So, Reincarnation Didn't Work Like I Thought

So, Reincarnation Didn't Work Like I Thought

by Viirin

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

A man dies in the hospital from unforseeable circumstances. With the afterlife confused and not really paying attention anyway, he reincarnates repeatedly. Then finally gets to see the Truth from the perspective of his friends.

If I said more than that, it would be a Spoiler, so I won't.

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Word Count (8)
5th Anniversary
Table of Contents
55 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Dead and Dreaming (Chapter 1) ago
Towels and Corn (Chapter 2) ago
Not Unlike a Sunburn (Chapter 3) ago
And Now For Something Completely Different (Chapter 4) ago
On The Hunt (Chapter 5) ago
Not Alone (Chapter 6) ago
Timeskip (Chapter 7) ago
Ghost Town (Chapter 8) ago
Say My Name (Chapter 9) ago
The Walk Home (Chapter 10) ago
A Music Lesson (Chapter 11) ago
A Psychology Lesson (Chapter 12) ago
In Retrospect... (Chapter 13) ago
A Gift for the Janitor (Chapter 14) ago
Adoption (Chapter 15) ago
Gaining a Level (Chapter 16) ago
Ring the Bell (Chapter 17) ago
Say Hello to My Little Friend- All Twelve of Them (Chapter 18) ago
Chapter 18 Special ago
Something Bad Happened (Chapter 19) ago
Going on a Squeegee Hunt (Chapter 20) ago
Bug Jar (Chapter 21) ago
Are you...? (Chapter 22) ago
Foot-In-Mouth Syndrome (Chapter 23) ago
Tactics (Chapter 24) ago
Expansion (Chapter 25) ago
In Memoriam (Chapter 26) ago
Magic Beans (Chapter 27) ago
Campfire Tales (Chapter 28) ago
Stage 1 (Chapter 29) ago
Malas (Chapter 30) ago
Forward Thinking (Chapter 31) ago
Chapter 31 Special ago
and Away They Go (Chapter 32) ago
Chapter 32: Special ago
La Llarona and the Kappa (Book 2 Chapter 1) ago
Stage 2 (Book 2 Chapter 2) ago
Welcome Wagon (Book 2 Chapter 3) ago
Unintended Respec (Book 2 Chapter 4) ago
Into the Breach (Book 2, Chapter 5) ago
Stage 3 (Book 2, Chapter 6) ago
But We Didn't Notice (Book 2, Chapter 7) ago
Another Place, Another Time (Book 2, Chapter 8) ago
Stage 4 (Book 2, Chapter 9) ago
When it Rises (Book 2, Chapter 10) ago
Stage 5 of 5 (Book 2, Chapter 11) ago
Nummy Nummy (Book 2, Chapter 12) ago
Sliced Cheese (Book 2, Chapter 13) ago
Game On! (Book 2, Chapter 14) ago
Biting the Bullet (Book 2, Chapter 15) ago
Appreciated Irony (Book 2, Chapter 16) ago
So That's What That Was (Book 2, Chapter 17) ago
Divide By Zero (Book 2, Chapter 18) ago
Rest Interrupted (Book 2, Chapter 19) ago
Maybe Not One-And-Done (Book 2, Chapter 20) ago

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While I think this a good read and everything.  NOTE: psychological tag is very true.


It's a dark story of old times and it seems your trying to keep true to how whatever race would react in those times, so much so that I just can't get pulled into the story and I feel like just some person hearing bout all these events from some bored individual.


It is a really good read it's just not something to catch you.