Methis, while looking at Tom and Jacob proceeded to explain his idea to them. This was something he'd done many times before and found quite a bit of enjoyment in it, however, it would be his first time doing it with a god.

"I could very well go over to your planet and help you by creating life. I am very old and very experienced at doing it, but, I do not know you and there would be no benefit for me. So, I've thought of a way to get something out of this exchange. What I'm proposing for you is an opportunity in more ways than one. Let's make a bet." said Methis very matter of factly.

"A bet?" both Tom and Jacob started and inquired.

"Yes, a bet. There is currently a Demigod on my planet. He has not yet transcended the bounds of this world and is unaware of heavenly society, the Grand Cosmos and me. He believes himself to be the most powerful being in existence. He is very arrogant. If this was all I still wouldn't much care, but, ever since he's become a Demigod he's been destroying pocket spaces attached to the world. He has already destroyed three. The first two were small but the last one was rather big, so, I'd been planning to deal with him one way or another. The bet will be about this Demigod. I will give you 20 years in order to kill him. If you can do this within the time frame, I will help you finish your world."

Hearing this both Tom and Jacob were shocked, firstly because Methis had asked Tom to kill someone as part of a bet and secondly because the target of that bet was a Demigod. They were especially confused about there being a 20 year time limit, but, most of all they were just thinking 'isn't this too easy'.

It must be understood that although the gap in strength between different gods could be massive, in terms of fighting prowess alone the strongest Minor Gods could still contend with some Old Gods and wipe the floor with many Full Gods. But, this wasn't true when it came to Demigods. Even the weakest God could kill the strongest Demigod with ease. The difference in power was something that a Demigod just couldn't cross. The main reason for this is that Demigods hadn't fully ascended.

When someone ascends into Godhood their body is converted into pure energy and then they can change their form however they want too, but, a Demigod is someone that still hasn't or hasn't fully thrown off the shackles of their original body. For a comparison of differences in strength, any god could go and fall asleep inside of a sun for a refreshing nap, but if a Demigod tried to do the same thing, they would die. Heck, a god could turn into a sun if they wanted to, but the same is not true for a Demigod.

Because of the power difference and the fact that a Demigod is someone that hasn't full ascended, they are looked down upon in Heavenly society with open disdain and derision. It is exasperated by the fact that even amongst Demigods there are vast differences in power. There are some strong Demigods that can transcend the boundaries of their world by themselves in order to enter Heavenly society; however, at the same time there are also weak ones that may never discover anything beyond their own planet and solar system without external assistance. There are strong Demigods that are able to build their own pocket spaces and even planets; though they would take longer to do so than a god, they wouldn't be able to do it as well and they would have to transfer life from elsewhere to make it functional. However, at the same time, there are weak Demigods who can do no such things.

It was because of these things that Tom and Jacob were so surprised. Killing the Demigod on Methis's planet would be as easy as swatting a fly and yet Methis had even given a 20 years time limit. To Tom and Jacob it seemed rather nonsensical.

"Is that all?" Tom tentatively asked.

"You didn't let me finish. To win this bet you are not allowed to use Essence energy, instead use have to use Primal energy."

Hearing this, both Tom and Jacob felt uncomfortable. After ascending to Godhood people would find it very difficult to comprehend the other major forms of energy. When Tom first ascended and learned about the four major energies he spent a lot of time in order to try and fully comprehend them. Unfortunately, although he gained further insights into the profundity of Essence energy, he was unable to even touch upon the other major energies. Methis who had a deep understanding of three different types of energy was a rarity, but, that was just one of the advantages that came with age. The Old Gods had spent far longer than others comprehending the Grand Cosmos.

"Aren't those conditions a bit harsh elder? Many Gods spend millions and millions of years, billions of years, billions and billions of years and still might not be able to comprehend other energies. Is there not some other way or challenge you could issue?" asked Jacob tentatively.

Methis smirked and answered "actually, there is a way to bypass those constraints. You may not know but it actually happens quite regularly, it's just that it either works or it doesn't. The method involves taking over a vessel that is suitable to cultivate a particular type of energy. For instance, you could take your friend to your world and either make a vessel for him or just let him take over the body of a living being on your world. Unfortunately there is often the problem of the vessel being unable to contain the very being of a God and will more often than not immediately explode when attempted."

Tom and Jacob listened to this speech attentively. It was new information for the both of them and intrigued them greatly.

"However, there are two ways around this. First is the construction of a sturdy vessel able to house the soul and being of a God, which I of course am capable of. Second, so as not to destroy the vessel, split part of your soul and consciousness off to inhabit the vessel. Unfortunately this second method also has problems as the mere connection with your main soul form can cause the vessel to break down. In order for the second method to be successful, as well as splitting off your consciousness, your main soul, your main form, Your Essence in your case, must become inactive, must be put into a sort of slumber."

Listening to this, Tom and Jacob looked at each other. This was a lot to take in. These were things the two of them had never heard of before or even considered, but, it opened up new avenues of possibilities.

"That being the case let us discuss how we are going to go about doing this" said Methis.



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