So. First things first, the series will be updating slower than usual during April and possibly May. And by slower than usual I mean a LOT slower, like a chapter every two weeks or so if you're lucky. Nothing big's going on, just need to chill and take things easy since I've been burning myself out on it since September-ish. Also not sure exactly how long this will last but you'll probably notice when the posting speed picks up again.

Now, to help tide you guys over and since y'all probably have a buttload of questions after that last chapter, I'm going to do another Q&A session. Leave a comment with any and all questions you may have and I will answer them to the best of my ability. Keep in mind I reserve the right to give a stupid answer to a stupid question. Ask about future plot developments at your own risk since I've been known to change my mind after answering stuff regarding that.

It's totally that and not just me outright lying, I swear.


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DragooMind @DragooMind ago

Is there a reason that axels Hero is the Hero of Sword and not the Hero of war? Same for Hero of Anvil and staff, somehow its weird that some heros are named After their weapon instead of theirGod. Hero of blacksmith or earth would do for goroth and iirc the goddess of fertility and ?nature? Would have a hero of nature or something.

of course it’s up to you how you want to name them, just curious why you did so.

MFF_zews @MFF_zews ago

DAMMIT EXTERMINATUS! I'm at work right now and don't have time to do much, but here's my question.

Are you going to keep Kiera in the series somehow now that Boxy has lost the Feline Agility Skill(Someone is bound to notice Kiera is not as fast and agile as she once was), or are you going to make it a tear jerking faking of death type of deal once Boxy hits lvl 50 Shapeshifter?

alrarora @alrarora ago

I have an important question... What is the meaning of Boxxys life?

He doesen't seem like a very philosophical being, But you my dear author is different... I think. So please answer my question. OR ELSE!

hikiller123 @hikiller123 ago

1. When are the nephalem showing up

2.Will there be Cambion

Tatianus_Otten @Tatianus_Otten ago

If someone breaks through their job multiple times do they get additional perks?

If so is the additional xp multiplied or is it added?


    Exterminatus @Exterminatus ago

    You only get the Perk once. Doesn't matter if it's at 25 or 75.

      Majo @Majo ago

      Wasn't an additional reward for breaking through a job a free skill/ability? Like if you get 1 every 5 levels and so 5 for 25, and if you break through you get 1 more for 6 per 25, so for level 100, if you broke through all level caps you get 23(or 24 if breaking through all the way gives 1 more on level 100 along the Ultimate) instead of 20?

Saruul888 @Saruul888 ago

Is Boxxy one of the most powerful beings like you mentioned or is he just a toad in a pond? If he is just so powerful , will his evolution make him god amongst mortals? It just concerns me that his continuous growth will not be as badass as the last evolution.

QuantumZero @QuantumZero ago

Isn' being Self-Taught suppose to be really difficult and time consuming? And the lvl 75 barrier is the last one before capping at 100 so it should be very difficult. Wonder how are you gonna explain that one.

Already asked yesterday about the perception legendary but I would really like to know how legendary stats work.

Boxy has a pickpocket skill and it isn't at MAX????

woodzrox @woodzrox ago

One should always be wary asking the Author for future plot points; the Flows of Chaos are tumultuous at the best of times. I love your work so please take the time to regenerate your mana, as it were. I would prefer slow updates (months even) to none at all.

Also, I really want to know more about that space station from the end of Small Chests Are Fine Too.

RedoneAgain @RedoneAgain ago

I once saw somewhere that you had not planned for boxxy to be a doppleganger and you felt the choice was obvious. If this is true which rank up did you expect people to pick in the polls?