Aeterna Saga, Volume 1: Walking With Giants

Aeterna Saga, Volume 1: Walking With Giants

by A_Passing_Wanderer

A man in his twenties gets "reborn" in a fantasy world, seemingly with no special abilities. Read on as he and his family go through events that will change the world they live in, for better or worse.


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A decent story but way too packed for my taste

After forcing myself through the prologue and the first 1-2 chapters i started to really enjoy this fiction.

It wasnt anything original at first with the standard "person dies and then reincarnates into another world while retaining their memories and therefore having a headstart in their new live"but it was a pleasant read.

Then, after a while things started to get complicated. More and more stuff started to happen while none of the existing events were resolved, resulting in a more and more packed story until there were nearly a dozen different events/lot lines going on at the same time.

This more or less gave the story a feel of "treading in one place instead of progressing", causing me to start skimming over the chapters until i finally dropped the fiction at chapter 38.


However both grammar and writing style were pretty good apart from the above mentioned issues and there were certainly a lot of original ideas and content (or at least a refreshing new mix of old ideas) at this point so despite me dropping it, i still give this fiction solid 3 stars.


A highly recommended tale of a family's struggles

This well crafted "standard" fantasy-novel-in-progress gets my grumpy-never-actually-trained-in-anything-but-Judo-when-I-was-like-7-years-old stamp of approval. Please note that I skipped the prologue due to other reviewers complaints and, so far, never felt like I missed anything.

Great grammar and overall style. As my fellow reviewer Alpalonia noted, the action sequences are solidly executed. A_Passing_Wanderer is a good writer with diverse descriptions and dialogue that fits the characters and situation. You don't find quality like this on RRL very often.

At the moment, I have read through roughly Chapter 30 or so and personally, I would have liked to see far more MC involvement as well as substantially greater MC aging. That's because I am sick to death of stories with OP 7 year olds running around acting like mini-adults and gathering harems decades before their time...fortunately this is NOT Aeterna saga. In contrast, the story focuses a good bit on events and characters outside of the MC. The Lord (the MC's father) gets a good bit of screen time but the Mom receives comparatively less focus outside of her a-little-bit-too-tropish-I'm-stronger-than-my-husband-and-will-beat-him-over-his-porn-collection attitudes. At the same time this family focus further reduces the role of the MC in the story. And when the MC does appear, he feels like an OP but god-forbid anyone knows it bystander...and honestly that makes the story far weaker than if the kid figured out a few productive ways of helping his mom, dad, and the rest of their estate live happier, richer lives. 


Overall a not very original premise but with enough uniqueness and style to not become boring. 

Style - Very good style, takes multiple perspectives like a actual book and each one is interesting enough that you don't constantly wish to go back to the MCs perspective. I personally dislike many action scenes in novels however the ones in here are very clear and much better than average. Very disciptive and the dialougue is well written and feels natural.

Story - I have only read up to chapter 33 but so far it is very engaging. Each character has their own unique adventures. One of the thing I feel make this novel so good is the realism in the story and has it often subverts expectations by avoiding cliches. This makes it fairly unpredictable and keeps you engaged. The overall story has been set up exelently and there are multiple threads that interweave and involve different characters. If this set up recieves a satisfying ending then I may upsate the review to give it 5 stars.

Grammer - Couldn't notice anything really out of place. 

Characters - Another great aspect of this novel are the characters. Most of them are well developed and as they are getting more developed they are becoming more interesting. Many of the characters undergo interesting arks and having multiple perspectives adds to the depth of many characters in the novel. This novel has some of the best characters I have seen for a while. To improve you may consider some of the consequeces of actions affecting characters (spoiler alert --------------- for example after the MCs traumatic experience with bandits after a while he has seemed to revert back to normal, while it has changed his decisions it would be interesting if it affected him in random dialogues and more widely -------------- Spoiler over).

Overall - Worth a read, one of my new favorite novels on this site, hopefully the author can keep this quality up until the end.

Ps. Spoiler Alert -------- pls do something with that girl he met on the carridge as if she did die you didn't really make it clear and it did not seem to affect the MC too much, its fine for you to do what you want but i think it would be a nice thing to do after what happened to her mother, anyway good work and more chapters pls.



Like the story it has good pacing and solid characters. hope it gets updated soon.


Seriously you are getting upset because of a couple of trolls. Write your story and if they don't enjoy (Odin knows there are a few I didn't like) they will quit watching. But these 2 are not anything but killjoy trolls. Ignore them.


I know what you mean RABENFUTTER

Its very funny that on the same day i encounter 2 new novels with the same issue.

"No mercy" by alliboo is of the same kind really annoys me to no end.

If the foreshadowing was just something minor or something compeltely unrelevant or even better if the novel was a compelte fiction while actually adding something it would be fun.

But if the release speed is slow or at some point even gets dropped then we just got baited like the tasty macrels we are......

So compeltely useless such openings


For me, the prolog ruined this story, since it is one of the classic spoiler-prolog  that ends with an extreme cliffhanger. And after 200 pages it is still unanswered.

I know that these kinds of prologs are there to create interest for the reader and let them think "how did they end up that way?" but I never enjoyed a story with these kinds of spoiler and mega cliffhangers in the beginning.