Tom exited out from the portal into the Heavenly Realm. The Heavenly Realm was both the location with the greatest concentration of the Cosmos's energies and where the heavenly society and the two councils situated themselves.

Tom found himself floating in mid-air above green pastures. All around was beautiful scenic imagery of a rural landscape. In one direction were rolling hills and gentle streams and in the other was a lush meadow that leads to an open and well-lit deciduous forest. This was the outer world of the heavenly realm.

Tom's body flickered and disappeared, reappearing in front of a cottage home a great distance from his starting position. This home belonged to perhaps the only person within heavenly society that Tom could call a friend. This was the home of a Full God that went by the name of Jacob.

Just after he arrived, Jacob suddenly appeared in front of the cottage to greet Tom. Tom was quite happy at this turn of events, after all, there was no guarantee that Jacob would be in the Heavenly Realm. Though the only other places he was likely to be would be at one of his celestial viewing platforms overlooking his different worlds, Tom was glad to have guessed correctly and saved making a hassling search.

"Well hello, whatever brings you here? I was under the impression that you were busy with world building. You seemed quite enthusiastic about the prospect too" Said Jacob joyfully.

"It's good to see you too" replied Tom.

"But as to why I'm here, it seems I'm in need of your help"

"Help with what?" Jacob asked questioningly.

"Help with my world. I've built it, but, there's a severe deficiency of life"

"So, it's that. I guess you would need help for that" said Jacob as the corners of his lips rose into a smirk. "Unfortunately that seems like it would it would be quite the hassle. Besides, can't you just ask the God that made the world you're from?"

Hearing this, Tom's mouth twitched in irritation and a slight feeling of depression grew in his heart. "Unfortunately that won't be possible. Just after I ascended and met them for the first time, we had a ... disagreement of sorts. That's why I've never returned to my original world, nor why you'll ever see me in their company".

"I see" Jacob answered in an understanding manner. "So, that's why you need me" he proceeded to say with a smug attitude.

"Aargh, are you going to help me or not?" Tom frustratingly asked.

Jacob sighed and said "As much as I'd like to help you, I really don't particularly want to. Although I'm a Full God, creating new life is still a taxing experience for me. What's more, getting the balance right is always a tricky business. It usually takes several attempts to get it right and I've just got my new world up and running recently. I'd like to observe it for a few more millennia first before I start another large project. Besides, since you ascended from a world with mana and I ascended from a world with qi, the life I create won't be suited to sensing and comprehending the energy of mana. In which case I'd have to spend even more time gathering and fusing qi into your world and its' surrounding. It's just not really practical."

In the Grand Cosmos, everything that is and can be is due to Cosmic energy. From this energy other energies are derived and these energies can be comprehended in order to ascend into Godhood. The myriad energies that can be derived from Cosmic energy fall under four main categories from which other energies can be derived. These categories of energy are; Heavenly, Essence, Primal and Spectral energies. Furthermore, whereas mana is derived from Essence energy, qi is derived from Primal energy. So, although Jacob is a Full God, since he has yet to comprehend Essence or any of the energies that can be derived from it, he is unable to create life that is geared towards the sensing and absorption of mana and Essence.

Tom sighed listening to this. Although he had some awareness of Jacob's powers he was not aware of everything he could do, or his limits, making this endeavour of his to be fruitless. Exasperated at how the course of events was turning out the only thing Tom could do was to once again ask if there was any way Jacob could help him with his world. Since Tom was only a Minor God his only recourse was to ask others for help in this matter. Unfortunately, due to his relatively solitary nature, coupled with the fact that he hadn't been a part of Heavenly society for a very long period of time, relatively speaking of course since he had actually ascended a couple hundred thousand years ago, Tom had very few connections in Heavenly society. Jacob truly was the only one he could rely on for this matter.

"Actually, there is a way I may be able to help. Just because I can't help personally doesn't mean I can't help at all. The God who created the world I come from is an Old God and we're on rather good terms because most of the people that have ascended from my homeland have been Demigods. Ever since I achieved my status as a Full God we've been on friendly terms. If I go and speak to him he might be willing to help you, though it really depends on what mood he's in."

Hearing this Tom perked up again. The fires of hope were alit in his heart and his enthusiasm was rekindled. After some more brief discussion on the matter, Jacob opened a portal and they both stepped through it.


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