A note from Exterminatus

I would like to preface this chapter by stating upfront that it contains explicitly lewd content, about 20-25% of it going by word count alone. It's something I wrote on a whim about a month ago and wasn't even going to post it. However, since it'll be some more days before I can start working on the next arc, I thought I'd give you guys a little something to tide you over.

It's better than nothing, I hope.

Oh, and yes, this is 100% canon, though the timeline is a bit out of sequence.

At a time when Keira was frantically gathering house mimics, Nao was busy writing a thesis inside his cabin aboard the Endeavor. The paper explored the nature of the Beyond’s reality warping energies, particularly in the case of spatial manipulation. It was a tricky and complicated matter, so he had explicitly told the rest of the crew to not bother him unless it was an emergency. He was therefore understandably displeased when there was a sudden knock on his door. Still, considering the special guests he was flying with aboard this luxury airship, it would be unbecoming of him to be rude to them. In fact, he had a pretty good idea which of the three had paid him a visit as he stood up and went to greet them.

“Hey, Madeline,” he said while opening the door. “Do come in, won’t you?”

And indeed, the one standing in the hallway was none other than the unicorn-horned nephilim he expected, albeit with a slightly awestruck expression on her face.

“Woah. How did you know it was me?”

“It’s the melodic way you knock. Lydia’s is more curt, and Robin just barges in here without knocking.”

“Ohh, I didn’t even realize! You notice a lot of tiny details, huh?” she remarked as she walked inside.

“It’s kind of my job, Madeline,” he smiled and shut the door behind her. “Now, what brings you to my office today?”

“I was wondering if you can let me borrow your succubus for a few hours.”

“Uh… Okay? What for?”

“I’ve been practicing my writing and I want to act out a few scenes from my new play. Shion is the only one on this ship with any acting talent, so I was hoping you’d tell her to help me out.”

“Oh, I see. Well, I suppose it couldn’t hurt, and I’d hate to stifle your creativity.”

“Yay! Thanks, Nao!”

“Don’t mention it. Just give me a few minutes to get her ready.”


A flashy ten seconds later saw the succubus in question pop into existence, complete with her feline ears and tail. Her master then spent a short while giving a number of directions and instructions that basically boiled down to doing what Madeline said and not disturbing him unless it was urgent. Once he was done, the blonde chirped another few words of gratitude and took the clearly disgruntled demon out of the room. That settled, Nao returned to his work.

He continued writing undisturbed for the next half hour or so. He had just finished a bothersome chapter outlining some of his experiments when he decided to take a little break. He went out of his room and down the narrow hallway of the ship’s lower decks. He remembered Madeline’s request and decided to stop by and watch this experimental play of hers. The girl had a certain gift for comedy, so he had a feeling it would be the perfect thing to unwind after all that mental exercise.

What he hadn’t counted on, however, was the exact nature of this ‘play.’ As he poked his head into her room, he was greeted by the side view of a very naked Madeline lying atop an equally naked Lydia, right there on the carpet in the middle of the room. The two of them were too busy kissing, groping, moaning, and rubbing their groins together to even notice the thoroughly shocked beastkin standing in the doorway. Or at least that’s how it seemed to be at first, but Lydia’s eyes locked with Nao’s a few seconds later. She didn’t even stop, but rather smirked without even stopping the incestious tongue tango she was doing with Madeline.

This provoked a moment of clarity that helped Nao recognize this was not the real Lydia, but his succubus familiar. It served to make the situation slightly less awkward, but not by much. Nao was made even more uncomfortable when he realized Shion was purposefully teasing the unsuspecting girl, but always stopping short of bringing her to orgasm. It was something she had done many times with him, and that realization provoked a somewhat inappropriate but entirely expected reaction from the beastkin’s loins. The wolf-boy was just about to silently shuffle out of the room when his mischievous servant suddenly began to speak.

“Say, Maddie?”

In character, no less.

“Wh-what?” Maddie weakly responded.

“Know what would feel even better? If we had a nice, big, throbbing dick.”

“I dunno, sis. I’ve never, um, had one before.”

“Then how do you know you won’t like it?”

“I… I guh- I guess… trying… wouldn’t hurt?”

This was one of the dangers of doing lewd things with a succubus even if one thought themselves in full control. These demonic seductresses had the power to worm their way into their partner’s mind, cloud their thinking, and plant weird suggestions that seem like really good ideas at the time.

“You know we have a hot guy right a few rooms down, yeah?” Shion continued to entice her.

“N-Nao? But he’s so innocent! And nice! I don’t think he’d want to do vulgar things with us…”

“Oh… I’m sure he’s more than eager.”

‘Lydia’ subtly directed Madeline’s gaze towards Nao, who was currently stuck standing stiff as a board. In every sense of the word. But, in the nephilim’s lust-fueled haze, she failed to comprehend anything but the prominent bulge in those robes.

“Wow… Did I do that?” she asked lazily.

“That you did, you naughty girl. You know it’s painful for guys to be like that, right?”

“Oh, the poor boy…”

“It’s okay, you just have to help him out, right?”

The succubus grabbed Madeline’s buttcheeks and spread them wide, causing the girl to giggle and shake her assets in Nao’s general direction.

“Yeah! Come on, cutie. Let this naughty girl that lusts for her sister help you out with that.”

The man was clearly hesitating. On one hand, this was highly inappropriate, and would probably be considered rape when one took into account Madeline’s clouded state of mind. On the other, he’d never done it with anyone besides Shion, and he would be lying if he said he wasn't curious to see how ‘real’ women felt. It was also impossible to deny that the middle triplet was a sexually attractive woman, but he couldn’t take advantage of her like this. His reasoning almost won out until the girl in question gave him an incredibly lucid yet pleading look, followed by a few words.

“Please? I really want this.”

That was all Nao needed to hear. Within seconds he was kneeling behind Maddie’s plump behind, still stretched wide by ‘Lydia.’ Both women moaned lightly as he rubbed his erection between their lower lips, liberally coating it and the hem of his robes in their juices. He pressed his flared head against Maddie’s entrance and slid right inside in one motion, completely forgetting the fact that this was the girl’s first time. He felt his member break through something, causing the blonde to yelp in pain and also tighten around him. He felt terrible for a moment, but both of them relaxed as Shion kept making out with the delusional nephilim on top of her.

After waiting a few moments, Nao began to slowly piston in and out of that freshly deflowered hole. It was, in his honest opinion, rather disappointing. That was to be expected, though. No mortal woman could hope to compete with the cavalcade of carnal pleasure that was a succubus’s body, not even one literally born from the gods. Still, Nao felt there was something genuine and endearing about the way Madeline awkwardly shook her hips, so he merely smiled and decided to make her first time a truly memorable experience. Well, it was arguably his first time as well, depending on whether one considered sex with their own familiar to be a weird form of masturbation.

He sure didn’t act like a virgin, though. Two years of semi-frequent ‘hip magic lessons’ from Shion had turned Nao into a veteran lovemaker. He hazarded a guess that Madeline was the type of girl to like it fast, so he rapidly picked up the speed. His lower end repeatedly smacked against her butt, sending mild waves of force down her thighs and up her back. Meanwhile Shion continued her relentless assault, holding the girl down in a tight hug and ravaging her lips while their full breasts rubbed against one another. She could also feel the force of her master’s thrusts second-hand, which was a curious but not entirely unpleasant sensation.

Trapped between two experienced lovers, Madeline was practically screaming in pleasure, though her voice was muffled by her ‘sister’s’ lips. The orgasm that had been building over the past half hour crashed into her like a tidal wave. Her hips quivered like mad and she arched her back all the way up, letting out a high-pitched and drawn out yell. No doubt half the ship would’ve heard her if not for the soundproofing on these private cabins, or if Nao hadn’t closed the door behind him.

Once the orgasm died down, Maddie collapsed atop the other woman, but the man behind her wasn’t done yet. The boyish wolfkin began moving slow and gentle like. He hadn’t been expecting such a borderline violent climax, especially not one so soon, so he was wary of hurting the girl somehow. He also laid atop of her, lightly sandwiching her between himself and his roleplaying familiar. This allowed him to make out the slight murmurings coming from Madeline as she made attempts to vocalize things like ‘more’ and ‘keep going.’

Not one to leave another unsatisfied with his work, the Hero of Magic resumed thrusting into her. Something possessed him to also playfully bite down on her shoulder, which seemed to drive the girl wild. She rapidly approached her second climax while Nao’s vigorous training made it so he hadn’t even started to feel his own release. Or so he thought when he suddenly felt something long, hot, and slimy invade his butt and target his prostate with pinpoint precision.

His seed boiled over and shot into Maddie before he could stop himself. The girl screamed with delight once more as the feeling of being filled by that sticky goo pushed her over the edge. When Nao regained his senses he looked over his shoulder just in time to see Shion’s tail retract from his rear and disappear somewhere below him. The implications of what had just happened raced in his mind, and he found himself standing up abruptly in a panic. The sudden movement made him feel a bit woozy and he fell backwards almost immediately.

“Heee… heee…” Madeline laughed lazily. “It’s leaking out…”

And indeed, Nao looked on with a mix of anxiety and, oddly enough, pride as his white stuff oozed out of the blonde’s lower end.

“My, you shouldn’t waste that, you know.”

Shion then stuck a few fingers inside and expertly scooped it all out, then made a show of licking her slimy fingers clean.

“No fair! That’s mine!”

Madeline let out a weird complaint as she thrust her tongue into ‘Lydia’s’ mouth, and the two of them began fighting over Nao’s seed. The perverse sight caused his manhood to spring right back into action, but though the body was willing, the spirit was not. Shion threw him a harsh look of ‘feed me, asshole,’ at which Nao immediately dismissed her, causing Madeline to flop onto the floor with a small yelp when her lewd mattress suddenly disappeared.

“Hey, what gives?!” she complained. “We were just getting to the good part!”

“… The good part?” Nao asked dumbly.

“Yeah! She was going to ride my face while you fucked me silly! It was going to be super romantic!”

“How is that romantic?! Actually hold on, you planned for all this to happen?!”

“Uh… m-maybe,” the girl looked away sheepishly.

“What’s this about, Madeline?”

“I have a crush on you, okay?!” she admitted in a huff.

“Wait, what?”

“Don’t act surprised! You’re a cute, kind, earnest guy with a lot of smarts. You’re sensitive, you’re attentive, and you listen to me blab on about stupid stuff with a smile on you face. You’re also reserved, but with a confident and cocky side when you choose to show it. It’s not my fault you’re so incredible!”

“I… uh… had no idea you thought so highly of me,” Nao blushed fiercely at the stream of compliments. “Why didn’t you just come out and say something?”

“Because you kinda treat my sisters and I like kids!” Madeline crossed her arms. “I wasn’t sure you’d take me seriously if I just told you out of nowhere.”

It was a fair point. Even if the triplets were beautiful women both inside and out, Nao couldn’t help but treat them as students in need of guidance. It was rather intentional on his part, as one of his main duties as Hero of Magic was to impart knowledge on those who seek it. So while he could somewhat understand why Madeline would do all this, he couldn’t comprehend how she managed it.

“So if you set all this up… How did you know I’d let you borrow Shion? Or that I’d walk past your door? Or that I wouldn’t just yell at you when I saw you? And what’s the deal with having her pretend to be your sister?”

Though it looked like some kind of perverse accident at first glance, her words implied everything had transpired as she intended.

“… You’re kind of predictable,” she sheepishly answered. “You’re honest and trusting towards your friends, which is nice, but it also makes you easy to string you along with a bit of effort. You were just an actor in my play, even if you didn’t know it. I guess the, uh, that last part was a bit much in retrospect.”

“Oh… I see…”

As for the succubus, she probably played along with the intent of embarrassing her master like she usually did. And she had succeeded spectacularly.

“So… um… do you… think we could continue?” Madeline asked.

“I’m not sure, this is all too sudden. Committing to a romantic relationship like this seems… unwise?”

“You don’t need to commit to anything,” she crawled over. “I just need you to pamper me every now and then. You know, as sex-friends.”

“I don’t know, it feels like I’m taking advantage of your feelings if I-”


And there it was, the ‘magic word.’ It seemed silly to call it something like that in a world with actual magic words that held arcane power, but the way Madeline masterfully used it, it may as well have been a Spell. That was just how manipulative a truly talented Bard could be. Whatever resistance or hang-ups Nao had seemed to disappear as he gave in and proceeded to pleasure the girl as much as she wanted. He even participated in a bit of ‘newly-wed couple’ roleplay, though he remained firm that he didn’t want to commit to anything officially just yet. He also made sure to avoid ejaculating inside her again despite her initial protests, though she seemed to enjoy the feeling of his hot stuff on her soft skin all the same.

Things proceeded more or less the same after that. Madeline remained her usual cheerful and flirty self, and only asked for Nao’s ‘benefits’ just once in the next three days. She had apparently gotten it into her head that she needed to practice performing fellatio, which was how and why Nao found himself waking up with Madeline’s lips around his member. It wasn’t until the fourth day after their initial tryst that another significant development happened.


“You scumbag!”

However, this time it had come in the form of Lydia - the real one - who had just barged into Nao’s office while shouting loudly at him.

“Wh-what?” the startled beastkin asked. “What did I do?”

“You got Madeline pregnant!”

“… I did?”

“Yes! She’s been having morning sickness for a few days now, and the ship’s doctor just confirmed it!”

From that point on it had been a simple matter of grilling her until she spilled the beans on who the father was.

“But we only did it, like, once!” Nao blurted out.

“Divine fertility, genius!” Lydia thumped her belly. “A single drop is all it takes!”

“Oh… Shit.”

It wasn’t as if he didn’t know about Nyrie’s blessing, but he had severely underestimated its effectiveness.

“Okay… It’s okay, we, uh, we just have to think rationally,” Nao began mumbling. “This is, uh, probably a good thing, right? Wait, why are you so mad? Weren’t you all about propagating the race and all that?”

“I’m mad because you didn’t do me first!”

The Hero of Magic sighed at how ridiculous that sounded.

“Didn’t you have a bunch of strict standards? I’m pretty sure I’m nowhere near as fit and strong as your ideal mate.”

“Maybe not, but intellectual prowess and sensible morals are more important than raw brawn, and you have those in spades.”

“And how am I supposed to know if you didn’t tell me? Seriously, why does nobody tell me this stuff?!”

“… Okay, that is a fair point,” Lydia nodded, noticeably calmer. “I apologize, my outburst was unfair.”

“That’s alright.”

“I still want you to put a baby in me, though.”

“Oh my Gods,” he covered his face with his palms. “You’re serious, aren’t you?”

“Quite so.”

“You really want to have a child with me?”


“Just like that?”

“Just like that.”

Nao took a moment to seriously consider this straightforward proposal. Unlike certain other individuals, he was fully aware of Lydia’s motives and circumstances. All things considered, it was actually something of an honor, not to mention flattering. Being asked directly was also a nice change of pace from Madeline’s shady antics and manipulations. He certainly wouldn’t have trouble ‘performing’ either, given Lydia’s blatantly attractive appearance.

“… Fine. I’ll try, I guess,” he relented.

“You have my thanks.”

The girl then closed the door and began to take off her vibrant blue robe.

“Wait, now?!” Nao exclaimed.

“Why not?”

“I was busy writing my bloody-” he paused mid-complaint. “Actually, forget it. Let’s get this over with.”

Lydia finished stripping herself down to her underwear, which was a surprisingly lacy set of bra and panties. It wasn’t quite the high-end demon silk lingerie that a certain lesbian couple had, but it was clear that she had put it on especially for the occasion. She also blushed fiercely when she realized she was actually standing half-naked in front of a man in his own private quarters, prompting her to cover her breasts with her hands in a fit of shame.

“What are you doing?” Nao raised an eyebrow.

“… This is more embarrassing than I thought,” she admitted while fidgeting.

“Really? You? The girl who shamelessly told her adventuring mentor to put a baby in her is feeling embarrassed?”

“I may act bossy, but I’m still a maiden, you know,” she pouted.

“… You’re right. I’m sorry. Come here.”

Nao stepped forward and took her hand, then guided her towards his bed. They sat down and then he gently and slowly kissed her. Lydia tensed up momentarily, but eased into it and soon started kissing back and really getting into it. They continued to make out as Nao gently lowered her onto the bed and started disrobing. Once he was down to his own undergarments, he slid down her quivering body until his nose pressed against her nether region. He carefully pulled her panties aside and began stimulating her with his tongue.

“What are you doing down there?” she asked with genuine curiosity.

“I’m getting you ready. Going in dry might be painful, and you don’t want it to be painful, right?”

“I… suppose not…”

The girl surrendered to her more experienced partner and allowed him to continue to eat her out. She was clearly starting to enjoy the debatably unnecessary act, as she gripped the sheets and wrapped her thighs around Nao’s head and neck, all while moaning quietly. A few minutes of foreplay later she was more than ready to move onto the main event, and so was Nao. He rubbed his glans against her moistened lower lips and slowly began entering her. He made sure to be gentler than he was with Madeline, but Lydia had other ideas as she suddenly bucked against his hips. She had, essentially, broken her own hymen against Nao’s member, much to his surprise. She then used a tiny bit of healing magic to make the pain go away and seemed ready to continue… though she did insist on a particular position.

“What’s a ‘mating press’ supposed to be?” Nao raised an eyebrow.

“I came across it during my, uh, research,” Lydia claimed with a beet-red face. “It’s supposedly the most effective pose when trying to impregnate someone.”

It was highly debatable whether this ‘research’ was done using proper scholarly sources, but that was a moot point.

“I thought one drop was all it took?”

“Damnit, Nao, just go along with it!”

“Fine, fine. But only because you asked nicely.”

The position in question involved Nao squatting over her and using his thighs to push her legs up towards her head. This left Lydia with her butt raised off the bed and her partner thrusting down into her while his face loomed over hers. It was a surprisingly intimate position that made Nao’s heart race for some reason. Shion usually preferred poses where she was clearly dominant, and Madeline seemed to enjoy riding him more than anything else. It was the first time the beastkin was able to watch his partner from this up close. He felt Lydia’s hot breath, and marvelled at her changing expression every time he thrust into her. The girl seemed too embarrassed to look him in the eyes, only allowing herself fleeting glances as he reached her deepest parts.

It made Nao want to tease her a bit. Rather than racing to finish, he did his best to hold back and fully explore Lydia’s inner folds. He was having fun watching her squirm, wince, and moan as he rubbed up against different parts of her. He half expected her to demand that he stop fooling around and fill her up, but Lydia herself seemed unwilling to let this encounter end. She said it herself. No matter how she approached the subject of sex, she wasn’t just some piece of meat to be bred. She was a woman with her own wants and needs, and right now she wanted to enjoy the moment for as long as she lasted.

Nao was on the same wavelength, but for entirely different reasons. He was used to seeing Lydia as this calm, serious, and borderline bitchy know-it-all. The woman currently underneath him was nothing like that. She was shy, sensitive, and tender. The gap between these two sides of her made her seem much prettier and sexier than she usually was. Which was an achievement, considering she was as incredible a woman as one could find. This revelation combined with the surprisingly intimate position made Nao reach climax despite his best efforts. Some part of him thought this would be his only chance at seeing those demure and embarrassed faces Lydia was making, so he didn’t want the moment to end.

He valiantly held out for an entire forty minutes, during which Lydia went through no less than three orgasms under Nao’s masterful manipulations, but her fourth climax had been the tipping point. Unlike the previous three, this time she wrapped her hands around Nao’s neck and coiled her legs around his thighs. She pulled him down as far she could until the two of them shared a passionate kiss. This sudden act of assertiveness pushed the wolf-boy over the edge, and he shot his seed into her deepest parts. Rope after rope of hot, sticky stuff was deposited into the woman’s baby-maker as Nao unleashed what was perhaps the largest load of his life.

Well, the largest that wasn’t being sucked out of him by a literal semen demon, at least.

Nao tried to pull away afterwards, but Lydia refused to stop clinging to him.

“Can we just stay like this for a bit?” she whispered. “It feels nice to have you plugging me up.”

“I guess we wouldn’t want that baby batter to spill out,” he said jokingly.

“Heh. Definitely not,” she chuckled. “Who knows? After all this, I wouldn’t be surprised if I ended up with twins. Maybe even triplets.”

Hearing that ‘t-word’ brought a sudden realization to Nao’s mind.

“… What about Robin?”

“What about her?” Lydia said, puzzled.

“Won’t she want to, uh, get in on this?”

“Probably not. She seems intent on pursuing her adventuring career, at least for the moment. A kid would ruin that, and nobody would force her to have one if she doesn’t want it.”

“I see. That’s reasonable… Wait, did you tell her about me?”

“Not really. I rushed over here as soon as I found out from Madeline. I’ll just tell her later.”

And then, as if on cue-


“Get off of her, you little twerp!”

-the youngest and most muscular of the three barged into the room.

“… I really need to start locking that door.”

Nao barely got that sarcastic remark out before Robin grabbed him by the shoulder and yanked him free of Lydia’s embrace. She held him up to her eye level and stared at him so hard that the beastkin felt like she was trying to drill into his skull.

“What are you doing, you blockhead?!” the eldest complained.

“Let go of my sort-of-boyfriend, you jerk!” Madeline yelled from the doorway.

“I’ll let go of him when I rip his damn balls off!” Robin roared.

“Uh, can’t we talk about this?” Nao pleaded, his hands instinctively moving to shield his family jewels.

“Talk about what?! You think you can just take advantage of my sisters and get away with it?!”

“They approached me!” he complained. “If anything, I’m the one being taken advantage of!”

“We’ll see about that, won’t we?” she grit her teeth. “Don’t worry, I’ll get to the bottom of this.”

The irate half-fiend carried the thoroughly confused and terrified Hero down the hallway, ignoring protests from her sisters or the ship’s staff. Kuro showed up to see what all the noise was about, only to see his sworn brother being manhandled by one triplet while the other two chased after him, one of whom was in her underwear. The taller wolfkin merely shook his head and left Nao to his fate with a look of ‘you brought this on yourself.’

Robin soon reached her own private room and dragged Nao inside, locking the door behind her. The small crowd of onlookers eventually dispersed, none of them wishing to poke their nose in what seemed to be a bizarre lovers’ quarrel. Pretty soon the only ones left outside of Robin’s room were her sisters, who seemed reluctant to just leave.

“… She won’t actually rip his balls off, right?” Lydia asked, concerned.

“Probably not…” Madeline answered, though the uncertainty in her voice was hardly reassuring.

“What do you mean ‘probably?!’ I need those balls!”

“I know what you mean, sis, but unless I miss my guess, Robin’s going to apply some of Uncle Sigmund’s, uh, ‘advanced Inquisitorial interrogation techniques.’ Ball-ripping-off may or may not be among them.”

“… I see. No matter. I’ll just wait right here to heal him back up. I think I still have that Rejuvenation Potion that Miss Morgana gave me, somewhere in my… Oh.”

Lydia suddenly remembered that she was standing practically naked in a hallway with a man’s seed leaking out of her exposed genitals. She let out an embarrassed squeak and rushed off to make herself decent while Madeline giggled lightly at her plight. The eldest sister was still red in the face by the time she came back, though the huge hurry she’d been in to get dressed had left her robe and hair in a rather messy state.

“Aw… I kind of liked seeing you like that,” her sister teased her. “All vulnerable and exposed.”

“… Madeline, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that. This obsession you have with me isn’t healthy. I mean, you had a succubus pretend to be me. This has clearly gotten out of hand.”

“Oh, that? It was just a way to give Nao the most confused boner of his life. I knew he’d be struck speechless and hesitate to just run if he walked in on that. It was just a tease, an act.”

“You say that, yet you keep making these inappropriate remarks.”

“… I was mostly kidding,” the middle sibling twiddled her fingers.

“That also means you were partially serious,” the older one pressed her. “Also don’t pin this on Nao. You’ve been doing this ever since we went through puberty.”

“Look, I can’t help it, okay? It’s just the way I am!”

“I’m pretty sure Mother didn’t give birth to a deviant,” Lydia crossed her arms.

“That’s not what I meant. I just… happen to like both boys and girls, and Uncle Sigmund never let any boys get near us. I’ve known you my whole life, so is it a stretch to say that I have a crush on my smart, cool, and beautiful older sister?”

“… I suppose not. But what about this ‘almost-boyfriend’ thing with Nao?”

“That’s me trying to move on,” she sighed. “I’ve come to realize just how inappropriate it is to make passes at you even as a joke, but I can’t just undo how I feel overnight. I’m not saying Nao will replace you, but… he might take my mind off you.”

“Replace me? Why would- No, wait. Now that you mention it, we are kind of similar.”

They were both bookworms, fans of quiet places, and fairly devout servants of their respective gods, albeit in different ways. They saw eye to eye on a great many topics, ranging from ethics and theology to politics and economics. Both of them even had simpler and physically larger siblings in the shape of Robin and Kuro.

“What’s with that thoughtful look, sis?” Madeline poked Lydia’s cheek.

“I’m just starting to realize why I feel this way.”

“Feel what way?”

“I may have… fallen for Nao.”

“Can’t say I blame you. He’s pretty amazing. Cute, too.”

Madeline would have also commented on his lovemaking, but she didn’t exactly have a frame of reference for it. Not just yet, anyway.

“Yeah… I just hope this won’t get between us,” Lydia expressed her worries.

“Well, I don’t mind sharing him if it’s with you.”

“I see. I suppose I could say the same. Provided Nao is okay with it, of course.”

“Oh?! Does this mean threesomes?!”

“Don’t push it, missy,” Lydia warned her. “We still need to worry about what Robin might be doing to him in there.”

“Right. Yeah. Serious face - on!”

The two sisters remained in that hallway in near-total silence, only rarely broken up by idle conversation regarding the sights they’d seen since departing Inquisition headquarters. They both felt their hotheaded sibling wouldn’t do anything too drastic, but they couldn’t help but worry after more than an hour had passed. The second hour ticked by and they were on the verge of breaking in there when the door suddenly opened to reveal a fully clothed and entirely unharmed Nao.

“Hello, girls,” he smiled at them.

“Are you okay?!” Madeline rushed over to him.

“Perfectly fine, as you can see. Thankfully I had a spare set of robes in my Item Box. Have you two been standing out here this entire time?”

“We got worried when you didn’t come out for so long,” the older sister chimed in.

“Oh, I see. Sorry, I didn’t consider that. I should’ve told you it was all under control sooner.”

“Under control?” Lydia cocked an eyebrow.

“Indeed. I was able to talk Robin down, and we discussed things like adults until we reached an understanding. She can be surprisingly amicable once she cools off.”

“That’s rather impressive. That girl has difficulty listening to words once her anger flares up.”

“Yeah, she got a lot of daddy’s bad temper,” Madeline chimed in.

“Well, she’s not the first impulsive hothead I’ve had to deal with. I grew up with Kuro, remember?”

Indeed, the man was so confrontational and quick to anger it was harder to convince people that he wasn’t a Berserker than the other way around.

“Now, if you’ll excuse me, I really need to get back to my thesis.”

Nao then politely passed by them and strode off towards his room, though neither of the sisters could believe things had really ended that smoothly. And since the door to Robin’s room was left slightly ajar, it seemed reasonable to check in on her and see whether the Hero of Magic had indeed managed to talk her down. When they peeked inside, however, Madeline and Lydia realized exactly what Nao meant when he said they had settled things ‘like adults.’

Robin was currently completely naked, lying face-down ass-up on her bed, with numerous bright red handprints on both butt cheeks while cum dripped out of both holes and down her muscular yet quivering thighs.

“You… uh… alright over there?” Madeline asked.

“I can’t feel my legs!” was the answer.

“… Yeah, she’ll be fine.”

The two nephilim then closed the door to let their ravaged sister recover in peace.

“So… I guess Nao has a surprising amount of stamina for such a scrawny man,” Lydia remarked.

“He probably had some, uh, liquid assistance,” Madeline suggested.

“What do you mean?”

“Nao’s, like, a really good Alchemist. Who’s to say he didn’t have a few ‘performance boosters’ floating around that Item Box of his?”

“I mean, I guess. I just didn’t peg him as the kind of guy to carry that sort of stuff with him.”

“They probably weren’t for personal use. You’d be surprised how much people are willing to pay for those.”


The two just stood there in an awkward silence for a few moments before the younger one turned to her sister with a playful smirk.

“So, does this mean-”

“Madeline, I swear to Mother, if you say ‘foursomes’ I will beat you over the head with my staff until your rotten brain oozes out of your ears.”

“… How about a fiver with the succubus, then?”

Granted, she hadn’t technically said ‘foursomes,’ but that didn’t stop Lydia from gaining her first two Levels of Staff Mastery over the next few hours.


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