As the title says, I think it's time for another friendly competition. Choose wisely, as the winner will recieve a brand new piece of artwork.

UPDATE: Voting is closed. Results are as listed:

Now that that's settled, I must bring you some bad news. Our Discord server's resident shitposter extraordinare, Sadistic Rat, has convinced me to share some of his... creations. Some of these are a bit old and stale, but whatever.

Enjoy, and I'm sorry.

Click here for ELLC memes

And several extra entries from user Oinos.

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Bio: I'm a programmer, a mythical creature that survives completely on beer and cynicism. We skulk in the dark, secretly cursing and despising everyone else. Especially other programmers.

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jackalope @jackalope ago

Vote for Jen! Bird girl best girl!

dmaxcustom @dmaxcustom ago

"Enjoy, and I'm sorry."


Qiiza @Qiiza ago

I can't choose wisely, it's not an option


Mirikon @Mirikon ago

Keira. Always Keira. Catgirls are always best girls. Even when they're dopplegangers.

Hacalyhd @Hacalyhd ago

14. Opia

13. Stain

12. Hilda

11. Ambrosia

10. Lavender

09. Drea

08. Rowana

07. Fizzy

06. Jen

05. Keira

04. Xera

03. Kora

02. Kaede

01. Teresa

Though I do have to admit that this list is heavily influenced by both the chapter(s) and pictures seen within the last 3 days and will most likely almost completely change within the next 3 chapters (between 3h - 7 days if I'm allowed to dream).
Teresa only made it to 1. due to the fact that she was horny as heaven and still managed to prioritize her daughters well-being before her own stress-relief.

Keifru @Keifru ago

Needs more Drea! Tkkkktkkkkk