Tom and Jacob exited the portal in space above a vast world far larger than the Tom's homeland. This was one of many planets belonging to the Old God Methis and also the homeland of Jacob.

Tom glanced down at the world and had a sense of awe. Aside from its size, Tom could detect many attached pocket spaces and dense energies that permeated the world. Even if he couldn't comprehend the Primal energies used to make the world, he could still detect the concentration of energy across the world. The whole set up was far more impressive than what he had come up with when building his own world. Even his homeland paled in comparison.

After taking in the sight below Tom noticed Jacob smiling and beckoning him to follow. They moved at speeds inconceivable for mortals and within the blink of an eye they had arrived at the edge of Methis's celestial viewing platform. This was a square landscape 1000 miles across, on which Methis had built a home to stay at and look down upon his world.

Tom and Jacob slowed their speed and finally stopped after reaching the garden and courtyard of a brick mansion. Tom couldn't help but note the vibrant mix of colours from the variety of flowering plants in the garden. It created a calm and light spring ambience, easing the doubts and nervousness that had started to develop in Tom's heart. After all, although he was enthusiastic for this meeting and had no real reason to be worried, some gods could be very difficult to deal with, either because they were eccentric, arrogant or just plain unwelcoming of visitors. Tom had already experienced troubles with the creator of his home world and had also heard stories of gods fighting because of trespassing on each other's territory and other trivial matters, so he knew well enough that he might not be well received.

However, Jacob was right in that there would be no problem coming here and the scene in front of them had already allayed any doubts or fears. In the centre of the courtyard, sitting on in stone seat within a gazebo was a mature man that looked to be in his 50s. He was lean, had grey hair that had been styled back and was wearing a rather plain, dull blue shirt and brown trousers. He had of course already known that he had visitors the moment Jacob's portal had opened within the solar system, yet he hadn't moved from the spot and was currently drinking a steaming beverage of unknown design from a ceramic cup. Finally, he set down the cup on the table in front of him, turned his head towards Jacob in the sky and blandly said "Hello Jacob".

Taking Methis's prompt Tom and Jacob both descended to the ground and Jacob began the conversation.

Jacob saluted Methis by placing his right fist over his heart and then bowed saying "Thank you elder for receiving us"

At the same time Tom also bowed his head down to signal his respect and said with his deep voice "Thank you for receiving me"

Methis moved his eyes over the two of them, indicating for them to continue.

"Right, well, I suppose it's best to get straight to the heart of the matter" Jacob said and then gestured towards Tom. "Elder, this is my friend. He is only Minor God and although he ascended many millennia ago he does not yet have a planet with life. With no other options he came to me for help populating his world, but, he ascended through Essence energy and I ascended through Primal energy, so as you know, although I can create life for him, it will be nigh impossible for anything to ever ascend from the world."

Although this may not seem like a big deal, to a god, having a world where nothing can ascend is almost like having a dead world. Sure, one can still enjoy watching the mortals and there are in fact many science worlds where the energies of the cosmos cannot be detected by the life there, however, these worlds are also more fragile and tend to be much less exciting. They can be especially infuriating for Minor Gods, who can't really afford to interfere with them because of the risk of throwing the entire world irreparably out of balance. After all, since Minor Gods haven't gained insights into the mysteries of life they can't fix them if anything significant happens. Furthermore, there is a certain prestige that comes from having a world that someone has ascended from. Without it, it is unlikely that you'll be respected in Heavenly society.

"That being the case I was hoping you might be able to help because I know you have comprehended both Primal and Essence energies" Jacob finished saying in a respectful tone.

Tom waited anxiously for Methis's response and could see from the subtle changes in his face that he was mulling it over.

"I see. I understand the situation." Methis said flatly.

After waiting for a few moments Tom and Jacob could see that Methis didn't intend to speak any further, so, Tom finally spoke up.

"Good sir, I would be very grateful if you would help me. I'd be in your debt too"

"Hmmm" was Methis's response.

"My just helping you doesn't seem like it would bring any benefits to me. It would also be rather tedious... ... but perhaps. Yes perhaps if we did that."

At Methis's vocal musings Tom first felt dejected but perked up again upon hearing that there was a chance of getting Methis's assistance.

A smile grew on Methis's face as he looked at Tom and said "I have an Idea".


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