So. First things first, the series will be updating slower than usual during April and possibly May. And by slower than usual I mean a LOT slower, like a chapter every two weeks or so if you're lucky. Nothing big's going on, just need to chill and take things easy since I've been burning myself out on it since September-ish. Also not sure exactly how long this will last but you'll probably notice when the posting speed picks up again.

Now, to help tide you guys over and since y'all probably have a buttload of questions after that last chapter, I'm going to do another Q&A session. Leave a comment with any and all questions you may have and I will answer them to the best of my ability. Keep in mind I reserve the right to give a stupid answer to a stupid question. Ask about future plot developments at your own risk since I've been known to change my mind after answering stuff regarding that.

It's totally that and not just me outright lying, I swear.


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Bio: I'm a programmer, a mythical creature that survives completely on beer and cynicism. We skulk in the dark, secretly cursing and despising everyone else. Especially other programmers.

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