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Not a chapter - Volume 4, Announcements, and fanart


ELLC Volume 4, titled 'Morgana' has been released! Buy it on Amazon! Audiobook is currently on production and should be out in a month or two (currently in production.

With this out of the way, I will hopefully be able to start posting more frequent updates. Apologies for the terribly slow release speed for the past while. Below is some artwork that has been piling up, official and otherwise. As usual, all of the art and more can be found on the ELLC Discord server.

Winner of June's character spotlight vote - Extra FITT Jen, by dmaxcustom
Abomination Boxxy/Drea fusion concept, sketch by dmaxcustom
Abomination Boxxy/Xera fusion concept, sketch by dmaxcustom
Adventurers running from Boxxy, art by dmaxcustom, commissioned by MushinMan
"Definitely Not Boxxy," sketch by dmaxcustom
Rowana/Xera fusion, art by dmaxcustom, commissioned by Anguis
Dragon War Golem, art by dmaxcustom, commissioned by Anguis
"Queen Fizzy" fanart, by dmaxcustom
Hoarder/Abomination fusion render, by Chailles
Schoolgirl Keira, by TorchMilk
Boxxy leg tattoo, courtesy of SirPrinnALot

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