong,stop.I want it like this." but like "I have no idea how i thougth about this world in the first place".

But let's forget about it and just go to ch 17 when everything you thougth you knew about her goes *Booom*.The author got so bored he just made her inteligence drop to -10000 for some plot in the school/tournament arc and gave some half-assed resons like:

1.if she kills/tortures the nobels,authorities will come after her and she has no way of dealing with it(oh wait she is an ADMIN)

2.if she listens to the brother(not like she can make the world the way she wants just by wishing),she and her family will have their freedom

.....no i'm done.....it hurt so much reading this chapter and then reading that the author has a perfectly functional reason for it(it isn't,its a retarded reasons,an 8 years old can give me better reasons)


A Delightful Mix of Drama and Humor

I had a wonderful time reading The Administrator. A mix of the touching, the clever and the silly with a fairly original take on the Isekai concept, I recommend it for anyone looking for a good mix of humor and drama in their fantasy isekai stories.

The only critiques I can offer are that the text could use a light editing pass from a native English speaker for the occasional idiom or phrase that is slightly off because of translation. Given that the author isn't a native speaker, their mastery of the language is a remarkable accomplishment.

There are a few copyrighted elements included in the story that will sadly make it unpublishable unless they're replaced with original works. That's a shame, because with the help of an editor I think The Administrator has the potential to become a publishable novel when complete. Perhaps things like named pokemon can one day be replaced with things that are essentially the same in a world like Earth that's every so slightly different.

I was repeatedly delighted with The Administrator's moments of humor, teared up at its drama, and enjoyed its character design and their hilarious and poignant interactions. The author clearly has great talent, and I'm very much looking forward to reading their continued work when it resumes.