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Not a chapter - Going on break + Author Q&A Part 5: The Empire Strikes Back


So yeah, I'm kind of burnt out on ideas for ELLC. It's partly why the last few chapters were a bit slow. I've decided to take a break from writing for about a month, maybe more, while I figure things out. Note that this is not, in fact, me asking for suggestions. At the risk of sounding arrogant, I've most probably already thought of whatever idea or plot development you might have come up with.

That said, I thought I'd start another Q&A thing to sort of tide you guys over until the hiatus ends. As before, you can ask me just about anything, though I reserve my right to give stupid answers to stupid questions.


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Bio: I'm a programmer, a mythical creature that survives completely on beer and cynicism. We skulk in the dark, secretly cursing and despising everyone else. Especially other programmers.

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jonfazliu @jonfazliu ago

How powerful is Boxxy now?

Zeal Iskander @Zeal Iskander ago

Welp, good luck! Hope you get some ideas soon.

Jacob Newman @Jacob Newman ago

How soon is the shift expected to hit?

DannyDanny @DannyDanny ago

Will there be any more of Keira? Not as the main character but more like mentions of her.


    Exterminatus @Exterminatus ago

    Probably not. At moast an interlude if I get super bored.

      l611 @l611 ago

      i was hoping to see him struggle to maintain his facade with his rank-up and when things on cosmic level start getting fucked(well u atleast did the literal version). But now if she's not gonna be the stereotypical antagonist, then our boxxy just got a really easy out of the situation(that too at just the right time).

      CuZn @CuZn ago

      What about Rowana? Maybe on her adventures as the first hero of a new god?

      pcck @pcck ago

      I'd kind of love if Boxxy had a Clash of Fate with Rowanna, and Keira rallying Boxxy's old friends/heroes to take Boxxy down!

      Make Boxxy kill them all!!! It's dark and delicious

      Riger @Riger ago

      Because Boxxy totally needs all those extra Hero powers Tongue Actually, I guess he wouldn't get them because it wouldn't be a clash...

      Aki-chi @Aki-chi ago

      That actually raises a good question ive been meaning to ask, but do people get more Xp for killing heroes because they are heroes?

      Amatsu @Amatsu ago

      He’s not a hero anymore so he can’t enter a clash, and even if he could, Theresa herself couldn’t interfere with a clash so I can’t see Kiera doing that

      Amatsu @Amatsu ago

      Wouldn’t be very exiting... her being a combatant would be kinda like kaede being a necromancer

      Metrux32 @Metrux32 ago

      He also lost all the contacts, prestige and help he had as Keira. It may not seem like much, but he has no way to contact the other heroes anymore, neither can he have special treatment at guilds and other countries, he is not a hero and has lost all the hero skills, including the incredibly useful Eyes of the Death God. Yes, he got an 'easy' way out of impersonating her, but Boxxy is incredibly tenacious, and if there was any way to keep morphing into her, he would, even if it was hard and time consuming, so it's more of a boost down of his overall soft power.

      l611 @l611 ago

      first, he would still have a lot of those connections as 'sandman'. second, he could still transform into kiera, its just that it wont be perfect (as of yet). the only real loss is the eyes of the death god and that he could get other hero powers. now that remains as a loss or is somehow converted into some positive is yet to be seen.

      Riger @Riger ago

      He also lost the use of the hero tools. Like the book, or the dungeon crystal. Nao wasn't friendly with Sandman, I don't think. So losing the knowledge the LIAR can grant is a big one.

      Entenschnabel @Entenschnabel ago

      The main point is, that Boxxy is not a "he" but an "it", a monster in the true sense of the word. The guise of Keira is no longer necessary for it (and story wise way too convoluted now, Boxxy needed to shed some skin and seek greener pastures). Whenever the story continues, it will probably be something nobody really expects or something totally fucked up and maybe even gruesome (Keira made the chest rather tame). I'm giddy for what may come, in whatever form.


Barracudaz @Barracudaz ago

You of all people should have known the dangers of power creep! Wink


Anyway, enjoy your break!

swordking123 @swordking123 ago

How stupid will answers to stupid questions be?

deathbricks @deathbricks ago

Hope ya enjoy ya break there mate and get over ya burn out alright there.

Also just curious and may as well ask it as a question. Is ELLC in it's own universe seperated by binary soul? I know ya use names like puff and fluffles as a joke 

Tilted Shovel @Tilted Shovel ago

Is the next arc going to be about the dragon festival? Also will it have new tasty artwork?