Endless cage (Dropped)

by JavilyNA

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Female Lead Magic Non-Human lead Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

This story follows a demihuman girl trapped in an expansive dungeon filled with monsters. Every time she dies trying her hardest to get out, she wakes up back at the start.
Any memories, regarding who she is or how she got there in the first place, have long been forgotten.
The only thing remaining, is the undying determination to finally escape.
Just how long has she been trapped in there?
Will she ever be able to escape?

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: Yet again ago
Chapter 1: Fight and flight ago
Chapter 2: Extreme measures ago
Chapter 3: Poison, cobwebs and a lot of legs ago
Chapter 4: Mortal combat ago
Chapter 5: Learning, planning and testing ago
Chapter 6: Experimenting and exterminating ago
Chapter 7: The merchant ago
Chapter 8: True terror ago
Chapter 9: An unbeatable opponent ago
Chapter 10: The solution is just an illusion ago
Chapter 11: A stronger version of myself ago
Chapter 12: The final battle? ago
Chapter 13: Audience with the culprit ago
Chapter 14: Outside ago
Chapter 15: Human interaction ago
Chapter 16: Cultural difference ago
Chapter 17: The adventurer's guild ago
Chapter 18: I am a monster? ago
Chapter 19: The monster's infamy ago
Chapter 20: Rank S and rank X ago
Chapter 21: Allies? ago
Chapter 22: Rematch ago
Chapter 23: Aftermath ago
Chapter 24: On the road ago
Chapter 25: How to NOT handle an ancient monster ago
Chapter 26: The royal request ago
Chapter 27: The hero from another world ago
Special chapter: A prince's obsession ago
Chapter 28: Making things clear ago
Chapter 29: Preparation ago
Chapter 30: The trip back ago
Chapter 31: The second meeting ago
Chapter 32: The world's limits ago
Chapter 33: Settlement in the wilderness ago
Special chapter: From zero to hero ago
Chapter 34: Into the jaws of a beast ago
Chapter 35: Dragon's jaw ago
Chapter 36: New possibilities ago
Chapter 37: Broken trinity ago
Chapter 38: Lost ago
Chapter 39: Me without my memories ago
Special chapter: What transpires behind the scenes ago
Chapter 40: How to outsmart oneself ago
Chapter 41: Journey through the forest ago
Chapter 42: Mountain climbing ago
Special chapter: The thing missing from my life ago
Chapter 43: Endurance ago
Chapter 44: How much I've endured ago
Chapter 45: Five thousand ago
Chapter 46: Patience ago
Chapter 47: Knowledge is power...isn't it? ago
Special chapter: My niece is what? ago
Chapter 48: Things I forgot as time passed ago
Chapter 49: Not that deadly ago
Special chapter: The root of all evil ago
Chapter 50: What I've suppressed thus far ago
Chapter 51: Leave it to me, me ago
Chapter 52: You shouldn't be here ago
Chapter 53: The alpha plane ago
Chapter 54: The brains and the brawn ago
Chapter 55: Humans are too fragile ago
Special chapter: Out of the blue ago
Chapter 56: Facing the old foe ago
Chapter 57: The new objective ago
Chapter 58: Wrong way ago
Special chapter: The anomaly ago
Chapter 59: En ago
Chapter 60: Forgotten memories I - Sadness ago
Chapter 61: Forgotten memories II - Joy ago
Chapter 62: Forgotten memories III - Rage ago
Chapter 63: Forgotten memories IV - Anguish ago
Chapter 64: Forgotten memories V - Madness ago
Chapter 65: The last time this happens ago
Special chapter: Forced to wage war ago
Chapter 66: Storming the battlefield ago
Chapter 67: An unlikely alliance ago
Chapter 68: Peace is difficult to achieve ago
Special chapter: Taming the rabid beast ago
Dropped, sorry ago
The conclusion ago

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Original, good characters, an interesting plot, the style is solid, it's awesome!

I actually got frustrated when I got to the last available chapter because I wanted to keep reading! Well done!

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Review of the story up to chapter 25

( I'm terrible at writing reviews but bare with me ) 
The story is very interesting with good pacing. It does have status screens, which are usualy badly integrated into the story so it ruins the immersion, but in this case it is done very tastefuly and is integrated into the world very well. It doesn't ruin the immersion. For now it hasn't been a big part of the story, only making an appearence in the later chapters.
The language is good and flows naturaly. I don't pay too much attention to language, only when it's really unpalatable I start to notice, so I tentd to miss spelling mistakes when I read. I only saw 1 mistake somewhere in the chapter with the griffon. The word javelin was repeated twice when one of them should have been lace. 
The main character is interesting and likable. Some of the other important characters are made ambiguous, so I'm unsure whether I like or hate them, but I count that as a plus. I would have liked some of the side characters to have a little bit more developement to their character, but overall they are ok. The developments are minor and wouldn't require a side chapter for it. 
This is my personal opinion, but I like seing the side characters point of view when interacting with the MC, just to see how outside the norm the MC reallly is. Although if it interferes with the regularity of the main story upload then it's not worth it.
The regular uploads are also something that needs mention and praise and I hope it keeps up, because it keeps the reader interested and wanting more. The longer the uploads the bigger the chances of the reader forgetting the story and getting bored of it.
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The story is very well written, this makes me remember about "Edge after Tomorrow", but with much more actions and strategy.

The most shining parts is how the author creates the system, like magic and enchanting, which sucessfully makes it so original, i loved how the author put his mind in actions.

Lastly, the MC and other characters is likeable and amusing too. MC, though OP, but still has a rational mindset, like mercy, and not just killing anyone who gets on her way or just merely annoy her.

Ohh, and the conversation in the end of chapter is really helpful and hilarious.

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I'll just go down the list


All in all it's engaging, but it tends to get bland at times. Some changes in perspective might liven it up a bit.

It improves as the story progresses, so keep writing and perhaps draw inspiration from other (professional) sources.


An interesting concept one doesn't see too often.

In my opinion, a story like this would profit greatly from more world building, which I somewhat missed here. 

Overall a well thought out story, with some minor issues here and there.


None to very few mistakes, no issues there.

Compared to what I would consider the top stories on RRL, the language is a tad too simple.

Character Score

Most of the characters introduced feel like cardboard cutouts, and even the protagonist seems shallow.

This is something that most of RRL seems to be struggling with. 3 stars put you above the average of what I consider the real fictions of RRL.



I definitely recommend you give this fiction a read, it has great entertainment value and a promising story.

Overall, I would place this fiction into my top 30 on RRL.

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after chapt 25 its garbage

 While shes in the dungeon this work is 1st rate , however after she leaves the dungeon i am running out of nice things to say , and at chapt 25 shit hits the fan in a horrible way , they fking try and blood contract slave her the whole kingdom conspiring and she does nothing about it , and the king treats her like a lapdog and gives a request with massive profit for his kingdom for peanuts in exchange and she agrees like a dumbass , until the author remakes this bullshit part or something i suggest u just read the parts while she is in the dungeon and get the F out of here . Pls learn the difference between benevolence and foolishness

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Brilliant! The best in RRL since *Change:New world* and *Dungeon Games*


First of all, author-sama, i LOVE your work, although now there are only 6 chapters ( with prologue 7, i guess ^_^).

Usuhally, its not enought to tell how story will develop, but in your case, from chapter 2 you make reader absolutely absorbed into story! 

The reason - really nice style! Your novel is dynamic enough to make it impossible to stop reading in masse, but here and there it has subtle hints into plot, which gives reader opportunity to theoretize about future development.

To tell you the truth, i think of this story as mix of 2 beautifully well-developed and well-written novels(which i ADORE) : *TAINT*, from topwebfiction top20, for its plot? I cant be sure here, because it is still developing.

As for author-sama*s style(which i fell in love with, I guess i*ve already mentioned this,lol ^_*) it reamindes me of *MOTHER OF LEARNING*, whith subtle hints of plot all over the story, which are making you theoritize about possible developments. This way making you even more induleged in consumsion of chapters without growing tired of a lot action)


Okay. Now about Grammar and Character.

I am not a native speaker, so i feel that i am not in a position to give full 5 stars to you. But i have to mention, that while reading, i havent met with any mistakes)


Character : As of now, all we know is that she is rational type who is trying to do anything in order to leave that hellhole. I like her, even though i dont know much about her, yet(I hope ^_^). So i give 4,5 stars for brilliant future prospects)

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I think this was a very refreshing story that diverges from your classis litrpg. I enjoyed the repeat concept which has not been written about extensively on this forum. Thank you for a novel novel. My only comment was I am not sure about the characterization in the last arc at the last seen where she was hugged seemed a little forced. I could just be mistaken though.

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ok I guess I should write something:

This story is a rare gem. It has excellent world building without too much info dump. There is a direction to the story and character development BUT probably one of the reasons I like this story so much is that it has substance while being easy to read.

  • Overall Score

The writing style needs some getting used to, but is clearly well chosen for this kind of story. 

There is honestly nothing I can think of which could be improved. Everything would be subjective improvements, so I'm rating it 5 stars. 

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I just spend the past two days binge reading through all 63 chapters (to date).
And frankly I'm jealous enough to steal the concept and write my own story with the same plotline.
Protagonist gets trapped at the start of a dungeon, has to face many trials and hordes of monsters.
It makes the MC develop into a badass worthy of respect.