Everybody Loves Large Chests

by Exterminatus

Original ONGOING Adventure Comedy Fantasy Satire Anti-Hero Lead Harem LitRPG Magic Non-Human lead Secret Identity
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Everybody Loves Large Chests is now available on Amazon and Audible! Featuring lots of editorial love and a more enjoyable reading/listening experience!

Large chests are said to encompass all manner of hopes and dreams. Men covet them. Women envy them. But one fact holds true - everyone wants to get their hands on some big ones.

The same holds true for one intrepid adventurer - a strapping young lad by the name of Himmel. Armed with his grandfather’s trusty longsword and the dream of being the strongest, he sets out on the journey of a lifetime! It is sure to be a long and dangerous road, fraught with danger! And it all starts with a simple test - reach Level 5 in the dungeon called the ‘newbie zone’ and earn the right to become a full-fledged adventurer!

However, such things get hopelessly derailed when his adolescent mind beholds an exposed chest for the first time. A fateful meeting that would inevitably lead his life in a direction he never even dreamed of!

This fiction is written, maintained and owned by Neven Iliev. It is also a participant of the WriTEr's pledge.

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Prologue ago
Death Comes In Many Forms 1 ago
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Interlude - Justice demands retribution ago
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Gainful Employment 9 ago
Interlude - That nagging feeling ago
Chaos 1 ago
Uncertainty 2 ago
Instability 3 ago
Fluctuation 4 ago
Unpredictability 5 ago
Chaos 6 ago
Chance 7 ago
Unforeseen Consequences 8 ago
Coincidences 9 ago
Randomness 10 ago
Volatility 11 ago
Interlude - The Shadow of Death ago
Unleashed 1 ago
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Core Values 1 ago
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Interlude - A Neighborly Chat ago
Death Comes In Many Shapes 1 ago
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Death Comes In Many Shapes 6 ago
Death Comes In Many Shapes 7 ago
Interlude - An ASS out of U and ME ago
Moonlighting 1 ago
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All That Glitters 1 ago
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Interlude - Stalking does not count as a long-distance relationship ago
Veni, Vidi, Edi 1 ago
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Those Who Are Right 1 ago
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Those Who Are Right 3 ago
Those Who Are Right 4 ago
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Interlude - Barking Up The Wrong Tree ago
Not a chapter - Q&A with the author ago
Snow Day (April Fools chapter) ago
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Interlude - Once is an accident. Twice is coincidence. Three times - a pattern. ago
Hypocrisy 1 ago
Duality 2 ago
Ambiguity 3 ago
Duplicity 4 ago
Mockery 5 ago
Fraud 6 ago
Facade 7 ago
Not a chapter - ELLC World Map ago
Ambiguity 8 ago
Plausible Deniability 9 ago
Omission 10 ago
Underhandedness 11 ago
Subversion 12 ago
Deception 13 ago
Hypocrisy 14 ago
Hypocrisy 15 ago
Interlude - Happy Thoughts ago
Not a chapter - Art Gallery ago
A Hero's Burden 1 ago
A Hero's Burden 2 ago
A Hero's Burden 3 ago
A Hero's Burden 4 ago
A Hero's Burden 5 ago
A Hero's Burden 6 ago
A Hero's Burden 7 ago
A Hero's Burden 8 ago
A Hero's Burden 9 ago
A Hero's Burden 10 ago
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Winter's Bite 9 ago
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Interlude - An Honest Review ago
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Knowledge Is Power 1 ago
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Knowledge Is Power 11 ago
Interlude - Family Reunions Are Always Awkward ago
Year of the Chest 1 ago
Year of the Chest 2 ago
Year of the Chest 3 ago
Year of the Chest 4 ago
Year of the Chest 4 ½ ago
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Year of the Chest 6 ago
Year of the Chest 7 ago
Interlude - What Friends Are For ago
Mind Games 1 ago
Mind Games 2 ago
Mind Games 3 ago
Mind Games 4 ago
Mind Games 5 ago
Mind Games 6 ago
Interlude - Question Authority ago
Life, Luck, and Lemonade - Birthdays ago
Life, Luck, and Lemonade - Loose Ends ago
Life, Luck, and Lemonade - Blood Money ago
Life, Luck, and Lemonade - Nightmares ago
Life, Luck, and Lemonade - Problems and Solutions ago
Life, Luck, and Lemonade - Forward Thinking ago
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Life, Luck, and Lemonade - Stress Kills ago
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Life, Luck, and Lemonade - Of Plants and Plots ago
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Not a Chapter - Announcement + Q&A with the author ago
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Connections 1 ago
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Not a Chapter - ELLC Volume 3 is now live on Kindle ago
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Interlude - Business As Usual ago
Interlude - Rule of Threes ago
The Mask Falls 1 ago
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The Mask Falls 3 ago
The Mask Falls 4 ago
Interlude - A Day to Remember ago
Not a chapter - Going on break + Author Q&A Part 5: The Empire Strikes Back ago
Greater Heights 1 ago
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Greater Heights 5 ago
Not a chapter - Volume 4, Announcements, and fanart ago
Greater Heights 6 ago
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Interlude - The Echo of Lies ago

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Nexus Wolf
  • Overall Score
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  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

If you can look past the sex...

Well, about time I put in a review as well.

As stated in the title of my review, it's very.VERY.simple. Most who don't like it have a misconception about the story, that later on it becomes all about the sexual content.


And they're completely right.


Except, they're not entirely right? I've only read it till Moonlighting, so I can't give a say about the future chapters- so my following review is only valid (technically, duh) till there. There is a LOT of sex in this story. And it isn't the vanilla, typical, love sex. It's brutal, it's gory, and it's very very messy. It has dickgirls and tentacle rape, and a distant case of necrophilia; the latter is a technical case.

Did I change your mind about reading it yet? No? Then you may have a chance at it. Fair enough, after I'd started it, I'd dropped it the moment I learnt of CASEFILE: GIRL WITH FIVE LIMBS. But months later, I thought why the heck not. It's there, Valerie's jugs inviting me. 'Read me,' they bouncy chests said. And as any healthy young man would do, I'd obeyed.

And let's say, the sex gets worse.

But as a bonus, everything else does indeed! The humor is subjective, but it isn't dull, it doesn't make you want to gouge your eyes out, unable to understand how this crap makes ANYONE laugh. Au contraire, it is funny, and you know it even if you don't like the type of humor. It's varied, diverse and the dialogues are witty as always.

BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE! The world is vast. And the best part about it is that it isn't a frozen chunk of crap that refuses to change. It is a true world, with everything not being centred around the MC. Of course, certain things are - but that's a technicality. The protagonist's actions have consequences, and people react. The world weaves together, working as a working whole. This isn't a frozen world, people live here. One of my favorite things about this story is that it's fairly believable. indeed. Such a world feels vibrant and alive, other than the usual 'worlds' on here, usually being the 5 foot space around the Japanese beta idiot along with his horny catgirl, the world itself waiting for the MC to arrive so that it can FINALLY come to life.

So here's my advice to any readers that are on the fence. If you can look past the astonishing amount of fanservice, creampies and the semen overflows, ( I suspect the forests actually use the sperm as nutrition,which is why they do it so much) , you will have a world to enjoy with your guide being the chestiest chest that ever chested. It's a fun ride, look at the other reviews. They aren't talking about the sex, are they?

Onwards is the actual review- 

Style - Uses a typical third person perspective, that switches between limited and omniscient from time to time. Of course, the viewpoint switch mid-chapter is usually not to a side character, but to a member on the MC's entourage. Added points for the Omniscient when the MC was an idiot. If I had to make a comparison, I'd point you to the "adorable" narrator of the Stanley Parable- not exactly, but the wit is not so different, I'd say. That is much better at showing things rather than: "What's that? Oh damn, what's that?" until you eventually find out ten chapters later without a reason to care. 

A typical problem with litRPG that I have are those clunky, annoying, irrelevant status screens. Blue was a color I'd liked...once. This novel is not exempt from the aforementioned terrible sin, in fact, they are aplenty. But what makes ELLC different? Why, the status screens of course! The one way communication in response to an unexpected- to say the least- theft, the altering of the flow of chaos bringing you a paint job, and the age old rite of a civilization long forgotten making our dear MC lie in wait until he can finally drink some cold Codka once he's finally 18 fish of age.

No complaints. 


Story- I don't want to give away too much, because every reader has the right to read the glorious prologue and get hooked (Research suggests a 90 percent success rate; test subject-DUCK began quacking with excitement- although it could just as easily have been because I haven't fed it for months...). It follows the protagonist's inevitable rise to the top, with conflicts arising that do catch our beloved chest-lover off guard- even getting him in deep shit. The conflicts aren't very long lasting as they eventually fade away - except one conflict that I'm actually looking forward to. Certain things will keep you at the edge of your seat, and it's an amazing journey indeed.

BUT. Don't look at me like that. Chests are great, but the booty's here as well. The problem is the attention the author willingly gives to fanservice. It's a lot. It's useless, flimsy and not entertaining at all, and all it serves to do is hide that beautiful world from view. It was bearable the first few times, until it became unbearable. Of course, then you will reach the supreme state of Apathy. That's what I recommend as well. Just skip those paragraph worth loads of hot sticky loads. (Geddit?) There is also the extremely glaring problem of passivity. The protagonist has no goal, no overarching passion that it wants to work towards, the horses that pulls the plot forward. (Not the tasties and shinies, you  know what I'm  talking  about).There are chapters of lagging where there's fights with no real stakes (the grinding), and walking with no real... idk, you know, nothing happening for extended pages of lines. And I found myself skimming through them, absolutely disinterested. Things happen to the protagonist, as the protagonist really doesn't  need anything or do anything for it in a character's sense. Things happen to our poor dude. BUTT BUTT! There is credit to be given, for the storyline is held together by the undeniable wit that saturates the other pages - the glue that keeps me slogging through the brainless sex and boring sequences, because I know that once I do, I WILL be rewarded. Credits are due for that.


Grammar - Very tasty. No valid complaints. The occasional mispelling you don't notice because you're too busy beating your meat- or looking for the witty dialogue. I don't judge either way.... :3.


Character - Ah. Here be the conundrum. Because I love the cast as a whole. They are diverse, they are themselves, and they are amazing. The character interactions are the heart of this beauty, and I love the jabs the characters make toward each other. They are people, not caricatures.

But they are. The work inevitably falls into the pitfalls I dislike - tropes. NO! Not the typical tropes. Not the tsundere Loli or the airhead idiot - points, because there are only mountains, no plains- no, this is an evolved tropism, one that extends to only few characters AFAIK. Mutated tropes that combine and evolve, breaking through their limits and achieving apotheosis. Is this bad? No, this does make a unique character. So what's the problem? The usual problem that's inherent to a trope. This 'special' characteristic SO overplayed, so driven to the top, given so much attention,that it takes away from the character as a whole. 

But. This isn't a common problem per se, and thankfully not our adorable protagonist.

To be noted, the express reason I read this novel, despite its seas of cum, is its cast. I'm trying to write myself (over a span of years, kek) and this work has a plethora of interesting characters, and humor abound. They aren't idiots that blindly agree with the MC (except...some, the ones that are frequently exposed to the Tentaclysm - I call it the Nexus Effect) and have their own interests,their own motives, their own goals. 


In summation, this is undoubtedly a GREAT read. It's entertaining, gorgeous and has a verdant world that actually feels like a fantasy rather than being told "Dudes, this is totes dope ass fantassy".(Geddit?)

It also has extremely unnecessary sex, and sexual intercourse, along with infertile copulation. There's also this thing where the females are almost always horny bimbos- now I've seen people saying how it's because it's Misogyny concentrated, but I myself wildly disagree. It's like going to a hentai site, reading rape/similar-tagged comics and bitching about how women inexplicably give in- it's written to be a part-timing hentai (that serves to be useless, I assure you. It has no contribution to the plot, so ignoring it is completely alright) and complaining about that is, simply put- useless. And also, this is mostly reserved to the women exposed to the MC. The others are mostly fine. It's also easier to digest when thinking that this is a world where getting killed and fucked have equal chances - including both. "Speared someone to death with his dick," a certain someone's off-screen older brother managed, the certain someone said - and so, flirtatious/sexual encounters have higher chances to occur. Fuck while you can amirite? This is about the world as a whole, with relatively normal females. And you have to cut the demons some slack because hey- you can't have sex when you haven't been summoned. And their very existence (males and females alike) is fucking and/or killing.

And people. People, people people. This isn't Misogyny. This isn't hatred or prejudice against women. Women HAVE boobs. Women HAVE butts. And men love them, as men of good taste would do. We don't lewd manboobs, because real boobs are divine. Why must we war over the hentai plot of this beauty, when we can all join hands and unite under the banner of of those glorious blobs! tldr; it's not all women, get over it, deal with it.

And like a certain amazing God named Princess Delacarte Boobvaccum said, 


  • Overall Score
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Why do I like this?

Honestly, I'm not entirely sure why this works. The main character is a horrible person/monster, the good characters you can root for die, and carfully laid plans and storylines can fall apart at a moments notice despite all the buildup.

I love it.

This story is extremely enjoyable, and I find it fun to read about the adventures of Boxxy T. Morningwood, despite its horrible nature. I love the world the author has created, and I find each new addition to it to be highly engaging and interesting. Love the story, and I can't wait to see where it goes next.

P.S. The lower character score is because some of them have little development, but that doesn't apply to all of them, and even those who are shallow are still fun to read about.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Good when it's on topic

This story has an interesting premise and a great set of character POVs. Those characters are all very interesting, and the world around our infamous mimic is enough to get you to want to read for days. However, as much as the world is built and effort is made to get you into the minds of these people, it's really thrown out of the window by occasional bouts of mostly out of place erotic writing.

Of course, sex is perfectly natural, and there is a time and place for it in most media. Unfortunately, the tangent thread of adult descriptions goes on for too long, as if the author forgot that there was a scene beyond each characters bodies. I can understand that things that are normally taboo can be touched upon in a real way, as a consequence of the lives of people, but Everybody loves Large Chests seems to run aground every once in a while from its' own literary sailboat onto a sandbar of distasteful and out of place sex scenes. 

It claims to avoid making these erotic descriptions the forefront of the tale, but from where I'm reading, the plot's purpose is to build opportunities for more complex and fetishistic scenarios.

In short, it's weighs up as an overall great read, but when it gets bad, unrealistic, or uncomfortable, it REALLY gets bad, unrealistic, or uncomfortable.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Overall great story, but.

I would like to put this out here. I love this story. But the many erotic scenes drag the story down.

Now, this is a subjective opinion and are thus the primary reason for a 3-star review of the story.

The grammar is perfect, or at least as close to. I haven't seen any glaring grammar mistakes, but I am dyslexic.

I simply love the characters in the story and its the main reason I kept reading on. 

The style I have no real comment on but it way above average.

So overall a 4-star review from me.

  • Overall Score
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Absolutely loved the story, the characters, just everything about it! You might also put a 'comedy' tag next to the others, because I have laughed my ass off about Boxxy. Never knew box-shaped adventures could be so much fun man. 


P.S. I gave grammar a 4/5 since there's a couple of small mistakes, and especially its - it's tick me off. 

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This story brought me to this site, and is the reason I started pursuing writing on it. Having just caught up (Birds of a Feather 7) I felt it prudent to leave a review.

Exterminatus is a great, creative, detail-oriented writer and it shows in their writing. Shortly after I started writing, I sought out advice from him, and can firmly report I was not disappointed.

I deeply appreciate everything I've learned from both him and his writing, and am eager to see how the adventures of a certain adaptable, unfair existence continue. The only way to really break free of the desire to keep reading is to finish all that is available.

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Punny Title, Realistic Story.

 I honestly refused to read this book for the logest time. I thought since it was at the top of the charts that I'd be jumping on the band wagon. I also thought it was going to be some shitty book that joked about boobs like a thirteen year-old boy.

However when I actually began reading I was blown away by the story. Given it did take a rather werid turn with the MC habits at one point(Dont want to spoil). All in all you can't argue that the authur makes a genuine character.

I am currently on 'urges 7', and I haven't picked it up in a while only due to being busy. I write(astrosiously) a story myself and also take college classes and weightlift daily so I get busy. However that should be no excuse to not try this book. It's simply wonderful!

The beggining of the story has great life-like qualities as it depicts the development from understanding nothing about the world to developing awareness. Reminds me alot of Threadbare in that way(which was another story that I thought was over rated...). 

Anyways to end this, I encourage you to all give this book a read with an open mind. I also hope the author the best and continue your writing

  • Overall Score
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Wonderful story! I've already recommended it to several people.

Hey Author, as a fellow fantasy RPG fan I have to ask. Have you considered writing your system into a tabletop game? I would love to play a D&D game using your system!

  • Overall Score

Was fun till the "edgy donut steel" type characters returned..

  • Edgy code names and characteristics
  • Author tries hard to make the readers like them
  • Beats the heroes by giving them idiot balls
  • Author then tries to justify the outcome next chapter
  • Will probably join with the heroes despite it being against the hero's character
  • MC level plot armor
  • Gets too much spotlight
  • Just won't die

Nothing saps the fun out of a story than these types of characters, she just really ruins the story for me..

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Classic storyline, Decorated with amazing plots.

It is undoubtedly an Epic tier story..😁 as it is long... lucrative...and twisted.

The author totally breaks the style by twisting the first chapter by revealing that the story's MC is a mimic when he devours the First charecter.

It's few salient features are..

  • One of the best fiction online featuring a non human MC.
  • Great charecter description and development.
  • A plethora of monster, races and creatures.
  • Detailed and neat system of physics, magic and science.
  • Great way of storytelling by the author.
  • No grammatical errors, the author does a great proofreading job.

The author had taken great care not to mess up the storyline and timeline... The story follows up any left out details on the next chapter perfectly.

Kudos to the author 👍 it is a delightful experience...

😁 I'm a Lv 100.maxed out scribe and following are the results of the appraisal of this Story.

Type: Epic Fiction

Humour: 8/10

Action: 9/10

Twists: 10/10

Charecters: 9.5/10 (Boxxy is 10/10)

World & System: 8/10

A must read! Totally Recommended!

It's as  Boxxy puts it "TASTY".