A God in a Xianxia world

A God in a Xianxia world

by jmj1011995

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Tom is a God who has created a world but can't create new life. In order to populate it, he makes a bet with an Old God to start from the beginning again and cultivate on a new world.

Going through countless adventures, through countless trials, will Tom be able to win his bet.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Author Note ago
Chapter 1 - Godhood ago
Chapter 2 - Getting Help ago
Chapter 3 - Meeting Methis ago
Chapter 4 - The Bet ago
Chapter 5 - The Decision ago
Chapter 6 - A New Body ago
Chapter 7 - Tom Cardinal ago
Chapter 8 - A Broken Kingdom ago
Map of the Kingdom & Map of the North-West ago
Chapter 9 - To The City ago
Chapter 10 - Hill City ago
Chapter 11 - Home For The Night ago
Chapter 12 - The Next Morning ago
Chapter 13 - Adam ago
Chapter 14 - Sensing Qi ago
Chapter 15 - Continuous Breakthroughs (1) ago
Chapter 16 - Family Meal ago
Chapter 17 - Continuous Breakthroughs (2) ago
Chapter 18 - Continuous Breakthroughs (3) ago
Chapter 19 - First Level of Body Strengthening ago
Chapter 20 - Off To See The Family ago
Chapter 21 - A Happy Father ago
Chapter 22 - 3 Months Later (1) ago
Chapter 23 - 3 Months Later (2) ago
Chapter 24 - 3 Months Later (3) ago
Chapter 25 - A Night Out ago
Chapter 26 - Trouble ago
Chapter 27 - Death ago
Chapter 28 - Who Was That? ago
Chapter 29 - Family Discussions (1) ago
Chapter 30 - Family Discussions (2) ago
Chapter 31 - Family Discussions (3) ago
Chapter 32 - Family Discussions (4) ago
Chapter 33 - Departure ago
Chapter 34 - Unexpected Companion ago
Chapter 35 - Passing Through Acorn ago
Chapter 36 - Entering The Forest (1) ago
Chapter 37 - Entering The Forest (2) ago
Chapter 38 - Red Eyed Wolves (1) ago
Chapter 39 - Red Eyed Wolves (2) ago
Chapter 40 - Insect Gorge (1) ago
Chapter 41 - Insect Gorge (2) ago
Chapter 42 - Giant Velvet Worm ago
Chapter 43 - Blue Devil Beetle (1) ago
Chapter 44 - Blue Devil Beetle (2) ago
Chapter 45 - Leaving The Forest ago
Chapter 46 - Rowan Leaves ago
Chapter 47 - Kill Order ago
Chapter 48 - 6th Level Of Body Strengthening ago
Chapter 49 - The Mimic Strikes Again ago
Chapter 50 - The Best Laid Plans (1) ago
Chapter 51 – The Best Laid Plans (2) ago
Chapter 52 – Red Skinned Boars (1) ago
Chapter 53 - Red Skinned Boars (2) ago
Chapter 54 - Red Skinned Boars (3) ago
Chapter 55 – Adam and Tom ago
Chapter 56 - The Amoeba (1) ago
Chapter 57 - The Amoeba (2) ago
Chapter 58 – Marauder Wasps (1) ago
Chapter 59 – Marauder Wasps (2) ago
Chapter 60 – End Of The Hunt ago
Chapter 61 – Lucian Makes His Move ago
Chapter 62 – News Travels Fast (1) ago
Chapter 63 – News Travels Fast (2) ago
Chapter 64 – News Travels Fast (3) ago
Chapter 65 – News Travels Fast (4) ago
Chapter 66 – Duncan (1) ago
Chapter 67 – Duncan (2) ago
Chapter 68 – Duncan (3) ago
Chapter 69 – Duncan (4) ago

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Starts good, then slows down

After reading these 47 chapters, Tom is still nowhere close to fulfil his promise to that one god. I feel the pacing is too slow, and it has been killing my enthusiasm for this story. Or I'm probably just impatient. With that out of the way, the concept of this story is interesting. I like the explanations how Tom gets strong at a fast pace by cross referencing with his past life, being a god and all. I'll update my review in the future.


Review from Chapter 18

too early to tell but so far it hasnt raised any red flags.


Story :

Story wise its an interesting concept, I don think i've read anything too similar.



No problem here.



Again, too early to tell. It may or may not get a higher score after future chapters


Should you read it? Yes, no other reason other than its an interesting story that doesnt outright raise any red flags.


* Review is being edited frequently *


Well written but missing anything that would make you want to follow the story

You know, when you write a novel, you need to make sure you novel has that 'something' that lures people who are interested in that certain something, in. It can be good action, it can be good conversations, it can be good characters with mature and interesting personalities, it can be drama or tragedy, it can be romance. Anything that has a certain "fanbase" basically. Your novel lacks that something. It's just like reading a diary. You don't really feel anything when you're reading this story. Well that's no true, I actually felt something. Annoyance. The reason I started reading this story was to see a GOD starting from the beginning and reaching the top fairly easily simply because he's already done so once in the past. But what I got after I started was the story of a stupid god who despite being thousands of years old simply can not think for once and understand the things going on around him. I mean, I understand he wasn't even a human before he became a god so he doesn't really understand the ways humans do things but he's already been a god for such a long time. Why the hell is he so stupid? And why the hell is he still so weak? He might have been cultivating a different kind of energy for his entire life but he's still a god so he must have some understanding with how energies and cultivation and stuff like that works, no? Looking at the reactions of the people around him to his fast cultivation, I bet there are actually kids from some of the strong clans and families who can cultivate as fast as him, a GOD, in this world. Which is stupid btw, if you can't tell.

I wouldn't be harsh normally but it's just annoying man, making you MC a god who's lived for who knows how long but making him a naive and stupid person. 

Anyway, if you have free time, read it. But if you have something else you want to read and are trying to decide which one to read first, I don't think this is the one you're looking for.