Samantha logs into Incrementum out of pure frustration. Frustration with her job, her boyfriend, her mom and every other aspect of her unraveling life. As her first heroic act, she can’t figure out how to log out. The Brighthollow forest feels real, too real, and it has bugs.

Luckily for Francine, a wealthy widower with dreams of creating the largest empire in the history of mankind, Samantha gives the game a chance. But Samantha won’t play the game Francine’s way, or the way Incrementum’s Gods wish.

Samantha plays the game as she pleases and damn the consequences.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Samantha - Present ago
Chapter 2 - Samantha - Three Weeks Ago ago
Chapter 3 - Samantha - Present ago
Chapter 4 - Francine - Three Weeks Ago ago
Chapter 5 - Samantha - Present ago
Chapter 6 - Dan - Two Weeks Ago ago
Chapter 7 - Samantha - Present ago
Chapter 8 - Francine - Two Weeks Ago ago
Chapter 9 - Samantha - One Week Ago ago
Chapter 10 - Samantha - Present ago
Chapter 11 - Samantha - Present ago
Chapter 12 - Francine - One Week Ago ago
Chapter 13 - Samantha - Present ago
Chapter 14 - Francine - One Week Ago ago
Chapter 15 - Samantha - Present ago
Chapter 16 - Francine - One Day Ago ago
Chapter 17 - Francine - Present ago
Chapter 18 - Samantha - Present ago
Chapter 19 - Samantha - Present ago
Chapter 20 - Francine - Present ago
Chapter 21 - Samantha’s Nuke ago
Chapter 22 - Samantha - Present ago
Chapter 23 - Samantha - Present ago
Chapter 24 - The Board’s Response ago
Chapter 25 - Francine - Present ago
Chapter 26 - Samantha - Present ago
Chapter 27 - The Speech - Five Days Before Immunity Loss ago
Chapter 28 - Samantha - Present ago
Chapter 29 - Samantha - Present ago
Chapter 30 - Francine - Present ago
Chapter 31 - Samantha - Present ago
Chapter 32 - Samantha - Present ago
Chapter 33 - Samantha - Present ago
Chapter 34 - Francine - Present ago
Chapter 35 - Samantha - Present ago
Chapter 36 - Samantha - Present ago
Chapter 37 - Bittersweet ago
Chapter 38 - The Road Not Taken ago

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Ok so let me preface this by saying that I am not a big fan of VRMMO style novels, with that said however I might be converted with this novel.  This is really, really good, so with that out of the way lets get to the review shall we?


Style:  this book oozes with it, there is a comedy to the mix that you can feel the story starts(That tutorial tho lol)  it is a really fun read that doesn’t bog you down with a lot of text boxes like most VRMMO novels do.


Story: I like that this one has more of a connection with the real world, it is a game, and one of the main characters is using this as a way to escape(more on that in the character section.)  this makes the game world feel like it could actually exist, and it makes one wonder what it would be like to be one of the npc’s in a world like this.


Grammar: Pretty damn good, in the entire 14 or so chapters that I have read I only found one or two, so really good job!


Characters:  This is the most crucial part of any story if you ask me, and let me say this is what carries the book, Francine for example(one of the two main characters) is someone I can connect with as I myself have lost a loved one in a tragic event(my fiancé died in a car crash almost five years ago.)  And maybe I am just looking into it too much but the slow degradation that is shown in this book that she goes through mirrors my own path into the game mortal online when Anna died.


So all in all this is an awesome book that deserves attention for it beautiful and detailed story, I am hitting that follow button now, can’t wait for more.

Terminus Est.

  • A solid piece of work. It was nice reading a litrpg book written by someone who isn't a sex starved teenage boy whose understanding of people in general and women in particular is about as deep and clear as spilled mop water. I enjoyed Francine, I enjoyed Samantha, and I enjoyed the village building. I laughed several times. It was a fun, easy read.

I'd like to start by saying I really enjoyed the story so far. There is a big risk in my opinion to have more than one protagonist in a story, and while we are getting more Samantha than Francine (atleast early on) both women are well defined and destinct. The game elements are interesting and well done. I really like a more open game and the skill system allows for that in a pleasent way. The promise of empire building in Francine's chapters are very interesting and a welcome adition. The one problem I have and the reaseon for the 4 stars in story is the use of flash back chapters and for me too much real life content.

Two good well defined protagonists, empire building, malleable and enjoyable game mechanincs, and a well written interesting story. I look forward to the upcoming chapters.


Powerful and reasonable.

A powerful, reasonable story with near-seamless, sensible tie-ins from Real to Game. Also ended superbly, which seems to be the most difficult portion. Very enjoyable! Will read again.

I am looking forward to other works from this author.