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Early morning was a traditional time for departures for most cultures. Even on another world, that sort of thing held true. After a long and lustful night, Scott and the girls exited Ervice and headed off on an adventure.

The cave system that they were enroute to visit was known to be a place filled with weak monsters such as angry mushrooms and simple beasts. The mushrooms would be quite tasty once defeated, or so he had been led to believe.

The day wore on as the group moved toward the cave. The request to retrieve herbs was not particularly time sensitive, but that did not mean that Scott and the girls did not wish to get there sooner.

“Rowan...” complained Deanna.

“Yes, bunny?” asked the centaur. She smiled at her new friend then lightly rubbed her head.

“Can I ride you?” asked the bunny girl.

“Didn’t you do that last night?” asked Rowan with a grin.

“Oh, you know what I mean...” whined the girl.

Mina laughed a little at their antics then happily skipped up toward her master. He was technically the weakest among them, and yet he did not complain about wanting to ride Rowan. If anything he seemed to be full of energy.

“What’s with that smile?” Scarlet asked Scott.

He looked toward his queen then smiled brighter still. “I’m on an adventure with all of my favorite people. Why wouldn’t I be grinning from ear to ear?”

“I’m one of your favorite people, huh?” asked Scarlet. She raised an eyebrow in his direction.

Scott reached over and dragged her toward him. “Of course.”

“How about me?” asked Mina.

Scott grinned at her and then glanced at her breasts. “You’re part of an important breakfast, so of course you’re one of my favorite people.”

Mina laughed at him then shook her chest a little. The delightful jiggle was simply marvelous to behold.

“What of me master?” asked Rowan.

“You’re my favorite centaur.” said Scott.

She snorted at him. “I’m your only centaur.”

“Yes, but you’re still my favorite.” He grinned at her and she shook her head in bemusement.

Deanna jogged forward then wrapped her arms around her master. Her bountiful bosom pressed softly against his back. “Me too?”

“Such a needy little rabbit.” said Scott.

“Mhmm.” said Deanna, before kissing the back of his neck.

“Of course, your one of my favorite people Deanna. I think I might break a hip soon.” said Scott.

The bunny girl laughed sweetly and her fluffy bunny tail wiggled with excitement. Her face turned slightly red and she tried to nuzzle against him.

“We’ll never get to the cave if you keep that up.” said Scarlet. She reached over and grabbed Deanna by one of her ears.

“Ow, Ow, Ow! That’s sensitive you know!” cried the lusty little bunny.

Scott smiled at Scarlet. “If you’re in such a hurry, you could hold me tight and fly me to the cave.”

“Now there’s an idea!” cried the dragon girl.

“What about us master?” asked Mina.

“I’d call the rest of you to me. I should have thought of it sooner, to be honest.” said Scott. He still was not used to that sort of thing. He did have a few ideas on troop movements for the future, however.

Scarlet opened her arms wide and lashed her tail. “Come to me, master.”

Scott grinned at the girl then walked over to her. He held out his arms and she clasped them tightly. “I’ll entrust my life to you.”

She kissed him softly on the nose. “Don’t you always?”

Before he could answer she lifted him into the air and started to drag him away. She laughed merrily when he cried out in sudden surprise. It was nice to spend time together.

The three girls watched as their master and his queen flew off into the late morning sky. After they flew out of view, the girls milled around for a moment. None of them knew what to do. Moving forward seemed pointless, and waiting might be boring.

Deanna, the ever horny, figured out what they could do at a time like this. She leaned over and grabbed Mina by the hand. “Mina... Show me how much you love me.”

Mina patted her on the head. “There, there, let big sister Mina show you the way.”

Rowan made a soft little nickering noise and the girls turned toward her. She blushed softly then said, “I’d like to know the way, too...”


The sound of flapping echoed through the air as two figures entered the desired area. Scott and Scarlet touched down near the small pool outside of the cave that they had wanted to reach earlier. The waterfall that poured down from above partially covered the entrance, but it was visible to anyone who took a moment to actually look for it.

“This is a beautiful place.” said Scott.

Scarlet gripped his wrist gently in her hand. “Is it?”

“Well, I have to admit that it’s more attractive in present company.” said the man. Sometimes, he could be smooth. This might even be one of those times.

The dragon girl’s lips quirked upward into a warm and gentle smile. “We should come here some time when we’re alone.”

“We’re alone now.” said Scott.

Scarlet grinned at him then pulled him closer. “We are, aren’t we?”

Scott slid his arms around the girl then smiled softly at her. They stood there for a moment gazing silently at each other. Neither of them knew what signaled the change in their position, but they acted at the same time. They leaned in and sweetly kissed each other on the lips.

What followed immediately afterward included a slow and sensual removal of their clothing. Soon they were naked and hotly pressed together.

The dragon’s face was as red as her name. Scarlet said, “It’s been a while...”

Her master kissed her gently on the nose then nodded. “Too long. We never seem to be able to spend much time alone anymore.”

Scarlet slipped her hands down to cup his ass cheeks then squeezed them in a casual way. “So, looks like I win... Your ass is mine.”

Scott grinned at her then reached down and grabbed her ass as well. “Two can play ass grab, you know.”

The dragon laughed happily then kissed him sweetly on the lips. Her tail lashed back and forth, much like an intrigued house cat. Her eyes widened slightly when her master’s fingers slipped down between the cleft of her ass cheeks to lightly stroke her slit.

“You dare to lay your hands upon me, good sir?” she asked with a musical lilt in her voice.

“Madam, I’ll lay much more than that upon you.” Scott scooped her up then bore her to the ground.

Scarlet laughed playfully then wrapped her thighs around his waist. “Seems I have you trapped; you’ll never escape now.”

“I have no choice... There is only one way out.” said Scott.

She pouted at him cutely. “How do you plan to escape?”

Scott looked at her for a moment then positioned himself properly and hotly slid his shaft deep inside of her. “I’ll have to beat against the walls of my prison, and tunnel my way to freedom...”

She breathed out hotly, “Oh, I’d love to see you try...”

Scott answered her by thrusting into her once more. His masterful hip work soon had her moaning softly while encouraging him to escape.

“Harder... dig harder.” she cried.

He pumped deep and hard between her thighs. His shaft pummeled her beautiful pussy with powerful strokes that slammed hard against her cervix.

“Faster, dig faster. You won’t get away if you don’t...” she clutched at his back and tore at his flesh a little with her claws.

Scott cried out at the sudden pain. His cocksmanship never let up, however.

“Sorry, are you alright?” asked Scarlet. Her voice had shifted from incredibly aroused, to worried and confused.

He pounded her harder then bit her on the shoulder while gripping her tight. Scott then growled into her ear and worked his hips as hard as he could. Given her answer by way of animalistic grunts and growls, she involuntarily clawed him once more. Her tail lashed wildly and her moans resonated throughout the area.

Soon Scott could not stand it anymore. He bit her shoulder again then unleashed his pent up desire deep inside of her. A river of hot white aggression flowed into her only to be stirred around by his cock. Finally, he whispered hotly into her ear, “Mine.”

Her vagina clamped down around his cock involuntarily and she swirled her hips. She kissed his neck softly and squeezed her thighs around his waist. Her heel pressed down against his bucking ass in an attempt to try and force him deeper once more.

She lifted her left hand up to her face then sniffed her claws. They smelled like him. She could not help but stick her tongue out to taste the tiny amount of blood that still clung to them. Her eyes lit up and she began to pant a little.

Scott slipped back a little then clasped her face in both hands. He kissed her hotly on the mouth and their tongues danced with each other for a time.

When they broke apart so that they could breathe properly, Scarlet whispered, “More...”

Scott whispered back, “Always...”

Her pussy spasmed around his cock once more and she kissed him again. However, he had expended his capacity for the moment. She would have to help him reload, or sharpen his digging tool, whatever euphemism they were using for his penis at the moment. It was a bit of a blur for them.

Scarlet rolled them over casually. The sudden motion proved which of them was clearly the stronger. Once she had him on his back she smirked at him then drew herself down along his body. Her claws trailed along his chest. They scratched at him enough to draw blood.

He winced then growled at her. She slipped her tongue out and ran it gently along her lips in response. She then gave him a sensual look before she bit her lower lip. Her expression promised many interesting things to come.

Once she had moved down far enough to reach her desired target, she stretched out luxuriously then lifted up her right leg. She looked her master in the eyes then playfully kissed the tip of his cock.

Scott reached down and grabbed a hunk of her hair then pulled it upward a little. Scarlet gasped against his cock then her face began to heat up rapidly.

She kissed the tip of his shaft once more then gripped it on her hand. The dragon kissed the base of his man-hammer before wrapping her lips around his balls. She pumped her fist while she nibbled and sucked at him like she had found a tasty delicacy.

It would be a while before they finished their moment of tenderness and joy. The rest of the team would just have to occupy themselves until their lustful master and his queen finished their current team-building exercises.


A high-pitched scream cut through the air as yet another bat fell to its death. Since the group had entered the cavern behind the waterfall, it had been a continuous battle with one monster or another. Bats, rats, frogs, and toadstools all seemed hell bent on getting to their sweet meats.

Rowan stabbed downward at a cave toad with her spear then twisted to the side to avoid its sticky tongue. The oversized toads were quite durable, and could dish out a little damage. However, the real reason she avoided their attacks was that the tongue was sticky and gross.

Scott fired off another shot, and another bat fell screeching to the ground. His ammunition was already starting to run low. Never before had he faced this much opposition. How long had it been since anyone had come here looking for herbs? This level of combat was ridiculous. Who could hunt here normally?

A man-sized toadstool toddled toward Mina then thrust outward with a piece of stalactite. The minotaur easily avoided the blow. She slipped under the creature’s guard gripped it tight, and then hurled her body backward in a powerful arcing movement. The mushroom capped creature slammed head first into the ground. Its body went limp immediately afterward.

Deanna ran around attracting as many monsters as possible. Her job was to lure them into a tight group so that Scarlet could use her limited, but powerful special attacks. She had rarely bothered to use them before, but during this battle she had gone for broke.

The rabbit ran past the dragon girl at high-speed. Scarlet got ready. A group of over two dozen rats and toads stampeded toward her, but she did nothing but smirk in their direction.

The dragon girl’s hands moved around in a slow circular motion while she took a deep breath. She waited until the monsters were only a few feet from her position. Once they were in place, she placed her thumbs and forefingers together in a diamond shape and blew a slow, but powerful, breath through the space between her hands.

A brilliant flame raced outward from where she stood. The fiery breath weapon met the running monsters head-on and immediately destroyed the closest dozen. The other monsters caught fire or were trampled to death by their comrades as they attempted to flee.

Scarlet laughed loudly then chased after them with a wild and joyful glee. It did not take long before she finished them off with a series of powerful punches and kicks.

The battle continued for quite some time. The team went section by section until the monster spawn rate dropped considerably. Most of the day had been spent doing that. By the time they pushed in to the area where the herbs were located they had each increased their level several times.

Scott and the girls quickly gathered up as many herbs as they could. After doing so, he turned to them and said. “This was a good hunting spot. We should come back here tomorrow and try our luck again.”

“Sounds good.” said Scarlet. She had nothing but fond memories of this place now, to be honest.

The other girls readily agreed as well. They spent a few minutes searching the area to see if they could find anything interesting, but nothing particularly impressive appeared. They found a few more herbs, and the occasional piece of pretty rock. Scott always felt a little depressed when that happened. During his tutorial there had been a chest that had popped up after properly searching the area. Maybe such things were rare? It was hard to say.

The team made their way out of the cave, hunting and gathering along the way. The monsters had been depleted greatly, so only a few of them had spawned once more. After exiting the cave, Scott used his Wings of Light ability and the team shot into the sky.

Meanwhile, back in the cave...

In the depths of the largely empty caverns, a new monster emerged from the darkness. Rats and toads, freshly spawned, began to scream in terror and flee. They had no capacity to withstand this new foe. Those who were captured were devoured rapidly. However, the new beasts did not chase after them once the fleeing monsters reached the higher cavern areas.

The new monsters were creatures that had slumbered within the depths of the cave and had only awakened due to the scent of blood and the screams of the dying. Now they hungered for that sweet sound and scent. They had feasted once already, and were content to wait for their next meal until that hunger overtook them once more.

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