Chapter 27 - The Speech - Five Days Before Immunity Loss


Lady Francine the Sharp’s speech to the Founders of Athens

I asked you all to join me, here, today, to bring a message of hope from the Goddess of Life herself, Vitalia. Vitalia bids us build a great Temple. A Temple to fight the forces of death.

The father of fear, Decrepit, is the orchestrator of Mary’s abduction. Decrepit is the spider, piercing Null’s conscience with foul poison and false rewards. Spinning his mind to steal our fair Mary. Crawling through his thoughts, leaving a trail of fanciful demands. Decrepit knows full well we will not become petty trinket tinkerers. He knows we aren’t here, building the foundation of an empire just so we can sell shiny plates and swords to wayward adventurers. Decrepit is the one who asked Null Division to burn Athens and murder us all.

We will craft many exquisite, God-imbued works to outfit our warriors, Smith Norman. Your work will be heralded by bards in Homesteads across the land. But your masterpieces will lie on the shoulders of righteous Athenian Warriors, not death-laced sellswords like the wretch, Null Division. You will reap the fruits of your labor, not from thieves who steal our children at the behest of some foul God, but from those who fight for our children with Vitalia at their side.

Our Champions, Athen’s Elite, harry Null Division, killing his allies, seeking chances to bring Mary back to her mother, good Gloria Jorgdaughter. I have full faith in our Champions. If in five days, Null Division returns to Athens, with Mary in tow, they will confront him and -- Vitalia willing -- crush Null and the dark spider Decrepit.

While it is their task to fight the mighty Null Division, it is ours to build. We need the Temple. We need our Sawmill. We need our Clay Workshop. Join with me, my people. Let us catch every ray of sunlight with our strong backs as we build our town the way we want.

Follow me to the site of our new Temple. Follow me to see where we will build Vitalia’s bastion of light. Come, my people, see where we will hang the bleached skull of Decrepit’s foul minion, Null Division.


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