A note from Exterminatus
Valentine Fizzy sketch, by dmaxcustom
Clay Boxxy sculpture, by Talisman

“Get the fuck out of my body!” the Keira half of Boxxy yelled.

“Your body?!” the monster replied incredulously. “I’ve had it longer than you!”

“As if! I think I’d remember if I was some freaky abomination!”

“Oh, but you do,” Boxxy spoke coldly. “You’re a part of me, so you most definitely remember.”

“I… uh…”

In the short time that Keira had been ‘alive,’ the monster’s abnormal subconscious had kept either personality from accessing the other’s memories. This was the cause of the ‘blank spots’ that both of them had experienced. Indeed, the only reason the shapeshifter had agreed to subject itself to electroshock therapy was because it hadn’t been in control of its actions. The catgirl persona had been in charge ever since the meeting with the other Heroes had started and had been oblivious to her true nature. But now that both sides were aware of the other’s presence, the mental walls between them had begun to collapse. Memories of all the horrible things the shapeshifter had done came flooding into Keira’s unstable consciousness, and with those came the realization of what she actually was.

“No…” the redhead muttered.

“Oh, yes,” Boxxy growled. “You’re not real. You never were.”

Fizzy, who had been struck momentarily speechless by this turn of events, watched as the rogue Facade slowly but surely gave way to the hylt creeper’s true form.

“This body isn’t yours because you do not exist,” the monster piled on the pressure. “You’re just a figment of my imagination - an anomalous thought that can, and will, be forgotten!”

The Keira personality continued to recede until all that was left of her on the surface was a patch of bronze skin on the face, a few locks of crimson hair, and a tear-filled yellow eye that slowly began to close.

“I refuse!”

It then flew open with a furious gaze, and the catgirl began to reclaim the ‘territory’ she had lost.

“I don’t care what you think! I know I’m real, and that’s all I care about! I think, therefore I am, you evil, scum-sucking bastard!”

Within moments she had regained control of the right half of the doppelganger’s body while Boxxy visibly strained, and failed, to keep her in check. It would appear that the selfishness and perseverance of the enlightened persona it had created were comparable to the original’s. Determination, too, as Keira’s hand reached for one of the knives hidden in the clothes she was still wearing, and stabbed Boxxy’s left half in the chest, right where a regular person’s heart should be. Of course, there was no such organ there, but it still hurt quite a bit.


You have suffered self-harm. HP -948.


Keira pulled the knife out and went for another strike, but Boxxy shaped its arm into a cleaver and severed her hand from her wrist.


You have suffered self-harm. HP -664.
Your flesh has been mended. HP +200.


Whether it was because of the Mend Flesh Skill, the catgirl’s ‘inherited’ adaptability, or maybe just some kind of subconscious response, the severed limb grew back in an instant. Keira snatched the dropped knife out of the air and blocked the blade-shaped limb. She then raised her leg and kneed Boxxy, and by extension herself, in the chin. The frustrated monster grew an extra two arms from its shoulder and decapitated itself. It knew it could survive without a head, but there was a chance its ‘better half’ didn’t. By the shapeshifter’s rushed logic, if the redhead thought she was dead, then she would actually die.

Except it didn’t quite work out that way. Though the Keira personality ceased her struggling, that only lasted for a few seconds before both she and the doppelganger grew a full head each, attached to their respective shoulders. They glared at each other for a moment, both seething with fury. They were just about to resume tearing themselves apart when Fizzy finally decided to intervene.

“That’s enough!”

The dynamo golem, having reconfigured herself into her all-purpose Skirmisher Mode, tackled the mentally disturbed shapeshifter with a yell. She had amped up her Static Field before doing so, giving the monster an electric shock powerful enough to momentarily incapacitate it the instant her mithril frame touched it. Of course, being in the same body, both Boxxy and Keira suffered from the after-effects, and were left writhing around on the ground. The redhead’s side of the body reverted, and for a few seconds Fizzy was looking down at a fully exposed hylt creeper.

That didn’t last long, though, as Keira instantly emerged when the Bane’s debilitating effects wore off. She and Boxxy looked up to see the mithril golem pinning the shapeshifter’s body to the ground with a leg on its torso. They looked like they were going to start pleading with her, most likely aiming to secure her aid against the other, but a mild albeit painful shock cut them off before they could even start.

“Don’t. Move,” Fizzy warned. “Both of you.”

Now, mental disorders weren’t the radiant golem’s field of expertise. In fact, the science of psychiatry barely even existed on Terrania at that point in time. There was, in all likelihood, nobody around who could diagnose, let alone treat, whatever psychological problems Boxxy was having. However, Fizzy was still the world’s leading expert on sharing her mind, body, and soul with multiple personas. Granted, her alternate egos were the product of a Skill rather than some bizarre form of shapeshifter insanity, but she figured it was close enough.

“I know neither of you are exactly pleased with the circumstances, but it’s where we’re at right now,” she spoke sternly. “Forget how it happened or how long it’s been going on, that’s not important right now. What matters is where you go from here, and from my personal experience, there’s only two ways this can end. Either you learn to coexist, or you’re going to kill yourselves fighting each other.”

Of course, if it were up to Fizzy, she’d rather incapacitate and detain the shapeshifter rather than let it attempt the latter, but she hoped it wouldn’t come to that.

“I may not know what’s going on,” Keira spoke up, “and I have no idea whether this is real or just a bad nightmare. What I do know is that I would rather die than let this monstrosity anywhere near my Rowana!”

Though originally fictional, the convictions Boxxy had added onto Keira’s character had now become very much real. In her mind, the redhead had already determined that cooperation was out of the question. Not knowing when she might lose control and kill the only person she’d ever truly loved was too much of a thought to bear. That said, the thing she was feeling towards the elf at the moment wasn’t ‘love,’ not exactly. She wasn’t actually an enlightened being, so she lacked the capacity for that sort of thing. Her snap decision to sacrifice herself for another was the product of a set of predetermined responses and reactions meant to merely emulate the behavior of someone in love.

It still seemed like the real deal to Keira, however, which was more than enough to strengthen her convictions.

“Too bad,” Boxxy growled, “because your opinion is irrelevant.”

While the rebellious redhead was giving her little speech, her creator had stealthily retrieved a certain item from its Storage.

“Kirk!” it shouted, holding Amelia’s divine I.O.U. up to the ceiling, “I want to cash this in!”

The shapeshifter barely even finished that sentence before it found itself standing in the endless white void that was Christopher’s divine area. It looked to its right to see that Keira - or at least a projection of her consciousness - was standing right next to, and completely separated from, itself. In the next instant, the monster grew several bladed tentacles and the catgirl grasped a knife seemingly out of thin air. They hesitated for a moment, clearly unsure whether attacking each other in this place would even accomplish anything, but both seemed willing to try.




At least until they heard the dreadfully telltale sign of the Goddess of Happenstance clapping her windows.

“Good show!” Sherman’s jovial tone washed over them. “Very good show indeed!”

The deity appeared next to them, looking like an oak tree with bacon for leaves and pillows for branches.

“… So that’s it then,” the redhead said grimly. “You’re going to take this thing’s side, aren’t you?”

“I’m afraid so,” Timothy coiled his spring at her. “I promised a personal favor to Boxxy T. Morningwood, not Keira Morgana. What the box says, goes.”

“And I say I want to be rid of this liability!” Boxxy immediately declared.

“So yeah, there you have it,” the deity confirmed.

“Bullshit!” Keira raised her voice again. “You’re a dishonest, two-timing scumbag! What you say and what you do never line up! You just do whatever you want, so you don’t need to listen to this thing! Right?”

“I would be insulted, but you have a point there,” Steward nodded his puddle. “Thing is, on this one occasion, I do actually want to do the thing it’s asking me for. Sorry, but I’m afraid your luck has run out.”

With her desperate plea shot down, the redhead fell to her knees. She didn’t cry or scream, nor did she beg. She merely took a deep breath and let a sad smile spread on her lips.

“Well… I guess it was fun while it lasted.”

“Quite so,” the God of Misfortune creaked back. “But all things must come to an end, unfortunately.”

He then snapped his helmets, and Keira collapsed to the ground, her form melting into a multi-colored puddle of ooze.

“Is it done?” Boxxy asked after a few seconds.

“Oh no, I’m afraid I’m only getting started,” Steve rubbed his cookies together. “You see, I actually quite liked having a Hero like Keira.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Well, you see, usually my Heroes are quite obscure. Either that or they’re regarded as a public menace. Having my Hero be treated with respect and looked upon with trust and admiration is a new experience for me. And I quite enjoy new experiences.”

“Ah. Sucks for you, then, huh?”

Boxxy had yet to process everything that had happened or really consider the implications of this development, but it felt quite confident that it didn’t want to pretend to be Keira anymore. Yes, losing all the Facade’s connections and influence was a shame, but the shapeshifter didn’t want to risk a relapse of… whatever this was.

“Actually, this worked out better than how I thought it would,” Jeremiah stated happily. “You see, when you first started this spunky catgirl enterprise, I calculated there was a 79.16% chance that something like this would happen. Having multiple personalities is actually a relatively common condition for doppelgangers who put too much effort into their disguise. And since you tend to go ‘all in’ whenever you do anything, it was practically guaranteed.”

“So where’s the surprising part?”

Boxxy knew better than anyone else that the Goddess of Gambling only felt this enthusiastic when something unexpected had happened, but so far it sounded like she’d foreseen this turn of events.

“Why, the fact that it happened so soon, of course!” the deity’s blankets broadened into a wide smile. “Usually this sort of thing takes decades to develop, but you managed it in record time. Probably because of all that corruption and addiction stuff shaking up your psyche. Frankly speaking, it would’ve been an incredible surprise if you came out of that without any psychological trauma. So… a win-win, really.”

“Oh. Then, what happens now?”

“Now, I reveal myself to be a massive hypocrite by doing exactly what I tell the rest of the pantheon not to do - exploit my godly powers for my own gain.”

Antoinette clapped her tables together, then opened them to reveal what appeared to be a floating ball of pink smoke no bigger than an apple that hovered in place above the deity’s vase.

“Next, I’ll need a bit of this.”

Voltron snapped his clothespins, and the shapeshifter felt dizzy for a moment as its vision went blurry. When it came to, Ekaterina was holding another puff of smoke, this one pitch black in color, in her left chair. She combined it with the other lump in her right carrot and mashed them together like two globs of steaming putty until they were a single mass with a uniform dark red color.

“Mhm, this should do.”

This was dropped onto the puddle that ‘Keira’ had left behind. It soaked into the colorful sludge, which began bubbling and rising. Boxxy watched with mounting dread as the mysterious ooze solidified into a perfect replica of the made-up beastkin’s body, which immediately started breathing. By this point the shapeshifter had started to figure out what the God of Chance was actually doing.

He was turning Keira into a real person by using Boxxy’s memories and soul as a template.

“Well, that could’ve gone better, but it’ll do,” he idly remarked. “I’m also going to need this back.”

Another snap of the eels left the hylt creeper with the uncomfortable feeling that it had just dropped something important. What that ‘something’ was became clear a few moments later.


The Hero of Chaos Perk has been removed since you no longer meet the required conditions.
Proficiency level decreased. Chaotic Disposition is no longer available.
Proficiency level decreased. Agent of Chaos is no longer available.
Proficiency level decreased. Essence Concealment is no longer available.
The Usurper of Justice Perk has been removed since you no longer meet the required conditions.
Proficiency level decreased. Vengeance is no longer available.
The Usurper of Death Perk has been removed since you no longer meet the required conditions.
Proficiency level decreased. Eyes of the Dead God is no longer available.


“… What?” it mumbled in confusion.

“Oh, yes. You’re fired, by the way,” Otis said matter-of-factly.

“What?! I never agreed to this!” Boxxy protested.

“Too bad,” Joanna chuckled, “because your opinion is irrelevant.”

Whether the shapeshifter liked it or not, the Hero titles could be given or taken away entirely at the gods’ discretion. Granted, it wasn’t at all sorry to see Chaotic Disposition go, and it technically no longer needed Essence Concealment. The other Skills, though? Those were quite tasty, and it would’ve preferred to keep them if at all possible. Especially the Eyes of the Dead God. That had been, without a doubt, one of the most powerful Skills that Boxxy had ever come across, and it couldn’t understand why that had to be taken away, too.

It would have protested and attempted to convince the Goddess of Randomness to let it hold onto that one, but it didn’t get the chance as it suddenly found itself struggling to remain conscious. Hector reclaiming his divine spark had left Boxxy unimaginably drained and exhausted. The creature lacked the energy to even remain upright and fell to the floor, right next to the ‘new and improved’ Keira. It made a few futile gasps and clawed at the deity’s shark-patterned pajamas, but was ultimately ignored. The last thing it saw before it finally blacked out was the catgirl’s yellow eyes fly open and stare into its own.

When Boxxy woke up, it was still lying down in the fortified bunker underneath Fizzy’s workshop. The golem was off to the side, pacing nervously while quietly talking to the other minds she shared a head with. The shapeshifter quietly sat up. This caught the radiant construct’s attention, and she immediately rushed over and did her best impression of an anvil hugging an old sausage.

“You’re back!” she squealed while squeezing down on it.

“I am,” it answered weakly, “so could you let go? I only have so many bones to break.”

“Oh, right, sorry…” she released the creature from her vice-like grasp.

“How long was I out?”

“Twenty seven hours, fifty eight minutes, and thirty three seconds. N-not like I counted, or anything.”

“I see. Could be worse, I suppose.”

“But, you’re okay now, yeah?” Fizzy asked the all-important question. “No more rogue personalities hijacking your body?”

“Yeah. That’s one way to put it.”

A brief review of its perfect recollection of the last four days revealed that all of the previously observed blank spots had been filled in. Unsurprisingly, they had been the instances where Keira had seamlessly taken control, and now that she was no longer a part of it, Boxxy had no difficulty accessing her memories. It did note, however, that they seemed oddly foreign to it. It then discovered that it wasn’t just those, either. Every memory it had of it acting as Keira over the past three years was now strangely disjointed. They felt surreal, like Boxxy was merely a silent observer in someone else’s life. It doubted that this was a side effect of the mental disorder itself, as this stretched as far back as its first meeting with Rowana.

“What’s wrong?” Fizzy asked. “Why did you suddenly freeze up like that?”

“… I need to try something.”

Boxxy rose to its feet and was immediately made aware of just how hungry it was. It ignored that feeling for the moment, instead focusing on its shapeshifting. It was a bit loathe to do this, all things considered, but nevertheless assumed the form of a perky eighteen year old female beastkin with yellow eyes, red hair, and bronze skin. However, though it certainly looked like her in terms of appearance, it was very clearly not Keira. The face, height, and body proportions were all slightly off, making this form seem like a poor imitation of the genuine article.

Something that Fizzy noticed as well, given her confused expression.

“It seems I’m no longer able to use that Facade.”

Even the voice wasn’t quite right.

“It’s like… I’m trying to swim for the first time. Or when I was first figuring out how wheels worked.”

“What do you mean?” the golem asked.

Boxxy explained that, though it retained the memories of acting as Keira, it had lost the muscle memory and mental preparation to do so. Three years’ worth of acting practice had been sucked out of its brain, likely to fuel Wilbert’s new pet project. That was most likely why its memories of pretending to be a beastkin felt so odd. Fizzy suggested it could relearn the act, but the shapeshifter immediately rejected the idea for two very good reasons. The first was its legitimate concern that doing that might cause it to relapse, though this time it wouldn’t have access to a personal favor from an actual god to fix things.

It then explained to Fizzy the second and arguably more important reason why it wanted nothing to do with Keira Morgana.

“Well, that’s going to be awkward,” she sighed. “I don’t know if I can act all buddy-buddy with this new Keira when I know it’s not you underneath.”

“You’re taking this news rather well,” it remarked.

“Honestly, Eugene turning a fictional character into a real one barely even registers on my internal What-The-Fuck-O-Meter™ after I saw the two of you throw down earlier.”

“Fair enough. You really don’t need to contend with her, though. You can just leave and let her sort it out.”

“I could, but that would make it difficult for me to pursue my ambitions.”

Boxxy and her devotion to the God of Dice Rolls aside, Fizzy still wanted to claim the glory of being the first Level 100 Arclight Artificer. That required generous amounts of high grade materials that would be extremely difficult to obtain without the interpersonal connections she’d developed as Keira’s companion. Not to mention that it would be nigh-impossible for the whole world to know her name if she disappeared from the public eye.

“What about Snack?” the golem asked. “She should still remember how to impersonate Keira.”

“That actually reminds me, what’ve those two been doing this entire time?”

The monster sent a mental prod to them to find out just that.

“We are still following your instructions, Master. What else would we be doing?” Xera replied with audible confusion.

“Where are you right now?”

“Outside your house.”


“Because we followed you here after you left Fizzy’s place last night, and you haven’t left or given us other orders.”

“But I’m still inside?”

“Yes, Master,” Drea chimed in. “You’re sleeping in the bed with- Huh?”

It would appear that the webstalker finally realized something was off about the ‘Master’ she and Xera had been secretly tailing. Boxxy, on the other hand, found out that Keira was already up and about. It would appear Winston could really work quickly when he wanted to.

“I’ll explain later. For now, all you need to know is that the Keira you’ve been following isn’t me. Snack, get in there and have a look at her memories. Take extra caution not to be seen. Claws, abandon post and return to the dungeon immediately.”

With the ex-succubus as a proxy, Boxxy learned that this manufactured Hero of Chaos had all of the made-up memories that it had come up with over the years implanted into her. From the time when her nonexistent parents were killed by an Imperial guard patrol, right up until yesterday’s mental breakdown in Fizzy’s basement. Even the fictional stories and fabricated excuses Boxxy had given Rowana were in there. There were no traces of the shapeshifter or any of its schemes and wrongdoings, aside from Keira’s alleged dealings with the Sandman.

By the time morning had rolled around, all of Boxxy’s followers had been caught up on the situation and a new plan of action was formed. As part of this new agenda, the shapeshifter declared that Keira, and by extension Rowana and the house mimics, were off limits. Bill had clearly gone to great lengths to hide the truth of his Hero’s existence from everyone, including the person herself. It just seemed like a very bad idea to try and interfere with that over some misguided thirst for revenge.

The only real sticking point was the shiny magic items that Keira was supposed to have. Most notably the jeweled mithril rapier Feathersting, the Artifact-grade icy bow called Winter’s Bite, and the belt-shaped Aetherial Repository #3. Though Boxxy was willing to let go of its Facade, its greedy nature wanted to keep those three at the least. So it stole them. Well, it was more accurate to say that it had Xera walk into the house as Keira while the couple were out and about and take its rightful property back. That probably wouldn’t be how the now-genuine article saw things, but the ‘theft’ would be her problem to deal with, not Boxxy’s.

However, the shapeshifter had to give up on Bob’s instant-dungeon-generating Divine-class item since there was no way to keep that pink gemstone away from the current Hero of Chaos.

With all of that settled, Boxxy was finally ready to leave its life as a doppelganger behind. Though it hadn’t been able to gather all the information it wanted regarding its far-too-many Rank Up options, it had been able to learn just enough to make an informed decision. To summarize, the treant and wendigo options were unappetizing since they were rather basic when compared to the others. Not to mention their shapeshifting was extremely limited, which was a huge downside in Boxxy’s opinion. The greater barghest, a type of canine creature that had some speculated relation to hellhound demons, was ignored for similar reasons.

Of the more exotic options, the ancient sporelord turned out to be some kind of fungus-beast native to the jungles of Velos that controlled dead bodies with necrotic spores. The problem there was that these spores and minions were very weak to fire, and fire was a popular element among adventurers. Not only was its shapeshifting also relatively limited, but the species’ major features were deemed too easily countered, so Boxxy gave up on this.

The spirit flayer, stygian shambler, and abyssal hivemind were complete unknowns. Judging from what little the Rank Up screen revealed of their innate abilities and Skills, they seemed to be creatures that were not suited to direct confrontation. They likely relied on mental attacks, minions, stealth, or some combination of the three. While Boxxy was all for these underhanded tactics, it felt uneasy about choosing a species that was inherently lacking in the personal combat department. Even as a Warlock with three excellent familiars, it still couldn’t avoid getting directly involved in battles.

Long story short, its choices boiled down to one of three abomination variants or one of two types of queen slimes. Both were amorphous blobs with versatile shapes, but the former was made of flesh while the latter was goo. And given Boxxy’s Skill choices, the former seemed more apt than the latter. Another thing to consider was that the sheer bulk of an abomination meant it would have an HP multiplier via a new Perk, which would then get doubled by Ultimate Overachiever. Lastly, since it didn’t want to be the painful eyesore that a titanic abomination would most likely be and wasn’t nearly pious enough to make the divine variant work, that narrowed its options down to one.

After making some final preparations, such as giving its familiars their standing orders and securing a ridiculously large supply of food, Boxxy curled up in the middle of its dungeon. It locked itself inside its preferred chesty shape and began its transformation into an eldritch abomination. The significant size difference between an abomination and a doppelganger likely meant that growing into one would take a lot of time. It wasn’t sure how long, exactly, but based on past experiences it guessed it would take anywhere from several days to a few weeks. With only eighteen days to go before the Dragon Festival started, it really couldn’t delay this any longer.

A few days after the Rank Up process started, Boxxy’s body had already burst out of the wooden treasure chest it had shaped itself into. By this point in time, it was like a messy pulsating blob of bright red flesh, its surface veiny, bumpy, and moist. Xera would normally be unreasonably excited by such descriptors, but in this particular instance she found them to be somewhat repulsive. The odd stench that wafted from the mess didn’t help much, either.

At the end of the first week, Boxxy’s body had swollen to a dome of meat nearly three meters in diameter. From then on it went through dozens of cycles of it expanding outward only to shrink back down, like some form of extremely slow breathing. Ambrosia and Lavender occasionally checked on it, but mostly did their own thing. Drea, Kora, and Xera had no choice in the matter and stood watch around the clock. Jen was also there, though she seemed confident everything would turn out okay and merely killed time by training on her own. Fizzy was the only one of the group that still had social obligations and as such wasn’t free to stand by Boxxy’s side as much as she would’ve liked.

The shapeshifter inevitably completed its Rank Up without any problems. Not that much could happen to it while in the middle of its sealed-off home dungeon with numerous powerful entities guarding it. When it regained consciousness, the layer of unidentifiable red meat that it had been cocooned into burst open like a ruptured kidney. Nasty-looking yellow blood spilled all over the place with a disgusting splatter and unidentifiable screeching and hissing filled the dungeon, alerting the others to Boxxy’s awakening. They gathered in the central chamber just in time to see it rise from the mess it had created.


Rank up complete.
Congratulations! Your species has become Abomination (Eldritch).
Level up!
Congratulations, you are now a Level 1 Abomination! All Attributes +10.
The Abomination Job is now your Main Job.
Proficiency level increased. Corrupting Influence is now Level 1. INT +6. MNT +6.
Feat of strength performed! You have unlocked a new Perk: Lesser Colossal Vitality.


The creature’s appearance was not all that easy for them to parse. It was a mess of dangling limbs, its bright red flesh fluctuating and undulating constantly both in shape and hue. Thick tentacles randomly lined with eyes, teeth, blades, and spikes wiggled around in the air like nightmarish grass stalks in a hurricane. It stood on half a dozen arm-like appendages with four fingers and large yellow eyes in the palm. And right in the middle of it all was a massive maw and tongue that looked like they could easily devour an entire family of four people and two pets in a single mouthful.

Eldritch Abomination Boxxy, by dmaxcustom

Confusing biology wasn’t the only thing that made it difficult for observers to comprehend this creature, however. Though that was certainly part of it, everyone in that dungeon chamber instantly had the same sensation - that Boxxy looked somehow ‘off.’ Alien. Like it no longer belonged to this particular reality. It almost hurt to look at it. And this was a collection of battle-hardened demons and monsters, each of whom had either a natural or acquired resistance to mind-altering effects. It was highly likely that, should a commoner gaze upon the abomination, they might instantly lose their grip on sanity.

All of this was a byproduct of the inborn Skill of Boxxy’s new species.


Corrupting Influence
Description: When the mind falters, the flesh will soon follow.
Requirements: Be an Eldritch variant
Type: Active
Activation Time: 3 seconds
Cost: 1,200 MP
Range: 15 Meters
Effects: Attempts to permanently enslave the mind and corrupt the body of a target within range.
Passively reduces the mind magic resistance of all targets within range by 5% per Level of this Skill.
Passively reduces the scourge magic resistance of all targets within range by 3% per Level of this Skill.
This Skill may not be activated more than once every 24 hours.
The passive effects of this Skill are disabled during its cooldown period.


Not only did it indirectly amplify Boxxy’s already formidable mindfuckery, but it could also be used to make slaves out of its enemies. The monster had no way of knowing exactly what Corrupting Influence would do to a person without testing it out first. Based on the context, it was safe to assume that it would mutate and disfigure its victims, turning them into a twisted mockery of their former selves. It would need to experiment with this for sure, but it had a more pressing issue to take care of at the moment.


You are ravenous. Automatic HP and MP recovery are now disabled.
You are starving. You will lose 2% of your maximum HP every 60 minutes.


The monster leaped straight at the disorderly mountain of food at one end of the chamber. Nobody was sure just how much stuff was in there, but its combined weight was easily more than a ton. It wasn’t just meat, either. Fish, fruit, vegetables, baked goods - anything and everything that had nutritional value had been hoarded into one messy pile. Of course, much of it had deteriorated, dried up, or straight up rotted during the lengthy Rank Up process. That didn’t stop the ‘newborn’ abomination from indiscriminately gobbling it up, of course.

And, as was to be expected, it still wasn’t quite enough. It used its Hylt Metabolism to actively suck up the dungeon’s ambient mana to the point where the flow of magical energy could be felt like a weird breeze. Next, a pair of squid-like tentacles shot out of the whirlwind of gnashing teeth and attached themselves to Ambrosia’s teats before she could react. They began draining her nectar with such vigor that the dryad cooed loudly in delight and collapsed to her knees.

Xera, sensing a chance to serve herself to her master, eagerly dove into the feeding frenzy. Much to her own glee, she wasn’t ripped apart in an instant. What happened instead was that one of Boxxy’s limbs wrapped around her like a giant snake. It then squeezed on her hard enough to make demon blood ooze from every orifice she had, including the new ones opened up by the tooth-like barbs on the monster’s tentacle. The ex-succubus screamed in shameless pleasure as she was quite literally wrung dry of all her bodily fluids, which were used to flavor and season the half-rotted pile of food as it was still being devoured. When no more blood would come out of her, her mangled and lifeless body disappeared somewhere inside that wet mess with an audible crunch.

“Well. That was… visceral,” Fizzy mumbled in disgust.

“Yeah,” Kora nodded. “Kind of brings me back.”

“I guess.”

The scene was oddly reminiscent of the time Boxxy first became a doppelganger. The golem and the former fiend had been there for that one, too, and it had developed in much the same way. Albeit on a much smaller scale. Not the most endearing of memories, but somewhat nostalgic nonetheless. Drea had also seen it, though in her case it was from the Beyond via the Boxxy Show. Witnessing it live was a whole other experience, as she found the disgusting display of gratuitous gluttony stoked her own appetite something fierce. Jen, on the other hand, showed very little reaction. She just stood there with a rather long list of groceries, rapidly ticking off which of them Boxxy had eaten. There wasn’t any real point to this, other than slowly advancing her Scribe Job.

By the time Boxxy was done feeding itself, it had done more than completely demolish the food stockpile. The ambient magical energy was now so thin that the overhead dungeon core was starting to lose power and Ambrosia’s breasts had been drained to the point where they had visibly reduced in size by several cup sizes. The dryad herself seemed to be loving this, though. This was the first time in millenia that her bust felt so light. It was honestly quite refreshing.

“How are you feeling, Boxxy?” Fizzy stepped up to the creature.

“Incredible. Like I could eat a literal mountain.”

The voice that oozed out of the monster echoed with an unnatural reverb, almost as if it was being shouted across an unimaginable distance. It was otherwise more or less the same as Boxxy’s natural tone, if a bit deeper.

“Probably wouldn’t be very tasty, though,” it added matter-of-factly.

“Yeah, I can’t imagine dirt and rocks being all that flavorful.”

The golem allowed herself a relieved smile. She was glad to see her partner was still the same as ever. Granted, that might change as it adapted to its new species, but if its quirks and preferences survived the transformation from a mimic to a doppelganger, then they would most likely persist through this transition as well.

“How long was I out?” Boxxy asked.

“Precisely sixteen days, seven hours, eleven minutes, and ten seconds.”

Meaning that the shapeshifter had ‘slept’ through Keira’s wedding. The newlywed couple had most likely already left Azurvale for their honeymoon, but Boxxy didn’t give them more than a passing thought. It had no time to waste on those two.

Not when there were less than forty hours before the Dragon Festival was supposed to begin.


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Zeal Iskander @Zeal Iskander ago

Thanks for the chapter!

EDIT : Okay. What the fuck. 

> “And I say I want to be rid of this liability!” Boxxy immediately declared.

Yes, yes. Good phrasing, Boxxy! You're talking to Alex, the God of Randomly Generated Numbers. Best be absolutely unspecific for your IOU.

>  It just seemed like a very bad idea to try and interfere with that over some misguided thirst for revenge.

Say what? Is that our Boxxy? What happened to you? :(

... at the very least, the Keira loss isn't **that** damaging.  But still. I'd be pissed against that god if it was me. Wonder how he'll get back to him. 

> the sheer bulk of an abomination meant it would have an HP multiplier via a new Perk, which would then get doubled by Ultimate Overachiever.


Eldritch Abomination Boxxy, by dmaxcustom

Holy mother of god he's so fucking hot. That was definitively the right upgrade for him. Like whoa. Status screen in the next chapter?

+Keira's screen too? Honestly, we kinda need that, just to see which jobs Keira still retains and which jobs she's lost. For example, she definitively doesn't have Doppleganger 50. But that means she loses a whole bunch of stats.

Is she gonna be just Blade Dancer 75 / Ranger 75? Warlock makes no sense for her, Alchemist does? etc, etc.

Could she become a double Ranker with that "headstart"?

How will she react with not being as strong as she was before?

etc, etc.

> Lesser Colossal Vitality

No description for that?

> All Attributes +10.



Welp. That was a wild ride. I'll be eagerly waiting for the next chapter!

    Moridain @Moridain ago

    'Say what? Is that our Boxxy? What happened to you? Sad'
    Boxxy has always been cold blooded that way. Given an opportunity it will do thirteen types of horrific things in revenge, but if the cost looks too high it is always willing to walk away.
    It is part of what makes it so damn scary.

      Zeal Iskander @Zeal Iskander ago

      Well, someone just TOOK what basically amounts to work spanning 3 years of his life. A wealth of influence, connexions, etc. And he doesn't usually react well to people TAKING his stuff.

      Surprised his facade only amounts to "more than a passing thought".

      Then again, maybe Sylvain did something to him to prevent him from freaking out. Who knows...

      zLuckySe7en @zLuckySe7en ago

      Yeah, it felt odd knowing that Boxxy just shrugged off the fact all his effort was stolen like that... I’m kinda hoping Boxxy fucks over Ernest somehow, just to get a little petty revenge lol

      Moridain @Moridain ago

      Yeah, the disassocation Boxxy mentions is likely more powerful than it realises. It just doesn't seem to feel enough emotional attachment to the original fascade.

      Revenge or trying to get it back is just too costly though. Boxxy has seen enough not to want to get Yadriel the Bonesthrower on its ass without a very good reason.

      Zeal Iskander @Zeal Iskander ago

      Perhaps, but not even thinking about it / complaining afterward? Definitively weird.

      Wickian @Wickian ago

      Boxxy likely realized that now that it isn't the Hero of Chaos, making an enemy out of said god is a bad idea considering it already made an enemy out of another goddess and isn't viewed very fondly by multiple others. It decided to take back all of it's valuable material possessions and write off the facade as a loss.

      I still think that there's more to this split than just the God of Chaos enjoying the novelty of a popular Hero though and it has something to do with what happened to that zombie continent and his plans for Kiera and Boxxy concerning it.

      Either way, when they inevitably have to fight many chapters from now I fully expect Boxxy to say in it's new deep voice, "No Kiera, I AM your parent."

      Colin Mentel @Colin Mentel ago

      Boxxy knows some sercerts that would cause the world to flip, so they just need to find and release the Monster Gods, and make it well known

      Cap'nSmurfy @Cap'nSmurfy ago

      Remember the point of the fascade was too level up it's doppelganger abilities. Now that it's ranked up Boxy doesn't really need it. At the the end of the day, Boxxy is a monster, social connections are of minimal value to it. Really anything it can get by knowing someone it could probably take for itsled or just pretend to be the Sandman again.

      AndragonLea @AndragonLea ago

      That might actually have been intentional. When splitting the two our Goddess of things stuck in cupboards might have used "get rid of this liability" as an excuse to get rid of any feelings of possessiveness, making Boxxy less likely to seek revenge or repossess its previous position once done.

      That was really a very badly worded favour to ask for if you don't wanna be messed with - though it might work out better for Boxxy than trying to get its own back vs. pure Chaos.

      lightningLarry @lightningLarry ago

      Also he migh just be waiting for after the Dragon festival to enact revenge. I imagine he'll probably see Keira as more a resource then an enemy though, no need to kill her when he can blackmail/threaten/enslave her into getting things for him.

      Yakosh @Yakosh ago

      Or just chat with her. She's familiar with Sandman.

      Szu @Szu ago

      I just think its author fiat rather than anything else. Its not written that badly but not the best way to go about it for sure. Burning your IOU to screw yourself.

      Jakaal @Jakaal ago

      @Szu it's not screwing itself, it's getting clear of a shitstorm it was about done with anyway. Not long ago Boxxy was thinking of literally just walking away from the facade but didn't want to waste it's efforts. Thus with a decent reason (distancing itself from it's divine mindrape offspring), it recovered the crap it cared about and bounced.

      Evrin @Evrin ago

      Boxxy is greedy, yes. He's also petty and spares nothing to have his revenge. But above all, he's a survivor. Yeah, he lost a TON in this twist. But the one at fault is a God.

      Doing something that is sure to upset a God, one who Boxxy is aware would be more than happy to smite him for kicks and giggles, is the last thing Boxxy would ever do.

      Not for all the shinies in the world.

      Besides. He could always play the role of the "Sandman" to extort Keira of shinies. After all, she's not all that bright and he knows all her secrets.

      bahexodus @bahexodus ago


      I disagree with Boxxy losing a TON as you put it... Boxxy mostly just lost it's perks & skills related to being a hero of which the only part Boxxy really didn't want to lose was the eyes of the death god. The vast bulk of it's shinies are in the home dungeon which is still very much in Boxxy's posssesion. The few magic shinies Boxxy lost to keira were promptly stolen back by xera disguised as keira and as for the house mimics Boxxy no longer had any use for them since it already got what it wanted from them. The loss of the connections from having the keira Facade is debatable as to how much importance Boxxy actually attached to them, conveinent sure but Boxxy has always had other ways of getting what it wants. Fizzy was the one who gained more from the influence and connections of the keira facade and Fizzy still has access to them for as long as she can play buddy buddy with the 'new' keira. In fact a different way to look at it is Boxxy has gained from it as Boxxy no longer has to waste a significant amount of time & energy maintaining the keira facade but still gets to use the connections it needs through Fizzy or the Sandman persona

      ChaosMage175 @ChaosMage175 ago

      I don't think his effort was stolen. His only goal was to use Kiera to get to 50 Doppelganger, which he did. The connections would have no doubt been tasty, but as soon as Boxxy maxed out Doppelganger he succeeded in his goal and Kiera had fulfilled her purpose.

      xvan @xvan ago

      He asked for a god intervention.

      The IOU didn't say it came without price.

      Tho i'm really disappointed of Fred's intervention. It goes against all that he stand's for.

      I'm guessing he went on damage control mode, because hero boxy would be unstoppable.

      bahexodus @bahexodus ago


      Boxxy having the hero title stripped doesn't make Boxxy any less lethal... stripping the hero title has zero effect on Boxxy's stats all it does is take away 5 skills and 4 perks, that's all. None of the perks were useful in any real way as the perks grant the holder a skill/skills, apart from 'Hero Killer' which was just a badge of honour and gave Boxxy no benefits. The vengence skill with Boxxy's new health multiple will be very hard to use most of the time since Boxxy need at least 5% or more of it's health to be lost within 5 seconds before it is usable. The only skill that was used often (on purpose) by Boxxy was the Eyes of the death god, useful to have but doesn't make Boxxy any less unstoppable. In a way GoC has done Boxxy a favour because now Boxxy can do whatever it wants without having to think about maintaining it's facade.

      Tokata @Tokata ago

      Also, if he wanted, hero murdering spree without public announcements^^

      Buuut, I imagine kade could be a bit of a problem, if she acts weird around kira, since she still thinks its boxy?

      Moridain @Moridain ago

      Kaede has Eyes of the Death God, so she will know it isn't boxxy immediately. Whether she will maintain the friendship or not is another question, though I doubt it. Boxxy was her teacher and guide, Keira only thinks she was.

      RabidMushroom @RabidMushroom ago

      I suspect that boxxy will find a way to get rid of the pysical mutations Inherent to its new skill then take over keira again, or at the very least boxxy will try it

      Nnelg @Nnelg ago

      I think Kadae will get along very well with new Keira, as she was the closest thing Kadae had to a friend even back when she was still fictional.

    ArmmaH @ArmmaH ago

    Exactly my thoughts when I read that line... You would think that Boxxy would have known better, but I guess the overall ending was the best we could ask with the Keira stuff. He now has a lot of influence through her as the Sandman still and the liabilities are not a worry anymore. Any other way of getting rid of her would be either boring since we had a loooong time of the beastkin and her annoying elf if Boxxy continued with preserving its facade or it would make him enemies and raise questions if she were to just disappear one day. This seems to be by far the best option, since he doesn't need the dopper lvls anymore.

      Zeal Iskander @Zeal Iskander ago

      Oh, right, Sandman! He's still there I guess. Mh. I guess he still has some amount of influence, though she has eyes of chaos, so he can't really meet with her now as Sandman.


      ... that and the Dragon Festival from which he might not return...

      zLuckySe7en @zLuckySe7en ago

      Eyes of the Dead God* — but is it really on Keira though? Or was it just taken from Boxxy?

      Truthfully, I don’t think Keira deserves that Hero Skill. I could argue for the one she got from Teresa’s hero, but the skill from the Hero of Death was something she could have never gotten without Boxxy’s skill set imho

      ArmmaH @ArmmaH ago

      I am certain that since she was created from scratch, even with fiction memories and godly magic, she would be a blank hero, with the default powers given to her from GoC. I doubt GoC would be able to copy the powers of other gods for his new hero. If that was the case than all new heroes would retain all the variations of powers their predesessors have won through clash of fate. My bet is the other two powers are just lost, when the title was taken from Boxxy.

      MalcolmR @MalcolmR ago

      Also it is an good chance that Frank can't giver Keria those skills, it depends on ho much was taken from Boxy, it did not lose those skills, it just no longer have accses to them as it does not quilefy to have them. If it ever where to convince an God to make it an Hero again it who'd get back the stolen skills, not the chaos skills as those where given not taken.

      Also the whole hero of death killings where an result of the confrontation in Ambrosia, and that was an result of the unholy wealth ritual so Keira did not have anything to do with that part. So who'd be hard to explain why she have those, espesialey when they are not public knowlage (I think).

      99Bigbear @99Bigbear ago

      I agree that Eyes of the Dead God would be something that Keira can't currently obtain because Boxxy killed the death god's chosen not Keira. The vengeance ability from the truth goddess' chosen should be eligible for Keira as the facade of her killed him. And she would have memories of that moment...

      bahexodus @bahexodus ago


      True but can GoC give the skill & perk related to the hero of justice to Keira as that belongs to Boxxy for it's actions and GoC can only give hero skills related to Chaos, as mentioned in earlier post - in effect GoC has created a new hero and as a new hero they only have access to the basic set of skills from their god in this case chaos.


      RWXR @RWXR ago

      Actually its almost certain that Angela kept Sandman in Keira's memories, since everyone knows they are "colleages" and likely Keira can't remember Boxxy. So Boxxy can still interact with the "authorities" and Keira in a way -- and so can Fizzy.

      So give it time and we will probably get to see them interact again.

      JOAT @JOAT ago

      What Im curious about is the triplets. Kiera facade had some responsibility regarding them and the trips know things.

    almighty xen @almighty xen ago

    > “And I say I want to be rid of this liability!” Boxxy immediately declared.

    Yes, yes. Good phrasing, Boxxy! You're talking to Alex, the God of Randomly Generated Numbers. Best be absolutely unspecific for your IOU.

    I don't think it would have made a difference. After all, Candice casually broke a god rule to realize Keira. Hell, there was at least a decent chance that Dormin would have called Boxxy (and guest) to his divine realm without even being prompted.

    Unassuming Mimic @Unassuming Mimic ago

    Boxxy was once reminded of his own mortality


    RWXR @RWXR ago

    Neat way of dealing with the now-unneccesary Rowana and all that without having to actually kill off Keira OR Rowana. (and facing the fandom backlash) Keira was a lot of fun though. Of course with her losing all the hidden advantages she is just a non-VIP ranger/dancer, she was never a Warlock or even a Wizard. Now she also has lost her main weapons.

    I mean he doesn't need the persona, even if he didn't want to give it up. Still sorta surprised you are writing Henry out of the direct story. Essense concealment's loss has to hurt though.

      bahexodus @bahexodus ago


      So wrong with just the ranger/dancer thing it has been well established that Keria was a ranger/blade dancer/articifer/wizard and alchemist - Nao helped keira 'get started' with being a wizard and Rowana helped Keira with being an alchemist and it's long been established that keira is Fizzy's pupil to be an artificer. I do agree it doesn't stop Keira from being unimportant now that the persona has her own life and isn't one of Boxxy's facade.

      Evrin @Evrin ago

      Speaking of Nao's relationship with Keira: what's going to happen regarding the triplets? If they want to meet up with their "Dad" again, they'll have to meet up with Boxxy instead of Keira. They didn't handle Boxxy's unmasking too well the first time, I don't imagine they'll be able to handle Boxxy 2.0 - Nightmare Edition.

      MalcolmR @MalcolmR ago

      Nope they know there dad as one of the sandman's familiars.

Sydorow @Sydorow ago

Supposed to be studying but ok

ArmmaH @ArmmaH ago

Thanks for the chapter.

The mask fall was nice, I was bored of Keira stuff for a long time now...

I am a bit disappointed with the rank up. I guess I hyped myself a bit too much, the first skill of the abonimation is not very impressive either. And the doppler ultimate skill was a bit underwhelming too after all the wait and hype. I was expecting that Boxxy would receive the missing part that would sync all of his strong points and negate most of his weaknesses. I mean, imagine Fizzy with those overpowered points, she would be so much more powerful than Boxxy is right now. Just feels like a waste, I expected all of that to be solved with one rank up, but on the other thought it would have been too easy, I guess?

I think Boxxy will get there sooner or later, especially since author hinted multiple times on the importance of the well rounded skills and synchronized advantages that multiply each others effects. Will be looking forward to that.


I am guessing the next step for Boxxy is to learn how to hide his presence from deities? The boxxy show is effectively canceled now, right?

    sir chicken @sir chicken ago

    Cmon man, his first skill is awsome! He can just waltz into a village or town->revert into his true form and BOOM a village/town worth of cannonfodder.

      ArmmaH @ArmmaH ago

      What use is 15m radius cannon fodder? Even if they are given a bit of a boost, still useless. Its just one more versatile option to do a thing he already can do in some other form or can live without anyway, its not something to get excited about, just one more regular ability in his sea of stuff. Only the perk is OP since it stacks with his legendary overachiever, aside from it he didn't gain much from the rank up.

      From my perspective he has done a lot of crazy and mindblowing deads, he should be qualified for rare rank up options, which should be OP on their own. While right now, the eldritch abonimation by itself is something of a normal rank up for a regular doppelganger. Nothing impressive (without his already present 'legendary overachiever').

      bahexodus @bahexodus ago


      Boxxy could start collect it's own personal army of permanently enslaved vip's though, once the skill has been maxed it's effects for success become very tasty and add on the perk for legendary mental fortitude and even vip's are unlikely to resist falling to Boxxy's brainwashing the only question is how will the bodies be corrupted?

      BlazeCell @BlazeCell ago

      Two points on Corrupting Influence:

      - 5% reduced mind magic resistance on all others within range per level. Assuming this skill can go to level 10, that's 50%. Then if that value is doubled by Boxxy's ultimate...

      - 15 meter range appears to apply to the passive effects and the activation. I'd presume that once someone is enslaved, they can leave said range without immediate loss of enslavement.

      Both of those effects are potent by themselves. Together? I'd say that skill qualifies as OP.

      bahexodus @bahexodus ago


      The skill says permanently enslaved meaning leaving the range makes no difference if the target falls victim to the skill, the range is just the limit for choosing a target and the passive effests.

      DrSupbro @DrSupbro ago

      I don't think people realize just how overpowered Boxxy is about to start becoming. He now has a level 1 main job which is open to lots of new abilities, and his Legendary Overachiever perk is probably one of the strongest things out there. Since this new form of his seems to be all about inducing insanity and being slick while also ridiculously powerful I would say that the skills we will see with double effectiveness will make Boxxy quite a threat.

      Nash Equilibrium @Nash Equilibrium ago

      Also, did you see the stats of that level 1 skill? 12 stat points per level is pretty insane for any skill, and if it's his new job's 1st level skill that implies all sorts of awesomeness in his coming levels.

      As a side note though, I'm pretty sure legendary overachiever only doubles perk effects, not skill effects. So while it will double his lesser colossal vitality perk, it won't affect his corrupting influence skill.

    Nnelg @Nnelg ago

    No way is Larry going to stop snooping on Boxxy, although perhaps not 24/7 anymore. Also, the Demon King could carry on with reproducing events from its familiars' memories.

    Zeal Iskander @Zeal Iskander ago

    > the doppler ultimate skill was a bit underwhelming too

    What are you smoking lol, it let him basicallly unlock the x2 bonus on everything.

    > I am a bit disappointed with the rank up.

    Have you seen what he looks like????

    > The boxxy show is effectively canceled now, right?

    Mah, it's Rupert. Who knows, maybe it's still going on.

      DrSupbro @DrSupbro ago

      His rank up will likely rely on insanity, deceit, and slaughter. That hp modifier will work nicely with his build.

      I'd say the demons will be annoyed at the God of Chance and want Boxxy back, possibly putting the center back on him if that's even doable. Might not be because of the Eldritch and all that, but that makes things more interesting.

      Whether or not Boxxy is still #1 in the eyes of the God of Chaos isn't really known (since he could have 'betrayed' Boxxy to rid him of his ties to the city so he could go off to the Dragon Festival without worry), but I think the whole Keira thing will work itself out.

      Plus, we'll get to see Boxxy become insanely OP after he slays an elder dragon. It was foreshadowed many chapters ago but I remember it clearly.

      Long live the Box God.

      Sergit @Sergit ago

      >Plus, we'll get to see Boxxy become insanely OP after he slays an elder dragon. It was foreshadowed many chapters ago but I remember it clearly.

      What if he doesn't slay an Elder Deagon, but rather, enslaves one? Or, a few of them? A bunch of enslaved Elder dragons could be very deadly.

      MasterSmoores @MasterSmoores ago

      My prediction for how it’ll work itself out:

      The whole reason that the GoC chose Boxxy as his/her/it’s hero was because of Boxxy super chaotic disposition even without the official skill. Boxxy did crazy, random, and unpredictable or statistically impossible stuff all the time, like the time he accidentally sent his status screen to a completely random person who just happened to be the GoC. The GoC is about to remember why he/she/it chose Boxxy in the first place when Keira becomes boring and predictable now that Boxxy isn’t in her anymore. The show will keep following Keira since she is the hero of chaos now and all of the past hero’s have been the stars of the show, but that means that the demons will all get bored too and start to complain. Eventually the GoC will fire Keira and beg Boxxy to come back who will use the opportunity to negotiate for one or two IOUs in return.

      On the other hand, if Boxxy’s soul was used as a template then maybe Keira will be chaotic too and some other turn of events will make Boxy a hero again somehow.

      Nash Equilibrium @Nash Equilibrium ago

      I think either you're correct in that prediction, or this whole thing is a ploy by Lenoy to set up something in the future (or, mundanely, perhaps just to get Boxxy to not choose the Divine Abomination rank up). We've seen many times over that Jane chooses heroes very peculiarly, and he really likes how Boxxy operates. Changing to a new (predictable!) hero due to something as simple as popularity (something Crumblesnaff notably has avoided garnering due to fear of what she might do) strikes me as either a bait and switch, or something more ominous.

      RedoneAgain @RedoneAgain ago

      The keira thing has already worked itself out, she has no idea boxxy exists and boxxy doesn't care about her.

      ArmmaH @ArmmaH ago

      > What are you smoking lol, it let him basicallly unlock the x2 bonus on everything.

      He would've gotten it sooner or later, most likely he would be able to get it before the isle events too, so I would not attribute that broken title/perk to his ultimate.

      > Have you seen what he looks like????

      So what? Arms looks awesome too, but it doesn't change the fact that she is not as brutally strong.

      Zeal Iskander @Zeal Iskander ago

      > He would've gotten it sooner or later, most likely he would be able to get it before the isle events too

      Clearly not, lol.

      Tokata @Tokata ago

      have you considered he could amp himself to minic level luck levels?^^

      znaeb @znaeb ago

      more ominous as becoming a god of order?

      ArmmaH @ArmmaH ago


      > have you considered he could amp himself to minic level luck levels?

      The title clearly stated that he can not manipulate 'personal' attributes, so no, he can't.

      @Zeal Iskander

      > Clearly not, lol.

      He never had problem of gaining attributes, his only problem ever was gaining attributes too fast with the power creep and all that, so he would sooner or later get the ultimate overachiever perk, the ultimate was a shortcut. That perk is the most overpowered thing he has right now, while his ultimate doesn't even enter the top 5, and considering it is the most hyped and the second most hard to get thing he has, it is lackluster.

      bahexodus @bahexodus ago


      You are right about gaining attributes not being a problem for Boxxy sometimes proving to occur too rapidly but only for it's physical and mental attributes. The luck attribute mostly rose with Boxxy's mimic and Doppelganger jobs and the occasional lucky result from cadaver absorption skill which as far as I can tell Boxxy has stopped using due to the power creep issues that will result from it's use.

      Considering Boxxy had to use 200 points of Charisma to raise it's luck level to Legendary status it is very unlikely that Boxxy could have gotten the perk before the dragon festival as you stated which is what @Zeal Iskander was pointing out. You're right that Boxxy would get there eventually but your earlier comment about it being possible before the isles event would be false since without Essence Shift it would take a much lengthier period of time compared to when the dragon festival begins.

      I do agree about Boxxy's ultimate seeming a little lackluster but where was it written that all ultimate skills give hugh power up benefits you only need to look at Arisha Nightriver's ultimate 'Ethereal Vintage' to know that not all ultimates are created equal. You could also take Edward the spymaster's ultimate as an example, it was useful but not to overpowering. In fact I would argue that in some ways Boxxy's ultimate is just as useful if not more so than the ultimates that others have it is just disappointing compared to the overall awesomnous that is Boxxy T. Morningwood.


      ArmmaH @ArmmaH ago


      I can agree with that line of logic.


    iamnotthiscat @iamnotthiscat ago

    "The boxxy show is effectively canceled now, right?"

    Given that Drea watches him eating his post advancement snack & Snack on it I'd say the show is still on. He does still have a connection to the demon realm through his warlock class.

    Edit: oops never mind, that was a reference to his evolution to doppelganger, she did see this one live.  I still suspect we'll get more Boxxy show, possibly with the Keira show as a competing program.

Longshot15 @Longshot15 ago

It's great to see Boxxy finally Rank Up and I don't mind it leaving it's facade behind, but honestly, this chapter left a bad taste in my mouth regarding Twitchy.
Don't get me wrong, we already knew he could revoke Boxxy's status and take way its Hero powers at whim. And that's fine. But creating a new Keira and having her take over everything it had amassed for the persona really rubbed me wrong. Even if it was going to drop the character anyway, there's something fundamentally messed up about taking all those things away from the one who worked hard to acquire them and giving them to a brand new person of your own creation for self serving reasons. For someone who complained so loudly about others cheating, GoC just pulled a major hack. Hypocrite indeed.

    woodzrox @woodzrox ago

    Yeah, I agree. I honestly feel betrayed by GoC. Damn Exterminatus and their excellent writing pulling me into the story!

      Killzone @Killzone ago

      Mmmmm, you could also call it crap writing...

      maraud3r @maraud3r ago

      I agree. Some of the plot twists were neat, this one is not. It's basically cheating the MC out of a bunch of things to try and force the plot in a new direction. All the stuff Boxxy accumulated, the rewards it earned? Gone. Stuff way beyond just the Hero titles. It feels like the story jumped the Shark here because Exterminatus wrote himself into a corner.

      qwormuli @qwormuli ago

      Wait, seriously? This was amazing! We might be here for differing reasons, but still, can't you but be even a little bit impressed by this stroke of derailing a stagnating plot direction into a completely new direction, while shaking up the entirety of cast relations and borders of personal politics in a single concise and well based turn of events? I mean, you're this envenomed by a nebulously defined loss(?) to a fictional character just because of the pure immersiveness of the twists and turns of this story.

      I still think, that you'll grow to appreciate these setbacks and shakeups in time, but what do i know?

      FDrybob @FDrybob ago

      Are you really that surprised that the God of Chaos is doing something that you didn't expect?


      RWXR @RWXR ago

      Would you have preferred that Rowana got eaten and he walked away? It was obvious for quite some time that Rowie was only useful for XP. KEIRA was intersting.. Rowie just got in the way as an obstacle. Once he ranked up it was only a matter of time.

      I would not even mind a Keira side story. Keira the "scares the pants off everyone" Ranger/Dancer. I would also suggest that boosting the intensity of Agent of Chaos since she is directly a construct of Mikey now would fit. In fact I sorta expect some sort of plotline to follow up on the Triplets and all the stuff involved there. (should be a whole passel of Teresa's grandkids coming along soon, after all)

      ArmmaH @ArmmaH ago

      This turn of events was expected the moment Boxxy threatened GoC to get the 'IOU'. You should expect that he would dump Boxxy a moment he had the opportunity, and a public figure so close to double VIP status and such a huge net of connections is more than most other gods have. I mean, compare Keira to any other hero alive, she hasa everyone outdone either by the support of people and reputation, personal strength (even with her 75 lvl professions), connections or skills.

    Zeal Iskander @Zeal Iskander ago

    What's even more surprising to me is that the god of randomness decided that *Keira* of all people was more suited in being his Hero of Chaos than Boxxy.

    Imo, that indicates that Boxxy is becoming suddenly less interesting for Gregor... which has **definitively** something to do with the Dragon Festival.


    I wonder if something will happen to Boxxy there? Or if thats just because Boxxy just "reverted" to a purely combat-oriented specie?


      Almarna @Almarna ago

      maybe Chaui just wanted Kiera on the all hero team

      zLuckySe7en @zLuckySe7en ago

      Didn’t Bob choose Keira because he said he liked his hero being known and worshipped, something which he found novel and appreciated. I doubt that if Boxxy was still Hero of Chaos, that Willy will still get the same worship from the world, considering Boxxy is not quite as likeable as Keira (y’know, since one’s a cute cat girl, while the other is a murder-hobo psychopath lol)

      I’m a little salty he lost Eyes of the Dead God and Judgment (I think it was? From Teresa’s hero), since I doubt ‘Keira’ would have ever gotten those, if not for Boxxy.

      Zeal Iskander @Zeal Iskander ago

      > he liked his hero being known and worshipped

      true, but the main reason he chose Boxxy in the first place was because it brought chaos wherever it went. It doesn't seem like Kiera would be better than him on that point.

      Also, kindahope they remove the Boxxy show, now that he's not the Hero of Chaos anymore... but we all know that won't happen, lol.

      MalcolmR @MalcolmR ago

      A lot of the readers have noted Keira where geting boring, why could not an God think that to? If Lisa concluded that having boxy continue with holding the Keira persona it who'd be less interesting than if it splitt it into two people so that boxy is free to do interesting suff and Keira could do something else interesting at the same time?

      DrSupbro @DrSupbro ago

      I'm not sure but it's already been foreshadowed rather blatantly that Boxxy would kill an elder dragon and pretty much steal a crap ton of loot from the festival. Maybe the 'betrayal' is just a way to make sure Boxxy doesn't need attachments to the area and can go off to the Dragon Festival in order to become more ridiculously overpowered.

      Almarna @Almarna ago

      hey its free real estate

    aive @aive ago

    this isnt first time Boxxy fucked over by GoC... should have learned from previous results

      maraud3r @maraud3r ago

      Unless GoC turns out to be ultimately the villain and gets some serious consequences, which I doubt then this one is way more egregious and makes huge swaths of the story so far entirely pointless because it negated any acquisitions and progress made so Exterminatus can force the plot along.

      znaeb @znaeb ago

      GoC could be influenced by Kiera and become the god of order. We already know the hero influences the god.

    Moridain @Moridain ago

    I have a suspition that he did it mostly due to Boxxys own wording. It said ''get rid of this liability'.

    What if, with its perspective of future events, it considers the Hero of Chaos title, skills and the Keira personas to be liabilities? And it followed it words to the letter by getting rid of them?

    After all, all of it only exists due to GoC granting the titles and things, so if they would be detrimental in future then removing them would be 'removing the liabilities'. Wink

    ArmmaH @ArmmaH ago

    Well GoC had lost control over its hero and had to manipulate him in doing things he wanted, like he does with anyone else, so what's in there for him? He can do it even if Boxxy is not his familiar to the same degree.

    What I am more interested about is can he actually calculate the possibilities and take into account the variables that are hidden from him? Like the demon fox guy who can himself from the gods vision, he should be hidden from GoC's calculations too, right? So the next logical step for Boxxy is to learn the trick.

      Tdmc @Tdmc ago

      Would the factor of things hidden from his sight be why it’s “only” around a 75% chance? I’m sure they counted that stuff and it just worked out that no matter what the chance is still high

      ArmmaH @ArmmaH ago

      I would assume the hidden things just have 0 influence on his predictions, so if its 75% its that WITHOUT the interference of the things he cannot calculate. You can't calculate something you do not know about, right?

    MisterX96 @MisterX96 ago

    You're trying to comprehend the GoC by what he is doing and not the repercursions of his actions.

    He literally calculates 1million steps ahead, this makes no sense to us but the GoC knows stuff we dont.


CrimsonWarden @CrimsonWarden ago

Thanks for the chapter.

I'm also in the camp of sad thats sad because Boxxy's no longer a hero. But now he's free to enact genocide again.

    Riger @Riger ago

    Im curious about the house mimics. Minic and a few others followed Boxxy, not Keira.

      Dyneamaeus @Dyneamaeus ago

      This is an excellent point. Actually, there are a lot of things in "Keira's" life that wouldn't hold up without Boxxy. I doubt she has a pheremone control skill to keep Rowana strung along with. Are they going to have a falling out as she slowly kicks Boxxy's mind control? Without Boxxy's Familiars, massive stats, or MLG to give her the 360 awareness needed to be the 'Crimson Lotus' isn't she kind of doomed? Didn't Boxxy usually use tentacles instead of Keira's body for Artificer work? Does she have wierd tentacle muscle memory now? Gods, since Boxxy spent time and resources as Keira researching it, does she remember having a 'honeydew' addiction? What about the Rank-up investigations? Better yet, did Dorothea throw a way to actually contact the Sandman into her memories? How does she feel about the Sandman? What's the current Hero of Death going to think about all this? What about the other gods? You just know Kora's going to say something about it to the Great Naked One. Wait, Does she remember the Triplet's origin or does she just think of it as another 'Hero of Chaos' thing? Is it even possible to be pulled into as many adventurous shenanigans as Boxxy pretended to? Or is Kiera going to suddenly have a mess load of downtime and not know why?

      I have so many questions.

      Riger @Riger ago

      I remember that one of the 'perks' of being the Hero of Chaos was being dragged into random events pretty constantly. I'm curious if Keira will even be able to survive some of them. Even Boxxy had a pretty difficult time with a few of the HoC hijinks.

      Keira actually did do artificer crafting as Keira often enough to take the test as her. If it hadn't fallen apart the way it did, Keira would have succeeded.

      I can't remember if the current Hero of Death knew about Boxxy. But she did know the Sandman and said he helped her overcome her aversion to her own ugly face. As well as telling the immensely powerful ancestor of hers the same. So that shouldn't get in the way of their relationship. Remember, Stain and Boxxy were both doing shapeshifter charades with her.

      I'm curious about the MLG thing, though. Its quite possible that Chaos would give her something similar. Otherwise he may lose his Hero rather quickly with the sheer amount of fuckery the HoC gets into.

      In Rowena's case, her memeories may keep them together. Or her loneliness, since she lost most of her family. The whole facade of getting together with Rowena started with finding a desperate and lonely person, afterall. Boxxy explained it to the other doppleganger.

      MagiciansBlack @MagiciansBlack ago

      Kaede knows that Keira is actually named Boxyy because of her Eyes of the Dead God skill and was smart enough to not antagonize her/it. Don't know if she knows that Sandman is named Boxxy too, because Kaede got the skill after her training period with him was over and I don't think they saw each other ever since. She probably wouldn't talk about Sandman in a positive light to the Double Ranker Lady if she knew he was a monster, even if drunk.

      Evrin @Evrin ago

      It would be ironic if Keira died shortly after splitting from Boxxy due to being less capable of handling Rembrandt's fun little surprises.

      She isn't nearly as unkillable as Boxxy after all.

      It'd be funny if Boxxy were reinstated as a Hero after her demise.

      Fnord13 @Fnord13 ago

      First the "new" Kiera is the daughter of both Boxxy and the God of Surprising Plot Twists. She might be somewhat different from what she seemed to be before, but there is no reason to expect she will either be weak or boring.

      Second, the other Gods may well be relieved that Boxxy is no longer Hector's Hero, because they have to be somewhat concerned about how dangerous Boxxy is becoming to their followers. At least they now know "Kiera" is unlikely to betray their heroes trust in the way Boxxy could easily have done.

      Third, Boxxy was described by Sally as being too "selfless" to take over the continent. Is Keira now selfless enought to take on a major political role? Is that why the fact that she is so popular with the enlightened population is important?

      Fourth, I'm interested in how Keira's relationship with Fizzy will develop. Even though Fizzy isn't sure she will still like Kiera, Keira does have enormous respect for Fizzy, and this should appeal to Fizzy's narcisstic personality. And Fizzy's loyalty to the Goddess of Uncertainty gives he another strong incentive to help Kiera.

      Fifth, how badly does Lucky need a new Demon Lord of Greed? If he does need one soon, then Keira is the Hero who is going to have to kill Boxxy to get its soul to Susan.

      borndl @borndl ago

      We don't say, that Kiera is weak. But she is missing more than half of her stats. (Warlock, Doppelgänger, Mimic and all the absorbed stats).

      She is probably nearly as strong as a VIP, but boxy was even befor the rank up stronger than a VIP. Now he is most likely in the reach of a doppel VIP. Kiera has no chance of winning. Also she will have more problems, if the chaotic events will stay at the boxy difficulty. (She is strong, boxy was stronger and he survived some of them only barely)

no168_92 @no168_92 ago

Thanks for the tasty treat :)


I hope we can see Boxxy new character sheet soon... at the very least, the stats/perk one..

for the none vengeance part, maybe Boxxy was subconciously promised an overlord seat, plus self preserverance kicking in, since it never ends well when you mess with a hero? 


on another note, what about his sandman facade and keira perception on him? did keira's memory got edited also?

but now since she got the dead eye ability, its imposible to trick her, even with jen's scribe skill i think...


one question, most enlightened gets their ulti when a job class reach 100 right? so a 2nd one would give the 2nd ulti, so for a monster, how does that differ?

Boxxy's 50/50 mimic/creeper gives him the 1st ulti, so second one would be eld abo at 100 or a job at 100...?

    Tdmc @Tdmc ago

    From what I’ve understood based on the story, monsters rank up from their racial job, thus while they can pick up ultimate skills from classes should they reach 100 it at most would just unlock more rankup options, on the other hand enlightened are entirely based upon their jobs meaning an enlightened needs 2 maxed jobs to double rankup and monsters need a total of 200 levels in their monster jobs to double rankup, the classes outside of that are bonuses at best

      Blankdom @Blankdom ago

      Level 100 for ultimate skills; as for rank ups, it's similar to Enlightened's job breakthroughs, where it'd be at each 25 increments, at least for monster races anyways. Ex. Boxxy ranked-up from a Lesser Mimic to a Greater Mimic at level 25, Greater to Doppel at 50, Doppel to Hylt Creeper at 75.

      Enlightened Races rank up at level 100 of one of their jobs, but otherwise have to 'breakthrough' at each level 25.

    Banarok Lionrage @Banarok Lionrage ago

    basically keira is her facade now, so the only shady dealings she've had have been with sandman, who is the very definition of shady and he's not going anywhere either so the hero of chaos and the sandman still have a "working" relationship, at least as long as it's profitable.

    bahexodus @bahexodus ago

    Has anyone else thought that there is now an continuity error since Boxxy now has 9 jobs when the max has always been 8? Boxxy only lost his Hero related perks all the jobs have been retained.


    Dopp/Hylt Creeper

    Eldritch Abomination




    Blade Dancer



Moridain @Moridain ago


That wasn't as bad I expected it to go. In a weird way, Gerome the Dice Rigger was fairly kind in how it did that, not cutting away and gifting stuff from boxxy to Keira, but spinning up copies of skills, a body and the like. The loss of the Hero of Chaos stuff sucks, but that was always his to give or take.

I do agree with Boxxy that the skills she earned by beating other Heros shouldn't have gone with it though, they were hers by right of conquest. I also agree though that Michael the Cardshark could give to fucks about whats fair and we can take a flying jump onto a horses member.

Pretty curious what Boxxys new 'facade' is going to be though. Does it intend to default to Sandman from now on? Far harder to fanservice over a big cloaked musclehead, compared to a cute catgirl.

And any good feelings I had for Keira went away when she became a seperate individual. /shrug

    Almarna @Almarna ago

    yes a,djgbiu could have decided that since Kiera was the ranger/artificer/blade dancer/wizard that those jobs would be entirely hers

      Superstrijder15 @Superstrijder15 ago

      > a,djgbiu

      Did you just mash the keyboard for that name? Never seen a name with a , in it before

      bahexodus @bahexodus ago

      On a different note would Keira be able to progress any more in the Artificer job as that was Boxxy's job before the Keira persona was ever conceived and the later levels are driven by the creativity of the Artificer which would be the devious mind of Boxxy not Keira.

      Moridain @Moridain ago

      Also don't forget that boxxy rarely practiced artificer skills as a humanoid, instead using it shifter tricks. Keira is going to find crafting stuff a lot more awkward than she remembers.

      Fnord13 @Fnord13 ago

      What makes you think the new Keira isn't creative? In a real sense she is Boxxy's daughter. It has clearly taught her a lot. In the second to last chapter, Keira was able, during her talk with the heroes, to come up with all kinds of different ways their plans could go wrong.

      Moridain @Moridain ago

      Keira is creative enough, what she lacks is the shapeshifting shenanigans that Boxxy used to gain its crazy amounts of proficiency so swiftly. Even if Bilbo the Nuttjuggler gave her memories of using fleshy hands to do the work she will never be able to manage it as quickly or precisely as Boxxy did. Remember even Fizzy was stunned and impressed when she saw Boxxy working the first time.

    cyotas @cyotas ago

    I don't think that's even possible. He removed the Hero part of boxxy and ripped his 'keira' soul part out to give to the (BLEEP).

    I think he masked his rulebreak by saying he simply removed the hero out of boxxy. If he tried to go further and rip job soul parts then it would be easy to trace back to him.

    ShadowSnake @ShadowSnake ago

    He dosent even need to make a Facade anymore, the only reason he did so before, was that the doppler race didnt focus on combat instead they focused on blending into populations. So he can now be his murderus-hobo self all the time while destroying the minds of all who come after him, and all who lay before him.

ToxicGhost @ToxicGhost ago

Will be getting a Keira spin off full of adorableness and hot lesbian sex?

There is a part of me that kept hoping Boxxy would eventually move towards being less of a psychotic muderous eldritch horror and closer to a being ŵith more human like characteristics. But nope, we get an amusing but still completely psychotic Boxxy.

    Moridain @Moridain ago

    WIthout the secret people eating monster inside Keira just isn't as interesting. The persona only got this popular because Boxxy kept accredditing its own deeds to it, and twisting facts to fit.

    Without the dark side doing the heavy lifting I doubt it will be long before the Keira persona starts losing its shiny image of invulnerability.

      ToxicGhost @ToxicGhost ago

      Knowing that cheating deity, I doubt he'd let his precious hero become useless. Probably still has all of the jobs and levels relevant to her character no doubt.

      zLuckySe7en @zLuckySe7en ago

      AHA! I kinda hope she gets outted by the journalist now! I mean that dudes a gossip monger, a lot of Keira’s backstory wouldn’t stick if someone did a REAL good investigative research on her. And considering she no longer has Claws looking out for her, she might get media butt-fucked... maybe

      Banarok Lionrage @Banarok Lionrage ago

      outed for what?, Kiera is now the "real" Kiera, she's everything the facade was made to be meaning theres absolutly nothing for the reporter to find, Kieras image is as clean as they come, she'll jsut be suspiciously weaker then normal.

      bahexodus @bahexodus ago

      Toxicghost even with all the jobs and levels relevant to the Keira persona it would still lose out massively to the real Boxxy... None of the perks Boxy has which makes up a sizable chunk of Boxxy's stats and none of the monster jobs which also takes a big chunk away. I doubt the new and "improved" Keira has even half of the capability of the old Keira facade.

      Nnelg @Nnelg ago

      Boxxy was pretty good at limiting how much power it used when pretending to be Keira. Nobody who saw it going all-out lived to tell the tale, so nobody will notice the difference.

      Well, except maybe Kadae. Eyes of the Dead God will notice the sudden name change/hp drop.

      Moridain @Moridain ago

      Yeah, but a lot of the jobs Keira 'solved' and enemies she 'defeated' would utterly destroy her if she didn't have full Boxxy strength. The lack of Warlock, Shapeshifting and inflated stats is going to be hard to come back from.

      Also, while she has lots of Memories of Sandman helping her out, she is suddenly going to find the Big Guy a lot less receptive to calls for assistance.

      The only bonus is that she can now 'suddenly realise' she has a lot of class slots left over and pick up some new stuff, perhaps going Paladin herself? That would do a lot for her considering she doesn't have monster regeneration anymore.

      Banarok Lionrage @Banarok Lionrage ago

      i can't see her going paladin since that would double up on going totally random, Kiera wants things that can mitiage what her titles cause and basically reduce the random happenstances as much as possible, so healing will probably have to come from her alchemist job.

      since new kiera can't fall back as much on Boxxys bloated stats she'll have to be more vary about getting hit so anything that gives her more dodge capability is probably good, even if she have a fair bit already.

      Moridain @Moridain ago

      Her fighting style involves taking a lot of high risk plays, which Boxxy got away with since it could always outstat things and self heal. Even with that Boxxy still uses potions to assist its recovery.

      Keira has lost the self heals, the stat advantage and access to boxxys massive wealth to get items/potions and the like. I suggested paladin mostly cos she needs some kind of ability recover herself, especially since I don't see Fizzy sticking around much now that Keira isn't Boxxy. Sure Fizzy is a paladin of Bobo the Roulette Princess but it has always been fairly hands off so is likely not to force the issue unless it has something specific in mind.

      Perhaps some kind of non-divine healing class then? Maybe there is a Medic or Potion User class out there, one that focuses on improving healing and benefits from alchemical potions?

      Nnelg @Nnelg ago

      Yeah, but a lot of the jobs Keira 'solved' and enemies she 'defeated' would utterly destroy her if she didn't have full Boxxy strength.

      I disagree. All the stuff Keira did back in the war was doable with Keira's skills, except maybe killing Theresa's hero. After that, she did a dungeon with Sandman's help, went on a pointless quest, and other small things that Keira would have been able to do.

      Fnord13 @Fnord13 ago

      Keira is in a real way the child of a God, just like the Triplets. It's possible some of the other Gods could give her Divine gifts like those the Triplets got.

      bahexodus @bahexodus ago


      I very much doubt it as at least 4 of the gods know the real truth behind Keira/Boxxy (i.e. Boxxy is the hero of chaos) along side the GoC. Speaking of which the GoC has just done what he/she/it keeps telling all of the other gods not to do so it's very likely that GoC will try to keep the 'new' Keira a secret There is the point that this 'new' Keira wasn't born in a traditional sense like the triplets if you would have to describe Keira then it would be a god made construct of flesh and blood which if I have understood right doesn't have a real soule. First ths GoC extract Boxxy's memories about it's facade NOT part of it's soul then second, took back it's divine spark granting Boxxy it's hero status unless GoC used some of the murky soup of the Beyond to give the Keira constuct a soul then Keira lacks it entirerly - either way the other Gods would be able to see the lack of soul or the taint of the Beyond so why would they give Divine gifts like those of the triplets?

    loimprevisto @loimprevisto ago

    > a Kiera spin off

    Needs a catchy title... something about hairy chests?

      M_Class @M_Class ago

      More like needs to not happen.


      The Kiera loves of this story are like the people who shopped at Hot Topic in high school.

      They exist and there is nothing anyone can do about that, but that doesn't mean they should be listened to or taken seriously as their life choices make abundantly clear.