Life Reset

by shemerk

Original COMPLETED Fantasy LitRPG Magic Non-Human lead Virtual Reality
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

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A LitRPG Novel.

After being betrayed and cursed by an extremely rare spell, Oren, a once powerful and influential player, found himself as a 1st level Goblin!
Without even a fraction of his previous power, he vows to somehow pull through and seek revenge on those who betrayed him.
His greatest advantage are years of personal gaming experience and thorough knowledge of the game's world.

But first, he has to figure out how to survive long enough playing what is basically a low-level fodder monster!

Note: Only the first 5 chapters of book 1 & 2 are available here.

Main themes:
Character leveling, Settlement building, adventure.
once a week, usually on Tuesdays.

Once completed, I intend to publish the book via Amazon as an ebook.
The published book will undergo tweaks and adjustments, as well as a professional editing.
Those changes would NOT be published here in RR.

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Lazy Giant
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The first 700 pages (25 chapters)

I had left this story alone as a rainy day measure, you know, to read when I felt there was a lack of update to some of the good works on the site. 

I am glad I did so.

Story and Style -

The story approaches the whole stuck in VRG in a unique way. Heck, even the excuse/reason sounds more believable than others.

The author provides lots of metadata on why things happen, which is a good thing but sometimes the info dumps happen too often which destroys the flow of the story.

The pacing is something that I personally think helps really draw you in (strange?).

I mean, there are some really fast paced stories( too many here on this site) and then there are the slow ones like 'child of ebon' (an absolute crawl) and 'Arcane Emperor'(great story but I think it uses too many words to drag the scenes, though it's done beautifully).

This one is more in between, if you are playing a monster race(Every review needs a bad joke).

Early on it has already been revealed that the escape would take years (again monster time), which mixed by the fact that weeks have already passed in-game, the chapter release rate is consistent(mostly) and the author hasn't raised any 'RL needs me' flags is another positive to me.

The avg word count per chapter is one of the highest on this site, and very much appreciated. Thanks for sticking to this dying format.

Then comes the main selling point for the story. The world building. Unique, in a good way. More under character. Read on. :P

Character -

How can you ever hate a goblin?

Why would you not read a story that follows multiple of these ingenious creatures?

If you think otherwise, something is wrong with you. It seems you have yet to accept the darkness within you.

The background details for most of the important characters seems well furnished to me. What's interesting is the background details are not something that are fixed (as seen with a certain hob-gob). 

Then again, except for the MC, the rest of the clan never had much as a background. Goblins. What else would you expect? You thought some of them had experience that could stand alone as a book in itself? Well, go read a wiki about them. Eat, shit, brawl, mate, sleep. That's a goblin for you. So what if some learn to use magic or make same mistakes as humans and learn chemistry.  Shit happens. So take it in stride and turn in into a skill.

What is truly interesting is how the clan faces issues tied up with starting a new settlement.  The struggle is real. The screw ups are very much possible. The MC has potential to be an OP character (so sad he is a giant dog's personal Bitch, so sad... muhuhu). The threat of eternal death is as far as the cave in your own ruled area. You have the X points to be required thing. Be it Faith, research, energy and what not. Everything has a cost. Priorities need to be set. Relatives to be killed. Good God! Why isn't this in top 5 already!?

The only thing that bothers me is lack of more 'sentient' NPCs. Sure he can make more but it seems better if he rather found more. 


Expect some errors. Don't be a douche. Even first editions, heck, even revised editions of published books got some errors in them.

What matters is that they are bare minimum. The story reads out well and will be a joy to read unless you go grammar nazi on it. The words are of common usage and the structuring is simple. A casual reader will have no troubles. I am one of them so I would know.

Overall -

If you aren't sold by now... You got issues, mate.

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Style- Readable but there are some issues with info dumping and being overly descriptive and verbose when it isn't needed or relevant to the story. Basically it needs editing.

Story- Overall the story feels somewhat contrived and illogical. Plots threads were continually started and then quickly discarded or set aside for more new threads making it feel like no progress was being made and the story was just going in circles. After finishing chapter 8 I was particularly annoyed as it made me feel like chapters 1-8 was just a really long-winded prologue part 2.

Grammar- Some problems but not enough to be distracting.

Character- MCs character is somewhat inconsistent and the villians are too over the top for my tastes.

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 If this story could just pretend that the intro didn't happen, and never followed up on it, and we just moved on, it could be a passable wish-fulfillment monster-experiment. 

But, instead, he's got an egotistical Yui god-fairy that deus-ex-machinas his problems, with a main character whose reason for the entire plot is so contrived, it make me want to puke blood.

Apparently, in this fictional universe, there is a scroll that effectively allows you to cause physical harm to other players and essentially deletes their character. "But it's rare". -IT SHOULDN'T EXIST!- And the fictitious company that made it somehow decided instead of removing said awful scroll that probably cause a major legal meltdown of their game, kept it in and tried to buy the scrolls back from players. Instead of like, removing it from their inventories???


The entire premise is so bad! If we just pretended that didn't happen, it would be fine. But instead we're constantly beat over the head with this awful premise like we're going to forget how illogical it is. It's already gone like, really far with unneccessary filler exposition dumping explaining basic concepts of a video game...

When you add up all this failure, it just sucks. If it didn't explain itself, it would actually be infinitely better. I mean with a proper explanation the suspension of disbelief wouldn't be shot like a wide-eyed puppy on YouTube.

We could have just have a mediocre litrpg power adventure, but instead we have a low potential novel turning into the opposite of entertainment, but a form of torture to the readers.

  • Overall Score

This is a really good one! Starts a bit slow but the plot and action build quickly. Occasional grammar and spelling mistakes, but overall easy to understand and follow the author's meaning and intent. I consider it good to very good technically. Style of writing started out decent  and has improved to what I consider good, developing into their own characteristic style.

The story is a perfect combination of character leveling and settlement building. The characters and their growth are unique, fast enough to be interesting but not easy or predictable. Decent character development for the MC, who has advantages and uses them well, but is not OP.  

One of my new favorites. Look forward to reading this and hope it is the beginning of many books from this author.

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Just don't read it! It's not worth your time.

I'm very conflicted writing this review. The story could have great potential if the author didn't mess it up. There are some serious problems, let me get it one by one:


1. The main character, the only character that we learn is a jerk. Basically his whole guild which he is master hates him and gets rid of him. The only friend that he could ask help is a GM that he infrequently meet. In the story he shows us with his relations with others why he is a jerk (if the prologue is not convicing enough for you)

2. The main character is grown up man in real life but even after losing his job (the game character) he doesn't ask an attorney for his rights, contacts the company or anything else. He rushes in the game even knowing the risks (including health issues) even when not playing the game (and maybe some planning) would give him same advantages

3. It was never explained what the restrictions are clearly, why can't he make a new character leaving his old one as it is (which is pretty common in all MMOs as players tend to try new characters)

[Why that Vatras guy even think that he would delete his character, why should he start over? What is the point of deleting it and having a level 1 character, in worst case scenario he can just quit and leave it be.]

4. The game company would in such cases would always help the player as it would ruin their reputation if a known player just got destroyed (even if he himself quits the game it would be bad for the game as it would mean it is not more popular) And they just can't ban him, imagine they ban him, a famous player and the video of him transforming to goblin goes viral, it would destroy the company. 

5. I quote here "Six months after the game was released, it monthly net revenue averaged at around 20 Million USD." -> the game has one of the 8 quantum computers as server, can read your thoughts and make only so much money?

Is it a secret military project to spy on people? And why the hell doesn't it employ many servers, don't you care about lag?

6. Last one is worst one if you ask me: The author keeps saying it would be explained later, so I read chapter 3 because he said so, than chapter 7 and so on and it keep getting worse and worse, if you ask me the author could just let the MC sue the game company and be done with it, it would not change the story that much but he forced this fake drama and dumb MC on us, promising explanations. It's a no go for me.

TL;DR: If you care about loopholes, logical stories or anything logical in stories don't read it. If you like weak to strong stories with vengance and little sense, it's your story.

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it's not bad. but it's not great

this story has one major problem. it's not logical, everything from the mastery system to the monster change and level drop scroll would never be part of a regular mmorpg much less a VRMMORPG. even how the company reacts to the whole stuck in virtual reality situation doesn't make sense, nevermind the situation itself. also why didn't the rest of his guild members just leave and create their own guild. i mean they had the members and the MC's skills they didn't really need to go through all that trouble. 

other than that it's good, its just the shame that the story is built on one big illogical mess.

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I found this so far (up through chapter 9) enjoyable and engaing.

There is a relatable PC, curious supporting characters, and distinct scenarios and interactions.

I don't like some of the meanness of some of the background characters - I always cringe when I see such characters in a story, but I have to admit that such people exist in real life so are not out of place in a story. Just a personal preference as I prefer man vs environment rather than man vs man.

Grammer is not great but passable.

The style (?) has kept me entertained and continually surprised in the way it is unfolding. There are enough clues that I get a general sense of what will happen but the way in which it plays out is always a bit different than I expect - keeps me on my toes :)

It might be too early to really review the story. It is ok as a kind of scafolding for just the fun of the twists and developments - serviceable without being special. Will have to see what happens in later chapters, I find it hard to judge this until at least 2 or 3 times this many chapters are posted.

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Its still early days, but this is a very promising story that I will be following with great interest. I love this kind of story, monster/ player dictomy, system glitches, and solid characters. The premise is good, as a player that was betrayed and then did something very stupid, pretty much to see what would happen. We've all done that and in a virtual world I cant see any reason why he wouldn't.

Releases are slow, about once a week, which given the quality is understandable even if its frustrating as there arent many chapters.

Im hooked and can't wait for more

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Fascinating LitRPG-townbuilding

really well done story so far.  engaging character with good problem solving.  Not an OP character and I really am enjoying the logistics and allocation of resource challenge.  I am very interested to see where this story goes.

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Good. Ebook version is better.

I read both the ebook and skimmed through this version and the ebook is quite better. 

The prose is quite good but the style and voice are a bit inconsistent though that just might reflect the 1st person narrator's mood and attitude at the time.

I'm conflicted over the reputation system. I like how it encourages dynamic interactions with NPCs and putting effort to treat them right but when reputation levels up it seem really artificial and jarring. 

My least favorite part is the lawyer at the start pulling that on the MC... I'm not a lawyer but something about that has to be illegal even if he signed a contract. In that position I would have just went public ASAP. If the company tries to do anything because of the contract breach they'll get even more negative press when people find out they forced a contract like that on a guy. People like a martyr and the MC is in a perfect position to become one but for some reason think legal contracts are a word of god. Similar to his friend working at the company. He should go public too. And what about all the other employee? Does no one have a single moral bone in their body?

My most favorite part is the town building aspect and how all the little bad things that happen make the MC need to prioritize what to build and find interesting solutions to building the structures on time. By far my favorite part is Nihilator needing the shrine to be built and them using the lava to make stone blocks. 

What I'm not really buying but I'll accept is the guild that hates him because he's doing all the paperwork and organizational duties. Like does no one ask one day, "Hey man what you up to all day?"... If I had a guild that couldn't understand that running a huge guild takes a lot of work then I wouldn't want people like that in my guild. In fact, I would pay someone gold to help with the management so I can go I raid more often.

Overall, I think the MC really needs to contact a lawyer ASAP. He has nearly been deleted like I think 3 times now? And if he gets to tier 9 boss he could be deleted? And the dangerous time compression and knowledge downloads? What about the players that used the race change scroll on him? Are they liable? I mean if this happened irl it would be a massive international shitstorm regardless of NDA. I think this really needs to be addressed and sorted as a subplot. Maybe a governmental intervention that keeps this hush hush to prevent a shitstorm?