World Of The Strong



Prologue: World of the strong Ernius


The world of riches and danger, magic and monsters. World where only the strong flourish. A place filled with relics and artifacts that can change your destiny. Weapons of gods and devils.

Humans could be places in four categories: Mages or magic users, body cultivators people who have a technique to strengten their body to rival that of the monsters, relic and artifact users people who have gained the power of a relic or artifact, and the rest the regular people.

Humans without such items, magic or strong body cultivation technique live in towns with large walls to keep out the mosters that roam outside. Many adventurers thieves and murderers roam the land outside of towns where there is no law.

Humans with such items, magic ot body cultivation have their own large cities which have been build with the help of magic. These places may even sell cultivation techniques or magic tutorials. Truly a blessing for those who are born in such cities. But these cities are build in places hard to reach so only the strong could enter.










About the author


  • Finland

Bio: Cerberos is an account made by 3 friends.
Left head is Sezio she will mainly do editing and proofreading.
Middle head is Kanrik he the "main" author who makes the series. (series description will tell you which of us the author is)
Right head is Leviante and she will also be making her own series and help Sezio in proofreading and editing.

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