[ The Administrator ]

by Nerodith

Original ONGOING Adventure Comedy Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead Female Lead High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Mythos Reincarnation Ruling Class School Life Secret Identity Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

She used to be a bright child. She was just not fortunate enough to have a normal life. Ill and bed-ridden, she slowly lost affect and cut herself off from outer reality, as her only joy was to construct a complex fantasy world. And eventually, she met her demise.

Nevertheless, her story did not end here. Who is to say that Death is our last path? For her, it was just the beginning. She had been given a second chance. Reborn as a Goddess in the very own world that she created, it was now only up to her to write her own story.

‘This time, let’s try to live normally.’


Warning: Slow Character Development, Frequent Hiatus

About the releases: Do not expect regular releases. I can no longer stick to a specific release schedule, so the chapters will be released once the entire arc is done, which implies long hiatus periods between arcs.

About the tags: Although there are game elements, there are absolutely not the focus of the story so this isn't exactly a LitRPG.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Recap ago
Part I Prologue - Rebirth ago
Part I Chapter 1 - Status ago
Part I Chapter 2 - Birthday ago
Part I Chapter 3 – Found ago
Part I Chapter 4 – Her secret ago
Part I Chapter 5 – Let's play Auntie~ ago
Part I Chapter 6 – The Judge ago
Part I Chapter 7 – Negotiations ago
Part I Chapter 8 – Rumors ago
Part I Chapter 9 – Let’s meet a God ago
Part I Chapter 10 – Request ago
Part I Chapter 11 – Troublemaker ago
Part I Chapter 12 – Territory issue ago
Part I Chapter 13 – Unusual trio ago
Part I Chapter 14 – Visit ago
Part I Chapter 15 – Suspicions ago
Part I Chapter 16 – Deal ago
Part I Chapter 17 – Meeting ago
Part I Chapter 18 – System error ago
Side Story – My little sister ago
Side Story – A mother’s circumstances ago
Part II Chapter 19 - Unknown Object ago
Part II Chapter 20 - Disappearance ago
Part II Chapter 21 - Arrival ago
Part II Chapter 22 – Encounter ago
Part II Chapter 23 - Reunion ago
Part II Chapter 24 - A legendary magical beast ago
Part II Chapter 25 - Emergency ago
Part II Chapter 26 - Debut ago
Part II Chapter 27 - Friend ago
Part II Chapter 28 - Team ago
Part II Chapter 29 - Rival ago
Part II Chapter 30 - Magic Lesson ago
Part II Chapter 31 - Teammates ago
Part II Chapter 32 - Burden ago
Part II Chapter 33 - Go-Ahead ago
Part II Chapter 34 - Duel ago

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King A.J
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 Need more of this. It's simply amazing. Grammar is also good and I can't wait for more chapters.

It's Another magnificent Gem.

Keep it up.


Edit: Oh Yeah, expect That the story will be Really great, you can tell with those first few chapters. 


And I'll be waiting for our MC to become Hot and OP. So don't you dare drop this Gem or went missing,because an angry mob will be waiting for you. 👍

Good Witch
  • Overall Score
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I love the story even though I have never been a fan of the 'character just trying to have a normal life despite having so much power at their fingertips' genre. You have written it with grace and style. One problem though, you haven't updated in ages. Come back!

  • Overall Score
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I've been on RoyalRoad for a long time but now I'm creating an account just to review this and comment.

It's my personal favourite.

The story is hilarious. It has the perfect amount of gore and tragedy to stay uplifting. Reading this always put a smile on my face (even though some chapters are still emotional and made me cry)! The pace is great. The progression is pretty slow overall but not boring at all. The different plots and world elements are introduced naturally without sudden info dumping. Thumbs up!

Characters are great. My favourite are Yoko and Harris who are just hilarious but I also really like the mc. She's not arrogant not annoying, and her way of thinking is pretty funny (although sometimes frustrating, but considering her past and her personality, not surprising). I really do like her growth. As the author said, it's pretty slow but it makes sense and it's gratifying.

The story is mostly related from the MC's POV, so it is sometime hard to relate to other characters as you only get her inner thoughts. So the occasional change of POV is really refreshing. You get a bigger insight of the story and realize all the stuff going on.

Grammar and writing style are good. I'm not a native speaker either but besides occasional typos so far so good.

The only downside of this story are the frequent hiatus. But the author also has a life, she's also a student so I'll stay patient. Besides no matter how long her hiatus were sometimes, she always came back. I don't think she'll ever drop this story so I really appreciate the dedication. Thank you (and welcome back)!

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

 This is magnificent, I'm in love with this.

Grammar and Style: Nothing to say, I've failed to see any grammar mistakes so if there are any, there are very few. The style is good too. It's beautifully written without being too complicated.

Story: It's a bit early to judge, but so far, I love it. I love the idea of the girl being reincarnated as a goddess in a world she created. The first few chapters can be a little dark, but the rest of the story is pretty hilarious ! Love it !

Character: Same, a little early to judge, but I personally find the MC likeable. She is a naive girl that slowly tries to cope with her situation. I strongly disagree with people saying she is a spectator. First of all, I find it quite unbelievable that some people judge the MC's behavior on two or three chapters, saying that she didn't do anything. OK,  she didn't, but what was she supposed to do? She may have the mind of a teenager, but she had the body of an infant, and she had yet to learn how to use her powers. Besides, reading the next chapters, it's obvious she isn't a spectator. Once she started to figure out her powers, she immediately reacted. I think her behavior so far is pretty logical and relatable. Growing up, I even came to like her even more~

Overall, I love it. Totally recommend it to people who like OP reincarnation story !

  • Overall Score
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  • Character Score

~ these GEMS bruh... too much~ jk

*just a normal day at RRL Fiction Mining*


*strucks another RRL Gem*




(short story) -

"... dayumm ..."


(long story) -

"... I don't even know anymore if I'm supposed to be happy that RRL fictions are improving or to be sad that the bookmarks of my bookshelf is exploding and I cant keep up with the story(s)'s (-_-) plot anymore ..."

  • Overall Score

very good....now I have to read this everyday to get my fix...thank you!✌️️

  • Overall Score
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  • Character Score

A good treatment of the Meek+OP trope

Like so many stories before it, especially from the light Japanese vein, this work attempts thrust an exceedingly meek character into the position of extreme (absolute?) power.

I don’t know if the story is intentionally developing irony, but I truly hope that it begins to with direction and purpose.  I’m also interested if the MC will develop out additional characteristics, beyond her meekness and desire for friends.  I think the maternal aspect of her nature, as well as innovation and sexuality (so long as it done earnestly and not with the intention of porn), could all be interesting facets if developed.

The grammar is slightly above average, and this is a good example of the overall rising tide of the site.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

I enjoy this world of yours very much, keep it up!  On the grimdatk parts, very well done madam.  Just read all 13 chapters in one go. please keep writing :)

Noir Light
  • Overall Score
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  • Character Score

Very Entertaining To Read

In my opinion this story is very enjoyable to read and I would recommend others to read it. It seems to be pretty well written and grammer is okay too. The stories main lead is an OP female character with a secret (divinity) that was cool. Having the lead character be able to control the entirety of the world she lives in makes for a very interesting story where you don't know what will happen next. There is also some humer in this story which only adds to fun when readers actually read it. All in all I think it's really cool, funny and entertaining to read and that the writer did a wonderful job writing it. 

  • Overall Score

A Delightful Mix of Drama and Humor

I had a wonderful time reading The Administrator. A mix of the touching, the clever and the silly with a fairly original take on the Isekai concept, I recommend it for anyone looking for a good mix of humor and drama in their fantasy isekai stories.

The only critiques I can offer are that the text could use a light editing pass from a native English speaker for the occasional idiom or phrase that is slightly off because of translation. Given that the author isn't a native speaker, their mastery of the language is a remarkable accomplishment.

There are a few copyrighted elements included in the story that will sadly make it unpublishable unless they're replaced with original works. That's a shame, because with the help of an editor I think The Administrator has the potential to become a publishable novel when complete. Perhaps things like named pokemon can one day be replaced with things that are essentially the same in a world like Earth that's every so slightly different.

I was repeatedly delighted with The Administrator's moments of humor, teared up at its drama, and enjoyed its character design and their hilarious and poignant interactions. The author clearly has great talent, and I'm very much looking forward to reading their continued work when it resumes.