Hi kids, want some chests? Well you've come to the right place!

Best Girl Keira in her lingerie, by dmaxcustom

Now that that's out of the way, I have two things to say. First of all, I've decided to start a monthly character poll over on my Patreon, with the winner getting a new piece of artwork of a quality similarly to the one above. Voting is open to all subscribers and subscribers only. Whether the final artwork will be made public or kept as Patreon exclusive - we shall see.

The other thing is that I've started yet another spinoff, titled Once Upon a Box right here on RRL. While set in the ELLC universe, this one takes place hundreds of years before Boxxy's advent and will have zero bearing on the main story. The tone will be a lot more laid back and casual, with more of a focus on slice of life. I don't know how often I will add chapters to this, but expect updates to it to be sporadic at best.


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Who are you neppu @Who are you neppu ago

What’s the new story about?

didnt see the hyper link, I’m stupid, please ignore

also thank you for the new story

Ryman198 @Ryman198 ago

A new side story, sounds like fun.

Magdragon @Magdragon ago

Anything by exterminatus will be good


Oinos @Oinos ago

Someone must have cheated and voted a few hundred times

It's obvious that the real best girl is Kora

weabpep @weabpep ago

A meowrning to remember? LOL

nerdneck @nerdneck ago

Very nice work by dmax as usual. Rowana is luckiest girl meeeeeeeeooow

    TigressRen @TigressRen ago

    ...until she gets eaten by a certain box. Then the only one jelous will be Xera. Noms so good they kill you? Pleasures THAT good can only be enjoyed once.

    And I remember Keira's "chests" being not-so-large. Not that I'm complaining. Wink

      CrimsonEclipse18 @CrimsonEclipse18 ago

      I don’t think Boxxy would be eating Rowana at this point in time. I’m quite sure Boxxy himself said so, or at the very least, he said that Rowana is more than just exp machine for his doppelganger skills. Not quite sure which chapter it was. Also, regarding Boxxy’s large chests, it was said that during that small time skip before the orc battle, Keira finally grew out of her dashboards and now has large chests, much to Rowana’s delight.

      TigressRen @TigressRen ago

      You mean Boxxy 'itself'?

      And goody that it's in cannon. Guess my brain didnt log 'dashboards' as anything important. But I do remember Boxxy deciding to make Keira a "growing girl" when it ranked up, because the hylt-creeper base form ended up being slightly taller than its current catgirl persona.

      I also remember there being a 'yet' involved in one of the first times Boxxy thinks about eating Rowana. Something about her being a final reward? But that was back when they first started dating... Eventually, Boxxy WILL max out its doppleganger XP, at which point it wont need the guise of Keira anymore. I'm kinda waiting for Boxxy to go back to devouring entire towns in a single evening, just because it can.

      RSR123 @RSR123 ago

      Birds Of A Feather 1:"It hated to admit it, but perhaps Rowana had some tangible use other than being a Doppelganger XP factory. Over the years the shapeshifter had gradually began to see her as something of a pet - something dumb and useless that was nevertheless fun to keep around." Since Rowana is a pet and a pet is defined as something useless but fun to keep, I think it's pretty safe to say that Boxxy won't kill of Rowana even after her usefullness as exp factory expires.

      RandAlTh0r @RandAlTh0r ago

      I want her to be killed so bad

      CrimsonEclipse18 @CrimsonEclipse18 ago

      Why? Just because? At least give a reason.

      TKing1517 @TKing1517 ago

      "Just because" is a good enough reason. At least to a certain doppleganger.

Siam @Siam ago

Do they even have such exquisite lingerie in that kind of world (not medieval but even with magical mean it seems strange) ? Awesome artwork btw !

Will wait for more chapter for the side story, it is supposed to be as long as small chest are fine too ?

    jackalope @jackalope ago

    The russian chick had an army of robots with frickin laser beams. I don't think theres any sort of mass production in this world which limits the ability of tech to spread, but I imagine rich people can buy extremely high-quality stuff.

    Theres also the issue that there are people from our world in theirs, and those people probably introduce a lot of new-fangled ideas like lingerie.

    YuffieK @YuffieK ago

    New this season from Vanessa's Clandestine Closet - Stalker Silk lingerie. Light, comfortable, durable enough to handle rigorous adventuring mishaps and enchanted to perfectly fit anyone from waifish elven maidens to the most buxom of beastkin, our latest designs will make even the most hidebound of Teresa's priests consider impure thoughts.

    "Feels like I'm wearing nothing at all!" - Testimonial from Keira Morgana.